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February 2, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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February 2, 1894

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The Trenton Sun. ART][IR OEHLER, Editor. J[tENTON, - ILLINOIS. E failed for sixty tho'aa, Took a last 1ooi at the wte-t% And when next they found hint. Was suspended by the neck. His creditors said hc drank: Hi wife sa'd he was robbed: While hl men,wed country p:.rtn Simply sat around and sobbed. But the wtl coroner His brain was extra sized ld the man was plMniy crazy, I'or he'd never advertised --Printer's Ink WHEN the forces of civihzation take to fighting each other in savage wilds, instead of the natives, wlat a cheerful how-dye-do it mut seem to the untutored mind of the African. JACKSON park, where some of the exposition buildings still stand, is now free to the public. The fare to Chicago, however, still stands in the way of a good many people's going. TItE fact that the match monopoly shows net' profits for last year of $1,300,0)0 indicates that even if matches are made in brawn the money in the busiuess is principally made down here on earth. WASItINGTON, which was a preten- "tious candidate for the world's fair three years ago, is going to get one of the big California trees which were exhibited at Chicago. That is a good deal better than nothing. AN asylum that will permit a murderous lunatic to escape and then fail to inform the police may fairly expect to b condemned by the pub- lic in no measured terms. What is the matter with all our asylums? Is lunacy contagious? And do the keepers catch it from the inmates? WHAT is known as the West End railroad in Boston does not have its rails looped together as are most of the single trolley railroads of the cQuntry. They are welded together and welded, too. by electricity. It is said the West End railroad now practically has one rail eleven miles long. ToE servant girl of the future will be what the qualities and requirements ef her mistress make her. This is substantially all that can be sifted out of all relations of employer and employed. First, ab/lity to do one's task, and then the personal character that is equal to the problem of mu- tual concession, restraint, r esponsi- bility and justice. IN a case in Texas, brought against the WeStern Union telegraph com- pany, it has been decided by a United States judge that mental anguish is not an element of actual damage and that no indemnity can be recovered on that plea. In other words the leaden-footed messenger boy can go on inflicting the reflnemeut of sus- pense upon the public with none to molest or make him afraid. A FIRE in a museum at Passaic. N. 'J., last week, caused a panic among the freaks. The ,,three-legged man, ', in making his escape, forgot his third leg. The principal damage done was to the complexion of the tattooed Circassian princess. Shb waited to rescue some of her belong. lugs. and the firemen inadvertently turned the hose on her, with the re- mule that most of the tattooing was washed off. TF New York press is grievously wrought uo over the audacity of Editor Astor. ex-Ameriean, in send- ing over a callow young feminine person to write up this country. Un- doubtedly she has said a good many foolish things, but perhaps no more than have been perpetrated by the young people of the New Yor] press, who are sometimes called upon to treat American subjects from the distant Manhattan island. EARLY One recent morning Frank Wyatt, a Chicago newspaper man. riding in a street car drew his re- volve# and made two thieves give back the goods they had just taken from a fellow passenger. In uoing this he was guilty of carrying con- caled weapons, breach of the peace, vault with intent 'to kill, and, so far as the thieves are concerned, with grand larceny and highway robbery. Which illustrates one difference between law and justice. IF those persons who are forever being disturbed about seeing visions and dreaming dreams would but give a little heed to their diet they would stoner become less apprehensive as to their futur The ominons char- ter of a dream is quite often gauged by the size of the piece of mine pie or portions of lobster 8ala or clam chowder consumed just before resorting to the couch. A few areful obsorv.ations made by an intelligent thinker will discover a close sympathy between a disordered and etruggltng stomach and the in- voluntary brain workings of a eeeper. THE value of expert testimony does not seem to grow with the growth of knowledge and science and population in this country. The kleai expands more and more that expert testimony can generally be Oepended on to testify substantially to what the astute lawyer, instru- mental in having the expert um- morned, wants him to testify. As a rule, are not off fee. ant head eJ A colored family of three, named Thorn- EPITOME OF THE WEEK, ton, was asphyxiated at Indianapolis. BRIEF NEWS SUMMARY FOR BUSY MEN, ondanso(! Telegraphic Reports ot the ][aMpol"tant Events of the Pnst Week JJt Over the World. FOREIGN. A comparison of French exports shows a great decrease in the year past. The investigation of the Lipps Brewery mot was taken up by the Reichstag. A lot of dynamite shipped In by foreign anarchists was discovered at Catania, Sicily. A meeting of Socialists at Berlin,'callsd to denounce the Llpps Bewery riots, was broken up by the police and nearly ended in bloodshed. Sir Gerald Portal, British Consul Gen- eral to Zan zibar, is dead. The general public were not admitted to the Hanoverian Station on Prince Biso marck's arrival In Berlin on his visit to the Emperor. A new Servian Cabinet has been formed. The yacht Valiant with tbe Vanderbilt pary on board ban left Calcutta. The English Lords of Admiralty have mode up the English naval estimates and propose large improvements. The Japanese Parliament has dissolved. An election to choose a new one is to be held. Emperor Wilham of Germany has pre- sented the Emperor of Japau with a fins horse. The Spanish government ss aking steps to suppress brigandage in the prov- ince of Cadiz. The Spanish brigand chief, Martin, for years the terror of Granada, has been found strangled to death. Prince Bismarck's health is said to be so good that he daily drives out and re- ceives visits from his neighbors. WASHINGTON. The house Democrats in caucus agreed to add the income tax to the Wilson tariff measure. Secretary Carlisle was before the house Judiciary committee in regard to the pro- posed bond issue. The abolition of a number of Indian agencies has been recommended to the house committee on Indian affairs. "Boss" Croker has come to the rbscue of Wheeler H. Peckham, the nominee for associate Justice of the United Sta$es su- preme court. In view of the offer ef Secretary Carlisle to accep gold certificates for the new bonds, it is a question if the gold reserve wlIi'be materially increased by their sale. Dr. Stalker, of Des Moines, Ia., who was In Honolulu when the Hawaiian queen was overthrown, was before the senate Hawaiian committee. He says the revolution was unjustifiable. The income tax bill was reported to the house January 24. The house has sustained the Ways and Means Committee in putting iron ore on the free list. Secretary Carlisle has isaued a order that is calmtlated to put a stop to shirking by Treasury Department clerks. Th House amended the Wilson tmiff bill by placing refined sugar on the free list and abolishing the bounty system a t once. A strong memorial from the Hawaiian Patriotic League and other Hawaiian pa- pera were transmitted to c0ngres$ by the president. Mr. J. Scott Harrison whom the senate refused to confirm as Customs Collector at Kansas City, is in Washington t find out where he "is at." GENERAL DOMESTIC. The Atlas Line steamship Andes is ashore off Atlantic City, N. J. A. M. Van Auken, of Lament, Ill., has been indicted for forgery. The Illinois Conservatory of Music at Jacksonville, ILl., burned January 22. Loss, 14,000. The lllln01s Steel Company's mills at Joliet, Ill., have resumed operation with 90 men. Mrs. Carrie B, Wells. of L!ncoln, Nob., mistakenly supposed for nine years that she was a widow. The colored captain of the watch on the steamo0at State of Missouri was mur- dered by a rouster at Cairo. The Missionary Board of the German Evangelical church of the Western Dis- trict of Missouri met at Sedalia. It is reported that Chris Evans, the Cali- fornia landit king, and his friend, Mor- roll, sailed from New Orleans for Europe. A defective flus caused a disastrous fire at Killers, Tex. The completed statement o0ncerning the Lewiatou (Ill,) bank failure shows a balance of [62,641.14 to be paid by the .partners. Gee. Altgeld issued a requisition for E, J. Failer, now in Iowa, and refused to honor a requisition from Georgia for Henry Hill. Fire wiped out about half the business part of Solomon, Kas, Cipo Falazar, treasurer of Lincoln County, Colo., is reported 17,000 ebort in his accountS. Gee. FiehbsclL of Arkaasu, has an- oanced himself a candidate to succeed Hen. J. H. Berry in the United States Senate. Chicago parties wE1 bring suit to com- pel the Illinois board ot health to recog- nize the graduates of the Physic-Medical college of that olty Mrs. Lease has announced that she will mke seven speeches, one in each con- tssionai district in Kansas, to denounce Gee. towelling. A father and his children died from rabies near Henderso Ky. Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Skinner, of Chi- cago, has given $25,000 to Parsons college at Fairfield, Ia. Fire damaged the Senator Palmer resi- dence at Springfield, Ill., to the amount of ,000 or $4,000. Win. Brown Was sentenced to be banged at Birmingham. Ala., for killing his wife at Bessemer, in that state. Fire broke out In the Cincinnati West- ern Union building, doing $5,090 damage and causing a panic among the occupants. The much advertised fight st Jackson- ville, Fla., came off as promised, and Corbett won in the third round. It is believed the negro who committed a brutal assault ou Katie Jacobs at Terona, Me,, is unJer arrest "at Spring- field. George H. Edbroaky, a New York archi- tect, walked into his private office whist- ling "On the Bowery," and shot himself dead. Gem John McNulty has sued the Bloomington (Ill.) Corn Belt Bank for $5,000 salary claimed to be due for services as president. Maria Imperiali, the daughter of a wealthy Italian banker, was arrested on a charge of vagrancy preferred by her father in New York. Miss Minnie Porter. a wealthy Norfolk, Conn., woman, walked from her home January 7 In a dazed condition and was found January 25 hozen to death. Johann Kronpa, editor of a Bohemian newspaper in Nebraska, soothes wife in New York an invitation to his marriage to another woman. The wife got a divorce. Near Crawford's cross roads, Russell ounty, Ale., three children were burned to death, and their grandfather, with whom they live, was driven insane by grief. The Ohio mine operators have decided that they will pay no more than 50 rents a ton for mining. The Mayoralty contest at Dallas is com. plicated by the resignation of Mr. Coa- nor, one of the claimants. Twelve exSupervisors of McDonough County, 111.. have been sued for misap. propriating poor funds. A barber at Cbattanooga, Tenn.. cut his mistress' throat and then drowned him- self in the Tennessee River. The National Brick Manufacturers' As sociatioa had their annual banquet at the Auditorium Hotel, Chicago. The properties of the Sheffield Land, Coal and Iron Company at Sheffield, Ala., were sold at auctiou for 5.00. A. M. Beardsley, a prominent Council Bluffs (Io.I druggist, took whisky from a poison glass by mietake sod died in a few hours. Jim Morrison, who escaped from the Pratt mine prison a lew days ago, killed a deputy sheriff who was trying to arrest him and .escaped. The court hat ordered that the testi- mony in the trial of the train robber at Newport, Ar., be not published until the last prisoner is placed on trial. Miss Gone Moore Jones,daughter of the governor of Alabama, and Charles T. Holt, son of ex. tov. Holt, of North Caro- lina, were married January JJ. An English syndicate has purchased the Fisk gold mine n Black Hawk, Colo., for 500,000. The body found in Cumberland River below Clarksville, Te)u, has been iden- tified as that of HemT Hucheson, and John Senseny has bees arrested fur the murder. As the result of an uoxplained explo. sioninastoveacar on theM. K. &T.R. R., near San Maroon. 'iex., was wrecked, two men killed ad six other seriously wounded. THE MARKETS; NEW YORK. Cattle, $4.35@5.59; Cotton, mlddlings 8 8c; Wheat, No. 2 red, 6566; Corn, No. 2, 41@43; Oats, MixedWest ern, 34@35. ST. LOUIS. Cotton, Mlddhng, 7t Cattle choice steers $.30@4.50; ineium, t3.30 3.65; Hogs,fair to select $5.10@6.6;Sheep, fair to choice $3@3.75; Wheat, No. 2, red 56@57; Corn, No. 2 mixed 8"2@ 82; Oats, mixed western 27@28; Rye, No. 2, '28; Butter, choice dairy, 1418; Eggs, fresh 18; Country bacon, :t6 lc.; hams, 0@10o; Lard, 6@8. CHICAGO. Cattle, Shipping, $8.75@t.75; Hogs, fair to choice $5.00(5.50; Sheep, fair to choice $2.85@4.00; Wheat, No. 2 red 60 61; Corn, NO. '2. 83@3t; Oat mixe western, 30(a]31. KANSAS CITY. Cattle, shipping steers, .00.50. Hogs, $4.50@5.50; Wheat, No. 2 red 53 54; Oats, mixed western, 27. ELCYRIC FLASHES. The young man in confinement at So- dalia, Ms., as an accomplice of Gus Hall in the attempt to rob the Grin Ridge bank proves not to he a son of Rev. A. M. Cockrsll, as at first supposed. McDonough County. Illinois, is being swept by a great religious awakening. Jim Morrlson, a desperado, is being hunted by a Bibb County, Alabama posse. Ex-Gov. Gilpin, of Colorado, he dead. .x-President Faur0t, of the wrecked Lima (O.I National Bank, has bmn ar- rested. The flsrht ever laying the COrnentom of the new court house at Monmouth, Ill., is waxing hot. General Manager Brown of the Ccunell Bluffs road says the Roy's Branch rob. bers got only $824. Crazed by drink, Frank Phipps, of Chicago, shot two Women fatally and committed suicide. Price and Nettle Godwin and Will Rid- out havebeen held at Vandusar, Ark,, for the murder of Harriet Coulter. John Lively was blown from a bridge near 0hattauooga, Tenn., and killed. WORK OF CONGRESS. LEGISLATIVE PROGRAM FOR THIS WEEK. Income Tax Is to Be Discussed Me- Millen' Scheme Will Cause a Flow of Oratory in the House--Senate to Talk ou BawaiL WASIIINGTON. Jan. a0.--There will now be a cessation for a brief neriod of tariff talk in the house, and the members will address themselves for three days to the mysteries and per- plexities of the income tax question. The McMillen .bill upon this subject will be submitted as an amendment to the Wilson customs bill. so as to unite in one measure all the schemes for raising revenue asid from the sales of bonds. The general debate on this proposition will occupy to-day and to-morrow. Wednesday the bill will be considered under the five-minute rule for amendments The generalde. bate will be opened by Mr. McMillin of Tennessee. the author of the meas- ure. Speeches are expected from Bland, ltall, and Tarsney of Missouri. Cox of Tennessee. Williams of illinois, Pence. the democratic populist of Colo- rado. and others in support of the in- come tax. ]fr. Pence will propose to amend the bill by the adoption of a graduated tax on incomes, running from 2. to 10 per cent. which, he be- lieves, will produce over $100.000.O00 of revenue, instead of $30.000.000. the es- timate of the pending bill. After the duty shall have been taken in committee of the whole Wednesday afternoon, on making the whisky and income tax schemes a part of the Wil- son bill, the latter will be ready to be reported on Thursday to tbe house for ratification. Before the final vote is taken, however, Messrs. Reed. Wilson, and Crisp will address ihe house on the general subject of tariff and revenue, their text being the perfected bill. It is likely that a vote will not be reached until quite late Thursday and possibly not before Friday. When the committee of the whole house arose at the expiration of tbe session Saturday afternoon, but one amendment proposed by the committee on ways and means remained unacted on. It proposed to increase the duty on barley and barley malt from 20 and 30 per cent ad valorem respectively, to 30 and 35 per cent. It failed of adoption because of lack of time and Chairman Richardson said he should hold that it was pending, but whether or not that would be the judgment of the spealeer of the house he could not say. Two or three of the defeats thc committee have sustained have been notable, but they retrieved one of them Saturday in re- establishing the time when the free wool and manufactured wool schedules should go into effect. The house had decided in favor of Representative Tom L. Johnson's motion to have both go into operation the day of the approval of the bill. Saturday the ways and means committee got the dates re- stored as proposed by them--free wool, Aug. ]. 94: manufactured wool. Dec. 1. 1894. Another defeat from which the committee did not re- cover resulted in placing all sugar-- raw and refined--on the free list. and abolishing the bounty at once. This was the most important ir,cident in the consideration of the bill. AII attemptsto take iron ore, coal. and lumber from the free list were unsuc- cessful. Among the more important changes effected in the text of the btll were: Putting plows, rakes, disk and tooth harrows, thrashers, cotton-gins and harvesters on the free list ,.,verthe cmnmittee's objection). Taking crude opium containing con- taining 9 per cent and over of mor- phine from the free list and fixing the duty at $1 a pound. Increasing the duty on morphine and morphia salts from 50 cents to 7a cents. Striking out the reciprocal clause from the petroleum paragraph. FEDERAL ELECTIONS AND HAWAII. Subjects That Will Occupy the Atten- tion of the Senate This Week. WASItINGTON..]an. ?0. The senate will probably wind up the election law debate this week. so far as the republi- cans are concerned, by the conclusion of the speech of Mr. (;handler of New Hampshire and two further addresses by Mr. Hawley of Connecticut and Mr. IIiggins of Delaware. But both the senators from Tennessee will take oc- casion to reply to Mr. Chandler'e at- tacks on election methods in their state before the debate ends. Hawaiian relations are still an open question in the senate. The resolution reported xtrom the committee on for- eign relations declaratory of the sense of congress in the matter is still pend- ing. Notwithstanding the fact that the report was almost unanimous it appears that some of the republican senators, following in the lead of Mr. Allison, find the first section, declaring against an- nexation at the present time, is ob- jectionable to them. So it may be that the resolution, which at first promised to pass speedily, will con- tinue to occupy the attention of the senate for some time, and particularly is this probable if an issue is ramed by the moving of the Dolph amendment requesting the recall of Minister Willis or by Mr. Vest's insistence upon his amendment materially modifying the language of the section touching an- nexation. Republicans Will Not Caucus. majority protocols to execute its com- mission," said Mr. Burrows. "We recognize that it would be futile for us to attempt to execute any affirmative policy. We have offered amendment but they have either failed of recog- nition or have been defeated by the majority. What need. therefore, is there on our side of the house of a policy? We will quietly wait while the other side furnishes the policy." Bidding for Bonds Not o Lively. WaSlIIOTON. Jan. 0. Theaction of the house committee on the judiciary in reporting the Bailey resolution favorably has had the effect of deter- ring any large bids so far from being received for the new bonds. The action, too. of the Knights of Labor in seeking an injunction against Secretary Carlisle to prevent him from issuing bonds has had a disquieting effect. Secretary Carlisle will. while in New York, assure all prospective bidders they need have no fears on any score about bidding for the bonds and that they will be amply protected. Mr. Feekham's Nomination. WASIIINGTON. Jan. 30. News from New York is to the effect that IIill's friends are confident the nomination of Peckham will not be confirmed. It is also given out there that th l)resi - dent is ready to make this struggle with Hill a fight to a finish and that he will withhold nominations until the senate determines what it will do in the Peckh am affair, which means in effect that the Presidellt is to make of this a test case. DOCTORS AGAIN. Cannot Decide as to tile Cause of Cronin's Death. CmCAOO. Jan. 30.--Medical expert testimony took Saturday's session of the Coughlin trial. Dr. ' Hcktoen. the first witness, swore he was unable to testify whether Dr. Cronin had died from kidney disease or from the wounds found on his head. This farce of expert testimony is expected to ter- minate early this week. At the con- clusion of Dr Hektoen's examination, court adjourned to 10 o'clock Monday morning. Coughlin himself will be the chief witness for the defense, and the state is rather curious to know what sort of a story he will tell. The absence or presence of a motive for Coughlin to desire the death of Dr. Cronin will be an important point t o be brought out in his examination, and when it shall appear that he was a member of the committee that tried Dr. Cronin, it is difficult to see how the investigation thus begun is to be limited. From the rate of progress made since the defense began it may be inferred that the last day of the trial will not be far from March 1. Thede- fense is confident of an acquittal or a disagreement of the jury. Faihng in this they claim enough errors have been made in the ease to insure the Supreme court granting a new trial. when the result would be the same as in the event of a disagreement in the jury. The case would never be tried again. In any event, Coughlin feels safe from all harm greater than a year or two longer in posen. DOES NO1" WANT BONDS. Holman of Indiana Thioks the Country Wlil Do Well Without Them. WASHINGTON', Jan. 30--Mr. Holman of Indiana is not in accord with the administration on the bond question. He intends soon to introduce a resolu- tion in the house reciting the fact tnt there is no justification for increasing the interest-bearing debt of the gov- ernment, but that the condition of the nation's finances demands a retrench- merit in the expenditures. When it was proposed during the panic of 4873 to authorize the sale of bonds to re- plenish the treasm\\;y, Congressman Holman put through the house a reso- lution similar in tone to that which he is preoaring. "Following the idea of retrench- ment," says Mr. Holman,"the congress following, the panic of 187 made sweeping reductions in expenditures. The people were pleased and there never was another demand for the sale of bonds until the recent agitation which resulted in Secretary Carlisle calling for bide" Talmagc May Decide to Stay. NEW YORK, Jan. 30. It is probable, some of the Brooklyn people think. that Rev. Dr. Talmge may consent to withdraw his resignation as pastor f the tabernacle. Mr. Talmae at- tended a meeting of the trustees of the church yesterday and also a meet- ing of elders. At each meeting the church debt was discussed and it was stated that it was believek if the debt was wiped out Mr. Talmage would withdraw his resignation. Dr. Tal- mage did not deny that he might stay in that event. ttillant will 1Lose His Head. PAns, Jan. 30.--It is said the pard- ons committee, after examining the appeal of Auguste Vaillant, the anarchist who was sentenced to death for throwing the bomb in the chamber of deputies, has decided to let justice take its course. Presi- dent Carnot has intimated that he will not interfere. It is rumored that Vail- lane will be executed directly after the return of Deibler, the Paris headmhan, to the capital. Ten Thousand Corpsas Recovered. v S. FRANCISCO. Cat, Jan. a0.Ad- vices by the steamer Belgie from China announce the annihilation by earth- quake of the Town of Kuchan, Persia. Twelve thousand persons were killed. Ten thousand corpses had been re- covered. Fifty thousand cattle were WASHIOTO. Jan. 30.--Representa- destroyed at the same time. tire Burrows of Michigan says the re- publican members of the house will Places of Strikers Filled. have no caucus on the tariff or income- BAVE FALLS, Pa, Jan. 30.The tax question. Neither have they agreed I25 striking employes of the Enterprise on a policy. There is no need of an Glass company have been supplanted affirmative and the works full "We are whiL th ] ties- TOWN SWEPT BY BUSINESS PART OF IN RUINS. Defective Water Mn,ns Respuol the Dlsaster-Milltary Streets--Big Conflagration Louis Other Fires. ]ATH, Maine. Jan. ;'0. A *Aon of the business section of was laid in ruins by fire The fire. at first an ins was discovered at 9 a. in. in a in the rear of the Sagadahok The waterworks system less, there having been a big in the main pipe Saturday, and out water the fire de powerless to check the spread flames As a result the house, two national banks, a bank and a dozen stores stroyed. Mayor Shaw sent for aid h after the fire started and sent from Portland and two hand engines came from wick. It was nearly 3 o'clock the fire was under control. To property that had been from the burned and ened buildings and to crowd of onlookers from streets. Mayor Shaw called out pany C of the Second re subsequently the militia orders from Gee. Cleaves to streets. The total loss is estimated tween $500,000 and $750,000 there is insurance of one-half. only serious accident attending t was caused by falling slate fireman on the head. FIRE IN A GROCERY Nearly Twenty-five Thousand Lost with Partial EVANSVILLE, Ind., Jan. 30.  broke out yesterday in a fuel the seconu floor of Viekery grocery. The front portion second floor is occupied by the  Business-Men's club. the Harvesting company, and the ville Supply company, while is occupied as a storeroom for ies and was filled with material. The damage to fire and water is estimated at The damage to the offices was pally by water and is $9,0o0. TWO Shoe Factories Burned ST. Louis, Me., Jan. 30.--Fire, out on the fourth floorof building at Nineteenth and streets at 4 o'clock yesterday fore the flames could be third, fourth and fifth floors contents were destroyed. ment and first three floors were pied by the Western Boot and Manufacturing company and Gannon's shoe factory ecru balance of the building. The is owned by L. L. Reyburn valued at 840.000. The machinery of the two shoe were worth $90,000. The total estimated at $100,000, ered by insurance. Block Burned in a Massachusetts PALMER. ass.. Jan. opera house block, the largest town, was burned late last ni firemen were handicapped by hydrants and the flames gained headway. The total loss is $60 Texas Town Partially FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. at Wcatherford, Parker count stroyed $2b,000 "worth of The City hotel, a saloon, a cry, and a butcher all Woodhouse aud Sibly burned: 'FRIS.CO'S GREAT Midwinter Exposition Opened Formal Ceremonies. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 30.All fornia was crazy Saturday citement and delight The mid air has at last been opened. sands of people from all parts state witnessed and dedicatory ceremonies, and the est and grandest enterprise west of the Mississippi finally in full swing. The celebrated as a holiday in eisco with a magnificent and addresses by Gee. other prominent Californians. De Young, wife of the oral, pressed the electric button ! set the machinery in motion. position ts beautiful, and its was thoroughly appreciated throng of visitors. Every one that never before was eharmimr collection of iag Attempts Sulelde in Stte*s COLUMBUS. Ohio, Jan. 1,900 convicts in the state prison were seated at dinner them, John Conroy, a glar, arose and announcing his tion to commit suicide his case knife across his fell to the floor. As the sharp the jugular vein was n, and he may recover. Order was tained with great difficulty. Wreckage Covers the NANTAsKET BEACH, Mass. "the severe northeast snow sided at 4 o'clock Saturday and the incoming tide brou dence of a wreck. Last beach the entire distanc from tic Hill to Allerton was wreckage, and sol struck g's ledge her crew went the