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February 2, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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February 2, 1894

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Department L USE OF PRO- VERBS. rightly used there is no agent tll,n the proverb for nnation of ethical ideas in at a c'crain" " stage of their and moral growth. When Ire selected carefully and vith children able to grasp caning, tht,v are lnost ex- inc}fleatilg moral truths lying Gut and eultivat. Inoral questioning in . They are the best ms- help thcln tbrln moral on virme and vices their own- experielmes. bs beyond or outside their OleOS should not be brought notice. field of classical -literature, and modern, is rich in pro- r ! effect and contain 'isdonl and experience of of the race The first, )st convenient, and perllaps st.s,mrce for teachers is the From ttle Bible proverbs selected and used without any offense whatever to any race. or creed. ways ot introducing the pro- chihlren are manifold, but one is to give an tlistorie the less?n by tellingthe the proverb and any in- facts of country, clime, or Colmected with iL unple, take this tamiliar SohInon; "G,) o the sluggard, consider her be wise." It wonld not to take it for granted that have already heard of for strange as it may are Inal:y cMldren u i, 15 years in the public lnany cities ttlat have heard of Sololnon. or any great, or go,od rUSh, outside ,tory hooks. Tell the Solomon said lucre s, which would be given ,, on. This wouhl pre r oner proverbs ot Solomon a nieasure for proverb outside of thz Bible and should be grouped together in relation to their orig:n. all was said that could be Solornon, his country, time. the next step would qnestion the children as t(, said to the slug- 'Go to tile. an thou sluggard; Ler ways." This should bring out from the their knowledge of the ant providence, dill Its, faithful tile young: its patience in ohstacies, out ot it way, endurance when a ca)amity it and (lest roys its hem e. a way that Would lome the after lesson as no ing would do, would be to possible, the children ob- all ant's nest. Then they ared for the full of the proverb to at the children do not kno- ant (anti it is possible iu the at dearth of science teaching public schools ot tills country, are very iguorant of tl'le its marvelous habits,) SUpplemented by the Re. the fact,how the ant her meatin the.sum- gatheretll her food in the Contrast the habits oI witll those of tile sluggard, the lessous in relation to the ien's duties in the home, and ,' sc!ool. Point out the evil re- of the habits of the sluggard ,is want of'diligence,industry, 'unctualitv, Trace the result se evil hbits to their logical luence iu poverty, sternness, premature death. Last- up to their minds the more and inspiring picture of ligent, industrious, and coy or girl,and the happi- make for themselves and connected with them. are merely suggestions teacher with good sense insight, would be able in and round out proverbs kind. also be well at the end lesson to have the children the proverb by heart. As moral teacher has said oI rbs: "they are guide-posts ng with their'shor arms to duty; they are voices of . ng xmpressive warn- clear direction in when the promptings of or the mists of passion likely to lead us astray." Jvurnal. &Z..l ZPeoe. who have Usbd Dr: King's know its value; and have now th 'h'eo. Call on and get a nellie ress to It. E. & Co. of D e to Heal Free. e,d of whie[ good ano eos Drug O.00M. OtlIO & MISSI SSIPPI R' Y. THE FAST LINE EAST and WEST Solid Daily Trains to CIN CINNA'I I, Solid Daily Trains to ST. I,OLS, Solid Daily Trains to LOUISVILLE. onus, cling in Uniou Depots wth Trains of all lines for the East, West. North and Sou th. Through Vestibule Day Coaches, Pulhnan Parlor Cars m'id Sleep- ers on all trains. DOUBLE--AILY LINE OF-- Pulhnan Vestibule Buffet Sleepers from St. Louis and Stations on Main I,iuo --rpo---- VJISHIWGTOW. BdL Y.I- IORE PHIL./tDELPH1J1 Jlnd 2V'EH FOBS:without chne. HOME-SEEKERS lOVllkTG WEST Should take this line as it has less changes of cars and bet ter accommodation than other routes. Our vestibule cat's are a luxury, which may be enjoycd by all without extra ellarg, and eve ry attentign is giveu ou ' pasengers to make their journey pleasant and comfortable. Our agents will take pleasure i,onswtr uz inquiries in regards t.o rate: tor hoth |)assellglrg and freight, tnle rOIlle8 and ronlloetion call at vonr ilOllle if desired a lid all t attend to ship- pi,lg freight iIy thQ most di "(ct routes and ch,'cking t)aggage, wilheut -barge for any a- sistallCt they ntay lit ahle to render. N. B.--Passengers should purchase tickets bf,)re entering the cars, as the ticket l'at( Is ten cents le:s that, the Irate rate ommuni ca tions add ressed ta tile undersigned will receive pron,pt attention. Address Alex Mel)onald, Ticket Aent, O.& M R'v. Trenton. Ill. W P. TOWllSc;ld, Dist. Pass'r ARt. Vineenues, Ind. O. P McCARTY. Aetin Cell ] Pa:B'r Agt. CINC[N NATl. OHIO. 80 acres of splen,lid b]uc grass paStllre, R Illi]e. N. ] 'Frenl(,l. Living Wtter the year rolln,t Nicely timbered and fenced. The best piece of Pas'ure land in ('limon Co. 21otslocated in S. E. portion of city, well fen(: ed witi splendid well and an extra large barn. 3heap. 3-4 acre ill m)rth part of city . Well improv- ed. TWO story t'!'tnle ilollsc of ,ig]lt rot)Ill'.l, Cellar, 2 wells'a cisteru slid ouibuihlings Cash or time. Tidsis a wry cheap hollse tit the price asked l l,ot ill(.entralpart of city. One end one half story fralne dwelling hollse, well ald ollt- htildimzs. In splen,lid repair and ank e piece of :,roperty. 1"2 lot iti center of city. Two story frame bllil,lfllK of ix roonlS, good eellal 'veil and cistern. A good bosiness llOIlSe anti dwellilig Will sell eiu, ap. Two lots in best resid:-nee portion or fOWl1. Well improved with one story brick dwelling good barn and outbuildings, ,nitable for one or two families Plenty of nice shade and frnit trees. Small fruits otc, Good well, cistern and cellar. In splendht repair. 15iot [part improvedj in Old Orchard Me 5 miles weut of St. l.onis. Cash or on nl(,nthlv paylnent A new electric street railway ha ten mrv,'ye,t, rl,mlin within 7 m uute, walk of these I,*  which wil i iuak {i them rise ill vgl lie rapidly A pleudid investment Parties desirin to buy or sell real etatc win do well to call. For further particulars in- quire of W. T. Carr, Trenton Ill. STQCK-gSLDERS' MEETING] Of the TreaL0 Buildi ad l0a0 hsoci- ati0. -0TICE is hereby given that a special mcef- ing of the Stockholders of the Trenton Building and l,oan Association will be held at Turner Hall February 5, 189, at 7 P, M., for the purpose or cousideriag resolution as passed at meeting of the directors of said Association held at W. S I,ouden's law office Jan 15. A D. 11t, Resolution is as follows: Resolved, That, Section 1 and 2 of Article '2.1 of By-Laws concerning withdrawals and redemp- tons of stock, be amended to read as follows: Anv owner el' stock ill any series desiring to with,'iraw Cycle the Association shall receive for the same tile itlnOllllt of instalhne ts paid in OU SIICll sleek, teSS all fills8 and charges nn- pai(l.a,ld the fl)llnwi g per cent of n ,t earnings' 'tock less than two years old, NI per cent of nvt earnings. Stock 2 years old and less than g, r) per cent of llet earllillgS, Stock 2, years old aud less than 4, 70 per eeni of net CalnitlS Stock 4 years old and less than 5, 75 per cent of net earnings. SW(.k 5 years old and leas than 6, 80 per cent of net earnings Stock 6 years old and less than 7,  per cent of net oarhin zs Stock 7 V('ars old and less than 8.90 per cent of llet earnings Stock 8 years (ld and not matured, 95 per cent ot net earnings. ACCIDENT POLICIES IVRO 1 TO flO DAYS. The Capitol Accident Company OF SPRINGFIELD, ILL. $3,000 INDEMN PrY FOR ACCIDEn- TAL DEATH, 15 ER WEEK FOR 52 WEEKS FOR DISABILITY. RATESI day, 20e.; 3 days, 50e.; 7 days, 81; 15 days, $2; 30 days, $3; 60 days, $5. A. IeDONALD, ARt. It l Coming. Broadway Store. Great :Reduction in Ladies' Cloaks and Jackets. Broadway Store. COMPLETE STOCK OF GROCERIES, EE., ETC. BRfABWAT 00TGRE. THE INT00 OCEAN IS THE- MOST POPULIR REPUBLICAN IE\\;iSPAPER OF ''" --IAND-- DAILY (wilhul Sunday), $6.00 per year. DA!LY (wlh $:,mCa$,), ,,:"3.... per yr, The "Weekly Inter Ocean0 wr yc.ar, SoCO As a newspaper THE INTER OCEAN kps abraaSt of the time. in r:l rc'ec?a. It spares neither pains nor expense in securing ALL TklE NEVV3 ND "I'E BEST OF CURRKNT LITERATURE. The [Vee/e/y Izer Ocez la edited especially for those who. on account of mail serVice or any other res.n, da not take a dally paper. In its columns are to be found te v,cek' txws o.  v.i] the world condensed and the cream of the literary fetur of the DWIy. '  ) r '. ( ioui't)as, it con- AS A _.!.:.,JILY PAI El{ IT EXCM,,:, .:l wo=, ..... ' ........... , , .=-- , sists of I:;IGIiT PAGES, w:th A Supplement, Illustrated,: in Co,ors, of EIGI ADDITIONAL PAGES/" making i a all SU-.TEI?N FACES, his .nppic. nent, containmg SIX PAGES E)F READIkrG Ide,!%'f:i: ::"! ",VO I'LILL-PAG ILLUTRA'rlONS, is alone worth the price charged tor the paper. THE INTER oCEAN IS PUBLISHED IN CHICACO, the newaend commer- cial cnter of all west ofthe Allegheny Movnuia, gd ia bettar adapt.d to t ,e needs of the people of that section than any paper farther Ezst. IVis in accord with the people of the West both in PdILics and Llt:crcttnre. Please remember that the price of Ths Vdcckly Inter Ocean t3 ONLY ON. DOLLAR PER YEAR. Address THE INTER OCEAN, Chicago. ard times! Mot)y very scarce, thousands of t _ flnn out of empl%vment and the cold wln- er stann you in tie race, when you will have to have ClOtiltng, Owing to the stri ]gcn(y of mollev, We have "(leeided to give yDll VOlt choice'ofour Immense toek of our New ]bin, of Men's'Merchant Tailor Su:ita scning at $22.50, $18, $t7.50, $16.50 & $15 At the sstonishtng low fig'ares of 'l .(D, for 30 days onlyI Remember wc can give you bargains in Un- derwear llia ts, Caps, Furnishing Good. Gloves, Boots and 8'hoes, &c. tlIGtlLAND BEA UT], ,,ol,s,o.,o FREE, I " ov.y ,,,,,. n*G.AXD LZY, Girls Pocket- ehe of $1 ttndl knives for Boys over in 8hoes I GUA:R,NTICED FOR BROCKHAN' & GREER, CORNER MAIN 8Tlt." AND BROA]DVAY, TRENTON ]LLNOIS, STV..o 1S93 C. L. AfAECHTLI, I'HOToGRAPHER.r HIqH].A.XD, ,LI.S. al, . teram.  I)EALER IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE, lIereby offers his stock of Grocer- ies, 1):y Goods, Furnishing Goods, C . .  " entenmal Mill llour: also best quality of Red and White Wine, such as Virginia Seedling, Ives Seedling, Concord and Elvira; Sweet Cider; besides, pure Wine and Cider Vinegar, in quantities to suit, at lowest prices. Also oilers a SuperioP Quality of PEKIN DUCK FEATHERS r r  r a SArlSIACIION GUARANIEED To parties u, lsb.nff to on. WORKS omwsT cotz gage in housekeeping, as PUBLIC SIU21kRE, " well as to those already in d0 0FF], Agent, Trenton, Ill. the business. LOUIS BI.ATFNIR, WATCH IIA]KEI a JIEWELERt IIas also for sale Watehes, Clocks & Silver .oo. rA, A'. eSTV,t LAD8 ,Suitable ,(or lVedding and aMvers- TOWT LOTS' ary presents at bottom prices. Besides a number of G6od Work Repairingpiomptly and satisfactorily execrated. All good guaranteed to be as roprosetd. IIorses and mules at Low Figures. Trenton. " [ [ " - Illinois. THE HIGHLAND Call and see for yourself l IILLIG CO. cs.PAr.. BUY AND SELl': libl ; 2kmbr0, WI0000T," loll__ 0t?l MERGHANT TAILORS. Large and Small Quanti- ties. suits [ade to oe, in the Manufacturers of'the Totlowing LATEST STYLES. well-known brands of Ftou? : Fit 00:rkmm}00ip Gumnteed ALSO RECEIVED A FULL LINE OF AND PERFECTION. TgY ozrttT PLOU I WHICH WE WILL SELL AT  r0 =st .0 =0 0t,,. Reasonable Prices. FRESH GROUND PEARL MEAL Please 6ive Gall ALWAYS ON HAND AT BOTT0 PRICE;" OF-- BOHRI00ANN & WOLF, And Gets the Best Goods at Low Prices. "00THE OHLY HARDWARE STORE IN TOWN] : =_ ZWm:Kv- New Harness Shop ! .DEALER IN tVHIPS, SADDLES, ROBES, ETC., TC. " C_2ollars Made to Order. " REPAIRING PI'OM|'TLY ATTENDED TO HIGHLAND. 1LL 00toves AND Tinware Constantly l(e00t on Hand00 AT L. M. Kocntz'. 61VE HIM A CALL! UNDERTAKER. --AND DEALER IN ' II f(J brim, Tru00k00, liep 0000tier00, Picture Picture rrm, REPAIRiN6 PROMPTLY DONE, and SATISFACTION 6UARANTEED, Will arrange for funerals at reasonable rates. Pmdis Embahned, Shrouds of all kinds anti izos constantly on hand. A good Hearse provided when called for. Orders taken for Monumets anti Tombstones. Prlees Ras0nablc. Patronage Respectfully S011eltel. Hagnauer t I(noebel, D&L-RS IN' A00ricultur00l IMPLEMENTS. Hardware, Gutlery, Nails, Pumps, Seeds, etc., etc. HIGHLAND, ILL. I I J I I I I I I I .I I I . ................................................................................................. ]New Win00er 00oods. J. H. MIENER, Cor. Second and Main Streets. LATE STYLES. FIT EVERYONE. -a[REHTON BANK . Raceives DepgMts Payable ou Demamd. Collections made at rea.onat]le rates. Issues Draft payable inall p.rrs f Europe. Accident policies item on day to thirteen weke for ale chettp. Bonds Bought and Sold. Safv Deposit Boze For Rent in Our Fire Proof Vmdte. CHARLES SCHNYDER, OEORGE HARTLEY Schnyder & Hartley, (JLOTHING, DRY GOODS GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, I FURNISHING GOODS, @URn&INS. NEW @00DS, NEW P]00I@E8 Our clerks are competentt:,experienced men, and will give yoRr child-tho . ame cref'il attentiou as tbey would you. REMEMBER, our .toel all =.,. Clean and St Sq