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February 2, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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February 2, 1894

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This was a continuance of his dilato W tac- tics of yesterday, when he tried to pre- vent the offering of an amendment tacking the revenue bill, with the in- come-tax attachment, onto the tariff bill. During the call of the roll enough members strolled in to com- plete a quorum. Mr. Cockran called attention to this fact and withdrew his point of order, and the rollc'dl was discontinued. A lively tilt occurred between Mr. Reed (rep.) of Maine and Mr. Bwum i (dcm.) of Indiana. It was a quest'on of improper quotation, Mr. Reed charg- ing Mr. Bynum with having so mis- quoted a statement of his (Reed's) as to distroy its force. Mr. Bynum de- nied that by leaving off a portinn of the sentence he had destroyed the sense of Mr. Reed's expression• The house then went into committee of the whole on the tariff bill. Some unimportant amendments, proposed by Mr. Wilson (dem.), of West Virginia, were agreed to without debate. Mr. Wilson also offered an amendment re- ducing the duty on diamonds and precious stones of all kinds from 15 per cent to 10 per cent ad valorem, causing a lively debate. Mr. tlolman dem.). of Indiana, of- fered an amendment to the amendment raising the duty from 15 per cent to to 30 per cent• Mr. Alderson (dem.) of West Virginia offered a substitute increasing the duty from 15 per centto 50 per cent on cut dialnonds and '25 per cent if rough or uncut. Mr. A lderson (dem.) of West Virginia withdrew his former amendment im- posing a duty of 50 per cent on cut diamonds and ubstituted for it one providing that precious stones of all kinds, cut but not set shall pay a duty of 30 per cent ad valorem: on precious stones, if not especially provided for in this act, in- cluding pearls, set or strung, 35 per cent ad valorem: on nneut precious stone, 15 per cent ad valorem. This substitute was adopted. Mr. Outhwaite offered an amend- ment to the tinplate schedule, the ob- ject of which was to reduce the tariff from one and one-fifth cents per pound to cue cent" Mr. Dalzell (reD, Pa.) spoke earnest- IV for protection of the tinplate in- dustry. Mr. Breckinridge teem., Ky.) offered a substitute, puttin tinplate on the free list. and spoke in favor ofhis proposition. Mr. Coombs Idem.. N. Y.) opposed Mr. Breckinridge's amendment" Mr. Dolliver (rep., Iowa) sent to the clerk's desk and had read a letter from a democratic manufacturer saying that within a year or two, if the present law is not interfered with, the people could use American tinplate instead of rotten English tinplate. Mr. Simpson (pop., Ken.) supported the amendment to put tinplate on the free list. After further discussion Mr. Breck- inridge offered to withdraw his amend- ment, but objection was made by Mr. Johnson (dem., Ohiol. Then the amendment was voted down--yeas, 30; nays, I84. The question was then taken on an amendment offered by Mr. Dalzell (rep., Pa.) to substitute the tinplate paragraph of the McKinley law for that in the pending bill and it was de- feated-86 yeas and 144 nays. Mr. Outh- waite'sproposition was divided and the question was first taken on reduc- ing the rate from 1 1-5 cents a pound to I cent. It was rejected by 77 yeas to 136 nays The second part of his amendment, providing that no rebate shall bc allowed, was also defeated without a division• Mr. Boutelle Irep., Maine) moved to substitute the lumber paragraph in the McKinley act for that reported in the Wilson bill. and made an argument iu support of that amendment. Mr. Oates (dem.. Ale.) re]alice to Mr. Boutelle. and quoted against his argu- ment the bills to allow htmber free of duty in the case of the great fires in Chicago and Eastport. nMr. Shaw Irep., Win) spoke of the "theoretical" position of the committee on ways and means that lumber was a raw'materil, and asked the majority members of that committee if they did not know that 60 per cent of the out- "put of luaber had received its last touches as a manufactured product Lumber was the largest industry of the country. And ii any class of workingmeu were more entitled to pro- tection than 300,000 engaged in the lumber industry he would like some geutleman to state what class that was, After further discussion the lumber schedule went over, and the house took a reees The speakers of the evening were: For the billRepresentatives Martin (Ind.), De Armond (Me.), Dunn (N. J.), Fithmn (Ill.). Terry (Ark.), and Dins- more (Ark.). Against the bill--Repre- sentatives M cCass (Masa), Adams (Pa.), ttartman (Mont), Phillips (Pa.), IIaugen (Win), and Heiner (Pa.). Fight Over the Torrey Bill, ASHINGTON Jan. 2.--There was a sharp discussion YeSterday afternoon in the meeting of the National Board of Trade on the resolution reported by the committee favoring the torrey bankruptcy bill. The resolution, which was ultimately adbpted, was reported by the Philadelphia delega- tion, but Jhn Field, a member of the delegation, opposed it in a vigorous! speech. He was opposed to any form of bankruptcy law. Too many busi- ness men were accustomed to engage in the wildest system of credit-giving, he said, trusting to the law to save them from the consequences of their poor business principles Pacific Railroad Obligations. WASHINGTON, Jan. 2..---Chairman Reilly of the honse committee on Pacific railroads has had frequent con- ference.s of late with Senator Briee, chairman of the senate committee, and the two have also seen Secretary Carlisle and Attorney General Olney with a view to determining on some line of legislation made neces- sary by the fact that the great debt owed by the oads is fast maturing. Mr. Reilly hopes both committees will soon determine upon a policy which will secure the government against los without action 'hich would 1)o harmful to the I)aeific railrod No Delay of Elections Bill WASHINGTON, ,]an. 29.--Senator Chandler moved yesterday to post- pone the election bill until December next. The motion was lost by 20 yeas to 208 nays. Senator Dolph has offered an amendment to tim liawaiian resolu- tion declaring that Minister Willis should be recalled. 1lira. Logao's Brother Must Go. WASII[NGTON, ,Inn. 29. -- Secretary Carlisle tins asked for the resignation of J. M. Cunningham, abrotherof Mrs. John A. Logan, employed in the pho- tographer's office of the treasury de. pertinent. Queation Ills ]Right. WASUI.<TO,, Jan. 2,9. The judiciary committee of the house, by a vote of 9 to 4, has ordered a favoral)le re- port on Representative Bailey's resolu- tion questioning the right of Secretary Carlisle to issue bonds. IOWA TAX LEVY. Bill ]ntrodoccd in the Legislature to Raise the Revenoe of Two Year. DES MoIs, Iowa, Jan. 29.--In the senate this morning the tax levy bill was introduced by Mr. Lewis. Itcalls for $1,200.000 levy this year and $ l, 300,- 000 next year, and empowers the state boaxd of equalization to fix the rate after the legislature adjourns. Mr. Ilirsh introduced a bill allowing liquor to be sold in towns having police regulations, imposing a tax of $1,000 annually, payable monthly, in advance, and leaving the present iw intact. The judical committee reported favorably on the Watkins' bill to pre- vent anti punish prize fighting. ]Mr. Millerof Lee called up the joint resolution asking for a service pension i of $8 a month to honorable discharged Union soldic vs. The Blanchard amendment request- ing the enactment of a law relating to the subject of pensions, was withdrawn and a vote taken, the resohttion being adopted with a few dissenting votes. A joint resolution protesting against the passage by congress of the Wilson bid came over from the house. Sena- tor Perry (dem.) offered an amend- ment favoring the Wilson bill. and he made an extended speech in favor of it. The amendment was voted down by II yeas, 33 nays, and the original resolution was adopted by a strict party vote. Immigration Law Unconstitutional SAI FRANCISCO. Cal., Jan. 29.--Th Supreme court has declared the act passed by the legislature in 1891 re- garding the right of the state to limit immigration is unconstitutional. The case was that of a Chinaman arrested for unlawfully remaining in the state. The act provides for deportation, but the court decides that the power thus attempted to be exercised belongs ex- clusively to the general government. Deadlock in Mississippi. JACKSON. Migs., ,Jan. 9.---Little change has taken place iu th$ sena- torial situation here and the dead- lock is no nearer solution now than on the first ballot. On the twenty- first and last ballot the vote stood: Campbell. 6; McLaurin, 34; Allen. 3t: Taylor. 3; Lowry. 12: Catchings, 1. Gen. T. M. Milh;r was withdrawn on the twentieth ballot. Farmers Threatened by Boseell Sage. IIONTEVIDEO. Minn.. Jan. '29.--Nnm- erous farmers occupying lands in the n,wthern part of Chippewa county have been sued in ejectment by Rus- sell Sage of New York to recover pos- session of lands that for years bade been in dispute between the ltastings and Dakota railway company and the United States government. itt tkoll Croshed. DEs MeLeES, Iowa, Jan. 29.--The body of G. G. Goodale, with the skull crushed, wan found in a field near his residence in Union county. Mr. Good- ale wns one of the wealthiest farmers in southern Iowa. It is supposed the murder was committed for the pur- pose of robbe/-y. There is no clue to the murderer. To Adjust the Mining l)lfferenee, COLUUnS. Ohio, Jan. 29.--lt is re- ported in mining circles that a meet- ing of delegates from Ohio, Pennsyl- vania, West Virginia. Illinois, and Indiana is to be held here in February to try to adjust mining troubles by adopting a new scale, to go into effect at once. thus placing the operators of each of the states on an even footing. Leas of 14,OOO by Fire , ]¢lgto. G ELOtN, Ill.. Jan. 2.--Early yes. terday a fire practically destroyed Charles F. Pease's mantel warehouse. where mantels were also to some ex- tent manufactured. The loss is about $14,000 with $11,)0 insurance in the Rockford company. 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The United States has 686 vessels engaged in foreign trade, while Great Britain has 5,968. Tha yield of gold from California mines amount.s at present to about $13,000,000 a year. The Atlanta Constitution is of the opinion that the South has just about recuperated in wealth what the war cost her. Peach stones find a ready market in New York Perfumes. flavoring ex- tracts and prussic acids are distilled from them. The sultan of Turkey, though a small man, is very muscular, and the strongest of his janissaries has been unable to overcome him in trials of personal prowess. Alfred Pincher is the first American to he graduated at a school of forestry and take ul3 forestry as a profession. lie ia the consulting forester on the esta-te of George W. Vanderbilt, in the North Carolina mountains. The losses by fire in the United States in 1893 aggregated 8188,356,940, showing a large increase as compared with the losses of 1892. Embezzle- ments, frauds and forgeries were re- ported in this country to the amount of $19,929.69, which was considerably more than twice the amount divulged in 1892. The total number of suimdea reported was 4,436. of whom 858 were women; of murders, 6,515, and of legal executions, 126. A dude while walking along the streets met a little boy who askedhim the time. "Ten minutes to 9/' says the dude "Well," says the boy, "at 9 o'clock get your hair cut," and he" took to his heels and ran, the dune after him, when turning a corner, the dude came in contact with a police- man, nearly knocking him down. "What's up?" said ths policeman. The dude, very much out of breath, said: "You see that young urchin running along there? lie asked me the time. I told him ten minutes to 9, and he said. 'At 9 o'clock get your hair cut.' .... Well," said the police- man, "what are you running for? You've got eight minutes more yet." 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