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March 23, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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March 23, 1894

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.00RENTON SUN. PUBLISBED EVERY FRIDAY. Arthur Oehler, ior and Publisher. FRIDAY, ,IAICH 23, 1894. Entered at the Pestofltce it, Trenton. Ill . as Second Class Mail Matter July 1. 1893. TER+[S 01 SUBSCRIPTION Invariably in Advance One year . $1 50 Four months ...... 50 Six months. .75 Two months .25 Sgte Copies. 5 cents. Sample CcP!t,s free on application LgCAL ADVERTIS1N FATES. Lo,&apos;Ms. tire eellts per line Resolutions of C'Oll do].tn ce flo lI1 Lodges or other So "cielics, me dr, liar Obituaries free, but ' snbiect to bcinu abridged; otherwise two .nd s half cent,u a line Poetry folloting deaih notices two all,l a half cents per line. " Lisis of wedding p,'esenT, txt) and a half cents :per line. Notices for religious and charitable purposes free Advertising rates made known on application THROUGH TH[ . ADVEiTI.SIG COLUMN5 EDITORIAL. Dow in White county C.P. Whito A. J. Black and L. S. Blue ,White, Blavk and Blue--are qandidatcs for office. J i. ii TE horny-handed workman calls it ' 'pay," the skilled mech anic "wages," the city clerk "salary," the banker"income," a land owner "rent roll," a lawyer "fees" but it all comes to the same thing at the end of the week--that is, ii you get it. Jjl I A PRACTICE common at country postoffiees is for persons who have lock boxes to trytheir key in other people's boxes; to'ee if it fits or if the box is locked: Very few know that in doing this they lay them- selves liable to prosecutioii and fine. The act is a violation of Uncle Sam's postal law, and is punishable as such. h case oc- curred recently in which valuable mail was taken from a box in a pog office by parties unknown. A young man was atrested for the theft, and although the crime could not be provgn, it was shown thai he was in the habit of opening boxes without permission, and he was fined $300 and sentenced to one year in the penitentiary.E$. O'W T01 rEom$. The following article, clipped from an exchange, tells tersely how to beat your landlord, and, at the same time, names some of the ad- vantages of owning your home. Read it and pass it to your doubt- ing neighbor: "If beginners in life would Start out with the determination of own- ing their rooftree az soon aspossible, and if both are of one accord, they can easily regulate their style of living with this in view. No spasmodic effort will achieve it; only a carbful laying aside of smal sums regularly. They will find that after the home is once secured they will wish to 'improve it,' and the habit of judicious saving being already t acquired, it will be no hardship to 1 deny themselves extravagant clothes and aimless jaunts 'in order to add new beauties and 6amforts to their abiding place. The man takes a quiet, intense satisfaction in his feeliug of ownership, but the supreme moment i the life of the woman, is when she can take her inquisitive friends from garret to cellar, and say with exultant pride, 'It is our own.' She knows that in spite of the pessimists' sentiment, home is a powerful influence for good; and for the sake of bringing up her children wherethey may fix af- fections she is more thal willing 'to make motllrly sacrifices in. alto!e, and the children may at last have a play room where they may tack pictures all over the walls without a threatened suit from the irate landlord. But some men deny that, it, is cheaper or more advantageous to own your own house than to rent one. claiming that taxes and in- surance more than ofiet a god rental. Let no home-loving young couple pin their faith to this tatter- ed fallacy. You can spend all your youth renting and hopping from house to house, and be none the better off' by the time your children are grown, when, by making a first payment, and afterward quarterly sums, only equal, ill many cases to a very low renL you become an owner betbre you half ealized the tact. it gives you a different standing in your community to be a landed proprietor to even this extent. You have a say about the improve ments in your neighborhood; yon can lift your voice tbr sanitary drainage and demand of the mayor to swee p your cobblestones. Look at ]t as an investment .for that rainy day which clouds the horiz-m of nearly every life. By making an eflbrt to secure a roof over,his head, a man places a bulwark be- tween himself and utter ruin. should business or physical mis- tbftunebefall him. Ahouse bought by frugality in the heydey ofyouth- fld enthusiasm has nany a time been the means of averting dis- aster, or oI realizing for its fortu- nate owner the capital wherewith to make a renewed effort in mid- dle life." This remedy is becoming so well known and so popuur as to need no special mentiou. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praie.--A purer medicine does not exist attd i t is guaranteed to do all that is elaimed Electric Bitters will cure all di.eases of the Liver and Kidneys, will remove Pimples, Boils, Salt [heum and other affections caused by impure blood.--Will drive Malaria from the system and prevent a well as cure all Malaria fevers.--For cure of Hadache, Constipation and Indigestio try :Electric Bitters-- Entire . satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.--Price 50cts. and $1,00 per Bottle "at John MeGuire's drug store. LAND EXCURSIONS Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Eailway Will sell Land-Seekers' Excursion tickets at one fare forthe round trip, to points in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, February 13h. March 13th, April 10th and May 8th, 1894, good re turning thirty days from date of sale. Stop-over privileges will be granted in the states named. For informatiou as to rates ec.. apply to nearest ticket agent of the Baltimore & Ohio South- western Railway. 33-44 After the Ceremon Groom--I say, will rou see the minis. tar for me? I--I-- uite forgot the wed- cling fee. Father-in-law--Yong man, you are beginning early. I expected you back from your wedding tour before this be- gan.--Life. DeWitt s Witch Hazel Salvecleanses, purifies and heal.,, It was made for that purpose. Use it for burns cut,, bruises,chapped hands, sores of all de- scriptiols and if you have piles use it for them.--W. T. CARR. We are in receipt of the laiest op ular songs, "The Dog Went Mad," dn immensely [unny song, sung' by Edlie Foy in "Sinbad,'price 40e., and the beautifM hnme song, entltled "Back to the Old, Old Home." This song is exceedingly sweet aud pathetic, and has a catchy waltz refrain Pliee 40e. They are f0r sale at all music stores or may he obtained from the pub- lishers, The Thompson Music Co., 367 Wabash Ave,, Chicago, at one- half the printed price. We have seen quite a numlSr of watch chains about town ornamented wilh a neat, little  charm in the shape of a watch ease opener)which obviates the use of a :nife or finger-nail to open the wa0:h. We have just ze- calved oae, ariel would advise you to send for one, to& They are cent free on reques  by the Keystone Watch Case Company,of Phiiadelphia,Pa.,the largest Watch cae manufacturing concern l he world...They are the makers ofChe eelebratl Jas. Boss oases, the on!,y. filled ecs which are fitted with te orld-]me Non-pull- out bow (ri): The Ccpany does not sell at rgatl, but it goons are sold bY our lol Jeweler, The March tlmbor of (deys Mag- azine comen filled from cover to cover with brilliant artieles au excellent illustrations. The most. important foat0re, iid one which Will interest ithe first of A of Handfu00 DOLLARS \\;Viii go a long ways _ - - _ SPECIAL INDUCEIEN TS. ,C Extra Fine . Canned 5C California [Z 5C 1 fl;2';";hi:Sore Bra(]d. Dried Grapes. .. 1Oc Best 2-ii;G;id ........... ..................... I ,elca2 S: ............ '  1 ILPr $_.1#t13 tlerring g tbr 2N S,aar Corn. gee Maple Syrup, Excelsior brand. Quart Canister. CORNER - BROADW. AND MAIN. EGGS! EGGS! EGGS! FOR hATCHING FROM PureBred Langshan Light Brama, Plymouth Rock and Buff Cochin. .Surplus stock all sold, but plenty of Eggs at reasonable prices. Address, GOG ggTkte, Sugar Creek Poultry Yards, TRENTON, IZI. Ha M OgbM00NN, Dealer in Harness, Saddles, Collars, Whips, &c, A FULL LINE 0F ..... , Blankets, Robes & Sleigh Hells Troaton, 0021. papers on "William II. Seward," Edited by his son, Frederick W. Seward. The Marct paper treats upon "Seward and Napoleon III." There are also the closing chapter of Margaret Leo s powerful novel, Tis Man and This Woman," an excellent short story, "A New Thing Under the Sun, by Julla Magruder;' Richard Eversieigh s Viola, an hypnotic story, by Stnson Jarvis, and there are four illustratbd articles, on bhe "Old Drury Lane Theater, Lend a;" >, bout audin t'e y e e ., Right Way to Row, ;by Ralph D. Paine, of Yale; an unpublished I tter ofI)aniel Wbster mirrors the times in which it was written. Albert Itardy contributes an Easter poem, charmingly illustrated by Sidney Moran, and Frank Dempster Sher- man. Dora Reed Goodale. Annie Robe- son BroWn and Mary f)rhelia Francis also have bits of verse. Godey's tashions and the other department are all good. It's..,,-alt the same, a shght cold, cougested lungs or severe cougb. One MillLlte Cough Cur banishes them--W T. CARR. a' Bicycle s ! Fr0m,$2o to $IO0. etd :o ,,alogue eo C, llOl00CltOlI, {3arlyl, Illinois, . I rl 1870 T.E OLD RELIABLE 1893 STUDIO C. L. ,MAECHTLIN, PHOTOGRAPHER, HIGHI.AND, ILLS. Hay-l-'94. IF YOU AIdE IN NED OF Clothing, Bootb, Shoes, Rubber Goods, Hats, ]teat Market ! d  llvW ,a l&WZ , Gerne's Old SDttld -- "I'II, lgII,TON, ILL. The Htst and Chcapvf Flaet i the Cily to Bty $a. LOUIa 00N:00W00LLD, MANUFA(.TVRIt OF Wire Picket Fence. 3 ft Fence ...................... V) Cents t.,jr lFd Sleek Fence .............. nT, Chielell Fellee ........ {5 ' ' tawing of all kinds done to order. Piclets ]b'r sale. umraecfleld_ lllino|s. Graduate in Pllartnaey. DEALER IN Druys .Iedcines. Books, Sta- tion, try, Etc. Real Estala Insuranca let, LOANS NEGOTIATED. Z. T. iESllIC O. C. tilEh'M.tYEil Trenton E!evat00;r Co. Pays Spot Cash ::['0 r-- ;FIIEAT CORN  OATS: ALSO DEALER8 iN lour Corn nteal. ,hfpsiteFl WII, I. GRIND ANT) CR2,( K COliN. AND EXCI[ANE MNAL FOR CORN, AND FLOUII FOR ViII]]AT TNTO00T NWN, Paul 00a0000icr, Prop00,i00tor, " :TILE_NTOY, ILl;. "c'( ' N' r " CUSTOMERS (,.ON CA. f,, -, j)) , bit i IALI) WITIt hi 'FIRST -CLfiS TSEHIOH LAGdl BEES, TIlE LEA!)I.": G AND'-- Organs, Pianos, SEWING 00kOHIHES, GET MY I?IIICE$ I.EFO:IE PLACING YOUR O]RI)EI{S lil6llLdldD ..... ILL. 00UNNT00'UR00 N Have just received at my Store a h LARGE & COMPLETE STOCK of Furnit,mre of all kinds, embracing Cabinet Ware, Undertaker's Goods. Washing Machines, Wringers, Sew- ing Maehines Needles, Repairs etc. Have also Mattresses, Bed Springs and a splendid Lut of*Rockers. Most ,,f these, goods wore purchased in New York City. Come and tee them JACOB KUHN, SR. ACCIDENT POLICIES FI.OM 1 TO @0 DAYS. Insure Caps, & Gents Fu'nishing, Aodo'lshto h,,y00oods--RE000000BL00 ooo,s- The Capitol AcCident Company at BOTTOM PRICES, call on OF SPRINGFIELD, ILL, $3,000 INDEMN ITY FOR ACCIDEN- t r , rAL DEA rLI. 15 PER rEEK FOR 52 WEEKS FOR DISABILITY. RATES-I day, 20c.; 3 days, 50c.; 7 days, $1; 15 days, $2; 30 days, $3; 60 days, $5. A. YcDONALD, Act. BROCKHAN & GREER, Tbe only CASII STORE in Trenton. nl , whore you can get 100 cents worth of goods for a dol- lar, in preference to gettlnr 50c to 65c. worth for $1.00 tliat you pay the cedit merchant, who has to charge you these prices iaorder to cover his losses by the credit system. The cash sys- temenablos us to undersell, for we do nothavo to charge you from 30 to 50c. etra in order to cover bd cre(itors' dehts As regardsROCK BOTTOM PRICES we sa" right here that wc have made a STi'NGING BLOW to the credit system for theyare notin it at all, for we underselLany of them, Call and be Convincedl P.S. Eggs and PoUltry taken in exchange. ,, Wtt00&T s : IIIT00I0000'I INN.: St0pThicft , wiii'?ii00/00?iiiiss .?"   ..... ! Kr[y one whose Watch has a e.vy und Light Double O r SingIe, Bet O&k Tauned . Leather, Hud made HEITMEIER, O, UARA'T,,:' EVERY STRAP , _ND SITCFI, . , o ,, . MY PRICES ARE BOTTOM IDONT BUY OF ANYBODY UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN MY lXESE STOCK. ARLLE : :' : : ILL; SOuth de Public Sq,Uo Brin' your job wo/k to Taz bow (fing:),ll never have oc. casionto Ue thistime.hbred cry. It is the only how'that cannot be twisted off the ase, and is found only o>Jas. Boss Filled and other/atch cases stamped with ! this trade mark. A wateh osss Optser, whlsh 111 lays yOUr Un6 nails, sent irN tm'sst. Keystone Watch Otse Ca. .,( PHILXDIgLYH|K L: - TI:M:E B. & O. S. W. TiENTON. V]levlneq A ccoln])loda Lion ....... 7 ,.o('al Frvighl ...................... 7,1M1 (%0s 0umlays .... : . hrougn Aecom n, odai,,e ........... Going East. rhrouh Accommodatio, ......... Mail (S(ops Sundew } ............ [ Freigm ......................... Vi II'.*en Ic. fkCCOnlIl)O(1P'iOn ........ Alex CREESE. Going wt. Mail ................................... 4 3- ceol t'lot' I tie n .................. Viil(tetln Cs A(wo/,ullodt, t ioll ....... fi Local Freight ..................... Going East. Mail ................................. 9 2Lecol!lmnd atio 1 ..................... Local, Freidbt ....................... J. T MiddletoU, NEW BADEN. r, OCISVILLE, It'; ,::x[ I/,: & St I,oulfl L ol,,g Wv,L. NO 3 Passnw."e r ................ 5: No l Passe;ger .............. Xo75 Local Fr'gh, (earrivs Going East. No 2. Pase.nger ...................... 9 : N 4" iagliKe r. .................... 9 No 76 Local Fr'ght(earries I,a,'g*) 1] NO'8 . an([ . SLOp ca Flag All other L'eg(llar ,top ,1. W. Born R..k. Campbell. G. l' A SI. ],01:fl ], P.,2 ( 2 It 5 10 2'.d L . R. M. D, q'ihbtts l'hysieia and tIighland, Ill. IL JUL]U W1RTII. PhyMeian and el'doest re..:d('nee. }lighland, ]1] R. W G ]H*:('I[TOIA) 1 hvMcb.,-n (qJll. ()I!CC li4q[i' I J{fh,'l;[421" .[(tr(', SiO Elil]] rllTI ( t]LIl'ih. ]*l(/'SSJOlltt] pi'Olllpll 5 &t[Cll|ed to /.':ly Or ni;:ht. IENTI't7 -P 1". }]I.]I.I,\\;I|'T[I, IM I). H At Tr,'nhm 'cl' 'l'm:sdP. " OJe]eI!':E.--:. ;t Cot ilth and (Jlive ]:ll[FRltCe 21;) N l-llh "4t St. R A. G, ]I:.('fiTOI,D. l'hvsivian and ()llle((I ll(.(.,r 1lie , f (i,'lJ]t'l'V, It Lr Store l'rrffessional ('all pr<,nqtly day or night RI;dF AE]EItF, t'hv*iei,tl, lnd attend calls i q,)I}qa5, day ,r |kll T GAFFNER j| Olliec in West lmrtoft'i3 prompt, ly affi.Cll clt tf) Di. IF. L. I3AIT [roadway St;re lh,c[., g%3 ( e ]il ?. LI Slu)]t'lI.*- DR. . 'Ct1AEll) DI?Nrll<=ri N. E. Cot. Squar iIG'IILANDi Dr, A. II. Iyle, "" VETERINARY SUR(;EON & Ilthland Ill. OFFICE IIOURS--7 to 9 a. n and 12 to II Culls responded ,o by Mail, Wire, or phone, Day ornigil. A. w. CARTER M. Physica , 8uran, Will resvond to all calls day or Office at IteMdence---o---posite Carr'$ tore, Trenton. Tv -. .. ATTORNE Y-AT-LA W, OFFICE, CONER MAIN  BI{OAn 'REWTOW, ILL. MIS: Jh:, tl: F. TEXLHER OF PIANO & ORGA SFECId L Attention be!fi u  cx s'. E:'In Trenton ewry Friday and ERMS--50 CENTS PER LESSON John M00[uire, Drugs and }Iedi School Books, Pai'nts, Oils, cry and Toi[e Articles. Art Gall cr At the old Sa.nd I am prepared o de Class Pfork: The finest entltnele,i Photo's, Pictures, Life size Crayon, larged. Everything and anything. patronage is earnestly charge if work is not Mrs. E.I]bry, L. C. RIEMANN. JACOB KUBi, PRESIDENT. VICE (Incorporated March 1st. 189. ] RIEMANH, KUHH & { SUCCESSOR TO RIEbIANN & ]KUHI. I 0ontraotox00, u --RRd-- LUHBEtl - Consttly bn hand a comi)lete st;ck ! Wh, it' & Yellow ine, and Cedar Shin Li00e,- l0000ter,- v.4,zis IN z:Ev or xLno LIX*t VILr v IT E.a:t, TlgRtT TO GIVE U A J&L, F0 ,3