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March 23, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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March 23, 1894

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SUN. MAR(HI 2;/, lg.). ml Depmment, SCItOOL NOTES. 10sie Schuster ,v; absent all ek. a,: ,h Stefrens has quit school weeks. Mina Bartling has been absent this weds. a Eva Drake was absent the first of the week. c , and jumping rope are order of tile day. Greer was absent the part uf the week. "&gt; ?k aminatitm h physical geogra- Y took place l:riday. We are havm the shade trues Und the buildiDg neatly C, hasdone, heshouldnot   deprivedofairandrest." Itfaib; '  took his breath away. For twenty years he kept boys in at recess, but the time lied conic when he could do it no hmger. }(or are we at tile end, nor ip. sight of the cud: we semn to be just entering on a period of larger dis- covetlos There is an appe'u+ance of willingness to study upon educa. tion. The old is passing slowly away, and it would pass much taster it we knew just what eonhl be put in its place+ I'raetically,tlie matte*' whether it be in the Mnder-garten, the primary school, the advanced school, thc high school, the normal school, or the college, must be a student of edneation; he must bare a library upon the subject of cdu- e.ttion: he must have betbre hinl. fl)r daily study, the thoughts a.nd and colclusiot.s of other laborers in his fieht. Said Ralph Elnerson, in a letter Io his daul,hter. "It matters little what you study, but everything who tGaetles you." This covers tile wtiole ground. Tu be a pr2jc- si,nal teaehec is ta know how to direct tile educative processes lin- t)tented by the Creator:to be a ':o- t)r@..ionalteaehcris to lay out a quantity of ku,)wledge,and demand , that the pnpil absorb it. The It is too bad St. Patrick's day tbrmer has existed in a partially on Saturday; we could not developed state in many places; our green ribbon to school, there is now a serious attempt to ..;.. * separ'tte i!s';lf from the latter class: Stout has stopped -l i. Y. ,clco/Jo,r+ol. this to begin work m u.kl0n!s Arnl Slv0. law's iarm north of The best Salve in theworld frCut, Bruises. Sores. Salt hhum, Fever' , * Sore,% Totter. Chapped Ilands, Chin one seems to be interested blaios, ('orns "lad all Skin E-uptions, g, as thcy well aml poMiivelv cures Piles, or no pay required. It is uare.nteed to iveper- be, because it iv a useful F+ct atisfacti'),or mt.y refunded.  t)tlce 2b cents t)er box; For sale by + J,,hn Meguire Druggist. ....................... the stitch:re should come, You can get 30 lbsofexeellentsugar '.tally of the advanced class as f +r $1, at the ri-'t E is somelbing new to be every d2y. + Subscriptions tak0 at Jessie \\;V)fite j'imped 195 TIlE SUN .Office for any at school, and has been Paper or Nagazine pUb- ever siee. We would not ]islle,d. C]Rb ra,cswllere any one to jump that many. ........................ several papers are :takeu. ItOW TO " G .O W.  " . (m: e us your order l is an expression used .................. of the pllysieia.n, the '0,D'W',' gT0gg. Yer and the preacher and is Shirtsl Shirtsl Shtrtsl lgniticant, "lit has got him Tiest Tiesl Ties 1 When used of a refill The lar'est, finest a,.d Inns, e live words have a llleaning eoml}lqte lille ofMetPs Sl:irts and combinatmn can eqnal. Ties ever brought to this city em be found a# th Broadway Store, erie less likely to rust is tim selling at prices below comport- then comes the physician: lion. ,reacher. 'Ftl,.; same ex- DgOADWA-g gTEg. to be used of prinoips and %al tt 'o SI. Once the teacher was but the electric so acresoft+lendid bluegrasspsture, 3 mtle N. E. Trentdh. Livhlg water lhe year round elng turned on hinl. Woe Nicelr ttmrer4 and fenced. The tJest piece o! uas'tJ'e land in'4-tiuton CO. when the school board 21nt lcated i,.* S. E. portion of clio, well few xpressiou "He has got ,it with splendid well a/d an extra large bau I will be but a :P'ereiunortlpar of city. Well improv- ed, Two story frame ho,,lse of eiglt rooms, e he will he inquir- Cellar, a wells a cistern and outbuilhngs. Cad Dositi0n. or time. This is a very ehep house at the price asked. IM1vaneerlerlt of the teacher a Lot ineentral part of city. One and om hdf story frame dwelling house,, well and nut- ill kuowledge and power, buildings, In splemlid repair and a nice piee teacher's power does not of.)roperty. 122 lot in cmter of citY. TwO :sory framq eolne from knowledge; 11 buildiug of six rooms, good cellm, well and rister,l. A good bnsilleSs honse aud dwellinb of knowledge does not Willsullchcap. . .. . mean an increase ill Two Iotsinbest rcui(l.:nce portion o town. Well improved, with one story bricJ dwelling, There nltl be an organi- good barn and ou.tbnildiugs, tuitable for One o two families. Pleuty of nice sh,tde s'n4 fruil ot the knowledge, and all trees, Small frMts etc, Good well+ cistern and n of it to some well defined cellar. In splendid repair. lalots [part Improvedl in .Old Orchard Me, .e gathering of bricks arid 5 miles west of st, Lofls (;ash or on monthD ot 1Tlean building; payments a ne:w electric street railway "bar , teva surveyetb rllnn[nk within 7 niil!utes walk ofh0aeloth which wil lmake them se In val 'must be "orga ;ized aceorditg ue r+pidly.. A splendid investnwnr, architectural design for Parties de'siring tobny el'sell real tstate wlP. specific purpose. So the quireil well tiofweait.T. Carr,FrTrentonfnrtherltl.parkiralars. in- must unite tiie new .... withtheold, sothat it O  N .d to his ability to develop $ m physician, for ex'ample, oh- OHIO & MISSISSIPPI R'Y. a knowledge of the THE FAST LINE ,dy that he seds its coil- EAST and WESq a patient is talking to advises the necessar Solid DMlyTrains to CINCINNATI to have it regain Solid Daily Trains to SP. I,OLiS The teacher must have Solid Daily Tralns to LOUISVILLE onnec.t, ing in Union Depot6 will, '.l a grasp of the mind. Trains of all lines for the East, see the needs of a young West, North and South. ;hemust seewhat is need-Through Vestibule Day ?a2es. done to further the enJ of Pullman Parlor Cars and era on all trains. and development, He take a larger view than to DOUBLE DAILY L1NE Up the mind with a quart , o-- of the course el study. PtiIlan Vestibule Buffet Ileepen know your mixes, so you frrhn E: Loum and Stations the seventh grade." oh Main I,it/e means a . knowledge f '----o-- gy; it means too, the per- WISHI,heGTOW BILTI. of meaus, whereby the 0/al PtIIL.tDLPHI5 Igical prodesses that lead to lnd WEW YON'withou may" be carried on. uite different irom know, OhOl,,e, , tat a child is ignoran} of the )f the rivers f his Country, ItOME SEKEIt.. to learn'+them as soon MOVIIN'+ WEST inother. is one thing Should take this lins as ihas I Changes o eacs and better arodation than othe was no/demand .lhat rot.. er'hould thk at all pro- /rvetlbucars are'tuxury, wbteh mayb co}eyed by all without 'xtra charge, and eve know the ry'.ttention ts glveu ourp4sengers t0"iilale theD .- should ]offrney pleassnt and comfortable. " education, our agents .'@ill take pleasure in ,nswerin lul rle .in rjards to rates for both psengen never to anti fretgnt, time, roesa ooanejlon eal, progress has at hor. if des lt'e an and atte to ship. piuTreight by tha .lost direct It0utes and around, and education, for euecn .oaggage, vatnout harge fbr any a. ' ' stt&ne thsy may ue abte to rencr, is coming into a ,M, l.-Passeagers should putebUe tieket All the pro. ef.,re enterlngtllenars, as the ttaket rate i - ten oents less thou the tral rate. the"school are to be in- ommlntgatlonaddressed to the audersigne, A teacher had kept a boy Itl reaive  for soIne mfsdemeano Address Tteket Aent, R' ,m. P. Townsend, for 0 * ": emeIencles by +NNY repare eepi.n constantly on hand a And Gets +'--'   O oo(,, Low Prices, ,+( F, est at , )l  of our superior canu,d ..... snPt  '+ ++: .,,cod,,. We have everythintZ' o+., 00:a00gwasesraa= " +; , I , - +' :' " '+ 118 ........................ """+'+'+-"+''---+ ............. m (.,it+,, teat comes ill Cal. , ++-,.  +m+++,+e+a and Wish particularly tlmt you ,+E" ' =" *" '+' would try our e lb. cans of !lieN !21,a.,"leS  Shop+ 1)+EALEh I2, r WL*21P,q. SAI)1XLE, , Ii;OBES, ETC., .ETC, 1 5ac{e to Order. ,{}I',kII'JNG'P;[')II'T LV AT :'IdN [EI) N) }t[(I]|LAN[}, ! L5 It a'- delicious ,,+"]''o,,: lux,,.3-"+, and is ood ou 1,rot. c or s ",+,..'+, . t' + ,r "] '{%" <' "  ") ()thc +,_end t.A+.+ d.o ea,+,.++.+ at lOe. a can, and lmmpkms, ,t 5c. a can. A I fffind line of teas, coffees, &c. F. Le0al00ard, THE INTER OCEAN IS TIt-- MOST POPULAR RIiPUBLICAN NEWSPAPER OF TIIE WEST AN HHS THI LRGIST CIRCULATION, DAILY (withOU Sunday), $6.00 per year. DAILY (wi!h Sunday), $8.00 per,,Dat. Tlie Weekly Inter Ocean, peryear, SLoe ',.Asa newapaFer THE INTER OCEAN keeps abreast of the times in all respects. It spare neither pains nor expense iu securing ALL THE NEWS AND THE BEST OF CURRENT LITERATURE. The. 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A good tlearse provided whc.a called for. Orders tken l+oi * Mouumm+ts and Tombstones. i '" + " '+ [:,t[+,Oi,: Re,p,.ft, lt+ S, Ite:tA Prices R.,:lS0aab:+. + ', eeds of the people of that section than any Iaper farther East: - " +' e  ,     ,  " , 00'2K '++ - Itisin accord withthe people  the West b0t in Po!ltics and I,trmtnrn. .a[ m    | w  Pleal t'emem,er that the prtee'+ of The Wckly Inter Ocean IS ONLY ON.$ . +-+ . - . .... :-+- -.L _ . /--:'__.eS DOLLAR PER YEAR, Address THE INTER OEAN, Chicago. I)EA LEIt IN GENEBAL MEB00HANDISE, l00imm+,. :[[,R+,a;i; " Of l?oreig ,l American MARBLE GRANITE. ..,.a. t Highlanel liI). t'F+EI'Z, Pr0prit0r.. MIGIILND, .... ILLINOIS Iauufaeturer of aud Dealer in S ATISFACTION GUARANTEED Wl[lr "" NOnTHVEST COR.'EI, xtJmo Pyre+It SA,r;. JOB ltlO'P, Agent, Trenton, Itl. Hereby (,ffers ]d.+ sbck of Groc:.'r- ies. Dry Goods, Fnrl:ishing G, d.; Cent.emllal Sill lh)ur: also bet quality of Red lnd White \\;Vin,, such as Virghi'. S(w<t.m.. lv(,s , - al Seedllig, Concord w.)d E,vlra: S',:eet Cidc:r; besides. Is:re Wire "rod Cider \\;rir.e.gar, in quantities to suit, at lowest prices. Also o/Ices a Sulerior ,_ O,.:uey ,,Z PEKIN DUCK I' EATHERS To pa, ries +eishin.q. to e, grt'v in hou, sekeeliy, a, u'el ts to those already .ii/: the bu.siness. ties L for sale Goov rA+M AND PASTIJiIE LANI)S --AND- TOWN LOT Besides,a, number of 6od Work lotses and mules at Low Pig'ure, Call and see.for yourself I Raibl & Ambr0s, MEBGHANT - TAILOitS, Suits Made to Orde n the LATEST STYLES, --2.. Pit utW:rkmnstip tum, nN .AI,O R +BqJVED A FULL LINE OF PP00it AR+S00MM|R ICH.,WE WILL SEI.J+ AT Reasonable Prices. li@+m o''o+0000, [ IMPLEMENTS New, Cleau and Latest Styles: HONEST GOOD _Dtz__ Large and Small+ Quanti- ties. Manufacturers .f the following well-known lyran of Flour : BEST PA TE2gT, ItlGHLAD BEA UTY HIG H:L AND +l.d[L Y, U.aA;D 'o PURITL ' HI 1' ESS AND PERFEC[I0 +/l+IT," IN" A}II)- OATI LOUIS BLATI'NER. WATCH MAKER & JEWELER: Watches, Clocks & Silver ware, uitable for Weddin9 and anMers- ary presents at botton prices. Repairingpromptly and satisfactorily executed. All goods garanteed to be as represented. Trenton, - - . - Illinois. TIIE HIOHLAND, MILLING CO. BUY AND SELL Hardware, G00t]erT, Rails, Pumps, Sned00, el HIGHLAND, 1LL. .................................................. = .......................................... :,++ ._ .... - ._-- j, +.+: New 0000ring o :T It. MIENS, : I " d C:r. Second and Nain :Btreote .... -. STYLES. FIT EVERYONE. v, q' ++ ' " " Call ou J. Miener, Merchant Tailor, tot all that is NEW, NOBBY AN].: NICE In the line of Clothing. Don't forget ! ++ZT-- _ ...... ++++_+ _ 2 ....... :..2".. __L .......... 2. .........  ...- _+__) " +.!'.++._ . + . _ ,TRENTON BANK ,, tteceivee Doptts Paytbld o Demsud. Colleetion mada at i'easoable fafi. issue Dras payable inalt parts Of Eurbpe. Acetdent policie }rein e)n( "la)- t thirteen WRs fo sale cheap. Bends Bought and Sold. f" Safe Deposit Bbzes For Rent "i4 Otr Fire Prolof Vaulte+ ' CHARLES SCHNYDER, (/EORGE HARTLEY Schnyder & Hartley, CLOTHING, +DRY [00OODS GROCERIESi. :, ! FURNISHING PROVISIONSI. .... .... ., ,. GOODS+