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March 23, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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March 23, 1894

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LIVED HAPPILy ]VEI AFTER.,, ,. ory ends agala contented? all are duly slain, od, weds the hero bold her chains to sever, P we're told[, '-flnis! And lhe book we clos& No other iacts a: ,'ranted. But lovers then  e mst suppose, Were never disenchanted FOr them was no domestic strifc NO troubles int erveninz, Ber:pmess, ,ut-...__nOn and "married" life Y yms In meaning. We, too Perhap althou,h we dwell In different elrumstances, Perform the dr una fairly well Set forth in hese rein races: The Ogre's part ,. parent plays, Theald,s an'he;re s )ret't "he Prlnoe iu thes J:  ,, y' us 'omething in the tity." "ut Will the parallel Xteonner Through Wh,en.grave Phllo ophers perpend Al:a.t marriave is a blunder? rontclers discreetly mute! u were, perchance too clever xo hint at rifts wiihin the lute Of happiness foreverI Bdv TM * the view is out of date, $ $ Y grave statistics shaken, at Still lo some at any rate, It does not ee mistaken lOr thoa,h tle cynic's bitter mirth No truth in it d'iscovers LOVe nnw a ' ' -- ' s then, can make of earth " Paradise for lovers l --Longman's Magazine Great Hesper. BY FRANK BARRE]T. CHAPTER I. landed at Southampton, Sep- 14, 1885, and a ragged crew Were "Judge," Joe Brace. led the t great gaunt man, with long, a stoop in his shoulders, SWaying movement of his body when he walked as if he on his back and a long go; a man with a black fell back of his hands, a dark high upon his cheek great bush of iron-gray out all round his head. hanging down over his could see nothing of his g red nose and deep- blak eyes His fustian to rags at the elbows so was mine, as for that-- [n the seatms between the ere with the constant strain of arms. Once upon a time had been black, but were all the same yellow olor with the trousers that into them, and just as need of repair. with Van Hoeck. He arm, not for support, but for because he was stone blind. thirty or thereabouts, I be- he looked twenty years an I, who am now about Though he was by birth, he looked like Liatic. While I, with my ,ht hair and large frame, true in appearance to'my race. He was better dress- any of us, for though he us. and roughed it as board and lodging were he had taken only a in the enterprise, his s naturally debarring him laborious park His clohes something of their original Albeit he had worn day after day for eighteen at least: whereas mine. what exp to the sun. the rough usage, and the employed in repair- were scarcely recognizable clothing. His face gave ga of strain and fatigue than the judge's or mine, which t well be, seeing how great a o the mind physical labor is. was a furrow between his deep lines descending from er angle of the eye, a pinched It the nostrils and fleshless gave a fearful, strenuous to the weird expression of And that expression was nay, even repulslve, though res were not ill-shaped, and chiefly to the peculiarity eyes. Most people of dark Xion, like his, have a dark the eye, but his was of a ray, and was the more notice- there was the iris and else; there was no pun;t-- but that gray patch upon bah of the eye. He eyes open when his mind ied. Often when he was near me while I worked I mv position that I see those ghastly eyes to an African sun, yet an- of its glare. There was terrible in his blindness. was brought up by the name by constant use had long ceased to be my ears. Lola! she was the and most disreputable of rough it was not for that she walked behind us; she suspected that to inferiority, she would ahead of her own was her character. had given us a deal of we foreseen how much, think Yen Itocek or I would t in that pbstseript to the which her father, the tlced us to subscribe. has eyes in he,_" head for With,,, the  Judge said, in her clatm upon our future "end she kin use 'era as us in lookin' for stones. bein' a female, she kin 'meals for us; she kin wash end she kin sew us up, P us nice and tidy." Whether of helping us in' I cannot say; all I that she didn't. "What kin asked her father, in "her mother was the a darned greaser, end it kid's fault if she's got in her." We came up with the judge at the dock gates, where he stopped to address a policeman stationed there. "Kid you tell me. my friend," h said, "where the best bank in town is located ?" I think the policeman's first im- pression as hc regarded us was that we had felonious purpose in asking this question. [or he did not reply immediately, and with reluctance directed us to the ltigh street, and told us t9 inquire there of some one else. o CttAPTEI II. We found a bank and streamed in. a small ecowd collected a:'ound tbe door, as it swung to Lehind the kid. The clerks suspended their opera- tions and looked at us in open- mouthed astonishment as we ranged ourselves aion the counter. "Is the manager of this concern in?" asked the Judze--"ttanls off." he added, in a roar. as the Kid. slipping her lithe hand under the brasswork protecting the counter. began to finger the scales. The Kid. unmoved, satisfied her curiosity, then, withdrawing her hand, rested her elbow on the counter, an dropping her chin in the palm. gazed at he clerks with stolid indifference. "The manager is in, what do you wantr" asked the clerk. "Let up, Israel," said the Judge, falling back a step, and waving his hand significantly toward Van Hoeck. "We wish to negotiate a loan on the security of a large diamond that we have brought home from the cape," said Van Hoeck. , d:ight hundred and twenty carats, fust water." added the Judge; ,'the grandest stone in this almighty uni- verseP' There was a whispered consulta- tion among the clerks, and one went into a private room at the back of the bank from which he presently re- turned with the manager. "I am the manager; what do you want?" Van Hoeck repeated his stetement. "And what security can you gi me that the diamond is genuine?" asked the manager, with a pleasant smile, "or that it is legitimate.y yours to dispose of?" "You will allow, sir, if anyone had lost a stone of this kind he would have made it unsafe for us to walk about with it in the daylight," re- plied the Judge, "and as for its bein' genuine, you kin hey the security of your own eyesight." ,'I do not profess to be a judge of diamonds, and I can have nothing to do with it," said the manager delini- tively. We were disgusted with Southamp- ton, and, had we possessed the means, should have gone on at once to Lon- don, where we might have found some former acquaintance to help us out of our present difficulty. But we had nothing--nothing in the world but the things we stood upright in and the great diamond. For our smaller finds and our implements we had sold at Natal to make up enough to pay our steera'e home. and our spare clothes, our knives, every available thing we had bartered away on our passage for food to supple- ment the miserably insufficient steer- age fare. "re kin not pawn the Kid." said the Judge, ,.end that's about the only perk;sit as we could well do with- out." It was now well upon three o'clock, and we felt the need of food. having eaten nothing since six, when our last rations were served out to us on the ,,Southern Cross." Our position was a desperate one. With millions in our possession, we might starve in the street, or have to take refuge in the work-house. It was odd, indeed, and very unpleasant also. At length, being unable to see an), way out of our difficulty, we made our way o a police-station and laid our case be- fore the inspector. ,,Well, my good fellows." said he. having heard us out, "I don't see how I'm to help you. The mayor is ',Yes," said I: and, turning over my hand. l opened it: showing the leather case strapped to my wrist, which contained the Great Hesper, as we called oar diamond. The baronet was thundcrst.'uck by the prodigious size of the stone, for he co dd see that the leather fitted it closely. "We had it tested at Natal." said Van Hocck: "it is a white diamond and if not uf the first water, is cer- tainly of the second; it weighs 20 can.ts. '.s it possible? ('ome with me. Eight hundred aud twenty carats!" said Sir Edmund. in great excite- ment. "Bring a light into the library at once," he called to one of t le servants. We went into the library, where I cut the stitches o the case, took out the Great Hesper and put it into Sir Edmund's hadd. by which time NOVEL MECHANICAL DEVICES, A great invention is a shoe with a hinged sole for the purpose of facil- itating putting it on or off. A Pennsylvania inventor has devised a pair of eyeglasses with a mirror mounted so a. to reflect objects in the rear of the wearer. The biggest gun in the world is the Krupp cannon, eighty-seveu feet long, that shoots a distance of fifteen miles. It will i)robably be exhibited at the world's fair. In using what is known as the Canadian method of boring oil wells, a well 1.090 feet was bored in 238 hours or :u] average of 4.78 feet per hour of actual work. A match cutting machine is an auto- matic eurosity. It cuts 10,000,000 sticks a day and then arranges them over a vat where the heads are put on at a surprising rate of speed. a reading-lamp had been brought in. A Japanesc soldier has invented a "It is true! it is trucW said he, gun which enables the possessor to examining it under a poweriul light, send a "cloud of blinding dust" into "A wonderful stone--a perfect form [ the eyes of a foe at a distance of twelve feet. It is said that the poor --a prodigy! Come here, Edith; [ foe is thereby absolutely deprived of look at this!" A young lady who had entered the I sight, and therefore, of course, at the room drew near. It was only by mercy of his assailant. looking at the face we had had cut [ "There was great pathos," says a missionary in Honolulu, "in a story I and polished that she could distin- guish that this was a diamond, for it was dull and gray, and looked like a lump of glass that had passed through the fire. "It is an extraordinary size, is it not, papa?" she asked. "Extraordinary, indeed! The Koh-i-noor is not a fourth of the size! See what the book says about that; get down Haydn, my dear." Miss Lascelles fetched the book, while her father still examined the stone, as an artist mtght a master- piece, and Dsently read aloud-- "Its original weight was nearly 800 carets, but it was reduced by tar unskillfulness of the artist--Bee- these, a Venetian to 279 carats; its shape and size resembled the pointed half rose cut of a small hen's eggl the value is scarcely computable though two millions sterling have been mentioned as a justifiable price, if calculated by the scale employed by the trade. This diamond was reeut in 1852, and now weighs 102 1-2 carats." "Good, good!" cried the baronet ,,With skilful cutting, a diamond of SuCh a form as this need not lose 100 carats. Heavens!" he exclaimed, turning to us, "you have the great- est treasure in the world." CHAPTER IIL The baronet spoke not one word about the aiamond during dinner, but when it was all over he said: "Well. now we will go back to the library; and you shall come with us, Edith, if our cigars will not be dis- agreeable to you, for we have a mar- velous matter to talk about." In the library Miss Lascelles seated herself beside her father, while we three men sat facing them on th other side of a small round table, on which I placed the diamond. At a little distance from us there was a lion skin on the floor, and on this the Kid threw herself and as she lay there looking toward us, with her chin resting in the palms of her hands and her elbows planted in the fur. we saw scarcely anything of her' but her great lustrous eyes. because of the shadow thrown by the lamp- shade. "Now, let us understand the posi- tion of things to begin with," said Sir Edmund. taking a cigar, after handing the box to us. "This will explain a good deal," said L putting in his hand the copy of our agreement. He held it that his daughter might read it with him, and having come to the end said: ,,May I ask which is the judge?" ,,That's me," said Brace. with some pride:-appinted by the Long Pike vigilance committee in '56." "You are an American?" ,'Located as such for twenty years: born in Cornwall." [TO  COTZD.] surpassing stature and great height. On his seventeenth birthday he meas- ured 8 feet and 3} inches, and if he keeps up his regular yearly increase of stature will far surpass in height all modern giants. At the age of 12 he was 5 feet 4 inches: at 13. 6 ieet 1 inch; at 14, 6 feet 9 inches; at 15, 7 feet 1 inches; at 16, 7 feet 8 inches. and at 17, 8 feet 3} inches, as men- tioned above. the proper person to go to, btt he's away yachting. The only person I An A,tlpodean Gittut. can think of." he added, after a me- One of the human wonders of the ment's reflection, ,'who might serve South Seas is a Victoria, New South you is Sir Edmund Lascelle He's Wales, youth by thenameof McLean. got a kind of museum, and buys up i He is now 17 years aud a few months curiosities, I know; and a kihd old old and weighs in the neizhborhood gentleman he is. too. Now. if he's of 300 pounds. He is not a ,,human at home--" mountain of fat." a o'monster of obe- Yer asked him hurriedly where Sir sity," or anything of that sort. but Edmun:l lived, and he replied that it ! is a well-proportioned young man of was out Lymington way--Monkon Abbey--eight or nine miles, and any one would tell us the way. Well, there was nothing better to be done: so we got the inspector to give us a more definite direction, and then started off in search of the Abbey. The Judge swinging along ahead at a good four miles an hour, the Kid had to trot to keep up with us: but I gave her my hand, heard from a friend who had just re- turned from a visit to Molokai. He suddenly heard the joyous strains of a band strike up in the leper settle- ment. 'What is it for?' he asked. The answer was, 'Two lepers have just died in the hospital.'" The best remedy for ,heumatlsm that has yet been discovered. Mr. D. H. ry!er; S2_Main t., Galesburg. Ill., wrs : ' nave useo a goou many Dottles of Salvation Oil and think it the best rem- edy for rheumatism I ever used." Paderewski's favorite key, it Is said, is D minor, but that's only a minor D tale. A perfect cure! Mr. Edward E. Brouhton, 149 W. 19th St., New York City, N. Y., says this: "I have used sev- eral bottles of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup In my family and find t a correct cure. I cheerfully recommend it." "I would not recall the passed," sang the fellow who had successfully disposed of a counterfeit silver dollar. a slight cold, if neglected, often at- tacks the lungs. BUOWN's BRONCm. Taocas give sure and immediate relief. Sold only n boxes. Price '25 cta When sleep is broken what becomes uf the pieces? Anyone would be lustlfled in reeo. mendlnz Beecham's PIII, for all affections of the liver and other vital organs. Woman Is a side issue to ,nan. Hegelmmms Cmmphor le-,vlt h Glyeerlne. Cures d Hands and Face, Tender or Sore Feet, hUbiIns.Pdes, &c. C.G. Clark Co.. New Hven, Ct. Longshot: Do you consider horseshoes tn emblem of luck? Placer: Yes, when they are on the wlnnln g horse. Hnw's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any case of catarrh that cannot be :ured by Hall s Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY, & CO., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known Y. J. heney for the las 15 years and believe aim perfectly honorable all business transactionsanu nnancm{y an*e te carry outlay obligatiopmaqe]r_ther firm. WT & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WALDING, KINNAN & MARVIN, W holesale Druid,:iota, Toledo, O Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, ctiug directly upon the blood aud mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75c. per bottle. Soldby all Druggists You seldom get cold facts in a heated argument. s,.soo no TE ACl& A. M. Lamb, a market gardener in Pennsylvania, cleared $,800 on five acres of cabbage and five acres of onions The reason of this, he says was because Salzer's seeds arc so ex- tremely early and wondrously pro- ductive. Lightning Cabbage and King of the Earliest Onions he had in the market three weeks ahead of any other home-grown sorts, and consequently recetv0d fancy prices, Salzer sends S packages earliest vegetable seed, suffi- cient for a family, for $1, postpaid. If You Vlll ut This ()tit and Mn It With 6c postage to the John A. SRrlZer f""d C.. La troe, Wis., you will re- ceive their mammoth catalogue and a teal package of "Get There" Eli," the sixteen-day radish. " w ' - steel m n may r dl at ,+l. Carnegl% but hi re,or l in his works It Pays. It pays to read the papers, especially your own family paper, for often in ths w good business olaportuntt.les are bl ht to your attention. For instance, B Johnson & Co,, of Richmond, Va, are now advertising, offering paying posi. you to write to them. In Lawyers Ol11'--Senlor Partrr; Shall we go out anti take somethn2 Junior Partner: From whom? Tirarrnted to cure or money refunded. Ask druggist for it. I, rice 15 cents, Magazaoe poetry is sald to be a drug or. the market--one that Is a certain eue lr msomnla. U R I NC hard times con- sumers cannot afford to !i t experiment with inferior brmvds of baking powder. It is NOW that the great strength and purity of the ROYAL make it indis- pensable to those who desire to practise economy inthe kitchen. Each spoonful does its perfect work. Its increasing sale bears witness that it is a necessity to the prudent it goes further. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 10 WALL ST., NEW YORK. A certain lady was once described by a rival as having "organs of hearing which were unfortunately too large for ears and not large enough for wings." In the latest summer novel the hero- ine saves the hero by taking off her suspenders and lowering them over the edge of a cliff to the ledge where he ts clinging. An enterprising Auburn, Me., woman was shingling the roof of her house a few days ago. She was tmable to get a carpenter to do it as they were too busy, so sue did it herself. A pessimist declares that the pleas- urea of vacation consist in thinking beforehand.dhat a flue time you are going to hayer and in reflecting after- ward how much worse a time you might have had. Portland has what is claimed to be the largest derrick ever erected in Main. The mast is 82 feet in lngth and 22 inches in diameter; the boom is 66 feet long and 15 inches in diameter. The Land of Promise Is the mighty West, the land that "tiCkled with a hoe laughs a harvest;" the E1 Dorado Of the miner; the goal of the agricultural emigrant. While It teems with all the ele- ments of wealth and prosperity, some of the fairest and most fruitful portions of it bear a harvest of malaria reaped in Its fullness by those unprotected by a medical safe- guard. No one seeking or dwellln  In a ma- larial locality ls safe from the scourge with- out tIostetter's Stomach Bitters. Emigrants, bear this In mind. Commerelal travelers soJotrnlng In malarious regions slloald carr:, a DOttle of the Bitters itne traditional grlp auk. Against the effects of exposure, menal or I)dlly overwork, dalp an nn- wholesonlo food or water, It Is all lUtalllble defense. Constipation, rheumatism, bilious- ness. dyspepsia, nervousness and loss of strength are all remedied by this genial restorative. The tattoo artist has designs on his customers. He: I wish I had never married you. She : Why? He : You are o confoundedly alluring {hat I wlsh you wereu't my own wife. "The doctor says I need change." "Dr. Blgphee, I suppose. Well, you'll need more before he gets through with yOU." Hardledgh: Do you let your wife have her own way? Ylaftoo: Cettainlyl and most of mine. Talkingof the various schools Of pol.t- tics, what a lesson thatMclane case Is evvn for the primary 1 Teacher: What Is it: Harry: that. stings |lke an adder Harry: The cnaox amather strap, Low Comedlanl Whyflon't you lntr duce a cyclone lu the tbnlrd aet AUtllor: What for Low Comedlu (edging away) : To bring down the house. THREE LETTERS to remember--P. P. P. They'll help to remind " you of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pel!ets -- and those are the thir, gs to keep in mind whmmver your liver, your stom- ach, or your bowels are out of order. wiltf you're tronbled costiveness, wind and pain in the stom- ach, giddiness or dim turbed sleep you'll find the little Pellets jtmt what you want--tiny in size, .su.gar:coated, pleasant to tako and pietsan m the way they act. 'they tone up and s. ngt thi lining memnmn of the stomach aria vow- elahd do  good. To prevent, relieve, ad mere Bilt ome., Dizziness, Constipation, Sour Stomach, *e_ or Bilious Headaches, and Ind/gestion, take Dr. Pierce's Pellets. If the)"re not satl factory, in every way and m every you have your money back. The "old reliable'-- Dr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy has been sold for thirty yea. Has cured  ilt cur yo. I Especially for Farmers, Mtners, 1L R. Hands and others. Double sole ex- tending down to the heel. EXTRA WEARING QUALITY. Thousands of Rubber Boot wearers testify this is the best they ever had. Ask ]four ell|or 0r |h|m and don't be persuaded into a inferior article. and she did not complain--it was ] not in her nature to show suffering in the ordinary way. It must have been about 6 o'clock when we found the park entrance to Monken Abbey, and there we were stopped by the lodge-keeper, who refused to let us pass without per- mission from Sir Edmund: but when he heard that we had been sent by the inspector of police at .qnthamp- ton, he sent "his wife up to the house. to know if the baronet would see us. Our spirits rose at the first glimpse of the aandsome" portly old gentle- man. There was benevolence in the little curls of his soft white hair, and the promise of kind treatment in he genial smile with which he greeted us. "Well." said he, cheerfully ,,you have something to sell me, have you ?" ,'Yes," I replied, "if you can buy it; it is a diamond." -A diamond! Ah, that's a costly kind of curiosity, but I like them for all that; have you got it with you?" ltls Theory life, trY, ted.  ' ' " ' "' __J ..... "_'" - -- . - A teacher who was enffa,ed in ox- [ etsrl w.L. DOUO,AS $3 sro plaining the Darwinian theory to his  / q,,c,*t-,,, wok,-,,_b,fmm class observed that they were not 7 [ WC..\\;tt,,'- the' ...... ' "ld, 'Nmue':e , ..... ol,,l, ric, Y paying proper attention. ,,Boys" / aLLI', \\; &stamped on the boston. Event -& .... t.t. ' " hair w trr'ult{ d T'de no snbstl said the professor, "when I am en- ' "" ...... 1 t,,, 00oi, peculiarities of the monkey I wi-sh   @ _ __  | /::,- ='[xilcmen or send for 1I. Atlanta Journal. / Ii[fil,,Si ' hwtoor. ,bl?.od, / ,-,,,1 Family l{elat ions. _"  / bargains of d, lees who push our shoes. ' Mrs. Nuwed--Henry, that new[ jcook of ours is some relatit, ,o the l'!dV's:"slitghr D'm;puries;]i:!veplnosri!!  i ........... V,'. X, U:-at, i=&-{l.Zi------- one o just discharged. [ When am .raring Advertisements kindly mention ,tis paper. Mr. Nuwed--Great Cmsar! How do you know? | Mrs. Nuwed--Well, the policeman / on this block is her cousin, too! Consumpttvc an4 People Harper's Bazar. | xvh hve Weak lungs or Asth- i Ilia, $}lonld USO l)tsfdsCnro for A Satisfactory Man. i C, onsuml,tien. It has eoed [ thousands. It bus notlnjur- New Man--Here are some poetic / 0d one. It is not bad tO take, | It IS the best cough syrup. contributions which came in to-day's / Sold evurrwhere, 3c. maiL I am not up on poetry, EditorGood. I don't want you to be up on it. I want you to be down on it. I