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April 28, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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April 28, 1905

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I&apos;RENTqN SUN. Friday, April 28, 1905. H ENR MALLRICH, Editor stud Publisher ntred at the Postofflee at Trenton. 111. s second-class mail matter. T ,u ltJl.lll F +Utl+gdlPFlO 1 I uvariably tl:lAd vance. Oue Year ..... IIl.llltFou r Months ...... r 0e Six Mouths': .... 75| Two Months ...... 2"m Slnzle Copies 5 cents, $ampl oples Free on application TESPH),VE ,V) 2li. J APRIL, 1905. S M IT 2 3E 4 -; -7i-7 i W '1 IF [ S i T .... 1 ................... [ ...... - 3-] 24 25 ......... z-- 3O NO i i(2,7-I "IRENq;ON'II'N rtl/H llll a !(+-l)'r;il THE LOCAL CONTEST will be held at Ttlruer Hall to-night. Reserved seats 20c at Glnzel'u. (Jen- eral admission 15e.$chool children 10c PROGRAM Piano Solo ................ Chri,tlne Remlck Souvenir DeKieff. Oration ............................. Julius Rallh Lights Along the Shore. Oration ....................... Jennie Menzl The Past and Futur. of Japa andChina: Oralion ......................... Dora DeMoul In The Prayer of Ajax. Clarinet and Prone Duet ........... Gertle Gaflnet:. Arnold Leutwller Rocked lu The Cradle of tle Deep. Essay ........................... ]na Leonhald The Red Cross, Essay .......................... Louis Curtail The Signs of the Time Essay ..................... Amelia Metnkoth rhe Holy Grail. Violin, Claronet and Piano 8olo .......... Oscar Ginzel, A:thnr Remtek, Alfred Gtnzel Declamation ..................... Eva Smith The Lost Song. Declamation ................. Stclla Chatillon The Death Disk Vocal Quartet ,..lone Wittig, Minnie Mehikotll Martha Glanzuor. Amelia Melnkoth Star of My Liie Keen your bowels ragular by the u-o -f (lhamberlain's tomaeh and I,vel. Tablets. Thme is nothing bet- r,l'. leer sale by ;V t' (',,rl Commander Woods On Decoration Day. I t{,,,,tqnarl.m' [)e "of I, llimis, - 14::,H,i Ar.v 1 Iho iel)ublie, Ihicaffo. Aprtl 1st, l'J05. ' ('llI a Orders ) No. 13. Let, no tear, lall on Memorial l)av. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS of FOLEY'$ HONEY AND TAR On account of the great merit and popularity of FOLEY'S for Coughs, Colds, and Lung Trouble, several manufacturers imitations with similar sounding names with the view of profiting known reputation of FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAR. DO HOT BE IMPOSED UPON HONEY AND TAR are advertising by the favorably We originated HONEY AND TAP. as a Throat and Lung Remedy and unless you get F'OLFY'00 HONEY AND TAR you do not get the original and genuine Remember the name and insist upon having FoLtv's HoNey ASD TaP.. Do not risk your life or health by taking imitations, which cost you the same as the genuine. FOLRV's HONaY AND TAP. is put up in three sizes 25c , 5oc and $i.oo. Prepared only by FOLEY & CO., 92-94-96 Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois. SOLD AHO RECOBHENDED BY W. T. CARR, Druggist, Trenton, Illinois. m 13rhllllg btli!n,s ii Ihe ;i+qt,,:l/t lt;i(t pr()sperous ]lille Lily ,,f I'r+.n- %on. lor tile past lwvl"e ,;e:i we 'have sold the plant in.,l,duig the :subscription lit (if h,,lll TII',I TIIEN- OS SUN and THE B}tEESE NEWs to Mr. Hr. Mallric.i of our ritv, v, ho will ea,ry oil the busiqe in tile tulure. It is a part ,f our contract that we remain wit, hi,n io assist, and in an advisory capacity until July Ist and we may therefore i)e feund at the Sun (,ffice every day radii that time. h; this c-nneetion l'im iiJtltiories el' pa.t achievements of the .)tile dead, the preseut know- h,dL',| t'f the magnificent results of Lhir (,<mseerution to patriotism atd *)tll" b(!i,+'( ili thc beneficeBee and Uil- botlud,d love of our Creator for his creatures all forbid tiler a natlo;i sliotltd b9 s%withed in grief on ihe ro- e irreilce of this anniversary. To him ^'he tili lived In obedience to Iris hieh,'sl t, onceptio/i of the truths of Ot )d. death is nol tie black robed e mniy ff .'ill mankind, but lke comes radiant with peace usa l)ivhieMes- snger o be welcomed with trustful heart <'rod a serene antidpatlou (if e desire to thank the public tor :ho'c glorious rewards that await well doing" thciY support and patronage during tile t)ast twelye years, and truM lhey will extend the s.imo as litler- lly tomv wmtlw suec.ssor, who has lived here f, lr a number of yeare, married here, an i therefl,re ha both family and property in- terests in Trent.:)n arid vicinity. With only the. kindliest feelings towards all we req)ail as ever Ao os tile shiuli river the thous- and el, our eoinrades, who, takillg t elr du.cli L'v lit.u ill band, have germ before, u,w marshaled on tile eternal pliratle gro(ind, under the t )n].n init nf tile lreat (3aplahl look d(iwrl li h, vtnff relnembranco ou the ass?,mbled tosts who come to strew flowers on these patriotic gravvs. 't'itc leS on of to-day to tl, e survlv- t)rs of the Great War, and to our eliildren and our children's children, ours is to reu0ul!t' from every pu plt.ltild .r!lul Oeh]er,[ r ,str.m the deeds ol our Illustrious ' " -* - "t, I comrdes on lle field of haiti% t:lelr "I{eferl;ing to t e aonve aim wit ' " t tile aid and e " . - I llerotsm t,,h, o!'itude, thehatdshlpa former editor :::; 7:',',;; :; T:;3 '::;.ye'd':::e;::dtntaigll,t:::u:;p:7 TqENTON STN, we propose to do all we can to make 'l'ttE SUN a better and a more uccept ble paper. Onr aim will be to bring all tile lews from week to week in a fair nd impartial way. using such xeuding matter only as Ill our jtldg. aleut will be to the ood interest el tile pet, pie of Frenton and vicinity. We wi,ll strive to make THE ':'TrN. TOX SUS all that the name implies and trust that it will he accurded a .hourly reeeplion as il lnake its re'ir wetkly al)pearance. Hy. Mallreh. ODD FELLOWS ANNIYERSARY. The86th nniversar.v ,)i ttie f,,tiild- itif ol {be I. O O. F, iu Ibis coulitiy wa, celebl ated last Wednesday all owr the i];il, d 8tares and some oth- er aflili.lld cO,llllri. - The lo,'<qt lo(le i)t,e, asiste(I by the l-*l)ekah#. determined riot [0 let the (13" pass their torriblo suffering In prison pens where th y were starved and tortured by a rem.rseless enemy, lheir bril- liant vletol'l )s and their maguantmity to tho couquered foe. We will emblazon the pages of his- iory with the higl, resoives whict* animated tile heart  of the soldiers o/i t',ie Uni,m anti we will describe with [ graphic lien tile wonderful results wllieh have orowned tholr efforts. On Mim,rial Day wo gladly aeolaim tile glories of our grea Aitel'lCita I{epub- lie, wlto,o sturdy growth from Ply- Inoulh ]{()cl{ tO Philiiphies lies placed i first alnon the powers of earth and in tlli. i)roud attainmen we give the rightful nJ:ed of traise to the Grand Aritly Of tile R t)ublie. W- will point to the future and out lille the work for Lho (tratl(l Arln.y, stitl a qnari)er of a million strong anti encourage o4r t,,tllr.idos it) titlSll for- v,',r ; ill tAtt, gcat woil, v" FratvrniLy, Clravit( and l,oyatt, y. My Aido-ae-Caaip ill ctar<k'e of hill- = i o. a-w 7!!,i: :: !, Time Table at Trenton, Ill % (!';"i=::.(..::" _'% The folh)wlng time table went into / ", - l_' ..... t,:  effect Sunday, Dec 4th, 1904. l : ..... " ..... -= ,"+', , Bo00Nn. II.00.SSL00--R 00R]!IWIll00 uu'%, i-" t : "is "'- ; .::' .':. '$--b ....... "">'"vt No21 A.eom oxSunday ...... 6.53sin / ":',',Q4S>:'+",;<*':-:$ No7 AeeomexSunday ...... 5:30pm/_ c 7d,.t+'73Sil+; i+ +1" No 23 Accom Sunday only .... 9:06 a in/ i ,Ivl, l,t,t,ql  i ..... , z:, (:-".-'[P)TL =+5< ',," '/i:-,: ' r>il..&:l)tti / No29 Accom Sunday only,...8,08 p m/ kll  I%1 "-= ...... ,i , ................ ml,+.+ ` No. 5 Flyer ex sunday ..... 12.10 p m!  @utorrlers @oristarltly Ullllliel ! ' " ,iii,"t'----'v'-r-r-'C-'4-4 ,'= ;'ujLJJ.g._. . , ",i; 4"" "5" .s ,-_,-.,_.:, t.=- ;;, + ''" EART BOUND. ' :,73':'.(-'7-+>-j2' No8Ae,,mex'.'Su,,day ....... 9:06am : with Ot!. Ptrt-@la rL[ ':+ " .;o 22 Accom dally ex Sun7.:10.. p m. "'<,.Z No 28 Aec(lintn Sunday only..9.06 a In i . 00'004AccmSundaynly''"0p'm'!=ll0000N=li0 N SEE00 ! Fo detailed lnlormailo regarding rates Ill gal.whl, Ill oo. oon.oot,.,tt.o,.s'ee.-, and parto, ears,etc.,address J.P. DISSER,. t+IIIOO$++OO15OO@IIIO@OO+O+O+OOOOO#OO+OO++IO ttamilt0=, UI II i i II Ticket Agent, B & O. SoW Ry,, Trenton, II rianns o,o.,.,oc,.,,, Genera lPassenger Agent. Ctneinnatl,O L -J - _ - " _- - -- I'IIrl'' l'Cl' rll Uilllllll ---- !0tOur small payment" plan makes P]$ O//'  " '.-'g [0 . -t"/ S . l-  a Piano 00u00ing 00asy. [)R. A. W. CARTE00, | ! .... PhyMlan and Surgeon., Office and Residence on Main Street one block 2.Iorlh of Broadway. Calla Proml)tl attended to Da or ight, Pll rSICldJ" ant YtttR!rlg Machin om0e alld Resldenee on Broadway, The Best Machines Made. three bloeks west of Main treet. 1" to $ O.OO. REON, LIOI. t Calls Promptly &ttended to Day or Night 1.1+l,d.,sl'wtl, slid ac;dordiitly appohit. o<t |'t(.(t ienzi, (it+() | e[Ji,+l flirt! 1{3ttLt. it r)" Ii,{t , t,i+ql ,t:l I',lt.ri ,l;it; ltli- i ihe t,.llil Fibuth)li t)lix is past,ql. 'te(;arr<d t Cl)tiJlllt.+lpo A-+t!';(ll]iji-Y ! c Litjti It tt ( tl t; )ll(-/" .+ii; V)-( pLwato A ('I1.\\;.NCtg "1+O t;F/I t',t'. Oinzol Mercantile Company. TRENTON . II,I, INOIS dUST A MINUTE. I The tears of joy and sadness are both drawn from the same tank. Faith without works is about as useie+s as J watch wilhout wheels. The average nmn doesn% expect o meet anybody hut strangers in ]leavPno I Most l)eople who 0roress to follow the Golden Rule are so for behind it that they will never cal(:h up. i Some men go to church aud clasp their hands so tight during" prayer that they ean'lget them oponwt,erl J.O.Vogt,/00.D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON OFFICE AT RESIDENCE--BROADWAY, EAST OF [A[N STREET. TRENTON. ILLINOIS. G. Ao GISSY, PH. G., IR. D., 0erman Physician Surgeon _NE IV BAI)EN, ILL, I M, W00liq', DENTIST " Broadway, one Block OFIeIC le'-- East oi Main Street L T IEY4 TON, IL .'; inl *+ , t W,F, ' +,+I, lltlL t'i ttli /l]'lli I [.ItHt ,tti/( (ltOi fl +'I',' :+- w.ll a io wil  ill(, :l'>clt (3sfliiitttll; ilt lank- all tl3etii}.l{a] ":4 $(I (l(IFIilll t' hero bu t l,-. l'n ctt'ltl]i'OlliOliif't foF /t [.;il;riot, i( pro- ; loiJTing It, seine ol il'F tol|g, tt, h g :tli]tl;t.  ill ovcr$' f#chool, puilhe or ]present al tile Trelitoli TUl'Ur Hall prlvaie, and socul'v tim a,qsigrimelit of thai ovenlnT, 'l'lley accordingly as- isembled,nd whilvomeofthe ladies a veteran sohlier, perferablyin uui- bus.ed thelnseivesspre.dinff an ele- f,rm, o each meeting, on Friday gall supper, the let t,f them alnl the afternoon, )day 26th, or such other brottmt s gave themsel yes u 1) to so0ial 1 entertainment. About nine o'clock[ euvenient date as may be arrangod supper was ;iJliiollliced and all sat/ by school ofllolal.. dotln to a sumpt,mus repast, which/ was- heartily enit,yed, l'iti- Lleiil / ov.r (GI-e+L I..pper'a(.ted as t,c, astmasi t ter. Heasked smne of the young Is-' dtes to sillff a sont slid Commanders and Chaplaihs of each Post arc directed to inake arrauge- ments far the attendance el the Post met with a in a body, ou Sunday, May 28th. at a |:rolnnt i'espoilse. Ho thou called up- On ech Inenlber present to say a few words with refeieuco to the order;and met with a prompt response. There were no et speeches,hut simple heart ;o heart talks of past ext;eriences.wlth hi.torieal matter saad wiched in be- weeu thL did the yoautt as well as patriotic religious service. Tne _abservance of Memorial Day is the speeial duty .of thls Order and I Post Commanders are charged to I make ample and timely airangements / to this e[d. T 'k'he patrlotic people el Illinol are} )ht er members el lhe order more good tilau formal addresses. The ladies invited and urged to j)in In the ob- I, hen lauc:red those assembled with a servan e el this day. All military Ifew more son , alter wtlicl,l the part. v e " ,+ g , and cl 1, societies aud the elnldren ing w[rds ee spoken and all left furl ............... " . OI publiC, prlyate attu parochial ti,cir liO,iiOS, foeling all tim beLter for l . havlug hus mot.  S0nools aro .nvltod to join in the par iade and servtces el the day. -- um " alna--ulokl Relieved / Duplicate copies of this Order are ,llue atlo p cJ Y, 1 .... , '"' " "" a' "- r " ris n sent to eaen vos, au(l l-ost Commau- I na excrUClaidng p lOS cua acre -/ ...... tie ,,f rhotimatlem and aelattca are|aer arc ctiargetl Wlllh the duy of fur- quiclil relieved by a pplyiug ('ham-|nishln them to the local press ald .berlaln s Palu Balm. Phe great pain| to the school authorities. relieving power of'the linhnent lisa/ ..... 13y oruor OI been the surprlte ana delight or| . ' h tit Robe t Mann Woods, thousand of sufferers; r e q ck| " " rellef from pain which it affords l./ DepartmentCommand01 alu-e wuri& many times its coil. Forl Charles A Partridge, llale by | " W T t'arr Druggist [ Asslant &dJutaut.General. "SO .)',)11 :ll'e l+,oking for a posilitm," aitl the busy merchant to the yonng wi|h lhe high coil,it arid noisy tie. " %Vhat can yon do?" "Oh, any old thing," mnswored the young man. "Of course, I don't ex- pect the junior partner_h,.p at the present writing, but I want to be sure of an early rise." "Very well," replied the merchant, "I'll mke you assistant janitor. You will rise at4o'elock every morning and sweep the floors." TOO MANY 1,EGS. It is said that a young officer at the front recently wrote to his father: "Dear Father--Kindly send nle 50 at once; lost another leg in stiff en- gagement, and am in hospital with- out means " Theanswer was: "My Dear SonAs this is the fourth leg you have lost according to your let- ters you ought to be accustomed to It by this time. Try and wobble along onany others you may have lefW' I m afraid, Johnny," said the Sunday-school leacher, raher sadly, that I shah never meet you in the better land." "Why? Whal have you been doin' now?" He who is boasting ;or his ancestors its like the potato plant; the best part l of it is doWn In the gronnd. ,  .......... +-- A, H, STEFFEItS, ltl, !},, 0, D,S, pEACTICE LIMITED TO Di;NTISTRY. (l'fi'iLe"6nhErd Block, .' TRENTON, ILLINOIS. , , , , GEO. F. BODENI xpert Piano Tuner. 18 Yoars Exporienoo. Visits Trenton semi-annually, In May and ovember. Headquarters at Ginzel Mercantile CoJs Store,or The TRENTON SUN O[]ee, where orders can be left. W. S. OLUDEN ATTORNEY-AT-LA W, OFF1OE, uOliNBll MAIN ill nBOAltW AY + "! ItlDNT)x. 11..1.. Chas. P. Junker, NolaffPu$1c Convoyancor Attend to P ension Matters l TltlgNT O, - ILLIMOI r Springtime Stove News The very best of supplies can be gotten here at prices to please your purse. Pumps, Tinward and 00toves. ,I A. KUHN, i ll ,,,I ) i UNDERTAKER AND,EMqAL/'IER ) Having just received a New Funeral Car I am nn  prepared to do Undertaklng and Embalmlng in an Up-to-date Manner. t TttilllT01t, ILLZ1TOZS. ihuuiilt Capp's Clothing is a line of Men's Wear made 2= What is it? wholly from the products of the Jacksonville i Woolen Mill. We make all the principal and popular fabrics known to the clothing trade. No other mill even attempts such a thing, but we take a pride in the steady adwtncement and enlargement of our business, which started in such a modest way 65 years ago. ; = For the above, and any other Up-to-date, Nobby Custom Men's Clothing go to =