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April 28, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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April 28, 1905

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" pepsia of Women ,' ABSOLUTELY NEEDLESS AGONY ( CtUSed by Uterine Disorders and Cured by Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound A great many women suffer with a f*Tm of indigeson or dyspepsia which does not seem to yield to ordinary treat- ment. While the symptoms seem to be imilar to those of ordinary indiges- tion, yet the medicines universally pre- ribed do not seem to restore the p. tient's normal condition. :"N, 004"1, igh / Mrs. Pinkham claims that there is a dknd of dyspepsia that is caused by a ,,ement of the female ornism, b aich, while it causes a disturb- anee similar to ordinary indigestion, Cannot be relieved withouta medicine which not only acts as a stomach tonic, but has peculiar uterine-tonio effects L180. As proof of this theory we call a- tmtion to the case of Mrs. Maggie t, Brooklyn, N.Y., who was COmpletely cured by-Lydia E. Pink- ham's Vegetable Compound after every- t Lng else had failed. She writes : two years I suffered with dyspepsia o degenerated my entire system that I Was unable to attend to my daily duties. I felt weak and nervous and nothingthat Iats oted good and it caused a disturbance in my roach. I tried different dyspepsia cures, out nothing seemed to help me. I was ad- sed to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Ompound a trial, and w happily surprised ,  fin:l that it acted like a fins tonic, and in a x sw days I began,to enjoy and properly digest my food. My recovery was ranid, and in lve weeks I was a well woman. I have rec- Ommended it to many suffering women." qo other medicine in the world has received such widespread and unquali- fied endorsement,or has such a record of Cures of female troubles, as has Lydia . Pinkham's Vegetable Compound[. Pacific Coast National Meetlngs. There will be some fifteen or twenty National meet;ngs on the Pacific coast this summer besides the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition at Port- land, Oregon. The Santa Fe road an- nounces very low rates for all these meetings. The ticket limits will be ample and with full provisions for step-overs and side trips. The rates will be open to everybody, whether delegates or not. Land Ships. Imitating the land ships now n- ployed in sailing on the sands of the California and New Mexico deserts and successfully used for pleasure on the southern beaches and in lnany other parts of the United States, a London builder has made "sailing car- riages" for use in the Egyptian des- erts. Earn Big Money in Spare Moments, Make and sell in your own locality goods that are in constant demand. Copyrighted Book of Formulas and in- structions for manufacturing over' 50 different articles and as many more ideas for home use. Something sure to suit you. Price $1.00 per copy. Brown De Nure Co., Ravenswood Station, Chicago, Ill. A Typical Duel. A typical duel is that reported from the town of Mfnsk, in Russia. Two old friends, lawyers had been to the thea- ter together. Coming out, one acci- dentally knocked off the other's hat. }ie apologized, but the other, very an- gry, called him names. The result was a duel in which one was killed. Neither had shot a pistol before. r. Wlnelow'B oothln Syrup. e'er children teething, softens the gums, reducem flammatlon, alia] s pare, cures wind collt. 25 s bottl Making Pearls. The Japanese are making "real" pearls by forcing a grain of sand into oysters and planting them until the pearl is formed by a deposit around the foreign substance of the material from which the shell lining is formed. F|T penanently cured. No flor nervolsne at I/ first day's use of Dr. Kllne'8 Great Nerve Restol '. Send for FREE $.O0 trial bottle and treatl De. lk/. g-'. Ld., 9St Arch trvet, PhlleelMa Pat Few Railroad Accidents in Holland. Railways in Holland are so carefully managed that the accidental deaths on them average only one a year for the entire country. BUSYBODIES VS. TRUTH. Here [re The Facts.. Judge For Yourself. Busybodies who see in success only falsity, who, without making an effort to inform themselves, blatantly cry offense against honesty and truth--seem to forget that a slur against Dr. Pierce's well-known non-alcoholic family remedies is a slur against the intelligence of thousands of clear-thinking American women who know they have been helped and cured by Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It is not a "patent medicine" in the true meaning of the word--it is simply the favorite remedy which Dr. Pierce used in an extended practice for the treatment of the diseases of women. _ I A name for honesty and sqnare dealing is better ruth and Influence, I than great riches. Fraud is a bubble that soon bursts. Dr. R. V. Pierce has always been known to speak the truth--his famous medicines are founded on the rock of public approval and have thousands of truthful testimonials as to their ability to cure diseases for which they are recommended ! No man ever lost a prospective customer through . True Speaki0, I telling the truth. In the long run Dr. Pierce believes the truth will prevail and he is therefore not afraid to make public his formula. F l The ingredients of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Valuable Trade [ is here given to the public. He vindicates the excel- Secrets, lance and harmless character of his "Prescription" by letting the sick and ailing women know just what they are taking when they use this reliable tonic and nervine for the diseases and illnesses peculiarly feminine These ingredients are combined in just the right proportion to make an efficient remedy without the use of a particle of alcohol. _N I Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription combines a non- on-Alcoholic. ] alcoholic extract from the following medicinal plants Xcientifically prepared by experienced chemists at th.e laboratory of the World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y. : LADY'S SLIPPER ( Cypriledium bescens), BLACK COHOSH ( Cimidfuga acemosa) UNICORN ROOT ( Chamwllrium Luteum), BLU COHOSH ( Caulolkyllum Thallctroldcs). GOLDEN SEAL ( Hvdras Canadei$). ,,i, ,, . i FACTS ...,.. _,.-,00aZAS00IM P O00IANI, FOR C0049WNERS ,c :  / ?he meelcal c Separator hu  kiO,   | become a vftai fcatur : of every home ,.=  / [   3  | dairy just aS of every bUtter factory. , t]  | Its uee means much more and much ',i  ' | '[ better errata and butter, as well tm I'v  | tracing of water, ice, time and room. --, : , ,fl I{ J "/ The difference in results is not smart , / J| but big. Few cows now_ pay withouta \\; /  ! setmrstr. Dairying is the mcg prom,-  \\; N,jlr / j t [ be kind offavm with one.  '54'71 98& of (blevy butter of the "4'&-6." l[ mhines, and there are over 500,600 farm users besides. .. xns a.t m e of nearest Xalfol& oat local agent. THE DE LAVAL SEPARATOR CO. I Rlndolph A Canal SIs, I ?4 Cedlandt Sired B CHICAGO [ NEW YORK B I CURBS atar of the stemar.b. CURE YOUR KIDNEYS. When the Back Aches and Bladder roubles Set In, Get at the Cause. Don't make the mistake 6f believing bacl ache and bladder ills to be local dlments. Get, at the cause and cure the kidneys. Use Dean's Kidney Pills, which have cured thousands. Captain S. D. Hunter, of En- gine No. 14, Pitts- burg: Pa., Fire Department, and residing at 2729 Wylie avenue, says: "It was three years ago that I used Dean's Kidney Pills for an attack of kidney trouble that was mostly back ache, and they fixed me up fine. There is no mistake about that, and if i hould ever be troubled again I would get them first thing, as I know what they are." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co, Buffalo, N.Y. Most Valuable Book. The most valuable book ever pub- lished by a private citizen was proba- bly the catalogue of the Waiters col- lection of pictures and ceramics in Baltimore. A Heavy Fine. Under the Elktns law, any railroad company which pays rebates in any form, or any shipper who accepts them, is liable to a fine of from $1,000 to $20,000, upon conviction. It also prehibits the carrying of freight at less than the published tariffs. The Interstate Commerce Commission is empowered to detect and prosecute violators of this statute. President Knapp of the Commission states that since this law was passed, rebate pay- ing has been as rare as forgery. How to Tell New Nutmegs. New nutmegs may be distinguished from the last year's supply by scrap- ing the surface with the finger. If new. the oil will moisten the spot at once. DON'T FORGET A large -oz. package Red Cross Ball Blue, only 6 cents. The Russ Company, South Bend, Ind. English Statute Mile. The English statute mile was first defined in the thirty-fifth year of Queen Elizabeth. Before that time it was put down at 5,000 feet. *'Dr. David Kennedy'e'Favorite Remedy {Yared my wife of a terrible disease. With pleasure[ tly tO ls marvelous efficacy." J. Sweet, Albany, N. Y, Prize Worth Winning. The French Grand Prix in sculp- ture provides the succes:fful artist with means of support for four years in Rome or Athens. Piso's Cure for Consumption is an infallible medicine for coughs and colds.--N. W. SAM Ocean Grove, N. J.. Feb, 17, 1900. Poverty and Infant Mortality. By way of illustrating the effect o! poverty on infant mortality, a German statistician says that among the aris- tocratic circles in Berlin only 57 per 1.000 of the children die before they reach the age of 5. whereas among the poorest classes the number of doomed children is 357 per 1.000. The Sacred Name. A Moslem in the East will never lass or trample under foot a scrap of paper, lest thereon mlght be written the name of Allah. He will pick it up and stuff it into the crevice of a wall or even carry it for days until he finds out from somebody who can read whether it contains the holy name. Big Money In Hens. Last year hens produced $144,000,000 worth of eggs; fowls of all kinds in this country are worth $86,000.000. Be- sides the egg production there were chickens for eating to the value of $136,000,000. To sum up, the hen Is a 400 per cent investment. Where Work Is Degrading. To work at a trade seem3 to the Servlans unworthy of a free man. Hence efforts of the government to establish industries have remained fruitless. Sneezing Evident of Strength. Bneezing has been said by at leaxt one great medical authority to be evi- dence of  robUst Constitution. In proof of this he declared that people in feeble health never do aeea Luxurlomt Auto. Some enthusiastic automobilist In Pari are hayinK their car built large enough tO hold tePsengere, lt luxurious appointments they remind Americans of Pullman palace cars.  Bracing UP, It is claimed that Boston makes the finest quality of Egyptian cigarettes; produces the choicest Italian macaroni and has altogether the best brand of the Irishman In politics. French Monument for Waterloo. A large bronze eaglwith one wine broken and drooping P the main fea ture of the French national monument which is to he erected on the field of Waterloo. Franglpanl's Valuable Discovery. Count Mauritius Fralpanl was the discoverer of the process of combining with odoriferous suhstances and there- by presented us with a hundred aroma- tic flavors, toilet waters and cosmetics. Trout Caught In the Ocean. Trout are believed to be exclusively fresh-water fish, it happen, however occasionally that some are eught wtth the herring in the German ocean, Women Merehantt. About one-tnth of the buyerx New York wholesale .tores are worn- etl. t0h outed in 30 minutes by Woolfot's Sant- twy Iotion. Never fails. Sold by all whol ale and retail DrUggiSt& Mercury Vapor Light. Mercury-vapor lamps produce st light as is well known, that is green- ish blue in color, and which produces an upleasant effect, not Inaptly de. scribed as "ghastly," on the faces of persons illumined by it. This is be. cause the spectrum of the light has no red in it. It has been I)roposed to add a red reflector or globe to correct this, but experiments shows that the light is not changed in color, but ob- structed. Muzzle Velocity of Rifles. The muzzle velocity a second of the rifles of the large countries is as fol- lows: United States, Springfield, 2,- 300; French, Label, 2,073; English, Le Metford, 2,000; Spanish, Mauser, 2,. 388; Italian, Mannlicher Carcano, 2.- 100; German, Mauser, 2,034 feet. Sights on these are now graduated thus: United States, 2,000; France, 2,187; England, 2,800; Spain, 2,187; Italy, 2,100; Germany, 2,187 yards. A Curious Misprint. For many years the British and For. eign Bible society has offered a re- ward of a guinea to any one discover- Ing'a misprint in a copy of the Bible bearing its imprint. The other day the guinea was claimed and received by a Mr. Sherlock (significant name), who discovered that the passage in St. Mark, "His disciples follow ttim," was misprinted "followed him." Good Cause for Elopement. A St. Louis couple eloped recently for no other reason than to prevent a family dispute in which they had no interest. The families were of dif- ferent religious faiths, and while the parents were discussing the church In which the ceremony should take place the two young people left home and were married. Moral Imbeciles. As the outcome of much painstak. Ing investigation the existence has been demonstrated of a class of hu- man beings called moral imbeciles. Their essential characteristic is com- plete moral insensibility, revealed by a total absence of repugnance to the suggestion of crime before the deed. Another of Life's Woes. Politeness forbids a guest to eat the sweetest part of a sparerib, lamb chop or chicken, because it lies next to the bone, and the bone must not be taken in the fingers and gnawed. The servant, the cat and the dog are luck- ier than the master and his family. New York Press. Addressing Letters for Italy. A correspondent in Italy advises those who send letters to friends in that country to write only the initials of the first name, because it Is quite customary in Italy to place the sur- name first, which leads to many mis- takes when letters are asked for by foreigners. TORTURING HUMOU R. BOdy a Man of Sore=P-Treated IW Three Doctore but Grew Worse ---Cured by Cutlcura for 75. "My little daughter was a mass of sores all over her body. Her face was eaten away, and her ears looked as If they would drop off. I called Cn three doctors, but she grew worse. Neighbors advised Cutlcura, and b- fore I had used half of the rake,of soap and box of ointment the sors had all healed, and my little one's skin was as clear as a new-born babe's. I would no be without Cuti- cura again if it cost five dollars, - stead of seventy-five cents, which is all It cost us to cure our baby. Mrs. G. J. Stars, 701 Coburn St., AkrOn, Ohio." Export of Coal. We export $20,000,000 worth of eohl a year. France produces about 34.. 000,000 tons of ceal a year and has to GUBAN MINISTER g U.S. Recommends Pe-ru-na. Senor Qaeuda, Cuban Minister to the United States. Saner Quesada, Cuban Minister to the United States, is an orator born. In an article in The Outlook for July, 1899, by George Kennan, who heard Quesada C i " speak a the Esteban Theatre, Matanzas, uba, he sa d: I have seen many audiences under the spell of eloquent speech and in the grip of strong emotional excitement; but I have rarely wtnessed such a scene as at the close of Quesada's eulogy upon the dead patriot, Marti." In a letter to The Peruna Medicine Com- pany, written from Washington, D. C., Saner Quesada says: "Peruna I can recommend as a very good medi- cine. It is an excellent strengthening tonic, and it is also an efficacious cure for the aImost universal complaint of catarrh. "--UonzaIo De Quesada. Congreman J. H. Bankhead. of Ala- bama, one of the most influential mem- bers of the House of Representatives, in a letter written from Washington, D. C., gives his endorsement to the great catarrh remedy, reruns, in the following words: ',Your reruns iJ one of the best medicines ! ever tried, and no family should be without your remarkable remedy. A a tonic and turrh cure ! know of nothing better."--. H. Bankbead. There is but a single medicine which is a radical specific for catarrh. It is Peruna. which has stood a half century test and cured thousands of cases. If you do not derive prompt andsatd factory results from the use of Peruna write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement of your case and he will be pleased to give you his valuable ado vice gratis. Address Dr. Hartman, President of The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio. All correspondence held sctly  confidential. ,r I I I I L Facts Are Stubborn Thhgs Uniform" excelldnt quality" fol" OVer a quarter of a $1tury has steadily increased the sales of LON COFFEE, The leader of all package ollees. Mon Coffee is now used in millions of homes Such popular uccess speaks for itself. It is a positive pr0ol that LION COFFEE has the. Confidence of the people.T ? The uniform quality of LION iV COFFEE survives all opposiion. LION COFFEE keelll lt old |rlend lind makes new o every (11. LION COFFEE has even'mo. Its gth, Flavor and Qual- |t to commend It. On arrival h'om the plsntaflon. It hJ carefully roast- ed at ou |arteries and seeln'ely pseked Jt I lb. sealed packages, and not opened agsIn until needed for use In the home. Tht__s ieelude8 the posslblittF o adulteraUon or eontaet wSth g 4Jb. YEARS It st Z! and td t tit . =m [] = mm A in illil:V li  d llhm n HSEASI| OF Og|l. H the ihs|sds of pmt ule CUred M out m ......... --   g mH m, | PAID A CBT TL UREO--weismbhhcr asses sndlettlen ptltm Till mlllncn Be m m H I OO TMOBBTOH MIBItB lose Oak et[ :(a.asa OIty,Mo,nIHIILL. UUBrmU lUqlltS I IIVlIN/VlRI l nall,lUlllg 3969 Ol[Ye S'treet. St. Louin. Me. : Ais- i SOur t to the wall, it is =m Alabaster csmet that ;sets off the Wall. It is the purest, the nicest, the best walt covering made. The moat beautiful color effects, the most beautiful color : : schemes, the mct beautiful desigos : are possible in Alsbfin 8 ALABASTINR is speciallysuitable for : church trod school house work. Write ee for color ideas for such work. The best dealers sell it. If youm : dm't, send us his name and we'll : I see that you are tmpplied. I ALABASTINE COMPANY ii Grant Ave.. Grand Rapid Mich. | Pm m sNew Yor k Ofllc 105 Water St. m d way to the Cnliau West. Hundreds of thousands of acres of the best Wheat and Grazing Tzds on the Continent free to the settler. Adloini lands may be I)urohased from rail- way and lml companies at reasonable prices. For information as to route, oostot transpor tioa etC., npply to Superintendent of Imml grtioa, Ottawa, Canade, or to authorized Can adian Government Agent--J. S. Crawford. No I W. linth Street, IZnsuS City, Mt&ourt : C J. Broughton, Room 430, Quincy Building, Chioam. Ininois. JL READY ROOFING Be your own roofer by using our epe lal brand of prepared roofing. Two o three-ply, ready to lay, with tar, tlnl and naile, at $1.25 and $1.50 per quare. NATIONAL LUMBER CO, Wholesale and retail Lumlr Yard Jefferson ad Luee av. ST. LOUIS. W. N. U., ST. LOUIS, No. 17, 1905. When Anlwering Advert|semetts Klndty Me.flea This Paper. tWy 15,000,000 more. - . . dust. tosets o unclean hands. The absolute Ip4n4t OI W. gu. aranteed, in r, erest . seml-annualt tdV dlllll lm tSt*l* nmmled SO the e=mamP. roucs. Active. mangcra .wanted. ' E. vo these ]LiOt-htl fog dlae retl!as uoore, 211Odd Fellows' Btdg.,St.LoUis,Mo. .. . ..... ' Don't SOLD BY GROCERS EVERYWHERE unless you are in a position to h01d ' DOLS01 SPICE CO., rlMledo, (3] LO. the steaks.  i i UBB H FAMOUS ::" ' I - 00..all Blu00 . s THE ] .- SOU nn00NDITiONS00D PgN DflOITINM ShD  =y " r' P00SIBILITIES, I;tlU rUOHlUll e  i v ' clones out West? He--No; but on taa DrtothsUMtedStethuthsrebeen caught up with us. such wberful Commercial Industrial and Ta' *TvVTr't' a'-ler - .AgH.ltutldeTd.opment  alongthe lines o.f J'X IUI J. IUJ.N ZekJ JJ. m d d a tne Illiuols sntral and tb?. Yazoo & Mississippi ...........  _/ ...... Valley lilroaIS th the ttes of Tennewsee  l,i,s4,,- M iandZ.ols-- wW" -he =tie; POSITION IB I2URED AlOtlll5 . Iars. ties and wns hOubld thelr ,rh ................ ,, ......... , ,*. w  I poltation. Splendid business blocks have ........ .... . .m. , ......... , &f .... l I been ere0ted. Farm lands have more than JlI i | doubled in value. Hudredsof lndustrieshavs tllIlIilMA ,V _ |been estabUshl and  astdt there is  ilNBilliNlil W II _luuprecedenteddemandfor, '  .11--..11.111 V |l Day Labom, Skill Workmen, ud "- - " "-- a S ' sm-.y ,rm Tn PRAOTiGAL BUSlHE$$ OOLLEiil - $ It. The mot desirable thing in wall It Parties with smell eptt, seeking an opp?r- t. L0uls, Ksan Qty, Ft. Be, oft, Puducs | ,v*r;-, ;- ,n=,.;*,, (re, vs-i-, wer It tUnt.tT to puronasea garf ome; .farmers who Nsshvflle, Tenn., ear Pt. Ws'tb, ...... o---r.---- ,-- - -o r-,. ,. It Wouiapretertorentforaooupleotyearsoeore Next to that m ease of apphcatmn. Irehlng; and day laborers iu fleld or fac- Fllthout gtvia npms,,  EVERY .CT Mr ff F I mu out ot 8mary Tier eourils Is complexes. In both of theme Alablufline stands I _riesshouldddres)apostle! ear : ' " aood-t ...................... l =: I -vHmia-nt Then there are othe4r II err?. Assistant General PasselS.Or *Fen. =. ,u u, H== u v = .,-=. I r-. ..... . _  uubttque.Iowa, whowlnprompt4ymaltprmtect MAll rftl|Dgl ID.I__ pomtsthe nrmne, the perman* It matter confining the terrttery ,,...... .... . .... . . If not ready to eer college now yo rosy ene, the binding qualities, and it is ! scribed, andgivesmetflorepiies to aLt inqmrzos, zesons by mail FREB until read},, which will mized with clear, pure water, Ats- .Pe][.|f" | pOp? cot ot bord, et. 1)ttuShou' e. B. C. Co, h, buline is not dependent on sour :  U0 HS 0,000.00 capttsi, sere,teen b=kerm ouoat ot paste, nor smeltey glue to bind it to II Directors, and TWgNTY Colleis In THIRTEigl ittea to back every claim it mslt Jstblislted ll PY00I Free Grant Landt Western Canada. During thb months Of March and April. there will be exoutons ou the various lines of rail.