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June 22, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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June 22, 1894

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lejgal notices to publish will earl- tills poller hy i1tructing their to Make Publication in The Trenton Sun. law no attornoy or )flicial (&apos;fill disre- sut!h It l'eqllPSt FORMERLy TREXTON GAZETTE'rI:NTON HERALD 13. No. 51, TRENT000I, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 1894, EIGHT PAGES. LOOAL 3OTTO(IS. Up With the Pencil ltel.o alld There. ,w potatoes are on the .iemann, Kuhn & Co. arc their Shop: with a nc: e roof. Craig is suffering from of acute inflamlnatory Thee Trost will open a sehoot on July 2, at tim % house See ad. In another Neifahrt repaired and the truck at the depot and brand new. new shingle roof has been put Hanke's house, opposite Koentz's tin shop. Leonhard and Wesley ,er, returned fronl War- College Friday," to spend at home. Wfififred Maddux, who the Trenton scliool ']aS cce I a posltlbn m the e school he comfig year. Ladies' Cemetery associa- at Mrs. George Louden's The nice quilt was not will be disposed of later. marshal Zitzmmm shot a which showed signs of \\;Vednesday morning near & Kuhn's lumber yard. M. Winter. cf St. Louis, Spendinga week with her Mr. and Mrs. Win. Staht, to the city Thursday. Dunning ]eft a sample bof first whe-tt threshed in Vicinity flus season on our Thursday. It is ot good [essrs. Braunde]l. Whittaker of Summerfield, took show. and also looked 'the management of a base Tuesday. Leonhard recelyed a cask wine from his brother Escondido, Calif., one day It is of tlne quality flavor. Standards defeated the & Wolf nine here last the score being 11 to 6. )rmer will cross bats with the team next Sunday at Car- brick si,dgwalk will also Gleich's prop- and City halls. A qnaliy of brick from the yard at Belleville is al. on hand. Day was celebrated i, terian church Sunday The platform had been lly decorated with rare flowers and sheaves of The different exercises by were very creditable, number of parents and graced the church by their to witness them. Caughlan, Dr. Bartel and attended the Con- Convention at East St. '. Hon. J. Murphy, Louis, was nominated ressman. Our fellow J. C. Eisenmayer, was as a congressional com. eman. This is an honor that worthily bestowed. Woodmen are making for a grand celebra- ,le on the Fourth of elaborate medal wilt be to the winner of the foot race,and a saddle given- winner in the slow-nmle will be three foot races, one slow- sack races, and two 1. The ilew base ball dfieh is in course of con- , will be dedicated on that wish to once more call at- to Louis and Barbara ,the two musical prodigies ,nv, who will appear at d/,Trenton,Ill.,and give a ne 24, 189t,at 7:30 1,. M. ived their musical educa. s conservatory of Munioh. ood testimonials from Thei re[ Comings and Golnga of People Here and IElsewhere. Read F. Leonhard's new ad. M. (ginzel was to St. Louis on bU'slness" ] rlda.  --]Hrs. Hy. Blanck went to ,St. Louis Thursday. A. K. Mollet, of St. Lout,% spent Sunday here. Jas. Stallard returned to St, l,onis Weduesday. --Dr. F. L. Bartel apent Sunday :ith Carlyle friends. --I:rof. J. E. Whitchurch was here Thursday morning. --Miss Martha John returned from her trip this week. --Edgar Bringhurst, of St.Louis, was out a few days this week. ---Mrs. Mince visited St. Loui Ielatives a few days fbi's week. h Fred. Baema. of Carlyle, ad busire}'s' here Yednesday evening. \\;V. C. Kaune, of Breese, spent Sunday evening with friends here. Sheriff Adam Junker had business in this vicinity Tuesday. --Mrs. M. A. Carr visited Car- lyle friends a few days this week. Frank Strohm and children, of East. St. Louis, were here Sunday. --Chas. Junker, of Aviston, was here canvassing for a book Tues- day. Henry Vollett attended the miners' convention at Springfield last week. --Mrs. Dr. Mitchell and chil- dren, spent  mr.(lay with St. l.ouis friends. Jos. Padfield, at Snmmerfie]d, was the guest of his son, J. C. Pad- field, Thursday. --Mis Kale Leonhard returned from a week's visit with Highland friends Thursday. Mrs. Ida Hamlnen. of Noko- ntis. is tlle guest of her. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Burton, this week. Wm, H. Reiss and wife, of O'Fallon, spent Snnday as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Nies. All Trenton teachers, also Hill, attended the Teach- era' institute a.t Carlyle this week. ---Chas. Robi8on, J. C. Louden, Ms Mason and Miss Bertha Hor ,x, of Lebanon, 'ere lere Sunda:f evening. --Peter Felhler and family., of Belleville, and Mrs. Trena,of Sum- merfield, visited relatives here M(mday. Miss Sehna and Irma Mueller, of Highland, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. Leonhard ltart of this week. Mr. and Mrs. F. Plate. of East St. Louis, spent Sunday here, as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Bachmann. --Geo. McDonald spent part of last week near Mitchell, Madison Co., lmtting up Deering binders for Hammel & London. lJav. Hanna, wire has been staying a few months at Hy. Aid- ridge's, left 1or Nohle, Ill., where his lather is quite ill. --Miss Mattie Mallet departed for Halstead, Kan., Monday,where she will spend the summer with her sister, Mrs. Ida Lehmann. C. Streeb's little deaf and dumb son calne back from the asy- lum at Jacksonville. where he had been to school the past year, one day last week. M, rs. L. Stacker, Miss Wanda and Emil Stacker, also Mr. and Mrs. R. Vogel and children, spent Sunday as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. Ginzel. --Mrs. J. D. Mollmann and son August, also LoUis Seheve and l red Pastel, were tp from Mbs- coutah Sunday to see {. . Moll: mann and faaily.  " Wm. Rhinesmitll, of Carlyle, spent Tuesday hero'. W under- stand e will eo!e out as ao inde- pcnde0t candidate for slleriff. He ha. tho qualifications. : " -,-,John 8chuster and Jacob Ram. merskirehen attended the eople's One party convention at 0din Tuesclav Hon. Joseph relford was romln. T TEAOEEtS' ITITUT]IL A Good Attendance, and One of the Most Pleasant tnd Profltatl,Ie Seaiont In the Hlsry of the Comtty. _. In lastweek's bsttt,lte note.. were d'elivered at' the' close of Wednesday's session. Both gen- tleman spoke of the needs of bet- ter education on part of the teach- ors and were heartily applauded. Mr. Blizzard departed tbr home in tile evening, Mr. Johnston re- turned Thursday morning. THURSI)AY, " ' rim chief feature m tbts (lay,,. work was Mr. ttenningei#s "in- struction in'Civil 'G'overmien't. In order to "imt)re, 'dtearly u pen tile nlinds of the stndents tmw voting for the state legislature is carried on, a ticket was put into the field and voted upon. The two parties having c,lndidates in the fiehl, were represented by two divisions of the school room. \\;re need not state that this was an excellent object lesson in Civil Government and that it was ap- preciated as much by the ladies as by the gentlemen. Hugh Murray explained the two methods proposed by the old parties for tile selection of a candi- date for the U. S. Senate. Hugh's explanation was a very good one. Come rgain as a participator, Hugh. M. I'. Murray and Rev. Hen- nessy with family, were listeners to-day. We did uot get the op. portunity to call upon these gen- tlenten for a talk. Mrs. McGrady's name was added to the list this day. Owing to Mr. Beattie's absence from our school, several persons attended for a day or two withont register- ing. Had our instructors known them they would be minus $1,50 now and the Institute fired that much the gainer. Please register if you intend to teach next year, we know that you wonld ]mve done st) if you had considered a neglect of tlis an imposition upon th0e who paid. l'his is not written in a spirit of criticism. The following resolution was read in the forenoon and unani- lnously adopt(d: "The teachers of Clinton Co., assembled in the Institute. send greeting to our Supt., Mr. Gee. A. Beattic, and earnestly hope that he will soon be able to be present with us again. FRIDAY. Contrary to our expectation and information Prof. J. N. Patrick put in all appearance in the forenoon. \\;\re hadnot expected him till the fi)llowing week. After having lllade a tour through the room. shaken hands with a few scores of teachers, he settled down to work. He delivered an hour's Ialk in the formroon on the subject, Gram. mar. ]n the afternoon one hour was devoted to the reading, or more correctly speaking to the discussion ot a paper on tile "Mind." The following aIe only a few of the short, crisp senteuees uttered by Mr. Patrick: "An ounce of living teacher is worth a ton of dead text books." "The one prudence at the teach- er is coucentratiou."--Emerson. "The school is only a means to an end." "The world owes nothing to its idlers." "Talking teachers will put brightest children to sleep: might as well put them in boxes, intellectually." "If you fail to get the attention of your pupils, you are a colnplete fail!fie." "Phere is nothing in nature for a dodger to hide himself behind." You can not get away from yourself, yourself follows you." "You can fill a child with facts until it becomes a. fool. The big- ges fool I ever saw was a graduate of Harvard." > "A community often applauds when it ought to censure. The man who does the least frequently holds on the longest." "The careiul copyingby the tlildren of one of Garfield's or Lincoln's speeches, is worth from one to twenty lessons from Pat. tick's Essetltials of English," The full force of these utter. anees can, 0f OUl'$e appreciated in their lated position, no1' spoken by any one else than Mr. I3atrick, carry the weight with them they do falliug from His to two ritten productions of some kind every week, less talking about the dry bones of Grammar, lnore language science in tile teacher's store house of kuowledge. 'Cranky as 3lr Patrick appears to saline/his edudat]onal idbas"arc in "the'lnaiii k"+?y "6url[L "Wo predict that  ihe i:jof.ity""f tits sever( ei'ih,s ffi, l,l be" 'un o#r W the 6hr 'of educationa a;All;en%nt erd andther deea4e 'hdsV:bne,bv. As"'this ' was" Mr. nliller's last tay in our countx; th teach, ors, as a testimmiial of"'tgo highest regar:d they ent&tain fSr him as Institute mStl'ttc5}, had: a com- nntt6e draft a vote of thanks to him,  which was ead by Miss Kat Vfeber and unanimously adopted. It read as follows: We, the undersihmed conlnlittee, in the behalf of the Clinton Co. teachers, respectfully submit the following: Resolved, That conscious of the many educational benetits we have derived from Mr. Henninger'sin. strttction this week, we most sin. cerely tender hiln our thanks, as- suring that our thoughts will fol- low him into his new field of la- bor. His untiring zeal and un- flagging interest in behalf of his students, in colmection with a vivid perception of the most mod- crrl educationM thoughts have been of incalculable benetit tu us. May his success as Institute in- structor meet with due al)t)reeia- tion in our neighboring counties. We trust to see his smiling face again among us in the near future. r, ; ( } A. t. I,A ;LtN, E.MMA I,ocUV, Committee Ift.:ic I{ENsiX,, Mr. Henninger responded with feeling words, and his parting counsels will long remain in the nfinds of his hearers. We saw the following visitors in our schoolroom Friday: Ben This was made so lucid that all could eastla, comprehend her ex- planations. l'rot.Guy is doing excellent work in physiology. He goes deep down into his sub}#et, in fact, too deep fi)r the average teacher. Excuse the term average Some one said th other :da/'he never mt the average cache. /,r want at a t, flerter}/'l tke tltlS word here. "3Ii' ]nftie gs in the lxOnl fi)r anhOur to-day. He ia grad uall3; i;egaining his trengtt. A mnnber of the teachers attend- ed the sociable at M'r. 3os ,fer's home. This affair was arranged by the El)worth League.. The male portion of the teachers was very conspicuous through it, absence. Some, $23 were netted. WEDXESl)Ay. The thermometer has been climbing upward to-day and 'ifi consequence somnolence in the room is not a rarity. A few inert recesses a (lay would mitigate this somewhat. We were not able to give tile names enrolled the last few days, we shall send them in next week, however. Win. Jones. Harvey Jones, and Ben Ford made a short stay in our l:OOln. INST|TUTE POTPO UI{RI. Read these two reports of a teacher to his successor and decide which one deserves preference. JAME S:MIT}| l'reent, 17 1-2 (lays. Absent, a [-2 days. Tardy, times. 4. Deportment, 72 per cent. Reading, 75per cent. Writing,  per cent Spelling, 90 per cent Adthmetc, 65 per (nt. (;rammar, '.e per cent. Geography, ; per cent JAMES SMITH. Age ten. Size, large Health good. Father a etrpenter, well t do; mother gm0d Fold, Judge 0'lIarnett, Miss lltspositlon--<qeerruI, honest. Mollie Vernon and John Bonham, ,htts. rather lazy, untidy, not prompL ls resp(mslve to req fiesta Lou Nichols and Mantle Menk- Is s(msitive to criticisms haus. There were others t)resent Nat,,ral ahility--g,x,d, hut not developed whose ll'tnles we did, howe(z, l'emarks: .lie likes Arithmeti,,, but hasn. tot obtain. We halle to be for- ue mr Gatnmar ls fair in other atudie. lIas some desire fl)r improvement. given for this neglect. Which of these is the better one? MONDAY. Prof. Gee. L. Guy, of Etfing. ham, came into town this morn- ing and after a short rest wended his the school house, fits elastic step and erect carriage, told the early arrivals that he was fully equil)ped for g week's hard work. The branches assigned him are: History, ArithDetic  Readi ad Physics. PromtlF a nin o'c]0ck he took charge of tle arithmetic class, at(i witl his uual vim impressed Ul)Oll the teacher's minds, the care- ful accoupting for every mirmte spent in the class morn. Nor q0 his actiot)s make a mockery of his word.. His idea in tea(hive is to keep the' utilitarian side of the subject in hand constantly before his students. "Less technicality and more practical work," is his motto. In this he tallows in the footsteps of his predecessor, Mr. Henninger. Miss Martha Buck came on the last train in the aiternoon. She will take charge of the Grammar class to morrow lnorning. For the first time since his last illness Mr. Beattie appeared among his teachers this m()rning. His appearance was the signal for a hearty applause. Owing to his weakness he remained only a short time. Among other things he announced that he would renew the certificates of all teachers who in the county last year. ly slight changes were made m the program, the mothods of instruction are about the same as last week's. The following persons visited us Reds. Walker and Hennessy, Miss Blanche Weber, Miss Grace Crichfield and Arthur Oehler, of the Trenton S:m Mr. Oehler delivered a briet talk in the forenoon on some of the means to improve the financial condition oI our teachers. We are gladto note that he steered clear of the ohl chestnut, "'the no. bility of tho teacher's vocation." This beautiful phrase has palled upon our taste, an aavance at salaries would be moe appreciable. TUESDAY. " bli Buck put iu an appearance early this morning and took charge of the Grammar and Language work. Her first lesson was in the meth- cotreet 8he made to us. distinction Tho last one is the modern one DO YOU NOW VlAT Instructor E.E. Xan Cleve is the choral)ion broad jumper, Murray is our base ballist. Win. J. Franklin i. the lnsti. tute's heavy weight. Robert l)iandan is tile (hamilton !nter. .... ' ' E. C. Miller is fond of skating. E. N. Skelton is fond of Boston's f!worite disll. tternl. Reusing is the chapion 100g distant( pedestrian. Prof. Patrick call base ball "snall usiness," Our young male tear, hers isagee witl }t'p on this. ' ............. One of h'ishtown's young peda- gomes, was so wrought up over his work last week that he re, hearsed his lessons in his sleep. He also nfentioned the name of a certain young lady a number tim es. Be careful what you dream when the mischievous school boy is near. The festive book agent has in- vaded our territory and makes the air musical with book talk. We know the name 6f only one at present, Mr. John Grub(, repre. senting the People s Cyclopedia.' Mr. Grube was here two years ago and sold several sets to our people. THE :STRIKE OVER.  2esterday morning our miners, that is, tho majority of them, who have been ant since May I, went to wore again, feeling convinced that ?rolongation of the trike had better in store for them. If anything has been gained or them, nobody knows it. One thing must be said for our miners as a class, and it gives us pleasure to say it namely, that they were on their good behavior during the entire two months they were out. They would quietly, but with de- termined faces, walk our streets. convere quietly among themselves and imve evy tittle to say to otheru. This was quite in contrast to the rioting and destruction ot property going on at some other places. We hope they will now have steady.employment, at living wages, and that they witl study" the hiatory, as well as note the usual ending oi all strikes, before enter. ing tlpon another one. &trainer SchoOl! By requett I shall open a six-weeks  sunmer school at the Trenton school building, 1804, Business Notices. M,'ants, For Sale, Lost, F)un(1, ]For l{ent,&c ,VANTED!--t0 exchange borsos foi COWS 48-4,q {;EO. GUYOT. Buy Machine Oil at Cards ])rug Store. 5) Screen doors and windows for ah cheap, at 44 tf Jos GLANZNER'S. Dried Califoruit grapes 5e a lb, at the Star Store. 31 --Bring your job work to Tn: Sex Office. 25 pounds of good sugar Ibr $1 a.t 25 . The Broadway [Store, Asparagus. (tnlwd, at a quart(-'r t can, at the Sttir Store. :1 , B,,ys Knee Pants from 2Sets. to $1 per pair at the Broadway Smrd: - 51) tf 00fyou for little money, go to the Star Store. 41 t.t Eat green apples, ann buy your medicines at C arrts pharmacy, 50 If you want t doyour pocket book justice, go to Broadway Stre and y Clothtng at reduced pfies. (x) t the Star Stre- 2 cakes of fine ctil" for 5e. al .' The Imperiat Tea Co., of SL Louis, and Bellevil}e, deliver calicos and eas tn Trenton, twic a month Try their good' " 50 t,f. - White oak bad room suits wittt )eveled gla 24x30 for :t2., at Jos: (;LANZi'S, 37. the Broadway Store. a7. ' Ice cruam every Wednesday, Satur- - ,la "ai]d Sunday, at 47Y FREt). FRXCI(ER'S. 30 youths of goo,00 sogar or,00 ,. dollar at the SSar Store. al One thousand am! four pair of knee pants all wool at 50 cts. a pair, at the Broadway Sto:Le .. 37. ,,Men's w()meW, s alld boys' Tennis noes, runl)ersole, at'50 cents a pair, st the Star Store.  ' " 41 tf ltavtng an overstock of Ga',oline Stoves,: : will 6flr the same now I)e. low cot, for cash. ,., 50tf ' " L. I. KOENTZ. USa Ad A. FTieker will hand a frosh Milk ahake ever] 49t Foe Ileae 1 I have for sale a piano, ]lnost new: tll be sold at half original price. 43-1y ' (. S. (-AlY(IHIAN. 'or Stle or Pent. Tle old Leonhard property, now o0eupiedby Wl, St.aetlr. Apply at premises. 40!4 NOTICE ! My .lack, alo Bay Buck and tha f,lyde horse. Garfield will make tim season at my old home, one-half mile )vest of Trenton, 0tf " JOHN BURTON. Flo,o, ! The celebrated Peffr Mill Co flour will be constantly kept on hand at Sam Fricker's store an bakery, and sold cheap. 14 VALUABI.E INFORMATION to all wearers of glasses. Call on Prof. Hirsehberg, thel'eeognized New York and St. Louis Eye xpert, who will be in Trenton Juice 27lib and 2th st the store of his agent, W, T.Carr. Chnvch's .Bg l?inish. Just received, a Bug Finish. No Thoroughly etleetive omicl for kiliin w orlnS 611d Worth itsprice as a f6rtilize. put up in dry forr ready for use, safe to handle, by L. [. KoIIa'z. 49 I have two little grand ehl|dren who are teething this hot summer weather aud arc troubled with bowel co..pia!nt. I give them Chamberlain's Colic, (holera and DiarrhoeaRemedy, ann it acts like a charm, 1 earnest] ,; recommend it for children v troubles. sovero atl cured ms. Wi I was work. Mrs. W. L. Partner 'h moderate taken will