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June 22, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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June 22, 1894

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Q TRENTON SUN. PUIDI,HN EV)2RY FRIDAY, lrthm" 0eiiler Editor and tubHher. FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 1894, Entered at the l&apos;ostoflicc ia Trenton' |II . as Second Class Mail Matter July 1, lSi3 TE/tI$ OF SUBSCRIPTION Iavariably in Advance (lle year .. $1 50 Z Four inrmths .50 St mouths ...... 75 ] TWO months ..... 25 S2.:gle Copies. 5 cents. Smplc Copies frec mi apl)liealion. LOUAL ADVERTISING RATES. Lob'Ms, live eent per lil, c Rcsohttions )I CO 11( el elt('e fr(mI I,odcs or other tdo- clerics, one dollar Obituaries free. but subject to t)cing ablblgcd; otherwise two slit] l IDIII'  mlL a [hie, l)octry fldlowing dcalh IlOticcs two liil(t II half ecltts per line. Lislq Of wedding presents, two slid fl halfccll|s Dar iillt! Notices for* reiigiolls all,1 charitable Durposcs frct. AdVVl'tisitlg rates made kllown Oll applica, tJon nd served fl'om 1882 to 1886, and was afterward elected to thelowcr house of the Illiimis legislature. He was appbinted warden ot the Chester penitentiary by Governor J6sei)h W. Filer, and served until he was succeeded by a DcmocraI. He has resided in East t. Louis ab0flt two years. : )l)ablioa;t0 {avea10a. ghe: Rept:bfiean {,oters,-:,of the State(are requested t,J w.,x,t 'dr Conny Convention and elect de},|. gates to a Republican State Con. vention to oe hehl in Springfield. on Wednesday, July 25. 1891, at 12 o'clock noon. for tile l)urpose oI placing in nomination eandidatc. to be voted tbr at the Noveml)er election, IS!N, to till the fl)llowing oltices to-wit: State Treasurer. State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Three Trustees of the University of I llinois. The basis of representation for the everal counties will be one delegate for every 300 votes cat Electors in l S{)2, and ()lle for eaci 00Tt0000!0tt .,,.,,o,,.,.,,o, o,,,0,,.., th..,,0 J, -. t-[. C ,Am, Chairman. 1. N. aa,m,-(,x, Sec 3. Clinton connty is entitled to live ( (]elegates. under tht, above, call, Btmd county to 1;, St. Clai:, 21: Madism: 1,q; Marion, 8; \\; ashing- ton. 7; Fayette, 7. an athtek of rllemnatisnt. [ used Chamberlain's Pain Bahn and wa:, o,mplecly eured. I have sincead- vised n]an.}" ,,f lay friends and custo.- mere to try the remedy trod "ttl sl)e(& , 6 -=L Ill -- ........... 2_ .ZZ._: ...... 2 ....... "----. ...... Z_. TY2 Relmblican County Tickel Vm' (. oml y Jmle. .\\;kl()S F \\;AIIS. }'Of {'t]HIII J Tr(.!aMlrcr. r' O" " ) JOtfN ,)1[. KCI[. For l.!)Illl, (:icl'l( c. 1t. 'NI.COLAY. For i,crilt", J. M. DAVIS, '1' ('Odllt) SIil)t.rlllttqldcllt Df SC[ICOI. AIH'HUR OEIILER. -" CGNflIIESSIONAL TICKET. F)t P,C|: r0ueugaiivc in (Ollgl'Cg. '.'let IJL.;I E. J. MUI'd'HY of Last St. l,ouis. Ll IIORIAL R()mxsox Arg,,s: The Eitingham IlepubIic.n, which tes tiilm a year go redaced its subscription price 1o one dollar per year, has seen its lblly and advanced.the price to its old standard ot $1.50 per year. This is as low as aly tirst class emlntry paper can be turnished md make a decent living. I'HOSE who can SllbUl[t pay the!r bills proml)lly and thereby lebp the money in (!ireulatioil. Ev.y business nlan needs wtiat, ig du6 him, anti. it goes Mthout saying, that he will pass it arouiiH among. his creditors v.e;y soon after gettff:g it. There would be no lfard'tim: if every llers(m gould pay hig bilIa promt)tly. THE Herald,one of the W'en?thiet nd mos popular of tile Clncag( 8{ilies. discontinued, its weeldy ditioll beeaus% with a crculaton ,)f:20,000, it tailed to pay th.e ex- pense t)f publication at $1 a year. It wad.but a tritte larger than ttie 5thor papers, and being made up hf matter'from the daily,'cost noth- ing for the type setting. Yet there are i)lenty of people wKo think that the tout)try paper, with only a small circulation compared with the weekly Hcra'ld, can aflbrd to hmlish thei): paper at $[' year. A country pap@ at"l.50 '6: $2 per annum is ehe,per than wheat at 50 cents a bushel E. J. fUIWI-Fv the Ieiibliean nominee for congress from the 21st dis.L)ict, was b()rt, in \\;VasLiington County, IHinois, ifi 1852. IIe I"as taken to Randolph County Weti a b,y. Hi: parents were uot we:ltlty, and he 'is a ,elf-made mau. : He received a common school e,ea- 'tie% and graduated from the tigh school at Sparta, Randolph com..y. His tirol occupation We are pleased to Lo able to an- nounce tlmt the publisher of Tile INTI2tt OCEAN tins m'tde a spetdal oflbr on the weekly edition of that l)aper (lUrln I he preseut political ('ampaign. lie wfll send The Weekly I ttq ()coon /i)r six llloliths to any subscriber on receipt Of thirty cents. This isavery h)w price for one of the best aL, d able.dr Republican newspapers in lhe el)un- ity. Good Republicans should try go increase its circulation. Subscriptions ivill be received at this l)riee fl'om June let o August let. After Ihat the regular prices will bc reatoi'ed. Mr, Fred Miller, of Irving, Ill.. writes that he had a Severe Kidnesi trouble for mauy years, with severo pains in his back and also that his bladder was affected. He tried many soeallod Kidney cures but withmtt. auygood result. About a .)'ear ago he began usa of Eleclric, Bitters and fimnd relief a once. iqlectrie Bitters is especially adapted to cure of all Kidney and Liver lroubles and olteu gives almost instant relief. One trial will prove our statement. Pico only 50c. for large bottle. At W. T. Carffs Drug Store. IOU'NTAIN L.-KE I'AIIK. Ou tile Main Lil)e of the Baltimore &" Ohio llail roltd. On the crest of the Alleghanies, 3.(,00 feet above tide waIer, is one of the met chrnling and heat, hfal re- sorts and COllmins oa acres of lbrest and lades. The lemperturois de- lightful and hay fever aid malaria are unknown The Park is lighted by electrle) ty.  he hotels and board- inghouses are first classl board froih $7to$|5 per week. Furnished cot- rages or rooms a reasonable l'ate. All Baltimore ,v Oialo trElns stop at the park. Write to L. A. Rudisill, Superintendelt, Mountain Lake Park Md., in regard to betels, etc., and for lnfl)rmation as to time of trains, razes of fare, etc., (,all on auv agent of th.e Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Rai.- way. or address O. P. McCaHy, Ceil. erai Passenger Agent, St. Louis, M. PROF. H.' Hh{" (' ,ttBER(,. the well-know Eye Expe|t. of 6N)!  Olive St. St. Louis, Mo.,alM 30 g, ltthSt. New York, wishes to infl)rnl his ntany fl'iends aud patrons of TroD- ton and vieinity that he will beat the store of Ills agent, W. T. Carr June 7, 28, and a(ljut his celebrated Non-ChangeaMeSpectacled and Eye- Glasses to all in need ot them. Con- sultation free, P,0al --ztao F0 Sal0. 0 aere of splcndid bloc grass paMure, 3 miles. N. E Trenton. Living wiitcr the year roumI NiCely thubrcd tlld fcnccd. The best piece of DaSlllre laud hi Clillton Co. 2ts located in S. E. portl6n of city well fen(. ed  :ith splendid well aud an extra large barn 2hoOp, 8:daerclnnorthpart of city. Welt improv-" ed: '.'Two story frunlc housc o}" eight rooms Ccitt.r, 2 wells a cistern and outnildingtt (;ash or tltoe. Tidsi a very ehcap house at the priSo asked. l_t ineentral part of city. One and one half#tory frame (lwellhlg housp,,,tvell and oet- build".ngs, In si;lemlhl repair ll,1 t nice pier e of property. TWt: lots tn best. ri)sidcllce I, orlio} ef town. Well|reproved wlt.qne story brtek dwelliug, good mru and ollfbfitldil)gs, suitat)4(i fl)r one or two f-uniltes. Plenty of ntce shade .and fruit tree  all fruit it, Gooduell t s. , 'I "s ",, ' " , "tcrll an(I cellar. In splendid- repair.' '. l.lots [part lmpr<)qd] In Old Orqtard Me 5 mile. west of St. L',hfis. ('ash or on.;fflol:thlv paymcnts. A ow'e]cctric strect raitwn : has t)ecn s0rveyeM, rd,hin 7 miu0tc,"walk oft, hesel )ta which wi ] loako thelll r{sc |n vol ue rat)iktt,:, A splendid invtstlnent, l'artIe.t,esiring to bay or sell real estate will do well{0 earl. For further particular in. quire O f '?, T."CarE Trenton Ill ...... , John Meguire, Dl'hgs and Medicines, ciwol Books, Pai,nt, Oils, Perform. e"y ad Taue Am,ties, s.m 189t C, 1:,, IAICaITLIl, 1 HOTOGRAFI"EG, , ILLS, 0Ui00 N[W STOCI00 Includes a great variety 0f _the...Latest_st, yl_smd most ashlonatde Goods for Spring' and Summer wea r-_:it!, ...... Suc!L:a_n__ ex- tensive variety to choose i ewaTT TFT.d from tl!at yo u cannot fail of making a Satisfactory Tz:t Selectiol in any depart, {}II meat. Our l)riees are al- ,:k ! ways a little ................................. .  L0w, Than-Any Others! EGGS '.1. ; .< , ,./.. ' .V(9'R. I[A')",;tING FROM ;J{:'/ .'; Langshan  .i Light Brama,' Plymouth Rock   and Buff Cochin. _ Surplus stock all sold, but plenty of ,. Eggs at reasonable prices. "'-- "' ': Address, .... "28, 1 I-1] ITb Y, Sugar Creek Poultry Yards, 21CENT03, iLL .... I _ [ ........... '; .......... )] ............. I'" H. E. 51( )LL/VIANN, HARNESS, ._. .... 2 ? . '' .... rt I ..... :,r ........................ , .. tl, aibl0 8: &m]o, I Frequent Settlements v, (v Safeguard ! MERCHANT- TAILORS, i Annual Dividends and Realization Disappointment ! aits Made to Order in the Te H0[tlX 0Uh l,i INS. gO,, LATEKI STYLES. Of Hartford. Conn. ;ith assets of $10,0),000, Declares slid Pay# i)ivldends Allnllally! "1 VE,It Y policy holdcl" recmves his OWII every 12 }'ii Worknmiip Gum, nteed "" months Under Tin, tint. l,istrlbntio ...... l Ace!tl]ll)hztion poli('its of other ('unit)aster, he ( lztlls[Wlitt l(,or20yc*lrs f)' 1t. ) ]V IO 1)o dlS- appOilltPd thCll The Phocllix policic are I$iltll)ll , I;2d (lclhlite, COllQlillillg allllllal lllal'all- L]N.'.;']:y, ices ill case of lal)e No lawyer is needed to REC, I,:I V EI) FULL ('Xl)tlitt them. Everything , gltartntoed ! Notiling estimated! For inR)rmation ltllil' ,VIIICII WE WILL SEI,L AT % LOUIS L&TTN.; Reasonable Prices. -,, lloiir00 t)ublic 00,nd Chvcp, ncer; Pioaso Give Us A Call 8efoie leal Ustate & Loan g[. BUying Elsewhere! = ...................................................... llitn(ling 1)urchascr will pleas ... . . ,). call 'ud get figures for improved lIL li|ltll i|ili W|lilllil  and hnimproved city h)ts. On he c0e 0 ths llIIghenieB N2 )..' ..,,,l,,.:,ns.. G: l (MAIN LINE B. & O. R.R.) . . . mtc.d in 1 coos Valh','*{cw  . c : FR|illifOl'Uqltton win tneerflllly DC gil'Cll of .....  this lorious oasis, situated within the limits of ,ua..,..,, ..,,,,, h.. .2:.z "94 w.hacWhs ft, rmedy known as t! et;reatAerl- ..... .tt, "1. ..... * ............ Y" -" e))n l)t.s,rt with" its bcautifll'l, incomparable -- t CL{llld|e Whel'C erop and ehoitlest |'rllits tire llates 60  llld 80 it IIIOlith) RC- lllll, Ulte|lrpd to order (if I ntA" so call it). by cordlllg tO loea*iot. Addl's2st Ilealis of irl'igation. GEO]l{ii I)eNItlEg.IS Mttnager, Deer i'ark. (arrett CoUY, hid. ...... ----m------ I]F YOU ARE IN NEED Oil MOUI00TAI00 Eli '," Clothi)tg, Boots, ,h )e: Between n Park and Oakland.  R'ubbe Goods, Hats, .qeer, Ctls  , Gents lat,riti.h'ty Seas 71t, jmns ute 1.t, '94. and w*,h t,, l,.v goods--ltEl,IABI.E GOODS-- ...... at BO'(T()M t"RI(:ES vali on /'4OUNTAIN LAKE CAHP HEETING BROCKHA & ,I, xaL, o,, /1OUNTAIN LAKE CHAUTAU(UA, UllJOlllt" [W,L Dalt(.%II.D,,Sulf't of In.trePll.] Tim only ('A,H STORE in Tl'enton, Ill, whbre y()lt Calt ct 100 cents worlh of goods lor a ilol- tltTgRSTAt W, g. 'T. 0. gOIRTIOH. 1,.,', t, preferc,,ee to gctthlg ',0c to (;:,e. w6r|h " for I (*(! that yOu pay the e.redlt merchant, who ltatoa, $7 to $1,3 per wek. Addrsa has to (h;rgC)-(tl! tht'$e prices in order to coVer L, A, ItUDISILL, Super|arcade,it, his lot,? 1)y the eredlt system The vnuh sys- llOlllltatll Lftke Fark, Md. ['*111 elllll,{cs ns tO un,h)'sell. !'or e do nothave gO ehil,rgI!,,%'oIl 'rOlll ',le to IXL extra in order to cover b..d  red ttors' dl)ta. As re.,trds ROCK BOTTOM I']tICES, we say TRENTON MEAT MARKET, ",,. righ.t here that w havh )n(t,l. l 8'l'lNtI ' BL()W to th}' credit ytelrt, for they tre not Ill SAUSAGE. it at all. for We undeysell any of them, Fresh meats of all kinds daily. Clt'[,l and be Convincedl Froh Fish every Friday. MRS, J&C, OB SEE. P. S.lgs and t oultry taken Meat Market ! J O ll." L. II.Z) Gcrne's Old Staud -- TIENTON, 1LL. The Best and Cheapest the City to Buy .leat. ASK FOR Edler's "Special" Cigars. Manulactured By WM, lDbl, q'renton, Iii, M,kNI" I: 3,(?'1'1" IH',t{ (IF W'ire Picket Fence. :', ft Fev.(,(, . ............ 15 (2cuts pt)j' I{} d Sleek [:clio(. . .... 57) (',]liC kCll Ft'l tee . .... I;H 5aw.ill of all ki)ldS dollc to ordcr. Pickets for sale. Summerfield, Iliinois, W. T. CARR, Gradttate ill l)llilrlnc. D EALI;R IN" Drv[gs .2lcdi, oines, Books. Nla- ltono'y, Etc. Real Estate & Insurance Agt, LOANS NEGOTIATED. Z. T. I{E3IICK. J. C, I,'ISEh'JIAYEII Trenton Elevator Co. Pays Spot Gash --for-- H'ItEAT C01tJ" & OATS: ALSO DIALIH8 IN lour Corn meal ,ShtpstuFt JBrut. WILT {;IIN']) AND ('I|A!I (:011"5 A;'I) EX('I[ANGE 51F, A!,FI ', C{)I[N. ANI) I"l.O/'l: l'? "v, tII';A' ?NT0)7 NWN, PaN ilaa10, '01ri0t0r, ..T E. .O3;. ILL, C(f()Jtl,,l,. ('().N"'SIANIIY "' SUI'I'I,IE!) WITH MY FiRST- CLASS TRENTON LAGER BEER, WM, WALLRABENSTEiN, llA O I'I':N E I) C Factory No, 123, }?: THE Ctll For lind SlilOlIIO His " Y ST.RTR!" If YOU 1V'dnt to Filnoke the NT h, MhR00T! TIlE LEA I)IN(I. 7' .. " , ANI)-- .Organs, Pianos, SEWiN6 MACHINES, GET MY 1)ItlCHES BEFORE I'LACING YOit ORDERS IIIIILdID = - -  - ILL. ,'/?-r /:, B. & O. S. W. R'Y. TREN TON Arrives Irom St Louis ....... I)cparls for at. Louis .... Going west. Vincennes Accommodation., ...... 7" Loeal Freight ........................ 1 Mail (Stops Sundays) .... rhrough Aceomm0dation 2'. ....... Going Ea through Accommodation ....... Mail (Stops Sm:tavs.) ............. Local FreighF. ...................... Viu?enncs Acao,nn:odaioL ......... 7 Alex BJ{EESE. Going West. Mail .................................. 4 eco,nmodal i m, ..................... ViIlCCll 1 lCS .A CCO)IIIILOda tioIi ...... Local Freigtzt ..................... 1'] Going East. Mail ............................... 9 1 Aceolllmndation ................... ViilCCllnes AeeOmllloda[ion ........ 7 Local Frcigh L ......... . .............. .1 T LOUISVILLE. EVA.': ,VILLE t St. NEW BADEN. Going West No 3. Passenger . ....... No 1 1)assenger . .............. No75 Local Fr'gllt((;arrivsl,as'gs) U,iug East. No 2 Pasegcr . ................. NO 4 Passenger. .......... .. [[i Nu 7(I Local l;r'l'ht(cal'rie8 |)as'g') NO'8 8. a,l(1 4 ;I,o]lon Flag A] rcgul8 r stop J \\;V. R. A. Campbell. G. P A. St. ].oui PROFESS[( 11. 3I. ]). 3[ibbetts l'hybivbtn and IIighland, I!!. It JULIUS WIIUI"n. PiE ()lli('L' tit rcMdem.c, iIighlnn(1, Ill 1{ A (,;, 1H':, |IT')'_.I), l'i:-i('ial a:d Ollit'. t, lld t'c.'id('llvt. (]ltt! (lo()r [i/l[lll'' fllrllilll i j L[OI'L' ('atl R XV , BE('tlT(H,I). l'hvMeJan c()n. (l]l(t Iltl|l' ]]OfSl)II)t'P'S 1 "J/c ],lt[hCi:ll| ( [ilLuh ' ])IDJC:; prolll]lt]v IIt(ClHtcd h) (lay or i,Jgh/. ENTI#I'--P 1". ItI'H.LMUTII "'" ' ;At-"'['relltOlUt'vcrv ']'ill'still ()FFII'I,;:--S. 'V. for. l"Ph EIl"allCp 2!) 2" l.lth " ' " E it F A I,]]",[ .,; Phvsicilll tG](1 lill altt-Ild v/ills l)ruliplly, day or tl T (IAI:I"NER. Ph'eiUial and Olli,:c ill V*,'csl i,arI ul  "it:, I)rd}u[,tiy Itc dt'd lo. I) [{, F. L. tNTIST, Hr(It(i tt," t,)l'e l$1eck, g) (el'Itl [|11 Sl)t)kt').' Dr. A. II. Kyle, '' ETER1NAllY /-I|(41"I)N & 1 [iaqihmd Ill. OFI:IPE lIOI't{--7 tu !),. m ('alls ret,ot|,h;l to 1)3" Mail. Wire, photle, Day ornJght. A. w. CAIITER 'hysit:iq..:- Stir Will rebpond to Itll call day or Offie at I[bs|(elr('e--!)l)i)otte NCol'e, TrclltOll. - ..... ATT(JItNEY.AT-LAW OFFICE) CORNER 5I&Ilg & Z EWTO,Y, MISS JESSII" F. "EAcHER OF PIANO : ORG SPEULIL 14tte,itio, begi,i)tcrs. .'Iu Trcuton every FVidiy TERMS,0 CENTS PER LE; Have, just reeeited at my ,tore al .... ' 'flock LAItGE & MPLETE of Furnit,,lr o all klnd, embracing C, abinet Wale Undertakor)s oods, Washing Machines, ,Vringerl, Sow- ing Maiflnes, Needles) Repair etc, Have also Mattresses, Bed Springs and a splendid :Lot of Rockers. Most cf these goods were purchased in New York City. Come and see them " t JACOB KUHN, SR. '--)i! "it ,, '" Stoplhicfl . _ % Any one whose Watch has a bow (rtng),will nver have . casion to use this time-hono/ ery. it is the only bow that cannot be twisted bff the cae, and is found only. on Jas. Boss Filled and other watch cases stamNd witli this trade mark. A watch etln opense, wMeh Will lave yode flnoor nabs, sent hoe on request, Keystone Watch C_.ase Co.. ....... P'I'II IA D gL'PH I:: .....  LOUIS BLA'I WATCH IAI{IR & Wktches; Clocks & ral.e, ,Sld:tble for lVddi,,g m.t <t? ary presents at tt.m 1,,'ices. Repairing promptly 11 go,ds guaraiatecfl to be Trot,ton, - - Art Gall :-- At the old 1, prepared to Class ||ork: The finest e[lneled ;hoto'*, Pictures, Lif izo Crayons, 1)ie largcd, Everything Intl patronage Is earneatly charge If tvork is llOt Mrs. E.[lberry. L. C. tlEMANN, JACOB t'I:ESIOr:Xt'. (Incorporattd March lt.. fliEMANN; KUHN '  ( SUCCESSOP.. TO R1EM&NN --and-- LUMBER- m Constantly on haild a corn White & Yellow and Ueda PARTIES IN NEED OF ' JYTHING LIN] WILL FIND I