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June 22, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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June 22, 1894

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.......... ., ...... hair ....... L ., ., "_,  &apos; rON SUN. JUNE 22, 1894. ...................... of the Oltnten Oounty oard 0 ulmrvtsorm, {Concluded from last week ] at this time eonles (;t,Ol.-;.re A Befltio 11| Of ( ]l!ll)Is. al]d suhrllit8 Ill(! qllill'ter eP,.l{llg 5I!.y 31, 169|. Oa read, re,eiv(,d and adopted and he ]ll;l(le a lllllltpr o[" recol*d, to-wit; rvl,ort of ( ec i''e A Beat ( ('j ltv 'h(lent of s'hools fnr th .uarte','[ ay ], 18!)i. tOOl ...................... ]0 clay, ] .... .......... "( fill,  I I',esl,"e( ' v sn mliHv4 " { t;KOlt(,;' A I;IL,l'ffE. I '11)1|3 Sllpl'illcT)dvhl O!' ,( hOO:S | alld '&'Ol'l) to [lo['(!Ip ]}e *hi<3lM dav J( II\\;  LAMI'EN, nl (.'h'rk Uhahln.n of the ( ountv Ibm i of F.Ul,el. lllldel'sirlt('d qn!!ith'p OU li. ,I If!- z., v,, r-po]' (d'( ('()lhllv lipo tie; .1 OI sghools Illtl'[('I ' ('lllillff MnV ;,l J,',;(4. find lhl' [(I (*orl r|)(tll(| ,z,'Jltl 1.he lllPIB- hil'l y sulhnitn.1. ,Jlll,'lq] II '  ,(l ." N%q'r '' :M,\\; -('ollH/iliee (; ]l ."  x rl:! J ('Ullles .%.dill. ,]llltk,,r -h*'riil', }llld his a((')l III as itli]or |'lr 1}{,; l(/rlll ellt]. ll*a ]. i:DI. ILIn(IIILIiH/ [0 $125. vL ',xhieh Illlll fl,dop|e,, to vll: t*rJZE(,d ('Ollllt' t( I" 011 [li{,,.('e ] |,'( 1-tie {l/Hive ;l('')tlltt o[ A(JI/]II J IlllkeP. had Ill(:  ( I'  ' P" lh] ) ( )r'{s- ]i S )O( k I,$- ,  r" o1, roPol})ll/elld I,l i25.40 ;, 1)l'oml" of sam jail [tcspv 'tl'nll s,l , ,i l(,,I ,()S v l'J II NI}. COllllllitt ee (; l[ S \\;Nlll ." [lilt{ ,laln ,lll)lk(!l" 11( nllo\\;ved the 12-t0 a,s l;er jail ,-eoulm roles [JIG '(F)). ,;I ),,, . ,. llS],et ])d II r rc l)orl.') hieh wa. adol)t d le elerk order(,d h, issue et.qlliy \\;varrLlllS II),ll' '] | On V,'I : pOSlae 'liD] 1o1 L"I;ilI]$,: ] Tile fl)llowiag claims were allowed and coun- ty warrants ordered to be issued, to-w/t: (', J Gissy. eoroner fees .................. $ 22 () l.eai Blattner ...................... 7 91 Wulh, r Bro.. jail a(.count ............... 13 :0 ,Mrs. M E Loeke, mme ................ 7 50 E A Kahlert, boarding juror ......... :) '5 IT H.Watts. justice ti.e b{ll, claimed q,20 allowed ................................. 2 l0 1[. Watt. eonstable hill .............  :) B. I:'. Ford,justice bill ............. 28 (n) Wm Rogan.j ustice bill; ehltmed 1:] 25: allowed ............................. r 75 Erastus Sharp ................... 1:25 And no;v eoules thc eommittee on prinihg A! Fresh Supply of the Best Oanned Good .......... '""' PICKLES 1; on q ,T " l.: I) 'n. r, nl)V prn(',,(,dizi..s 'i (1) ,h()Ul,, ,: S,lU, l I'lntin ..... :s 5(1 ';'> """'"":'" """'"" " TABLES 5[)' AleMtwhu' l.(:hT;". lli,lvisor of East loWll-hi], l)(' ):lilhorizPr|  Lit (!x pC)lid lhe /Ill] of , ,,er ,,',,e ,,>r ,.e s,,, )l,,,, o each ,1 ,l,,, A ) ISTON IIIGII ehlhlre)) ,)ft)lW l"ruuk usIil] behlg three ill tllllh ]H'Y ,It ...... tl0] ('1" .'I)'. ]O,"l,h {lltLlk(,, it \\;'a,  l.)lT, lLli) and siatiohery. I,y.l S Williams, their (.hair- man, awl subluit their report, which Wa read, r,,e(,|v(,datl!,adol)ted, a,ldlheelrkord,,re,l 1o CHERt{[ES; isstle ('OllUly wlirralltS to t]ll everal elaifflaltt ) [or such FII1]IS ;IS therein l'oeOlllnlell(lPd, t.-wit: . "" .  I lile;sl'riHinu('\\; Ma,hmerv . ,71.3 APiICOTS (;co. J) Barnard&C(1,, " " ..... 19 On ) 1'. F Pettibone & ('(l , elaim :: allo\\;ve,l 75 l'revqt,iio,wrV(o, sad.' v a, 6) LJIWL. .LTJI.LTD[']"t''9 Dol{llehne ,k llelllloh,!rrv " " 39 ,l ]) lHrl'l}', (,llS]l advanr('d Ior 6lalh)ll y j a John lhg" "ll'inl;li2 ... . [ 25 'l'l'i*lltt *} .I'N ])rilltill TOMAT()ES, BEANS, ] EXtra:S, ) ( [-EARS, PRUNES, " T  " ()I{AN G ES) GREEN FRUITS, (2rcliil't:d lh'H tile FII]ll of[5 tie allowed ), 1)" ' l"r l'o-hhe, sltpervisor el East Fork l(v,\\;n- ]lip, l,)dcfrny the fLlllel';II exT)elte el .'qr. A IlsLil) OIL lllO[.oll of ,'l 1" A. KOC}tl}e il \\;',11,  )r(|(l'('d lh;Q {tie eollnly ('lcrk lie requested In lmtify |lig ('olllllV lerk lie i'eqllested IO holily tile alllhor- iti(,,-nfMal'ioll(,oally, lhtt lhis board be al- h)wed  !2.110 for the Sill)fir)r| |if Gilt I ,t'll,|llir, , I,;kill,Cl" Ol 3I.II'iOa IGI|UIy {;rid the ltid Marioll (qlllllly l't!flll/d said alllOllllL o t'Xpol!dt'd IO (11111011 eollllly lilt ants OIl lllOIiOll of Mr dl/lllCl Sharp, Resolved Iiill the illvestiKatiou Ill Ill(" l'atter of treatHlell| Of I he l;allpers ill tile coilIIty 1)nor tlOll .0 |)y ])l' ax ]]roel:ilL*, COllllV l)]lyJe]h. |)e llldd(' [ spqc'h;1 m'dq" for T(lo(hly, ,Jillle ]2. Isgl a),d Ihat uhen thi Board adjolzru, it adjo!lrn )o MOLASSES, SOAP) 1OO OTHER Ill 8 It O Is/ h/ J [b [b ' 7 CO1 FEES TEAS) 8U(;AR, STARCH, , ARTICLES. .. 1 '--, tha( (iv3, l] S Ol'dtq "(1 th::t the suite', athar!wy {)o ivell II[;ll'' ('olll)ly i * LI,]al, 1'5 I,t InsEt tf Ii .Nlv ) lilll(' mltil nile o('lo('k Th:lrsqay, ,|1111o 17, lsgl, NAM ): NoIIM  i i C,)lP-lllil(c(' h, Iih, ,l,ee}l';e (']lathes a rILhls{ l|! )[tIX ill'eel). ( I[ SA "r . in. and il he hall see Ill. atd Dr Max Broth- Mr..IosbDh Haqk it \\;ws or, r--B--00OFI -------] PRICES. I I i i " I __ F. Le0nhard, OROCER. ......... } ..... ]e 'l'lltll00NTON BAN00, Rect;lvee Depgslts Payable on Deluattd. Col!eetion made at reasouable rates, Issue Drafts payable in all pans of Europe, Aceidcut polMes irom one day to thirtceu weeks for sate eheai Bonds Bought and old. + S -Safe Deposit B0xes for Rent in our FIRE PgOOF VAULT.9. I " ....  "  ............... .2... ' I New Harness Shop! J. H. 1VIIENER, Cor. Second and Main Streets LATE STYLES. FIT E00ERYONEo:' r .... Call ou J. Mieher, Merchant Tailor, lor all that is NEW, NOBBY ANI NICE in the line ot'C}othing. Don'.t forget ? ................................................................. L: .............. v OF BOHRMANN & WOLF And Gets the Best Good.00 at Low Prmes. "00THE ONLY HARDWARE STORE, IN TOWN[ ............ .. i . [ , i == e*HIDly Otd('i'S aiD] jll|'y eertifi- I)y .lal/le" '(,I .L',llJl [V Lr('tllr('l r)l'(lers I, o),, ,]).:(I *y ,d il (;]() J f Ih(. y "),,t!rd lil ' tl,l/Itl t)t' (ll pooF Ill'IllS( C]llill] al)*i '!,P!ll l],(il re],orl, 1;,] LIll(l ord,,]-(,(| r'u',h!l].tr-wit: }|otl ('})airlll)ll] el |lit" ('OllIIIV ]{O)ll'| o| IP,:'(.. {Ill: Illltt,r idtI.(J q)lll]ll]|tt }f)ll,e ;)lid iIll ,O ('];liID ll'4)ll]d re- ]q' ,t.l i|llll I% *] L I'xl/eill,)d the 'L)l' ]I(}IIeM illl(I /till! |]1 hA),|(' ill ood, ('lV]Jlioll, II1D] l[;,'ll t}(: 1!! },1i ),.r iE ~ /l I" ''('iVO t l")l '1 1':([ l, ll "iL'lll ing. shall then lie ivcn tilUt 1o ollu o'c'.,)ck I' 1 . lOD(tlly) .t[llle I1. iN341 1O lit( his }[IlSlA'vI .'hereto 3lr, Jo. ('ph IIal ke o[rur all elnt';tdlnul/t thH Ill,' ab()ve at[,'r h(. dt, ftq'red 1o the )'1,'11]11' 1]{(ct]llg ill lilly. The [iyes Ill1(| lilly(;8 Wel'( (uih'd Vet]ha for the lun(,nd ,,I)I: lhllik0 Klutho, l{oh]l)reehcr II:Id U(tlt[P]-- I, I')l]ll IIII|IIM |]IP lllllClldille|l NI)liI|}IH, Nel',lFnall' Lri{llX. llal'p,t'a|)]l Orll \\;vitlJttlll. ])l'[e('.VIt'l l{oehlle llld Sehutah'--I0 ..UlelldlllPll| "rh', orbzinM mot'b)u was plli Votina for 1he sIITYI(' w('l'(. K]tlt]H), X(ll"Illall, N(iril-rllall, 51rall: f,)od. S};ITI), "l'al)]l,)rn, Vil]iaills, i'rh'e,'Wal(.Koehll". I('t)orl, I]tl[ Of GI]P OV|I pert*olll'l ;ll](t )Its;) fI'OIn l, tat'nell[ oJ 1"(" ;tlld dli):lllll'.  II. ":ot!lla ;t211illst [}le origlllal we II(']J('v th !) nald ],Itl])el'- ed )hill( I allot  ll!l('it'llt ll(!(|ical t,, hi,ell rlinblv h|fl/rIll(!d II1v I'})yM('irl :. r{,ftl0d hl I.rcaL ||(',li(');] ,'hll,i)Jlt:(,ll (If i('k ']h'd I() hi|n ,Mat[iJ d,) ," ,l l[tu sahlry Y(II (rnte, i! ", -  )ll],l TCp(,et- i'l:tl It|(, |(l|ily ]i,al',| )1 )rx. l l r,)Illll:llet, el 111. W]I()T jill. ll|v'lia[c Ill( [|dlti - )till| [l|kP IJ|ey t|l|y deeol I)*'or'--:lr 811(| lllOl[()p. [ill||k", Koh]b|eellL'r B||d S{ll|Lt'l -- I. Th\\;' t);'i:lnl[ ll|(){iOl} %vDt' rall'iP,[. Oil ]HO',h)ll );(|gl'vd l|lat Mr .,UION "Va[[ I)P |lllthot'ized In t!xJ)el|,l lh" Mlnl of 2') LO tl"fl$y ex])('ns('r> to ('lz,I ,|()h Ii I)u" ry I ) |lit' eyA' ;II(| (;IF il|{]l'lll;Ll5 ;II (']li('; 20, h:U] III;l ]|(" 'I'fiW on Ill(' ('olillly tI';'I|.;UFjC for []llkl l! ,(ell|ll t|ll I/letliO|l the ]|?ar(ladjo|}rPcd in It) o'(,]orl {o-||lerl'o%% lllO Fllii| ..... -----_ CItAR[,ES iSCHN YI)ER, GEORGE HARTLEY0 CUT 0UTcou00o. Tb0se0f0urreaderswlm,mpr0vedth0pp0rtunlty0tattend,ng.e OTTN3.9. Y 00" WORLD'S FAIR Will always remember it as one of the grandest privileges of tllelr lives. The Peristyle, The Court of Honor, The 6olden SIatue of the Republic, Administration's Beauteous Temple, The Collossai Manufactures Building, Transportation's Golden Doorway. SAVE THIS COUPON. It contains some llliugu yol olgIll lo kuow You ought, to know (hat the (,Vi)rl(t' ]'alr M|tnagelueut asked :ill 1311tllufa('|l r- ors of Bi)ld(,rs a)l|] MowoI, to t;i, ke (h(,|r m|lehtnes lnlo lbe gral|l a)td grass ti(,hls, LIl(] by I,h(qr' work )yorc l,hoir,i{Lll|ls. ]'o;| i)[lgtlL |O kl|oW | hat, the 'Ill:l.l|llflLolllroP. of Me('ormhk Binders n)td ]lowt,rs Dromptly |/otltletl' the World's I.'air ('(a|,- z, llttee th;tt, they TCJIl](1 eOlnllly wIl h this rea.,.)ilablo lX[lll(ast ,. lrou |)|lit ill ll{)lv (hat varions ()thor mILDll fa('l II,'ers of Bind- , "1) Otlr ('lerks are con;pet,ent, oxp(.rierc6d ll/ell, a, ll(1 will R'ivo your chiliS. the same (-arefll] atlell/io)| :is {hey Wollhl 3-Oil. ILEMILXl];ER. our stock i :all New, Cl('ml aud l.atet slyles, tfONF.ST GOODS AND HONES!I' ['II('I,:,'4 ! A Sit'tmro ],)kal [h]d aa i|ouesL Potmd ? M/!51FET PRODUCE W'.d,N'I'D. )r,'flHl] M;l)))|itl(,d, "]le Board lael |,IIIMIII1L Ie a;I]oIl$111B!'llt. I| ! " am|tl((!rs[tn(tIwerseIltrepr'|llaIlvS|h gl L|ll|tldlra h(|(l )((iht(J ,.,:,,:,.,..,.  *.,,,.,.he, .,,,'e,r,,s,,,,t.'.el, .,,r. <l.t.,, Midways Wealth of Orientalism. .:hld,:lh' "" ,.s.., ,.| ,!,v?- ['. 1,heso 'r(Dr(,,,nt:|li.<(, s "r, lOPIOd 'J. (;.'['APII(dlN ('oamittee Th(:illiulltesofy@sttrda',uteeling',ere read -- in their {" sp('ttlv '(/ ) /i ' 1hi1 th( ,l I) ]'RI('I. J 1)l  . "  ; ' ' I , ,'lilt| ill)proved. --------* ........ condli]d/I (if |tt* (r()])s 1() )p ell| iv;is Sli('h IMUfl I)AM CUCI} Ifilllll;I IHMV thaLordin'ryll, ehints olhl n(thnl(|h il',,,'urel,,,,-,, |:r lhe,,,,.dor e 7 j ,,,d ..... co, ..... h,, eo,..,i,te o,, p,,ilp,,r ..u u..--,-- .u.w,.. ,.. .... ,),,., v,,,,,, i';,,  " ' : ' oeha,-i)|,,,|e i,,.t't",,l|,...,,, tea,a,| ,,h|,,,l. ,,,,,' .... .e ,h,.i,' rep,,,'t. <, h..), ,,a. ,'e- ' ' i,';?J'E';d aii " "- .I,,,y'?{U;'" "i`rd.edI`he'"``e"'`a.`'r`rrei`e'l`"'l'"e``".r``'dered'`s.`"`.```r`"`.` Or who can ever forget the:proud  ,::. : i ! ::!!: : o-,,r: .... " v - " - M-Cormick e'orml(k Blndersand Mow(rs] (IISIInC[IOn acnle cu uX  " ",oul(l  at ork  " '" ;i a- t]l'rt'in l'(.,(,Olllnl('iHh)d tl).v|[; - ' " "Oll OIlght It) kIIow ! JO lhn, l;oa#] (if ,Ul)eri,:i,rs of ("ie;on A V (.h'os< l):iu )er arcouut ..... F :,s (,) ;,.,4.o ,.A ),,,, )" ]h, c!n ever th., the, ,Vorhl's Falr lu(h (,s al(l o ltluto ll tlavvvOo ,v '.'.%. . , ... .' , , g * - f! ,M OSI'S l)|t rktq ' (;(l ....... 2 I)., ' " ' " '" d t'1C()(IrIll IC. {. !11 I(leI*4 t l .... "It lh('y 1 re.N[Ull)l | fore'el that tIie MtCorm,ck ,ece, ve ,,,t,a easiyoperat, d a)|d thtl th(.|l wr :bt)ardd" ('ou)i-- vi l, rF ,1" Ci atoll l) II ('(,nw()I ,In ........ 2 5o ......... , ' I - leave t,) n|.!'e (If*' t(dl,)Win,,.ug- A Junker, do ........ 7,() I,O [ Ch ;h**f ,,,:arr] " o+z,)' .,r nv forman(e was In .all rl,slX,|qs ]horoughly ( W t'end('rg|'a, d,) ..... 16 6, { ,5 . " 1'-* ) " . ) satlfa(:tory.  olloughtto k owIIutI:th()y ( th{, eounly f, Hln, re(, fouud nu it)- .I ]* !led)er{in (I.o ....... '.:. !st make 'of Binaers ana ivlowei's, ana ,ahl of Mc(Yormiek Mowers thtLt, |belt ( |as veve|'e wohn(l, fr,)m burus S Smr, I:(y, ,l,> ...... :,,i 0,;) ,... .._ ,  ,a ._:_, "he" ,Iraft is at leat ;. ll,s. 141h|er |heir the ( does ,nol reveivc I roper treat- Asylum {:e, ble Min,l,(l ................. s *., mar in the reKu{ar HII Irlal t y draft i/odino,'y no|ecrs. You oughL In ( A'|llhlL'l'lllilla{ llI|d' L ............... ] # s) { ana +h. ,,f,, han0rable mention k,,,w these lhlegs Imcausu you (h)n't ( (tnq)enso(iol/ r:)r c,)|lnty pl viieia| ,hll'm {; )IIZ, c]aiUl .l(i,b'); a||Otvvd ......... !; ]5 , ""* *** u;*.j .v. wttnt to UlIlke [b mlStltk, w]len It ,.otn(,s 1,) ( ul, al.t ,., u,. se,.,. 1. ,); t||,, ,I,t .t . ,.;X_ ,. p,a,)" i,o.,,, .,-eou,:'*... '.':,7 S: f^-u. g-r :-a. a..""'t g..o ...... cutfin' s machiner..), i0uyiilfl bOa Bilaer oriml)rt'tnta Mover'." "* ;oufrrtltvimplerlt it, l}'e n|l),t .rs t te ||('glee( !1! heh.,!f (,fa M'fftlJ'r|ig |Jr. ewlou?.|)aIll)evaecoIIIIt-.' ......... 4 7,t . ..._-.--.............,.] it.,-, w l, .yo,lr i,,,,,,r,,',: h,_,,l. l ,'  t' ,<, d,o,, l,arpe,' .,'e,,,,.t ..... 4.) (,)I Write to the , ,, r':'0 * Dr'. ' ' ];rd"'i),,',')ll))D" ',hd,t o"u,'l ..... [ ',,,-:. :.,, ,,,.,, z,,:, ,.,),,,. ,,.-.,,, , ,..,,.,,,i> McCORICK HARVESTING MACHINE CO., CHICAGO, or, Mrs ) Vnn I!, ),'v1,('e. I)/:e  W W.Se(,t! , ' ..., ........ -I u) ,(,eFetlry. li (;blsford. ll;lllperet('e oO) .......... 1 I OV, hlg repor| o |he g'rand lull7 vas Nie WuIIer, (,ash advanced ...... I< Order0d of record to-it, G I| Book. lltltl])Cl tl(LeoIlU ..... JH .... 2O '' Fr;ll|h (;ool)('1, '"" "< 2,3 Wihl+'rn4:n I'rei,lin2: 3,1de Dr, I.eit)rock, - .... )lton eou.Ly ('ir(.,llil; court at ItS B Middendorff " .... (1 :.) ," l, ,,..oro,.,lUll,..s,r.,i, ...... ,,,,, - llgentB 0000I00M00N'rOWN lbb N'aud. uf this May refill Isgl. D M, (h)rdoll, palq)er aeeonlfl ](I ill   I ir('nit vou|"l, |)eg lea%-|, ,Io8, ||alike, pauper lice't, cash .... x{5 ]0 ,' following TellOft, Mrs, Skinner . . 12 (Ill I " .... =- I'Z" " I llospihll at A vist, en .................. 52 (R) ViMh,d Ille eoun!v iail al|,l have TheO I.h, tho, cash ad,',mced ........ 8 :) is not entitled to (he refundi(lg of the tax paid THE ltI6IILIXD {,('-t s, anit/rv i,,)!lditi(nt, \\;11. VesleIl|leIitl, pauper a('e't ..... 6 40 by I|im ol/ said ta|),i. kept ttl|(l hllve lie eOlll (]O do ........... '22 O0 Re.poclflllly sllbluttted. .] W..[e}|!l, l,atII)or ItceoI|II!. .......  ;|Q JOSEPI| IIANEE.  aLsa vJMted Wuller lh'os |hi 30 Is| ,',.,'l, N, iL1*  ('.;mulittee tlh eK||IllillallOllthe poorlmlelO1Iaei()lll|dnild ;% J,'. Watts. do ...... 5 75 !;. II S.NTeI,. exeehent eomLitiml the 1)eds Allg. Blanke; ,In ............  on ir S)I11111d Sharp ( the I'ollowiu ;'ca,). and lllnals "tl "nihed, the {llilate5 The f01h)wIllg )lids Sir eotltu, were roCeiv(.l : lution v.-l)i('t) was adol)te(l: ()Il|( Of tile' inmatvs ('rlyle, Ill , J une |. ]sgL (Irdered thal the ('Ol|llty ]oli rd of Sli I)erv]ra alld +ill (!.M;p|)I a low arc sat|slh!d He|) [h)ard Of ,.lll)(q'vi'o|'; el|ll)h)y air. M. t' Murray as allot)icy ill tlle ilIllliiU'IHO|li of tb(- il|},iiLt)ti*)|l Illhl Gelltle|l{ell:  Will ftlrllIsh pauper i,olliila, ease of ('{ill[ell e(lllUty %' 1)r Max ]|roenln, which Ill('\\; r(,('eive ]rolll the Mlrouds. l(iv(,a alld boards to ('over OttilS at ('OI1]IIV 1)hv.ician, and thai aa|d Mr Murray he Illltty |)nor house, sal|IC prle! as ]astyear. Illllho'r z,,,[ t ) eutpl|)y additional (.Oullei] if lie )f" I h'\\;l ,| )V|"IIO||IJ( noel t{L,peetjlll,y) .](TIN IANZ. deelu e *('sstrv lh)t ]'('*('il( i,r()t,er 01ul sill ('otti)| 9d (eatt l)(,r fooI,Mlits l.15 'I'ho following lUellll}prs of tlle Board were lq)- atlel:(lltllct i'l'.ltl the eOllU/y ('a rlyle Ill., JaIl( .t, l-[, piiIted hy thv 0hair as a eonl/illth, u Oil eqt}ah- I[o.. [{nard .f ,nltervlor (qillOllS N["bllr, VGc herewith i||ee tO fnrnih fer tmrial ef zatlOu to-wit: ,lus, ilankc, Ferd ordluLnll Foa.e, llan ii,tul),,rs as J'ollaws Collhis, !r0 een per foot Sa)|;uel Sharp, ,allllll NOF)llall all(] ,klexall(lor LII|aC/t(,F. 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NOl"dl)llllll :111(| ,lllte] el'e (Ill lIOtinn I.he Board ad)((|rlted to Jlllle t2. appointed 1)y the e]llir Ils Ii elllmittee In (q ill ]:)4, at }() o'clock A M. ,,,el ,,,,.,,.l,, ,o ad,o,l,,,u,0,,t with ,,., ',,u,,u'..',,,,e,.' of high .,o. o,,.. ,ha,r,l00o., HIESH 6R01151 FI:AR MI:At \\;Vere pr(,sellt The followillg pro- Ore hed alld order !ill|lie. t,t:.tvit : ,'ILVS of Sllar ('reek tOWllh|D i(/ t Le mailer oi ,]OLIN (J lAM1)N.e!erk }111 OrderS(1 timt t}w rethli g |)f the b|li|di{ g a br dee over ,ugarereek oil theroeky - ..................... tW.).Y ON tIANI) eO)l,es the eo,nmiltec ou el,eral O,l U,|,tioll O,e ||nard adj|)l)rned |o ] t,',.Ioek .T BOTT0)I I)IHt',E, their ehairlnar v..,. For a quart,r of a eellury Dr. Killg8 ............................  ...................... rephr,,wllieh wa, a,].t,te,! a,,d -'---- New Discovery has boon tes(ed, ,rod' i=l|ghiInl to isue county llrvants N) The Ih)ard me) Imrsunlu to adit:mrnntent the llltl]{oll8 v,]to have received ))el}e- ,ta|m.,,, fler('i, reo,.IneMed, Altmelu),t, rsptysentexeevt m. /l.tho "rl,e fit from its use, testl, 7 t, its wond'6i.ful WOI3K loll 1wing t)usiuoss was transae|ed. . I . $ . :in ou motiou the 'eadJug o the uliuutes w ..... ctlrativo l)OWVrS in ai'i diseases ,'f il ,. (., lU'meued with Throat. ('best aml Lut)Fs. A rem(:dy :< ). FIU'rZ, IrP rit0r" ........ -) -" The fi)lh)wing report of the committee al,- Slat has stood the tct so hmg and advanced . di''" l' potllted to examine ('ollins etc. was ordered of hhat has givcll so universal sttti- ', I{ILAND, . __" - ILLINOIS. 19 reeord, to-wit: ea111e .............. bltiltff servlt's .... ... .... ]], |,Ve, the lt,lders|t)bd eomlntik,(,al,Pin)ed b faction is no experiment. Eaoh {)of Manufaeorer of and Dea]e)' in Ule Cltlllr t,)(:xa,|,{.e comus .,i))piled ,l)' th, ,le i, positively guar.)Ite-d to ,ve  IIII01U'i') 1,5 00 l:,ir|al of paupers i)v tl e e( lUtl al)II' of the roJiet, or,(,he IllOlleV wfll be l'eltll.l(tS. '" ....... 12 ;,() simil.r out,., u()w ,)Irdred by |he ')'Ivh, l'tlri,li ' * ..... lI tt'.e :o .... Id )l!hn (,a z. a(')," lhl| t6.thelr bi,l II,, -il admitted t-o ba the mort re||able ' ' ' " ........ ] 0 (low |in fi'e, v,'o(thi rv.l')eetfu ly ):.|)oft ti, II4,*'e for CoEIgh, |.||.it| <(,i(I,. T,i.[ i)oII]es i1 IIi lI"l--'''O"'') " . ...... Ill lik),lih aule suitable ie a!l r:l)eets 'our |I()e at V. T; ('art'ls Drug t, gre. committee wouht r(,comme-I hand/es ),e Large l{ze 5{])(;. Hlid l. o, jr , 7 t6rldhed ou .nid el)fiius at a ('()st lit)t i'::eed- ....... ' ']'' " "{]" t' "' ''t ............. [' i  IIII]I) " c  ......... ' l'teSl, evt fully s|llm/it l t, iih, ........  ,IAMU E/, NO)LM.tN,) "Vt{.re 'IVltl otl Sle|td The Snlnnl(,t'? ,* .... | 5 J. S Wtt,l,Lts. - ('omndltee " . ....... .?;" 5 E, 8.d/.o. ) The Balthnoro & Ohio South-. " . . 'd 50 (n motion of.h' Siutrp It was rdered lhst westeru Railway has an at(;raetive Of Foreig IRcla|msfltrspe(:ialtiepvVcs re- the eoutraet Off((rn|shinu pa!lpt2r eoil'lusete,, list of Stltlllnor Rebrts reached ifl rd we-., oe mou,u or m, i{" A..)ite tea,t for the eUStl[ll 3"eltr he rwarded to the Carlyle its lines. Before y0t{ (le'olde where t) the tltbh,: Furuitllre (:o. ts per bid |m file. v,  ' ' Urvtcos . ...... $ h'} ()0 To thl2 Chalrmau of the Board of Supervisors: 0, ask some agenI bf the B. $:, O, S., JlL4RBLE & ...... 1! Ix) ' lli (ill The uadersihnl committee on linauoo Imv- V. R)y for a eopy or write O. P. Me.  . r, . :r. ., i8 I)() i|lg exalnined t.hg claimof Geo Johilpeter for ('arty, General ])aenger Ageuth St. (]-lt'll]. " 18 0) ret(nulil,g Ill(, hlXes on the NE 1-4 of the 8E 1-4 Louis, Me. t:: (, ,r, ee" T,  ). :s , i. La. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ..... 1:1 00 hiol al the t:x sale O11 " said )r the :t() days only [ will sell 13 of l,s&e and is Uasoliue Stoves below 13 the. tax cash, ILo M. KOINTZ, MILLING CO. BI; AND E],L i WH[AI, 0000N AN0 0AIS Large and mall Quanti- ties. Mmuffacturers of (he foIIowi)g well-known brands <:)t" Fh)ur : BE(T PATENT, HIGHLAND tlEA UTY, IIIGIlZAND L ! L I; UARANTEED,FOR I'U RITY, W H IT I iN ]iSS AND PI!RFt!C]'I()N.  you will llee no etler. Ti00is space is I i reserved for l.00:.2:.Y200ttJ JOSEPH GLANZNER, UNDERTAKER  " -.AXI) I)EALEILtN--- REPA]BINg PROMPTLY DONE, and SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, Will ari'd'i[..:e lbr l'tLuerat a rea;onablo rates. Bo(iics mbahned, Shrou(' :, ot'gl(i'uds and sze cm!v:t, antLy ou hand, A g(x)d ttearse l)rovidetl whe ea!l") r6r. Order take. fl)r M0nummlts and Toinbst)nes. l)r!ee00 Reas0na00le. ,,, Patronage ll0spectl',lly S01icite00J ' 'trenton, Illinois, -- ' .... I ..... "t "" [?a' 4 [['' ' r'i ''" ", ....... . - .2'__. t= Hagnaaer t Knoebel, -DII:&L00 Zl l z, .... I IMPLEM Hardware,