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June 22, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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June 22, 1894

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BITS OF PLEASANTRY. Professor -- Another pecuIiarity birds of is that they not song birds Precocious Pupil about a prima donna, pro- I had the key to your She--indeed! What would do with it&apos;.) He--Insert it in wed- give one turn and throw it my luck!" exclaimed the man the rural district. "I've turned darned electric light and ain't a match in the room to it again." wonder why a girl always her eyes when a fellow kisses Yabsley--I never noticed any- the sort. but I suppose it de- Upon the kinJ of face the fellow [it am er good t'ing," remarked Eben, "foh er fadder ter teL de 'way f'um 'is boy. But moral effeek am li'ble ter los' ef de ole man tu'ns in an' hisse'f." 4ice Captain--What is the matter llere you let a fight go on asaloou for more than half an make no attempt to stop it. McGobb--Sure. sot. O'i t'ought was the prim.ry uptair:;. Editor." wrote the soulful "here are some verses I have to enpres mv deep grief over my pet canary. If you they are worthy of publication Send me $2 for them." Fermain. one of the seeondsMy the count, refuses to con- to a duel in the woods at dawn. Comte--Why not? M. Fermain Think of the risks. Both ten might catch cold. Indisputable. Slend $1 for a bottle of medicine ,no box of Beecham's pills, costing Cents, (annual sale exceeds 6,000,- :es) will cure most diseases? Thin ration ls the cause of Beecham's pills cure Patlon. A valuable book of knowl ailed free, on request, by B, F. & Co., 865 Canal St., New York. don't like cranky women. I want lat will be easily pleased. She-- brother; that's get. Maple Corn Halvs.W money refunded. AI y Price 15 cents. ]ffail's Catarrh Cure internally. Price, 75c. is one sign that should be every letter box In lhe city. Is that? First---Post no Coneumptlon Cure . it cur Ir.!lperJt c:msump does Llmburger cheese Vokes--Like the smell of Re- re. been wondering ell day why the Blgelows. Kitty e been wondering why KNOWLEDGE comfort and improvement and enjoyment when The many, who live bet- others and enjoy life more, with nditlre, by more promptly the vorld's best products to of physical being, will attest to health of the pure liquid embraced in the Figs. ce is due to its most tare, the of a curing constipation. tion to millions and the approval of the medical because it acts on the Kid- leer and Bowels without weak- and it is perfectly free from eetionable substance, for sale by all drug- bottles, but it is man- the California Fig Syrup nt me is printed on every also the name, Syrup of Figs, Dg well informed, you will not any substitute if offered, Such seenr!ty a& , returnable Madame IEllltl BLEAOH A I PpreclatJ g tle first that thousalld8 Of ]*tdll of the U. S. have not used my Face Sleach, on account o price, wMch ia $ per boule, and |13 order t]at ALL IrtAV give t It far tra] l w|]] e it amp) S0it}, le|y packed, g|| ehargt prepaid, on re,elpt o 5c FACE BLEACH remol,e. ar| cure8 ab,qolutP]v el] fr eckle% ptrrl tnoth, blackhcsd, tallow. e, ache, eoyma, wrinkle,, or rouffne of t, kin. and btt, tiea the mplexton, Addr* , a E. 1 4th St,, N.Y.Oltw TRAVEL DO RESORTS this year, and the rnt Rock has "already ampl aaapcrfeet ar I maly who will take in ALTITUDES. and double for blakfast. JNO. fld GOOD WIND THAT BLEW NOBODY ILL. It blew a kis from Elsie Straight from her finger tips, Over the way to grandma, And left it on her lips. It blew slow Tommy scho'olward, So he wasn't late aain It blew away he cobweb From puzzled Polly's brain tsw te d oave. danefa$, Hither and thither and yon. And Ted with the sorry toothache Forgot it, watching the fun. It blew the flapping clothes dry On Irish Notch's line It blew away a cloud or two From the face of the dear sunshina It blew a laugh from the children Into tired mamma's ear. It blew laSt Debby's grieved blue eyeS, And blew away a tear, It blew the good ship By-Low, Becalmed with baby in it. Due WestWard to No4dle's Island, All in a twinkling minute OIL it played the missionary All the windy, livelong day, And then. with a whistle merry, It blew itself away. Youth's Cmpantoa Cardinal Richelieu. rounded on the Play of ,,Richelieu," by Lord Lytton. CHAPTER IL The Life of Damocles. In the largest and handsomest new house in that Rue Richelieu which the cardinal had opened to give his palace breathing-room on the side toward that wood of Boulogne ever cited in the chronicles of Paris, the revels were held high and late. The grand room presented one of those scenes which the prevalent vice of gambling heightened by the tables beln laden with gold and silver coins, crown-pieces, doubloons. and precious stones, which were still employed as a sort of coin. Mirrorv, paintings, and gildings were inter- mixed with statues bea,'ing baskets filled with fruit and flowers There was a long table loaded with re- freshments at the end opposed to th gallery on high, where a band of violins and flutes played soft Italian music and the povular madrigals: Them were beautiful women pres- ent, but the hostess, then in scarce her thirtieth year, bad been so rarely and bounteously gifted by nature in both face and figure that she could not be seen to permit a comparison. She wore her own fair hair in bunches of small curls, a magnificent [ace collar reaching to her shoulders, over a body of that blue hue which the niece of Mazarin, years after, lifted into vogue, pearls and dia- monds, a white satin skirt embroider- ed with ,,the Canadian diamonds" a pebble which the colonizers were sending home as specimens of that bleak new-found-land--and white velvet slippers. Her mouth was so small as to seem a caricature of woman's, but fresh and unsmoared with vermillion; her ears. most pretty'and softly pink; and her eyes really blue, but seemed to be vicar in the shadow of the long lashes She moved about from table to table, now bestowing on a player ,,the lucky look" he besought to ,,change the run:" now sharing a glass of white wine from her native Champagne with a courtier; then throwing the dice for another luck- less gamester; signing for the musicians to play more loudly, or to the troop el domestics to replenish the table of comestibles. There seemed not to escape her the move- ments of a single guest, his inter- jections zu anger or detight,.and yet it was all the true hostess line of duty. ',On the peril of my life, Bering- hen," said a sonorous voice among one group of players whom a sweet word of the lady had checked in a rising wrangle ,,I shall see the sister of this ruling star never again! Your Marion is so much superior and ye there is a resemblance, by'r nameI I shall sigh for the unattain- able pattern, whilst the copy is a perpetual reminder." ,,Never a moment more favorable, Mauprat," returned the other man. ,,Her marriage de conscience with Cinq-Mars is dissolved and Marion is free." ,,But a poor soldier--" "Pooh! She's a good heart and scorns no poverty but that of spirit." ,,And I--come to think of it--could never love such a nonpardil with a whole heart." Then turn away. Marion is like the Venus of old. and commands un- divided worship. Like her too, she is all the old monkish tutor would translate to me of the hymn to the goddess who inspires her; admirable to conciliate, a daughter of heaven. an alLvanquisher--victrix cranium!" "A miracle! count, turn and see a mlracl De .Beringhen knows a word of Latin!" cried one of their companions. ,'And add," stud the nobleman ap- pealed to. as he slowly passed with an amicable nod to the gentleman called Mauprat, ,,that our Marion cast her spell over the red cardin'alP' At the name a deeper silence and a sharp chill was diffused. The Boldier Muprat started, gnawed his lip with a change of color which ex- tended so as to blanch it also, and in a moment frowned as if he had lost all the pile of money and jewels before him. ',What does it matter?" cried he, Imaking an effort to smile as before, |th recklessness if not enjoyment "A well by the ax us by wind to mo tl' ground. There's only one llfe in this world to be found.- ,,De Beringhen, I shall be pleased to see you at our table, the prince's, when his highness arrives." "Immediately. for I am at my last oore. What a piaue has befallen all the train.-great guns and petty |,, pieces, added De Beringhe, stuffing aS e vein turning--.,,yett ancl Bar- ad and every other man seem gloom as crows who flock to a churchyard and find the devil has flown away with the last comers." -1 am seldom gay," returned the more martial player, "for one joy I receive a hundred pangs" ',Is it disappointment. Mauprat? Baradas is your fellow-countryman, 1 believe,"the other nodded me- chanicall,"ana his rise is a mar- yell ,I11 weeds,' I do say. for I am --and Heaven forbid me ever being! no sharp-fanged satirist! But will wager my boots--and they are new--that you are el ten thousand times better family." ,,To riseto remain oppressed bah! under a despotism like Rich- elieu's, let us be content who are lowly. Despotism is a flame on the altar; it will warn those who stay a- neeling, but scoich those who lift a open, then. their cages, and wish %em merry. I regret no more the flight of one than that of the other." ! Baradas shook his heal. To him, Adrlen was as reat an enigma as to his late comrades in camp and at backgammon board. Fiery in war, he. was yet lukcwarln to lory; all mirth in action, in repose he was loomy. He never confided even to Baradas. whohad known him longest, though fortune of late had severed them, and led the one to the rank of courtier, count and favorite, and the other to the titles of the wildest llant and bravest knight in France. e gloomy secret was one that haunted him as of old men were possessed of fiends! Wherever he turned the grave yawned dark be- fore him, for he was perpetually un- hand unto it. If I ever win eleva- der seutence In the euthusiasm of tion, Beringhen, it will be by daring youth, having joined the unsuccess- tbe pellets from the brazen warder i ful revolt in Languedoc and been of a fortalice, and not by lip-labor."  captured, he was sent to the Bastile, The shaft hit home, for even the  When he heard of the general par- courtier's perfumed and powdered  don which the duke of Orleans wou epidermis shrank, aud he hastily re- I for himself, and all in the revolt who marked with assumed kindness i obeyed his orders. Mauprat naturally "But you are neglecting your expected release with his confeder- cards, chevalier, and it is time you : ates. But it happened that while should heed theme" Indeed. luck had deserted the first winner; but he bore the reverse as nninterestedly as his good fortune. He filled a glass to the brim, and saving. "The Egyptian syren dis- solved her richest jewel in a draught. Would I could so melt time and all its treasures, and drain it thus!" he drained it to the last bubble of liquid ruby. 'Double the stakes," said Bering- hen. ,,Don" But again he lost, leading young spirits reckless as hmself, he seized on the own.of Favmux. Orleans blamed the cheva- lier for acting "without his orders." Upon which quibble Richelieu razed his name from the general pardon. Nevertheless he rleased him from the Bastile to call him into his pres. on'co. He told him that he deserved death, but the headsman having blunted his ax lately on lordlier necks, he would allow him to receive a soldier's fate. He bade him join his troops, then on the march against "Bravo! faith it shames me to the Spaniards. "Your memory's bleed a purse at the last gasp al-  stainless." he said: "they who shared ready," said the churtier. [ your crime exiled or dead: your "Nay. as you've had thepatit to . kin" shall never learn it." The yoqrself so long. no other doctor young knight fought bravely, but shdud dispatch it than you, the]when the cardinal reviewed the royal valet." t troops, and his eyes met Mauprat's, They had replaced the cards with ' he .rowned, and summoning him the spotted bones, but there was an i forth, censured hhn roundly, declar- alteration in the result Lady Mau- i ins that he had shunned the sword. giron, who had been leanin after- ,,Beware the ax; 'twill fall one day!" tionately on the back of Mauprat's he added, and stunned by this awful chair, quietly left him. One or two of the by-standers exchanged ex- pressive glances, the loss of the lady preceded by only a few moments that of the knight's last coin. ,,One throw more?" inquired the king's valet` ,,No, I am a bankrupt. There goes all--except my honor and this," he touched his sword-hilt, a blade for fighting, no parade. And neither are valuables at court." His antagonist" was reckoning up his winnings with the complacency of a victor for the mere words of the defeated man. ,'We do not want honor." retorted a companion of the king's gentle- man, ,,because we have a sufficiency; and as for the sword, take it to C.'wdinal Eichelieu, who gives gold for steel when worn by brave men." -Richelieu! Clermont Richelieu. you say?" repeated Mauprat. with a darkening face. "He seems no friend of you." ob- served Beringhen, looking at him in some gravity, but the next moment he rose with an effort, overburdened with the gold in his pockets add the wine in his head. At the grand stairway Count Bar- adas stayed him, and learnt his vic- tory. ,,Wrecked Mauprat. oh?" with an expression not to be interpreted by one out of the secreof the heart of the favorite of the king. ,,And you leave him without a word of com- fort?" ,,Comfort!" stammered De Bering- .hen, ,,when we gallant's have run out a friend there's nothing left--ex- cept to run him through! there's the last act of friendship. ]' And pitch- ing forward, he had to run to keep from falling, and disappeared through the hedge of servants lining the corridor. Baradas went over the steps they had traced and paused coutemplat- ively t the table where the defeated gamester had been left alone. He had stretched out his legs and rested his feet on theBrrowels in that agzresslve ch may be no- ticed in th's dog basking with elongaefore the shop. Gloomy, trt fuming at the jingle ofcoin! .the .merriment surrounaing ram. nts mace cumy hair matted to his forehead, his eyes dully blazing, he seemed one of those dragon%-teeth made men who sprang up under the Cadmeau charm. everthelcss. the expert's eye must have perceived that Adrian de Mauprat was not hardened by camp life: if he chose to shed that winter coat, so to call it, he could be a gal- lant cavalier. Young, well-favored, he seemed constituted with the for- tune which he had lost to dwell in enviable happiness. He was not in- dolent, and so he chaffed at there be- ing no outlet for his energy. He was not vain, and so he was oblivi- ous of his figure! but still, he ought to have been desirous to live in the daylight, pot under the glimmer of tapers, follow a flag and not a petti- coat, and hope for long years. After his long scrutiny, which no one interrupted Count Baradas placed himself in one of the vacant chairs beside the moody man, and thdsaddressed him in a melodious and soothing tonc -Adrien.we were in boyhood com- panions. That I am high at ourt hould not lessen our old affection rather should you do me the justice to believe that [ should have come to you as you ought to me were our positions alternated. If you have lost I have a well-filled purse. If you seek a post you shall have it by the dintivg dart of death I pledge it, Come, come, there i$ no,hint should make you so sad," "Sad!" echoed the other, $till without looking up. ,,Life and gold have wings and must fly one day; threat of Damocles, Mauprat retired to his country home. It was misery there: his compan- ions had marched away with him in that grievous insurrectius, and their parents demanded news of hm as if he were charged with their bloc& ,,You had gone to the court," con-. eluded the chevalier, having related this explanation o his strange de- meanor in more modest terms than used above. "I came to Paris to revel away my last moments, like our fathers in the year 1000, who, thinking the world doomed, took no concern to the morrow, but broached all the wine casks and set all the lutes twanging. ,,/eath is my cure-all! the trumpet sounding truce to an impossible com- bat. What lifo would be worth pur- chasing at the pries of so many suf- ferings -- so lauch, anguish and superhuman effort as one requires who contests that scarlet incubus which weighs on the heart of France P" ,,Richelieu your enemy?" queried Baradas, who appeared to gather nothing else from all he had im- patiently heard. "Good! T13at is no slip of the tonue. God! You meet me just when I put my hands to the lever which shall overthrow that hideous idol! Hiss, be lively, hopeful and come and salute your old commander, the prince of Orleans! This night we concert to make the final revolution which will carry the cardinal down to perdi- tion." ,,Another conspiracyP e said Mau- prat, calmly, "and under Gaston againthat Italian of the decadence! Brother, companionship with him not only imperils the cause, nut sul- lies the soul! To save his dainty neck he would surrender his bravest captain, his most hoodwinked friend. Don't put Gaston, the faithless, at your head." [o DE COI..] An Old Tombstone, Anne Arundel in these days of genealogical interest and research, revels in the possession of documents written and mural. One of the most noted lies about five miles from An- napolis, at the head ot Broad creek South river. As seen recently .it was, so far as the clean, clots- cut letters are concerned, as perfect as the day it was erected, nearly two centuries ago. It is the tomb i of Henry Ridgely, and reads: "Here lyeth the body of Mr. Henry Ridgley, who was born on the 3rd. of October, 1669, and departed this life on ye 19th day of March. 1699." This in- i scription is surmounted by the skull and cross-bones, no doubt in token of the sudden taking away of the i young life of the deceased. The stOne is of blue fla, imports4, prob- , ably* from England, after the fash, i ion of that day. A Bad Lookout for Iiim. The boy was all right, notwith- standing his girly curls and a fond mother who was deathly afraid he was going to become coarse and vul- gar and in other respects maseuline One day a gentleman ca!Iieg at the house engaged him in convcrsatiom ,,Well, my boy." he said, after some time, .,what are you going to do when you grow up?" The boy stndied the question l momenu ,,Really," he replied at last, "I don't know. I suppose I ought to be a man, but from the way mamma is handling me, I'm almost afraid I'm " going to be a lady." Iad Just lIearfl of It. Hotel P otter-There's a man just arrived and I guess he must be crazy. Says he's come to take in the ortd's fair. , , Hotel Clef k--He s not crazy. He s ca o lecor froa Philadelphia--Ch" g The Royal Baking Powder is in- dispensable to progress in cookery and to the comfort and conve- nience of modern housekeeping. Royal Baking Powder makes hot bread wholesome. Perfectly leav- ens without fermentaticn. Qual- ities that are peculiar to it alone. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW'YORK. RARE AND READABLE:. A'bald eagle carried off a bottle of hair restorer from Perryvale, Pa. In New England there is. on an av- erage, one physician to every 450 in- habitants. William. the German name, signi- fies defending many. It has always been a favorite name in royal familie There were 8,920,I07 pounds of but- ter and 3,479,322 pounds of oleomar- garine exported from this country last year. A British clergyman's wife iaas per- formed the philological feat of com- piling a grammar and a dictionary o the Congo dialect of African speech. Vesuvius and Etna are never both active at the same time. The period of greatest violence with one is tha, of greatest quiescence wth te other. The first forgery on the bank of England was committed in 1758 by a lawyer's clerk named Richard Vaughan, who was de.ected and sub- sequently executed. A Chinaman of Amoy has been en- gaged for thirty-two years in fashion- ing in miniature an elaborate pagoda of ivory and stone. It contains up ward of 85,000 pieces. A git member of the crab family, dark greel in color, and measuring upward of four" feet in diameter, in- habits British Columbia. One of it peculiarities is that it climbs trees. The arclmological departm of Cornell university has been presen%et by hire. Andrew D. Whie with seven. teen fac similes of Greek statuettes unearthed at Palagra and Myrrhio J. H. Carpenter of Ieading, Pa., the inventor of the steel shell that ha done so much damage to armor plate. Says that he paid out $50,060 just to see the secret processes m use in two) foreign steel worksono in France, the other in England. There are scores of fruit stands in New York which are never closed night orday from one year's end to another's. These are run by Italians. and as a rule the different members of the owner's family relieve each other at stated intervals. Medical men are much interested in the ca.e of Melinda Morforo, aged 16. living at Sharon, Pa., from whose body within the past four years 700 needles and pieces of steel have been extracted. Where they came from i a mystery they are trying to solve. Japan is not only adopting the ma- terial civilization of the West. but is as eagerly assimilating its literature. Many standard English novels have lately been translated into Japanese, and ten-cent paper editions of Dickens in the vernacular are especialPy popu- lar. A much bigger wheel than the great Ferris wheel, which revolved in the Midway and is to be set up in New York, is building at Earl's court, Lon- don. It is a 400-foot wheel, and will carry 2.000 people iu fifty cars. Three restaurants wiK be bull t on platforms at various heights on th supportiu.: tower and a bi bali room will crown the t<)wcrs at the axle. SoftleghDon't you think that Mlss Caustique is wry sarcastic? GruffieIh-- I believe that is her friends' polite para- phrasing of her Impertinence,  WILL MfllL POgTPRID a fine Panel Pleturg, entitled "M EDtTAR'ION '* In exchange for 11 Large Lion Heads, cut from Lion Coffee wrappr, and  2-cent tamp to pay ttage. Write for net of our other flue premiums, lndnflt. lag books, a nifs, game, ere, WooL$o St*|c CO.. 450 Huron t.. TOLE OAO. Davis Inter- national Cream Separator, Han or Power. Every farmer that has cows should h a v e one. It saves half the labor, makes one- third more but- ter. Separator Butter brings one-third lucre money. Send for circulars. Dvs & RA.X BLDG. & MI*. CO. AGENTS XVANTEI). Chicago, Ill. STORYETTES. A member of the London vo]nntee fire brigade did not appear at the scene of the conflagration uutil after the fire was under controL The chief of the fire department reproached him bitterly for his neglected duty. "It's not my fault," revlied the fireman. "1 live a long distance from the fire." "That's no excuse. You must move closer to the next fire." Signor Filippo Palma, a lamp, us pianist of sixty years ago was ,,r- prised in his house by a creditor bent on his arrest, when Palms, without making any reply to the several re- proachful invectives and angry men- aces which the otl)er threw out against him, by playing one ariosto, then another, still sitting at his harp- sichord, not only calmed the infuri- ated creditor, but so affected him that he insisted on lending Palms an addi- tional ten pounds. At a meeting of the Temperance union, held in a small Pennsylvania city some time since, the attendance consisfed wholly of white people with one exception---the pastor of the African M. E. church. He was a full- blooded negro, as black as the ab- sence of light. The colored brother was requested to address the meet- ing; and rising in his place, he gazed around upon his exchlsively white audience solemnly. Then he said: "Brethren and sisters, I feel exactly like a huckleberry in a bowl of milk." A boy in New Hampshire owned a b dog. Some carpenters were at wo: on a uew house approached by a long hl']*'rom his home. The dlstanee by road aro[n4 the hill wa a full mile. Each noor' the dog was sent up to the new house wi'h a jug of water. % One warm day he set dwn the jug for a rest, and being una cover it, and never afterward he be persuaded to carry the jug be the short route. The suburban | : cc -catching a train. DOCTORS ENDORSE IT. An Eminent Physician of Arkama llls of some emarkable urel of onsnmptin. '  Stamps, La Fayette Co., Ark, Jr. R. V. PtRC: , Dear ir- I will sOy thls to you, that Coneumptton is hereditary in my WIIM'8 family; some hays a]- .  reedy died with the dl : W ease. My wife has a- ] g/ tar, Mrs E. A. Clear, _; 0 that was taken with vea- L  [ ,mpt.lon. _she uteq.rout I /3 prlle of her mauy frlgdl k /x'-2.X _  she gqt well. M# Wl mm -  go had hemorrlael 'L.,bL/% xrom no ln nn d \\; "(NL % . su resisted Oll her ua. M.ROZRS ttovery.; ' I consented ..... ". . nor umng it, and it renevtl er. tns has had no symptom of consumption for the past six yetrs. Poe le havlng  dlsea._ can take pC better rem;, .  ours very tuty, U0u Trav00l? YES! BIG FOUR ROUTE BEST LINE EAST Mountains, l00altes and SeashoP00. Vestlbure teains to Nw 3(,k and ASK F TICKETS VIA TIIE BIG F00UR lm. O. McOORMI CK, Pass. Trme IIA mor. <.HNClNNATI. W, N. U. I k--SS4 --25. When answerlnE Advertisentonts mdntion this paIer. Dr. ,T. H. ]0000oLean, s --.__LIVER AND ONE DOLLAR @ A peerless rein A BOTTLE. liver, kidney H J.H. McLEAN MEDICI