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June 22, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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June 22, 1894

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i ii i TRENTON SUN. FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 1894. ".__.j_7_:TyZ7 .................................. Oo00aW 000rtoapoa00o=ot. E,VSY NOTES BY CLE&apos;ER REPORT- ERS FROM[ DIFICEIENT l'OKr TIONS OF THE COUNTY. Sugar Creek. We are in the midst of the wllba lmrvest. Mrs. (% O.Drayton spent part of this week with Lelianon relatives. Miss Mary teut came to stay with her sister trs. HarryMurray. Our community still ships quite a quantity of ndlk to tile city every 111 Olql 1 ]2 t Sh attue. Chris, Nieolay, eondidate for county clerk, was in Carlyle Monday Julius Merten and John Johnson, bad business in Carlyle Saturday. The sewing society, met at Mrs t'urnlleeliW's Thursday afternoon. , Misses Maggie Cashman and Edith t:arson went to ('mltralia Monday, Miss Amy Felton. of Sandoval, is I)endinff a few (lays with her sister, Mrs, John Hogan. Nbw Baden(, Walte.r louden, of Trenton, had business in our town last Monday. The Misses Ida and Itelen Jonitson, of st, Louis. Spent last Sunday tn New Baden. A picnic, will be given in .John B. Monken'. .park B?xt Sunday hy St. Loui par!ms. Cml slack, corn cobs 'rod wood, were used an fhel at the New Baden Mill. last eek for want t)fcoal : The New ]ladel base ball team crossed i)ats witIl the (erlnantown rune last Sunday. Our boys won. Mrs. Conrad Bachmann.of St.Louis, accomputied by her little son, visited relatives toni friendsatNew Baden last Sunday. l,ouis Butzow, V. Rust and Gee. J. Monkml, drove up to John Bach- mann's north of Ttenmtl, and s]pent Sunday there. 1lucy. Health IS gl ill this vicinity at plesent, Farmers are hustly engaged cutting wheat in this vicinity Miss Alice Findiay has returned home after an exended visit with Centralia friends. (:apt. Stelnman and wife spent Sunday in Breese visiting their daughter, Mrs. Adolph Jasper. Our tpwn is well represented at the /l'eaebi's Institute at ('arlyle, there being' eight or nine eaellers from this i,laq hi attendance. A t()wnsl;d] Sunday chool con. yen(ion :ktg'hl! at tle M. E.ehurch here last'Stifldaff'",n interesting Prosran] l+ad b,eu 't,t+epared and tile :various ti/pi"wer' aMy discussed i)y the S.'S. workers of the t(nvnship ?(mon those present from neflnhhor- ink towns were:' qlenry Johii)eter and wife, Geo.Johneter, L4. M. 10sey, James Rishy and 'the M!sses Ida -Williams0n, tiannah Risb3 and Erie Maddux, of Posey, Ill., J. J. Smith, of Irish(own, and Jisses Ella Wilton nd Mamie A llpn, of Carlyle ew Memlttia. One party made:up by Mr. Gross, started for Townsend lake, and another party made up hy Mr. last, went to Long lake Sunday It does not injure the reputation of the w.arra tOlS tlmt the htg fish all ot away, The parties remained there througl> SUCll as heating, fishing and ball I playing. An ohl stove did the set- i vn;easafurnaee, and thehuhesdld C  b     tile culinary honors thoroughly and t neatly. Mut.h aeknowlegdment, is] will be held due Miss Jest( List for tile able I managemellt of the frying l,an, and ' RLYLE oars.Miss Mary Gross the handling of tile CA , ILL, AViston. Farmers are busy now harvesting Our citizens expect a grea time at the picnic on the 4[th of July. Mr. Frieirictl ws two (lays in shattue last week on business. A l)rother of Iiy. ]Iallermann, from Carlyle, spent several d'lys hero this week. Ant, I)eutsch, froul Breese, is paint- ing Mrs. H. Iteimann's hUilieSs property. Ida and Emily Rickher. fl'om Breese, attended the con(err here on Sunday night. The fanfi/y of Hy. Lengermann le - joices "it the advent of a new lllenl her. a girl hahy. Our mill started up again on Men- (lay, after layiug idle tbr three weeks fi)r the wtmt of coal. Thee. Zurliene is delighted hya visit of Mrs. Zurlieue's uncle, Mr. Stock. from St. Louis. Our schools closed Friday aft;(moon with a nulsieal treat given hy I,ouis and Barbara Trelnmel, the two blind artists. The many friends of (I Brefehl will be pleased to learn thai he has arrived safely Rome. Italy, after a pleasant voyage across the neean. Mr. and Mrs. Anion Endres left for Mexico, Me.. where they will renmin a few months, lbr the benefit, of Mrs. Endres  health.' Mr. E ndres is tea(h- er of the uchoel in I)istrIt No. 3. Miss l.otta Brs3n on ller leturll home .to St. (lenevieve, Me, ironl .. ( V/ashington, huhana, stopped )ff last Fri(lay to call on her fl,iends hare, and left again on Saturday, Our people attending the concert on Sunday nig'ht trc highly pleased with the musical perlirmances. given hy Barharaand LOUl. llenl- reel, a blind hrother and ister fi'om Syraouse, N.Y. Both have received their musical education in the con- servatory at Munich. They left here Wednesday for Trenton. with tlw best wishes for their Stlcces l)3ml the people of Avishm, Carlyle. .Lots of pretty schoohnarnls iu town. Albert and Kate Kelling are visit- ing in St. Louis. Our Fourth of July celebration will I)%a his one sure enough. J. B. Heaberlin and wife, of Boul- der, visite4 relatives a few days. Miss Core and Vinnie Anderson are the gnests of friends hero this week. Hen, II. N. Ramsay "unl daughter Miss Erie, returned frmn Springllcld Tuesday evening, E. P, l/anlsay, of Springfiehl, spent Saturday and unday with his parents in Carlyle. Prof. Guy and Van Clove, and Miss Martha Buck, are the instructors for tile Institute this week. On account of tile sickness of Mr. Beattie, Mr, H. Reusing is feinting to his work at the Institute. Monday afternoon Louis Otel - ,m.,  ............. i. .; ...... ... +,., w, Leh s teanl of thre |lorses while ....... .-,-,r---, + "t'" r"i -' ........ " Ul$Clle(1 in I;11o Dln(le, r llltl alvly wltn [ I{r J W 'vT)lleI'S ill.St tl'ugsdtlv even- e .... " ' JI r ill machine into a bar, wire feuee [ i,l(r wnu ll'rqv .',ttellded a,ltf2llev , . , ., ..... , .... ,.  + all an( of the horses, being so b{dl 3 cut [ had a merry tilne '" that tie may die, muff #lie 'achine [ "' , ,',' .  " ....... was o'reatlv dan,n,r,d Mad ' I l  ranK } eDsrer, lOrlnerly o. Tills '" .. ' .:'". .. I place, m)w el (.hanlpalgn, ws. mar- Pete I enrers ltSte, bo3., llnl}ie, ] ried to Miss Sadie E. J unkins, ef San- agetl 2: years llatt ns ngn le r, a . ., ....  gldoval, lhursday of htst week Our truise(t one say last -eeK. ny nn oil h,,, ,vDh,- h',.nnk the big wheels el Ills traetie ea)ine [ "7 .'; ..... . ........... ., ....... ) . which fell (m fha lilt "aFlfft-f,,.| Frnlay aernoon I rof. J. N. I at- > "t , .,: .,/:W.. ..,.+., .. _,, / rick ot St. Louis, al]d Mnntlay morn- I el the paiqent , t . u,tu -w 6,.ler the th;; e lusd,e; %r I ln arthur Oehter, of 'rrenton,d- ...... ,. ; ..++;_.,,'..2 .._ .. ' ' " I drbssed the teachers at the Institute, ""i;:"2;;i77;f';:;:;i;.,;;;l,rated l n the alw,,ys important st, b]eet of ' ; " edncathm. Oeir tin we<hling st Friday. A umher ef relativ2s" itnd fri#nds as- At a recen meeting of tim Buarfl oI sembled there at .08'0:gloekin l(Mueation, Miss ,H. Cassa(ly was tile evening', and spent ai'gasant r-emplyed to fill her former po- evening b danctnK an61 q(h octal st(ion. Miss Vinuie Maddux was em- eutertainlnents, ]le':6ihi.eits such ployed to teach Room 4 and Miss Ella Wilton was changc(I to Room 1. Miss Eliza Maddnx having resigned and accepted another position. Thursday, the Epworth League hehI their senti-annual meeting fi)r the election of the offlers; as Pres., E. E. Van Cleve; 1st. Vice Pres., Ruth Case; ld \\;;ice l'res.. Nellie Behner; 8d. Vice Pres,, David N. Nighswan- der: 4th. Vice Pres. Kate Nighswan- der;  ecretary, Jest( Essington; Treasurer, Nellie Lee(y; Organists, Nellie Blackwell,Minnie Seon and Kate Nlghswander. German(own. Miss Josephine I-Iarenburg came to visil her parents Tuesday night. T.H.Schlarmann with Clem Sehulte made a trip to Bar(else \\;Vednesday. A'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thee. Timper came Sunday to spend a few days heY(. Mrs.Clemens Hemann was suddenly taken ill Monday. Site is reported as recovering. A. Albers spen Sunday with his fitmily. Iu tile evening he returned to St. Louis. Henry Schlarlnann and B. Albers went to Carlyle to attend the teachers Institute Monday. Louis Koentz, Walter S.Louden "rod (eorg'e l,epper, of Trentou, visited at Gcrlnantown Sunday. Hernmn Merians and Clem Heft called on the farmers Tuesday to re- pair their harvesting machinery. A Gerlnan physician Dr. Holke, of St. l.ouis, has lately made his home ir our town to folh)w his protssien. A heavy rain anl imil storm greatlx dalnaged all garden aud field crops Of B. Wiiken, C. Net.((meier and ileig,l, borhood. Mrs. T. H. Schlarlnann and Miss Paulina Heyer enjoyed a ride witlt their lady friends of lrent0n to Bal'- telso Sunday afternoon. A hers(of Win. Mersher tu  . at the store of Iterraaa i,'" as heel', lelnona(ie, and ice creanl were plentyul. At 1 ()'clock a slell- (lid suppcr -',s served, and atout 2 o'clock the guests lei:t having enjqyed a very pleasat ti/ne. mong the guests iireseut  the tbtI!owlng. 're noticed: Fred Mann i fmniiy, Aug. 1)iekhaut and fmii, )p,trad l,autensehlaeger, Fred Belles, FLery Frey, -Zink, the Jung musicians {3), Miss Maggie \\;Valthfs, Mis' Lena Zhlck--neighbors; Aug. and =krthur Molllnann,-Misses Minnie '{ Eliza Molhnann, and others fi, np Mas- eoutah, and S. J.Eymann antfatily, from New Mere phis. Bar(else. Both schools iu town et(_d last FrMay. Fishing is much indulg'pl n at present. Win. Hoeckelherg, of Aviary, vis- ited his Monday. Win. Timmermann spent 4nday atteruoolt with his parents. Mrs. Aug. I)oemker medea ttp to .Gerlnantown Monday averting. FM. Sehurmann, of Gei'mantom, n, took a h)ok at tit(Jr creamery Monday Frank BoevIng and Hy. Schurmml, made a trip to Germaltown Monday evening. I-[y. ,. chlarmann .H. Albe,vs and . WiIMns, spent all hour wit4h tl Sun- day evening. Two slsters of the Preions lllood, departed fi)r Rmntt, I|L. ou everal week's retr ea t, Tin.robert .Iansol atul daughter Josephine, were the guest .o1" Hy. Jansen Monday, tea(her, departed m- veek's visit at his Cieineu Mane, of a short whilo at under the auspices of THE MODERN WOODH[N. @@@@@O@@4,1@@ Hon. C. P. JOHNSON, the "Boy Orator," of" Chicago, Ill., and others will deliver addresses. @@@@IM@@@@@@@@@ l00here will be Bicycle, Foot and Sack Races, and Two Games oF Base-bail! Between the Greenville, a St. Louis Club, and the home team. @@@@4@@@@@@@@ TWO BANDS and a (]rand Display of I00EWORKS ! OOOq,*O*OOOOOO and-spend an enjoyable day. How Are Your Eyes? 1)o they'ache, burn, itoh, water or hre upon continued nse? If they do they are defective and should be car(tully titled with glasses. Are you subject to chronic headaches? The kind that begins in the region back of ar.d around the eyes. making the eyes feel heavy and dull? If so the eyes are at tult, and a pair of glasses are needed. Don't Neglect Your Eyes When you can call and consult I'R()F. IflI{SCHBEIIG, the rccog- nized New York and St. I, onis Eye Expert. Rententber the dates. ,IUN'I Tth and 28th. W, T. i[, Sole Agent fro' Trenton, HI. at 1011 Cass avenue, which he condncted until sickness prevented. On Feb. 12 of this year he came out with George Seiter's fimcral, which we believe was the last time he was here, He belonged to the Good Fellow, Odd Fellow and A. O. U. W. I,odges here. and dele- gations of each of these lodges at- tendedthe ftmeral. He was buried on Tuesday July 12, 18(,)4, at the New Ihekett cemetery, St. Louis. according to the intpressive ritual of the ()dd Fellows. The local lodge requested Jefferson lodge, No. 119, of is to conduct the ceremon they did in a very able m 'IS'he (tec, eas]es his bereaved wife, one son,hret daugllters, all grown, als0 a large circle of friends to mourn his loss. May he rest in peaee: ...................... IN MEMORIAM. f At amceting of Clintm Lodge. No 5;7,, L O O F.. the following re$ohtions were adopted: WIEm.:A. It haa pleaaed the Great Ruler of the l'nivcrse ,) remove from our midst our worthy a,ld bloved l, rother, Daniel Feral, it is but fitting, that this, our fraternal tribute, hall be paid to hi memory. TilEREFORE llE IT RESOLI'EI), That by thc death of our beIoved brother, this indue 1(as Iost alaithful lnelnber, his afllteted family a kind. loviag and tender hllsband alld fat}mr; elltl his eOll[ltry Ii faithftll a,l(1 cons(loll|lOlls gcrVltllt. rmming off with the earl it was hitc]le(l to,left the slune in a very had eendition. (;(tests of Th. ]I. Se]llarnl'lm were ., ) Hy. Wehrntau and x lie, ,lack Sl echt all([ wife, \\;Vm. Edler and wife, .h)e Haas and Mrs. Peter Valbenherger, all of Trelm)n. Hm'nlan 1)erhake is very low with lmeumonia. His brothers of the Western Catholic Unimi assist as muei as is in their power to secure a speedy reeovery filr hint. (). Henntnn ]na(le his rounds to see McCormick work in the wheat fields. He was seen lmstling east and west ot tovu Tuesday at thb rate ot wenty lniies an hour trying his best to please all his Ctl,%Olner; ill a bhorl ti]le. A g'ame of hasellall was phtyed hy New Baden and Germantown clubs The sc;r was 73 to 0; we do not care to say ht whose fitvor as sonte of the boys might lose all courag'e and Rive up for a bad jo). Try agatn boys. l 1)o not say i can t, hut say I'll try. I Anthony Koch, wlHle repairing 1 gutters at the store ofJos Hallernmnn, ] tMI from a hnhler 15 feet high on the brick sidewalk at 9 ()'clock Saturday " g. He was unconscious lbr nlolntntr tile rest of that day hut is sahl to he slowly recovernlg. \\;Ve wish yon a speedy re(every, Tony. ''lle hand hers spcnt Sunday after- noon oil the s(hool premises in Dis-I triet No. 1. The time was passed in I iilaying several pieces, nmrehiug,] talkinff and moistening the dry lips { with "lhe renowned Western heel',i donated hy otlr liberal friend August i l)oemker,'owner of a saloon in Bar-] telso. ( )nr hea rty thank s are extended ottr xood heart(;d friend and we all I{tgg(,LVED. That the 1/1o8t sincere sympathy wish hinl the hest of Slleeess tbr the ,,f thi Lodge 1)e exteladed to his family and future, thosc who were bollnd tO hiln by the llearost .......................... ties in their home of afliietio,i OBITUARY. R:sov:D, That these resolutimls I)e spread - llpOll the records Of tills Lodge, t/lot a Copy of the same tm l'nrnish0d to tile family of Our COlnnlunity was pained to I the deceased brother, and also published iu ThE I s'" hear l'/st week of the death of "l':"',:K':z'n.,,,)-('ommiUeeln'..ore. MU. I)ANIEL FENN I, R:mASN, ) Trenton, I11., Juno 19, 189.t. [HAl,I* OF TRENTON LODGE. NO. ]5:. A. O U.W ( Trenton ill,. J'ane 11, 1891. WItEIE.',8. It haa pleased lhe Grand blaster of the Universe to remove from our midst by death Ollr eteemed filial beloved bl'Olle[, I)ANIEI, I,'KN N. therefore be it IES(ILVEI), Thai ie lhe death of Brolher Feon wc realize that our lodge has lont a faithful aud worthy lllelllllCl , his faluily a lovhlg ]iilSla(lld a ,d father, and the COln,llllllity all honored lricnd, RESOLVED, Ttutt flits I,odgeoffers to tile menl- ory of'our doparted br)the,'their tribute of love aud respect and that we extcn(1 our heartfelt synipathy to the. bereaved falnily in their afllletion RSOLV., The( tlm hal| of our Lodge 1), draped ia monrning for thirty days, that thc resolnflons be spread on th( r(,eords ,f th, LOdge, tt copy stnt to the beroave, I family, all t alto that these resolutRms be published 1 TIfE SUN, VM. K (,El1LEIt, ARTHUR OEabER,, (mmttttg. and Miss of St I,ouis. on June 10. The deceased tbrnterly lived here and was not:d for his kindness, as well as jovial natu,'e. Mr. Fenn was I)orn in Bavaria Nov. 2(; 1831, and w,ts 62 years,7 months and 10 days old at the time of his death, in 1857 hc was niarried at Caseyville, and moved to rrentln in 1859. During lds stay here he had a saloon a wlli/ and htter he worked in the mine. }| was in the war of the R0oellion tot over three years as a Vohlnte'r. In 1887 he moed to St. Louis. where he worked in the Huttig Saslt and Blind Works awhile, and later he ) a news and cigar stand LaPEARL'S SHOW. None of the Usual Clap-Trap; All Clean and Cood. LaPearl's show. which was here about two years ago, calne tbr a second time last Tuesday. La- l'arl made a hit the first time he was here. but has considerably en- larged his show since. Mr.LaDearl is himself  trapeze artist of ability, a successful nlanager, who delights in his calling, and does all in his ;l)otver to please his pau'ons. Hc -takes pride in his calling, and by good and prolnl)t pay, and fair dealing with his employes, imbues them with his spirit and has them devoted to him. He is awhole- soulcd approachable gentlenmn. with whom it is a pleasure to have dealings. One fact ahme hould be sufficient to comnlend his show to the amusement-h)ving public. It is that he allows no fakirs or gamblers to iollow with his show. and tolerates no toughs or iminoral pcrson in his company. He be- lieves that downlight lmnestv pays in the how business as in everv- tlung cite..  laIeErl':s Marine I,and, consist- . , 'A { tn of 1S pieces lulder te,'tdersh,p el Frof.'H ry'Clare is one of the best we ever hdard in connection with anv'show'. ' Their p/eyed sev- eral selections on "th( square, and EICHi2-BAUCHENS. t)n T;,. a v. June 1-1 (iLlle, x ;:q :l was the resi: of Mr. and Mrs. laue]lc:- llnr city, at their a, ,I,slled dan Alvina .... married to Mr. Etcher. %. "Louis. Mr. Eioher ,f Summerfielil. groomsman and Miss Ne.ttie mann. ,fiSt. Louis. as At the hour of 3 o'clock the nuptial knot was tied Dr. John, of the Trenton Evangelical church cerelnonv and con tine wc[h]ing diluter, which fully appreciatetl.was served. hal)py Could( were the of a nmnbcr of valuable and presents. At 5:30 thc hal)py the trtin fur SI. I.ou{s will make their futurc hon bride was bo'n and brought Trenton, while the groom responsible i>ositiob ' with Louis holcsale house. Those present wet'e Ml.,ud John Etcher, sr., l)arems groom Mr. and _Mrs J E. of Sunmlerfiehl: Mr. F. Etcher. of Lebanon: Mrs. J. A. Etcher. of I). C. Fieher, of Chicago; Bauehens. of Lebanon, Mrs Henry Kuhn. Rud. ervme admiri[ tle beautiful -" ..... . " ; and Mrs, Wm Trent, of St: musw. t}wm, to he trike and to John \\;V. R{,At, of Chicago; the fact that it was harvest week .... the attend mce was not as large i John. ()scat Ginzel. Miss( the afternoon as it Img}lt have[ Gmzel,.and Eidflie,,l l<uhn. ,.. ' citv. many friends been, but m the evening there was nevlv niarried COUl)le a good :idience. [ ,, ,, . hapl[v life, in which TI .a, earls show will I)e welcomed hcre whenever he sees fit to come tleartily joins. again. In the nteantime, TnE SeN can cheerfully commeld I,aI'earl's show to anv conln]nnitv the same may visit in'its tom'. " :/ THE CbLuMstJs CIOCK. ()ur next door neighbor Lt)uis ]tattner, the jeweler, has a very unique tilnepiece in the shal)e of a model of a clock such as were in use at the }fine of Colmnbus. The dial contain the hours. The hour spaces are divided intotbur spaces, ea?tl space reprc'senting 15 mimttes. Iii)as ,,'nlv on;e hand; Above the dial is , 11 u of Ct)]umbus, and the figures 1492 belong: the dial It COld, sins outy l :9oden wheels, and rmm bx  Weight. Above, a yoke pri)e;y lf%lneed swings to and fro, an4 s:r'es as a check to the spindle. t 'keeps good titne and is quire a eur'iosity in its way. 'ia0 Tcltage Heat. Among all the ornamental foliage plants that come to perfection the first oason from being sown the novelty Nicotiana cololSoa ranks foremost. This is an annual, attaining a height of five to six feet in the open grotmd. mco'nx.n, ooossr, t. ll leaveS--about 8 feet in length by 18 to  inclms in breadth--are erect at first, grmefully bending downward stmcessive. ly. When young, they are downy and of reddish tint, changing to a glossy dark green later on, this lovely green contrast- ing beautifully with the reddish brown ribs. The plants being of hranching habit and of robust growth, and the leaves being very. tough, are not damaged by wind or rain. It is well 'adapted for sub- tropical gardening, either as single speci- mens or for groups with otber ornamen- tal leaved plants. 2k Serious Int Eemy. This insect, also known as the San Jose scale, which is the most serious insect enemy the growers of fruits in Califor- nia have to contend against, first made its appearance in the eastern states last )'ear. The United Staten department 9f agriculture urges upon fruitgrowers the importance of making examinations of their orchards to ascertain whether this insect has made its appearance. The in. sect is a small, fiat, rqund scale, a little lighter in color than the bark of the tree and will be found mostahundantly upon the younger timbs and twigs. There is in the middle of ach scale a small, ele- vated, shiny, hlackish, rounded point. Sometimes the center of the scale ap- pears yellowish. The wood underneath -the scale is apt to be discolored and some- what purplish. When the inseot is abundant, the bark is hidden by a layer of these scales'which to the naked eye give the appearance, of a slight discoloration or a roughening of the bark. Fruitgrowers finding this scale should at once notify the depart- ment and send specimens. A emer- gency bulletin which will give a full ac- count of the insect, together with the best means to be sed against it, will be seat to all applicators as soon as published. --Request your attorney to have you( legal notices l)uhlished in "rH six. It circulates in all part Of Clinton county. You eau get a0 lbs of excellent sugar "Many of the citizens of Indiana. are hever without of Chamberlait's Cough the hou.e." sa) s Jacob leadinz merchant of the plaeo: Remeay has pi oven of so muoll for cohls, croup and whoopi iu chihh'en that few know its worth are willing without it. For sale by V. T. Druggist LETTttR LIT. Letlers rem.ainiug at the ' postofllce, which will be sent dead letter office July 1, Josellh E. Pollen. VVm. MrsMarySchraoder \\;Vm Rogers Persons calling for these )lease say "advertised." WM. SCtt[AE]VF ', The hest Salve i n Bruises, Sores, Salt i*Almn, Sores. Tetter, Chapped blains. Corns and all Skin aud positively eures Piles., or required, ltlsguaranteed fect satisfaction, or Price 25 eenls per box. W. T. Carr. Druggist. WAIT FOR PROF. Do not trifle with )'our but consult Prof. recoguized New York and Eye Expert, who will be June 27th and 2tlt at the agent, W, T. Carr. Eyes of charge LO DG.19 A. F. and A. M., TRENTON LOll' mo(ts ltrs't and third Frl4ay at IHenmn's hdl I. O.O F., CLINTON LODGE every 'fuetulay evening, ilkl[ar, of II.. AETNA LODGE. No tile Iirt and thh'd M, at l{icl,iaIl hall. A O. G F , SIIII,LER lilT, eta tile 8t.qo'd.'alld them,ruth at llimna/l'g llall. IIIOL'I S of thR lrionlh ;tl G, A R., RANDXt, L I'OST Ill( Salll'i]9*" Ot or beg Rlclnall s hsll C. li of A.. ,St, GEOl:('ilZ'S BR. mv-ts llr.t NundtLy al l'rellto school house, and third llnday ('llIhoHc scho,,I h(,llfle. of ILl.. ST.JOI[N four U I't 3' ]1, TItENTO LeD( nleets the first and lhlrd the month at l.O(l(]eli'S hall. Mo W. A.. ('ORAL CAMI', No seennd Moiday of file 1,10II|ll a hall TRENTON CORREC'TED EVER=g TtII', JECT TO MARKET Wheal, per bushel ............... Corn, per bushel ............ Oats, per bushel .......... ' .......... Hay, tlmothv, t, cr ton ((leli(od) .... Hogs, por (.w ................. Flour. per cwt .................... Chickens, per poumt, live ........ l)!ks, IWr pound ............ -," Eggs, per (h,zen ................... * Nev,"Potmocs. p .r bushel ........... Butler. best grade, per pound ...... Lard. per t)Otlnll ............. Hams. peY i/o Hn(| ............... Bacon ......................... ACCIDENT ]FROM 1 TO 60 The Capitol Accidel OF SPRINGFIELI), ,$3,000 INDEX] TAL DEATH. 15 PER WEEK FOR FOR DISABILITY" RATESI day, 2@.; 50c.; 7 days, $1; 15 days, $3; 60 days, $5. J., MeDONA