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July 10, 1913     The Sun Newspaper
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July 10, 1913

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NEWS BREVITIES OF ILLINOIS -- i Plnckneyvllle.--The women of this town are the first to perfect a civic organization since the enact- ment of the woman suffrage measure and have already a membership of Mrs. D. Meade has been president and Mrs. Winifred Wirts Dague secretary. Among the : leaders of the movement at Pinckney- rills ts Mrs. Etta Root Edwards. Mayor Templeton has announced that will appoint two women members of the board of health the coming Year. and has asked the new organi- for indorsements. ZULU GIRL'S NOBLE CARRIAGE It Comes of Their Habit of Carrying Heavy Burdens Upon Their Heads. London.--In few countries are the native girls happier up to the age of about sixteen years than in Zulu- land; in still fewer countries do they have a harder existence after timt. According to their tradition it is not seemly for the men to work more than they can help. The women there- fore, do most-of the manual labor. while their husbands fathers and brothers laugh and sing. lie about at their kraals and tell one another what flue fellows they are. A little Zulu girl is welcomed into ttle world by her family because she will become a valuable asset in years to come. If she is taken care of. , makes llfe a burden. IIead. aches, d I z z y -spells and dis- tressing u r I - nary disorders are a constant trial. T a k e warning! Sum  pect kidney trouble. Look about for a good kidney remedy. Learn from ,) "'E'peey Picture one who has Tells a Sto '" f O u n d relief from the same suffering. Get Dean's Kidney Plllsthe CAPTAIN KNEW HIS VISITOR Also Realized That Even Superdread- nough Would Be Imperiled by Presence of Idiot. The brand-new battleship of the eu- perdreadnought type had been thrown open to visitors. Her captain stood at the gangway receiving his guests, pride and delight in his magnificent vessel shining in every lineament. Suddenly his gaze concentrated upon an approaching figure, ttis face grew pate to the lips; he shook in every fiber, Controlling his terror by a mighty effort, he turned hastily to his executive officer. "Clear for action, Mr. Bloodier.'" he cried "Beat to quarters Load with grape. Order the marines to concen- trate behind me. prepaxed to repel The Best Beverage under the Sun-- A welcome addition to any party-- any time--any place. Spazkling with Hfe and wholesomeness. same that Mr. Harris had.. boarders." Demand the Genuine--- Soda some Zulu lover will pay a cow, or At% Ohio Case "Aye, aye, sir," responded the offi- Refuse Substitutcs Fountains Chicago.--Charles A. Schaetzle, perhaps two cows for the privilege of Frcd.W. rlarr)5 Jefferson, Ohlo..P&ym: "For ten cer promptly, although thoroughly be- . __ or Carbo%, irty-one years old, a machinist, ' re.rB ! sugerea [roe Rdney ,rout,re. I nap con- --- - Seas*or Vodd *'ed in bottlea marrying the lady and so that she slant backache. bowed symptom# of dropsy, Wll(lereu. " -- ". and became n bad I was Iht up In bt'. After . , . Was shot and instantly killed by may retain all their charms the little doctors ,,d ra,,,,d I ,,,g= tk,ne Soma', xmey The blood returned to the captain s his father, Frank Schaetzle, sixty vm. 'rbr,,eu*compltoy" face and he regained his composure  THE COCA=COLA COMPANY)Atlants,m. years old. in the latter's saloon at l Cet Dean's at Any Stre, 50c aBoz as he renkarked how quickly his or- -- ............. :-7" " 1289 Clybourn avenue. The killing J ..[ ] D I A N tPS II_DNIZY der were carried out, and how they W =.$tl$1Ulii$11[I 11 ,I, i.,.=T=:ll/= v r X J JL,=m 'j ocurred in a wineroom in the rear of l dWL  [ MILBURN CO UFFALO N Y were prepared to meet their formlda- f  {!lll{{}IF'.,,,"'fm, = ,L s,,,-t,,-'qM{ the barroom. The young man was I ...:  I L,F,, sTER" .. B ' " ' ble foe successfully. Then his eyes ld--/s 1%l"lue,,t I "shot through the heart. 'The father [ * .  1 " ..................................... again sought the object of his fears. ''='N''."w] I was arrested, and at the Hudson ave- J i[ [  Ii1 1111111 He was close aboard "llello, cap'nl" 1 IAKUI UULkU\\;--  :_-'' o-'. I l IIIIi!!00'00 VilI he crled, a vacuous atolls playing due station, said he shot his son in I [: / U==  ==11  about his weak mouth. $:gla, . t.. Self-defense. l i?:] J .== .w.m ,m ..w... == == .. w "Back!" shouted the captain stern- {-vl ,,e,,'mmJ le ] iiY | Ilmnlate the torola liver, strengthen ins l" ,,Ba.l .. 1"11 hl ....... UnI"  tS-4- |i  Eureka--The case of Jane Jones I   I digestive organs, regulate the bowels. A ram- t .... , .... u.--  .   It fl huttm.I ashy re IIla.=....a. I   I soy or sick headache. Unequed as aa "Say, cap'n, that's what you seem { L_'e ]/lt against the sanitary district of Chi- I { I ANrt-mUOUS MeDIONL o be doin, responded the enemy, iEl--l,i,m."--'/' cage was decided after a trial t ' " [ t | Elegtlrena==roated. Smilaase. IPrlee. Z| giggling. Ifil_ _ --" -:--i lasting about three weeks and aver- i "i J t .............................................. ' .... ' "Don't you try to set foot on board lt$tI[W\\; "'r__'_" ./ IP.WI { dlct giving her $5,40.50 was rendered. AT M 0ST my ship," continued the captatn vehe- GENEROUS S ALL had been damaged by the Increased , boat crew and vlsltors for your pleas = flow of water turned Into the Illinois I  I Philanthropists Right to Have His ,; " " --llt=','t[r'mt river from the drainage district. { W I I l Nam;o 7b::ft;onThG:odWh UreOh, say, tap'n," remonstrated the Didn't Know Where to Stop. IVw||'+ w.,,) {||+ [-- -=-- __ --l enemy with another silly grin, don The great men are all dead, she ltB'a=t*V,N .... --)II .... -,,---- Springfield, July 5.--The Union Sta- {'- --'--_.'_.--.__ -: --:_ -- -- | a+  , ...... + o+ c.. , .... , .... e. you know me. said with evident regret { bat ['------ "" ...... -- ....  u "You bet I do You're the idiot that ,, .... ,._ ,. ..... ,., ........... ,, IIB It.  ..  _ ,, ..... tlon company of Chlcago, Incorporated cently \\;,ilham F. McCombs o '  __ ,000,ooo00o ,o build a un,oo ,-- z.,. ooup,., a cooversation in club In which aev rek' l'at and YU shall nt cme he replied, lk"Ig earne"00 at her { lll'-00 ties, was licensed by the secretary of ........... eral philanthropic personages were I on boaru else. "Of cour se,'j.she added, after a me- I JW"  "state under a special act of the leg- mmo is not auoweu to no any nara mentioned and lauded to the skies t -- ment's renecuon "1 alwaff-s except j Wlll clean tlcrtl on permanently : work until she marries, excepting Wh- ,,---*'-*',,,-:-- ,,----t some I 'YI::Ua IRIIlltllfl allrl ITI.IED present company." ] || and you work the horse mine time, lslature passed at the session Just .......................... e, ..... I ......... v,,,..,. ,-,,.,., .....  .....  us r. not -lioter or r-rosy-ths closed. The fee for the license to in- sues talngs as carrying toes or taet , .... ,. .._ .._,___ __:= _.,.^_ . } "o Oo i ' ne salu. l am --'.' u . .   . ....... z,gul, lv, r. me.sinus am, wue. = .... ' .........  #,m hair t2 00 er bottle delivered. corporate ,was $50,000. on ner neau to ne rpaxents' Kraal man w ho w oo *it +t-  ...... er arose I 203 Walnut St Hlllsboro Ill "M v "lnen sne asea t ne WOUlU De goes 1 I{ ;;'L:. %. v .., . i ,,u a=  .. *** a u.. ., , "-- " will tfn you more It ou wmeo Whatever she may be carry nga with ......... o,, et++, -ver his I h,la had = bre*u, ..... ' -n the lower enough to conduct her to her husband. { n,, .=.. ,nAum UlU- " girl ....... lnstlnCtlVeldv-- puts" It'- on her "  "'--J ""*' "'"'"'  ' *"' - ""'"" -  Juage- _ , ,. --wit  =,..., .,..,,,.., / ..... . _ features and broke into the gabfest t limbs which developed Into eczema.  ] t the antiseptic liniment for manldnd Qutncy.--Henry Kenstelner. aged neau: r ...... sue goes to a store to Duy "Your philanthropists are all right,"[ The eczema began with pimples which __  . { rcduces Varicose Veins, Ruptured leventy-flve years, a member of the a pot or jam sne WalKS gravely over ,, m The *, Her wtner Tome | Mm'J or Llgsmeaa. llallalu Gltr Soldiers' Home in Quincy, started . ' . - ....... he remarked, but I think it is only I contained yellow corruption and fro rmov's TASTELESS (:hill TONIC enrichel l Wtme Cytt. hlht1 lln qtcklr. Ptl $1.00 and 1.041 the ruggea country wltn.t oalancea Just that my next-door neighbor should ! the child's clothing they were greatly 'a) tl'lilald:di;fdlluPltlrhelleaStomr: It btl t, dra|tit ol detlvefe4. Mantdtt, turl mal lt With other comrades to attend the tne, .anu.nave seen wom.en m he- be included in the kindly disposed I irritated. They seemed to burn, which t::y you fo wthta,a'h, a*rha[ effect tW,F.Y0tlNG,P,D.F.,$|01mdeSt,$dS flsld,Ma gathering -at Gettysburg, but never mote oistrlcts carrying great ounu es b .... h .... xx,. r .... nit-- +- odd him , .a. th hlla .... *.h '"m reo"ltln " ot the hot smmer. 50c, I ................................. afrtved there. It has been learned ............... *'"" ""  "  "" " "0  , ..=u ,, .,.  o., ,,, , ... ,s , ,..,,,..,*, t.,,,.,, -lsel n-wt, . o woo.u, wnic.n , trtea an a talteu to to the list" responded one of the {ia a mass of open places They made A--ear'-noes dece- { 12A!| IPLI INAIJ2AK . E i. that he became separated from his lift quite off the grounu. ,hey get it other ,,.,'t's  -el',, oo .'ener I- ..... r .....  -e +e,; +"-+ i + was PP ' P'I -- _--U-- .- . , _ companions In Cincinnati, where be on her neau to her parents Kraat q, e ,. ,. v tt  * w , , v "  L.sis all ........ ",. ously Inclined. ' "Well I should say t Impossible to keep her quiet. Th y bud mouth ma-" -ire -ou a wltherln ~ I {Its.==e =Itne o ena nrst anu graauauy working me '     dled, havlng been overcome by the ......... that he is," was the emphatic declara- ] caused her to lose much sleep and she ._,,^ [ mel.ct+spll|or heat. OOUV unaer me nuruen until it is Pal- S *u*t. or, wu act otl elW "_ ........ tlon of the first. "Dozens of tramp I was constantly tormented by severe I 5-: -----= . - =,-,,: ..... ht--'- C S " r l --- "'" ..... " "=" an eu. It 1 certainly no exagge at ou Ouan effeetl'* ..... hammer at his back door and I have 1 itching and burning. I EWIS' Single Binder 5c cir' so rich I to say tno women coma carry a nun- nee ,, . ......  .- , . nealeort Bloomington.--A drink of Ice wa- m e---) *- ho, ,,, .,th, ,, a er known htm to send one awaY ] I tried several well-known reins- m quahty that most smokers prefer them [ -- '-"  == e, prs ld tot la. ter gtven the eighteen-months-old 'il .... ". "-:"t.':'F -.:': ..... "Y empty-handed .... You don't mean it?" ] dies but got no relief until I got a to 10c cigars. Adv. [ =train aeneas, a ,uab v.., sr**mr=, x.. ml es a a y ann UlnK notulng mueu retur e e Incredu ' " -- .......................................... dughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. . .... n d the s cond a trifle - sample of Cuticura Soap and Olnt- { ....... of this rdeel YOung of New Wasbington started in- tCh: e::n er Zulu women have a no- lonely. "That's right," rejoined the ment, which did so much good that I People who were born on Friday/ READERSlngto=th testinal trouble that resulted in the .. Y g .... first" "he always gtves them a letter ] ot a large quantity that cured her in always have something on which to / ....... * .dvertlal" in l death of the chtld here. me carriage, as the result ot carrying ' " ir f i eotUmuasaoula ,nat ulm, atm[waat taey b' rdens on their heads "h ^- w-P- of introduction to me. I ten days after she had been affected blame the a lures. I ik for, retracing ll sub,titular or |mltthalm. .... , '  ' d) Mrs Edith 0 lr I " Belleville. -- Bishop John Janssen h:Id : dinsult:lYr:tbthl; :l:re3t'n thwlll Let Them Wear Them! :htartzm, FhS 28,(?gI;? . n ......... It Is observed that one or two taste- { Cuticura Soap and Ointment Id _ __ _ "  N]lll IlF of the BellevIlle diqcese died eOrCof Utr;:ntneny tget ii:le;stb: 3rutg  ful advocates of embellishment of the ] throughout the world. Sample of each  - APt = *" ]  {[ " V a ,r here of heart disease. He was taken . y !'o g I . . . g ..... male dress are writlng to the papers ] free, with 32-p Skin BOOk Address post- /#  ( . Ill on April 25, the night before his ten on them ano tnere is very ntuo ' ,  .... ' __ . declaring that men should be allowed I card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston. '--Adv,  f -  ]/gf r tl21td Silver anniversary as bishop muerence,, m. .the appearance. . or a. by custom to wear not only bracelets I,    i ] J' woman ot terry ann a woman o ' Afte This He Went. --'#'--'/ " 1:senna but earrings, too If they desire. Well I Joliet. -- To save himself from who prevents them? They can wear, .... :  :.' . .. eighty  ' '1 It was gettln very late and the Imprisonment John Sca'rcelll pro- both tf they wish They can also do near girt nan smomerea yawn alter / cured his release from the county Jalsl TO RESCUE FATHER'S STATUE better and-wear "nose "rtngs, which Y3 wn" Still Mr h St aylatOathOrW:dunnO   {'o " _.. IkF = "., :" S gns O[ golug one fl m and soon afterwards mar ',led Mr Would be a more truly Amerisan adorn- . ' . ! .  Ueltczou$ /vurrlrtous r : Anna Tuccitze, hts chief prosecutor .............. ,-. ..... a ,___ ,._ --l --"--- up the crock. Mother let the cat out {-euenan% overnor OT r, ansas a s ,..t, ,...tu .u,. t. .ea .ttw . ' _. . . .  r. Sh" charged him with taking $4,50 Collection at Washington Is y of thfs couratry--Pittsburgh Dispatch. and still, he stayed and stayed. _'. Flump and nut-Hke, m..f{.a.vor, thoroughly cooked with from her after he hal won her af ........ .. "von't you sing sometumg lass oice-,ork. t're.--red the Libb w wa- .,,,h;.,,, ,,.,, ..--ore lneme OT I-Itloe Jests. tst * 9 . j_ , _ . ' It" J' 7 3# =avu=S= .aa =. as= = fections, tte.was brought back from fi i ' mmme." ne suuaemy asKeu, a eti a " " -- Cha ng H yea. ' W .......... ie- PP rig nd satidymg, nor of greater food value. Put/" : New York. Hts wife furnished the Topeka, Kan.--Lieutenant Governor This troublesome skin affection is wtth nYothrr ",taym't''on'tneo:eno Up with or without tomato Imuc. An exe.llt dish / } bond upon whlch he was released. Sheffield Ingalls of Atchison says he difficult to diagnose at the outset. Be "t i o i- e s" 'I ck t f i e Im, l'vm:l either hot or cold. J,,-,  / s t s c nsuer u unu y o sng u - x.] - , .-, will ask the next legislature to re- on the afe side, therefore, and when- for h,..,ue.ot?,, I..o:.---- F:LI,...,. '' d Peoria. A woman sat .on a Jury quest congress tO return to Kansas ever the skin is irritated use Tyree's ............ . ,,.,,,,,,. ,.is= ,,t,  /tt. ;i l the court of Justice of the Peace the statue of his father, Senator John Antiseptic Powder immediately and To ent { " l.;Mw McNeil! & ! Hkk.,  /Z. 'flail She {s MIss Jennle Van  " "a--7' """ ...... "' J In alls hlch Is now in the Hall avoid further trouble 2oc at druggists , , ,Y g , " . " 'Sir,' began the young man here-} -==(-'=-''-' ,t_._ __ ['! "1--, J Hassell, a clerk in Justice Hall's court, of Fame at Washington, and that It be Sample sent free by J. S. Tyree, ously "I wish to ask your consent for [  ,ltlltgO .: The case was one where a local liquor placed in the rotunda x)f the state- Chemist, Washington, D.C.Adv. my narriage with your daughter" {  firm was suing to recover $190. Miss house at Topeka. Ingalls says that[ . ."--..'7----. "--'.. "Eh?" quickly rejoined the parent. {  "1.. i ton i h Jmnatmg er alders , Van Hassell did ot have a chance to Statuary hall at Wash ng s t e tar-{ 'What of your income. Is it sufficient [  F:. -__ .. = : hu mter and brother, neither of whom , Participate in a verdict, as an agree- get for malay morons newspaper t J" " to support a wife.' . {  --- --" -_- _ - ==::_- has reached the mathematical age, , laent was reached shortly after the comments; that there is a growing 'It is," boldly returned the slightly[ MR er playing the other day on the trial began She is said to be the sentiment that the hall is a useless " e% nettled aspirant; 'and what is more. _ .   -----=-=_-" first woman tn Itltnols to act as a adjunct to the national capitol; that lawn at their home in Twelfth street, it's sufficient to stand an o,c, catonal [  '%   h " {tror. g a sts 1 o p as a chain- . ': . . . " . .. touch from my wife's father.    1i ,---. leadin rti o k u it saj the Indianapolis News The ,, er o orro s th ui e in th oromer nan great respect for hm sis ,, 1 b f h r ; at g d s o ......... " "Then she's your. my son.'    ter s Knowleuge, [or sne went to Peoria.--Police were unable to W'ashington capitol axe quoted as re- " , ................ . , s, hool He looked forward to the day gSNINE AND IRON THE MOST I RELIEVES PAIN AND HEALS II D E D T flUd any trace of Easton Caldwell, ferring to the statues as "those guys,' : reported to be the husband of the and that reverence for the national when he should become a pupil and " [ j r grow v ]se o Woman who was found dead in n. 'sanctuary seems to have disappea ed " : ,, I think he said, when June is M h M |l Ilk alley in Chicago. Dooley Bros., coal " ................ , 1(' e "r EFFEGTUK 6ENERAL IONIGI AT THE SIME TiME I ,dealers, has no man by that name A go e i "ll b coole ." M N IS 91, BUT TROTS GLOBE The su enl , Working for them as reported and n dd y: GvezTattlezsehfllToniComblnesb0th[The Wo,,dIu{, Old Rdlsbk Dr. POS{{ Till: PIII City directories of recent years dO ..., .......  ............. 'Wben will June be gone?' { baTa=teleu( ThOunlnedrlv= { ,An1stlcH, M'OiL PrntsBlood I]  ";;'---- not contain Easton Caldwelrs name. ,-,t#,-.y.o. ...,o_ .... ,. ,-.=v ...... The little sister attempted to an-I out ad tim Iron builds up P00g. |l I I'DS tXtl3 /our Arou.'ll entl r U to lose er t"- W .... " awes, but, evid y fea i g h { lhe {l,stem, lmot Adults md Dtan'd{se.ovenlbF Okl {[ JW Jl$ IOllt AlWD 80 , u,-,u, brother's admiration, she placed her J Cl*fldm R, R. Sm'om {I ,|'& |S'. I'I0{{{{ Or Sterling.-Mrs. James Delaney of _ hand on his shoulder and wth a tone I ' - - It 1[ I$dl "Formtlmtovlnee Normandy gave birth to her seven. New York.At ninety-one years of of mild surprise she'said: [Vou kn6w what you are "taking when Thousands of families know' it already, ? teenth baby. Of her seventeen children age, Dr. J. M. Peebles of Los Angeles, "Why, David you ought to know I you take GROVE'S TASTELESS chill and a trial will convince you that DR, aJeta=[arr.M there are-two pairs of twins and one Cal., who Is here on his way home 'hat" ' ]q'ONIC, recognized for J0 years thrdugh- PORTER'S ANTISEPTIC HEAL]NO J.Lt2n, set of triplets. All are living, as'the oldest globe trotter of the day. Y'-t-uth Chill and Fever Remedy and General dicovered for Wounds, Burns, Old Sore, :tY, l io, from London, believes he has qualified out 'the onth as the standard Mslarla, ell m the most wonder|ul remedy ever . .ana tim ett vq Aurora. -- Evelyn Schlatt, four- He ts making plans for his sixth trip - - . " . . Strengthening Tonic. It is asstrong as Ulcers, Carbuncles, Granulated Eye Lida. ebagphsadom.ntlous rouna fhe .... la . +he u ,, a  A case or "precocmus vioience" ls the strongest itter tonic, but yet t do not Sore Throat, Skin or Scalp Diseases and aeeaty.teattad Year-old clllld of Joseph Schlatt, "e ma'--hi -'''-'-'" \\;'" ...... "; ." .reported from Newark, N. J., where a taste the bitter becalms the ingredients all wounds and externaldiaealms whether chprJeeofllvesto "Wealthy Kendall coupty farmer, was  .. u.e .s ars. trt.p across me At. twenty-months-old infant supposed to do not dlslv in the mouth but do dis- slight or serious Continually people are .o*,.,t,.epmam opportmm nu " .......... o. attacked by Charles Blumqulst. a con- la c in lbb) In the uunard hne have been jealous of his baby sister, solvereadlly in the acfdsof thestomah, finding new uses for this famous old _ _. _ paroled to Schlatt from th9 steamer Persia, au Iron paddle wheel two days old struck the baby a blow Guaranteed[byyour D;ugglst. We m remedy. Guaranteed by your Druggist, FN Uetw1tt steamship of 3,300 tons. ' it. wemean it. 25c. )c. $I.00 " /IUU HUIIIUIU{IU with his fist and injured her fatally. ,,c. There is Only One-"BROMO UININE" That is LAXATIVE BROMO TININ" Look for signature of . W. OROV1 on every box. Cures a Cold in One Day. 25.{ Dr. Peebles, who calls himself still tn the morning of his youth, left the east 28 years ago a hopeless dfferer from tuberculosis, but In the west he recovered his health and has pre- served it by "just behaving" htmself and by "always being up and d01ng." MARRIES IN EARTH'S DEPTHS Dotot 8ends for Minister While Ex- ploring the Caverns In Luray, Virginia. Luray, Va.--Dlvlng beneath the sur- face of the earth, Dr. W. H. Jenkins of Roanoke, Vs., came up a benedict. Miss heathla Phlplm of Newport News, V., at the same time cast off spinster- hood. Dr. 3enkl.ns and Mtu Phlpps were exploring the Luray caverns when they decided to marry. A min- ister was summoned, mad with the tinkle of trickling water u their wed. dtng music the ceremony wu per- Iormed. Call Again, Please. BixJones says he gives employ- ment to a large number)f men. Dix--So he does--other people's col- lectors. Mrs.Winslow'8 Soothing Syrup for OhUdren teething, softens the gums, reduces luflamms- ties,allay lln,oure wind eotieK: a tmttleJ Th Lord helps him wo helps him- self, but don't let that prevent you from helping others, The man who is  failure at Invent- ing excuses hws no business to get married. Joliet penitentiary, tto fled as he heard the footsteps of Mrs. Schlatt. A deputy warden took Blumquist back to his cell, Bloomlnglon -- Richard O'Connor, 410 South Campbell avenue, Bright# nn Park, lost both arms and otherwise injured, probably by falling under the wheels of a Chicago & Alton train bound for Chicago. Mt. ,Vernon, ill. -- Mrs. Charles died from Injuries rece'lved -, When a vehtcle tn which she wa riding was struck hy a fast ptm. set,get train north of this city. A two- ,on was killed and a four- Year-old daughter hal an arm cut o. DanvilleLulu Shumaker of Chl- and Nellie Shahs of Indl- held here In Jail on a of violating the Mann white act by luring Dorothy Johnson, Indlanap011s girl, to this cry under of a fine positron. Not Going ,to Waste It. Young Man (whisperlng to Jew- eler)That engagement ring I bought of you yesterday JewelerWhat's the matter with It? Didn't tt fit? Young Man (cautiously)'Sh! It didn't have a chancs. Gimme studs for it. If a man was as clever as a clever woman makes him think he Is he would be clever enough to know that she didn't mean it. 11'! NIW FX|IIeF! WIM|DY. W{d, Illd. PId I DADIttld UediaFre'h /rl -nPrlWll HopitIs with Ieitt SuC: S, eDU #S eRRUl'll W{tAgWK LOST vises VIM, glDNKY, BLADD. DllllVAel ItLOOD POIW IL& K/fHKR lO* DRUOOISTI$OteMA|L* IT 4 TORONTO. WRIT{ FORPI| SOOK TO DI. LIg CLIt }{{Ales An THERAPION TJtT TbDS MtJtKISD woan 'TSlIRAPIOW" IS ON STOCI A -- - Z le as/ =-- -: .... ---- - J [ W.N. U, 81". LOUlI NO. 28.,-191&,