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July 28, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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July 28, 1905

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HE RENTON SUN 2", o, W EATH ER' Some July --l,andllnSehnetderl " e --"-  - St':::TH::a:::l:,:nl:ili:l'vlsited maleay,,urfeettirellntbosheavys'nms. I,'s tin,, l,, put on Sum I :'iii that will save you much money; are just the kind ,of goods you require now. 80 Ladies Vests in cream only, for 5 cents. 1200c:00tted SWiss in large and small Dots, per yrd . 10 cents. Ladxes Hand- kerchiefs, 12 different kinds, some worth 10c and more, each 5 cents. Mens FiletUnder Shirts, very cool, each 25 cents. 39c Corset Covers madeof Cambric,trim med with one row of lace insertidg and edge to match, also em- broidery insertion and edge, each 25 cents. A few pretty patterns in Lawns, per yard 5 cents. 7c India Linens tor 5 cents. Palm Lear Fans, Large size, each lc $1.25 E mbroidered Shirtwaist Patterns, ' each 59c 60c Corsets, only a few let at 39c &lways the newest in Ladies Neckwear, at 50c and 75C lit the Shade of the 01d Apple Tree, and Other Late Songs, each 19o 'lke a Look at Our 5e and lOc Counters I I I IS Ill Ill IS --A public sale of[personal proper- ty will be held on the farm of Wm.F. Poos on Thursday, Aug. 3. Por fur- ther particulars see sale bills. Bottle Beer by the Case for faro ily use, also by Eighths and Kegs, at Frank Thome's, Trenton, Ill. --Postmaster General Cortelyou has Issued an order providing that here after service on the rural routes shall be suspend,d on New" Years day and Washington's Birthday, Memor- ial day, Fourth of July and Thanks giving day. --Carl Rleman has had a fence around his residence, completed which as to durablllt), and good ap- pearance cannot be Improved upon, Ills about three" feet high and is bullt with concrete, thus virtually making it everlasting. --Miss Jessie Ebert with her S.S. and a few friends spent Thursday of last week at the Trenton Park. Among the enjoyable features of the day were games races and plenty to eat. A debate was entered into heart fly by all present. That Pride com- eth before a tall, was quiteeffeetually proven. All report an enjoyable day. --The building bougl, t by the Board of Education was moved from the East Mine by parties of Breese MY VACATION IS NOW DUE. --If you are thinking of putting a heating plant into your |home now ia the time to get an estimate and have the work completed before the cold weather sets in. For particulars in that class of work see J. H. Leutweller. --One hundred and fifty pounds of dynamite were touched off ab ,ut 150 ft. down the second well that was dug near the condensery. The dl. ed from Ohio Sunday morning. --Otto Kenneth of E. St. Louis was vlsitiug with bis mother  ( &ner ,Seu, tn .Machines Exclusive Shoe Dealer. at Fechner's Furniture Store. Theo. Trust and wife of Freepo, t TRENTON, ILL. ate visiting with his parents this week. i i i i i Fred Rlegel of St. Louis is visit- i ......... I fJllW qkqk'qkqkqb4i, llllllllllllllllHilql,4blltPll/iqlkqkqk4klHlllllllllllllllU :llll D latlVtS an lrle.l a llW nays ] m ..... :nk00 P, nrp nl Vnnnr Wl00h i this week. , - Mlss Ida Kuntzmann relurned from several weeks visit at Bellevillel( Uil UU/U Ui /UU! HI 0 : . and st. Lonis. I " ' Your Watch is a delicate piece ,,I ma:.n ;1- , whiell sl,mzl(l be regularly clal,-I :tad Tnts work should be entrusted o I." " Mr. and Mrs. Hy. Strus, of .t. Louis are visiting at Gee. Fischer and family this week. --.%laleom and Addison Sharp are spending their vacation with their cousin John White. --W. T. Cart and Seb. Hammel bave taken a trip to the southwest,rn part of Indian Territory... --Emmaand Lonl,a llsse of St. Louis are visiting at Mrs. AI. Hoehn for several days this week. Lorenge Rt.ltter and wife are tak- in an extended trip throueh Call- charge shook up the whole city anti ferule and other western places. two lengths of heavy well casings ........ ....... ,,+ .t. ....... " '-hhi"ht 3fsev [ Ed. Bmlc, ornate@go ann teo. ............ tRen|iek ofF. let. Don a are letting eral nunoreu IeL ufle place lelt on I - - t -  . a with their lwotar  t temtcK a p rt of the condenaery and caused t " " " and is now placed in the west cur, considerable damage. Tim well drill  --Mrs. S. P. Wit|tars of Peoria her ofth e school grounds.  The nee- lng machinery was wrecked t soma|pent several d&ys th trust weekwith essar im rovements vlll be mad extent. It is hoped ihat the two weUs lhr brother Frank Stoneandh, Mly. y p e . choral so that it will be read- for ] will furnish an inexhaustible supply ._ -- .... . Y Y Iofw t r ;  }d[i. tuaJltmnmqetotMateou use when school begins iu Sept. a e . [tah Is vlsitl with her cousin Miss ...... .... Wheeler  W8ol?. elly  Amella Eisenmeyer a few days thl. everat parnes rom acre are m-  tWeak" terestd In a proposition to manufact- ,[avhiYbe8 a, ure concrete building blocks, the fa- Brefeld Hdw. Co. Mr. and Mrs.,John Garrigus of Kansas CIW were guests la4 wek at the home ottheir uncle, Joseph Gar- rlus. ,--Mi.s Mary Ott of St. I,ouis Is spendln her vacat'ou here the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sennerich and otier friends --A J. Tsehudy was at St. Louis Wednesday wher-, he purchased a icar load of fat heffer for butchering purpose,. --Mrs. A. Pos and family and i friend Emma Weaver of St. Louis are here on an extended visit at Mrs. A W all bridge. --Land Chas. Kannmermeyer of St.,- visited at Grandmother Wi,- kler's the past two weeks and return- ed home Sunday. --Joe. Riemann a,d motlner from t. Louis visited with Mrs. Oscar Ginzel Sunday. Mrs. R eman will re- main for some time. Ph. Hunt audClara Butler daugh- ter of Ph. Butler, formerly principal tory to be located at the old E,st mine. As there is a good dvnand 1", r --Comments are frequ aft.t" passed this building material in Trenton 'by persons returning from a trip and vicinity it seems that a plant of through the west how cities no mat- ter of what size are so much improv, that kind would prove t  be a pay- ins investment. It is also hinted ed in every respect as compared with those more eaaterh' situated. Many that a laundry may be in running or. I p,ople seem to think that those lm- der shortly. provements and m.dern eonventences --Alfred Buechler, a twelve year and upto-dateness come to these old boy of Belleville while on his way places wire out any particular effo home was attacked by a large dog of the inhabitants thereof. The fact The boy after a short struggle manag of the matter is simply tht that those ed tu beat off the brute, escaping with people are not satisfied to let good a flesh wound and a badly torn shirt, enouzl alone. They will improve, The News Democrat says that sere-! Each succeeding generation will in- ral persons who witnessed the attack augarate sense new enterprise beoefl- did not venture near,thinking the ca- clal to the city. We on the oth r: niue was mad. Well ! any grown hand are governed br old foggy ideas person that will not go to the asis- what was good enough for dad and tanceofaboy when atacked by a granddad is good enoush lot us. dog ought to receive medal for be- 'lhe result is that we have the same lng the most contemptible coward dusty street, no modern convenienc- living, esofany conseqneace in fact just --The ever jolly "Donghnut Click' moving along with the tide simply took a journey to the banks of Shoal because we have to. A certain expert, creek early last Sunday morning f,r diture will be I,eurred in the improv. their annual mett where after bust- ment era city no matter where locat- tess had been trausaeted, new officers ed and If Places situated in communi, ofT,entoa Pablle Schools, have bee n elected for the coming year dinner ties of limited capital can be given vbiting friends the past week. fash I the re er attention it is simply idle was cooked in the regular gyp y "t P P - , --John PAemann and daughter Mrs The lalk to sa tnatwe can not bring out ion andenjoyed by all present I Y i lPh Fischer and granddaughter Mar- rest of the day was spent in tempting ci:ies tea better and a more up to date] guerlte Riemann visited with Mr the flnney tribe to leave their watery I condition. ] and Mrs Beckert at St  Douis Tues" homes and quite a'_ number were ]day " " caught, the "Click" returned at a Wanted I ...... n Leonhard return- , MISS amr5 e late hour having enjoyed their day s Bright young man or lady to lake] .'-':: " - - vial" at outing hoping to gc again in the near posttlon as eauvaaer for coffee, tea lea./rm a severa, .nays .............. ma_ 1JselleVille weeneeumy. ne was ae- i luture, ee. Isle. on m }go  weekly as. ..... " ......... l companledhome by MIss Augusta --Thus. R. Mould who is favorably Aaoress Mrs. newel, 107 J. xatn[Barthel who will remain here a few known In this city having made I Bellevllle, Ill. Idays speeches here on labor day and other .   " -An Ei enme er and Ray Z J occasions ts Sow a practicing alter- ] L'beP 'e,wn ,Mcfre8 -- g. . s y . .......... on ' at Feehner's Furniture 8tore v'armer woo recently returned from : .... I ..... a'in-of 50 acres a report of thelr trip Sunday ve at man Is one of whom all the mlnel My farm, conm t K , .  ' r theM E church All who are inter _^.t. .... -- -roud Enterint, themiles no th east of Trenton and one ._ : " " __ , " wvv= ,o It,"  0 be t m any wa are molted t milk station Puss . Y mines at In early age he has filled / half mile from . e nearly every position in end araund ] ion can be had Mar. let, 1906. For the mines. Instead of loafing around I furthur particulars apply ta Henry or Idling hlstime away he pplled Scombrsr. Trenton, Ill. .,A, dkkJk. hlmfelf assiduously t acquiring an education. He has a specialty o! cor- poration and mining law and is sec- end to no one in Illinois as authority in mining law. He conducted many damage cases with signal skill and ability and his learning and elo- quence have wou him ceonlums from the higeat courts in the state and a brilliaut career Is predicted for him. [|tEL MER00 gO A friendoftheminereisnotau em- [ptyterm when applied to him for l hls unbroken heart is on the side of ! @ ,: I Justice equality and truth. The tack of Ready Money. At ends command has numerous disadvantages, while a bank atonnt In the savings Department of the Far. mere Bank of Trenton, has untold ad- vantages and removes the po.ibility of being found without money in time of sickness, los of position or other I mtsfortune. Tbe small sum of one to a eompete, t watchmater. Our r, patr de- flpartmentcan b afelv entrusted ith the i nest watch--whether'it needs to be merely cleaned or it it r q;ire i repairs of any bert. We can as,re you the ve y bet week v,a' ctn be do,re in title line and that our charge for E it will h eudrdy satisfactory. = = A good watch deserves a good, handome attain. We can show -- you as fine a ine of Watch Chains no" Its bas been seen bare in ninny i a day. No band,.,mer pattern,, surely, were ever ereattl--,ml a fay thell" quality, it is Sufficient to say /haI 0hey bear ll,e SIMMON trade mark, which Is an absolute guarantee of chain excellence. C. H, GIESEKE, Jeweler and Cptlclan. Trenton, lU. 111 [,mr I iiii ii ii i i i i iiiii ii i i iiiii i .... ; , I i i! W. T. CARR, LEWIS W. THOMSON, A.M. I,EONHARD, President. Vice-President Cashier. - TN F lANK., CAPITAL $5,000. '..=_ INDIVIDUAL I,IADILITY .................. $25 000 E = I)EPOSITS .... M44, 273.0($ . -'''''" .... . ...... . ...... .o -- 3 PER CENT Interest on Time I)eposils of Six Months or '.3 PER CENT on Accounts payable Semi-anuuaI,y. IOI{EY TO LOft Oli REAL ESTA, TE OR COLLATERAL StURITY,  lllli lnulldulIllHl; ICE CREAM, FOUNTAIN SODA AND PHOSPHATES SERVED DAILL dollar will open a Savings anti can be added to at any time and In any amount. Paying 8 per- cent per annum semi annualy. T. E. Chipron's Bakery, TRENTON, t L.L., FRESH BREAD EVERY DAY. Comfort and Hammocks Go hand in ha,d. You've known all along you ought not deny your-elf [the genu- Ine rest, health ald e,mfort Hammocks afford, consider- l,g our very low p.ices. And yOU kuow there's a place at our home where our pretty at, mocks would look Just splendid. But why haven't you bought one yet? Price is no excuse. because we:sell so low that anybod0' can afford it. It only takesa visit to our store to convince you that there are none : prettier and stronger than our famous PALMER HAMMOCKS, which were awarded the rand prize at the St. Idic Fair. So youv'e no reason at all for not buy- ing. Our prFees run from $ I tel4.00, ad a pair of Ham- mock hooks o with the bar. ga|n. Will you deny your- sells Hammock for such a small sum? L, J, WIO[ & BRO,, TOS AT LOWEST PRICES. Watchmakers & Jewelers, Two Days each week, the 2nd Sunday and following Monday HIGHLAVD, , ILl'.. AT AVISTON, ILL. JOBISTRiTHliII. 1" .... ' ........ r For sale-Acre tract west Trenton. . qFmqF qFm W.T. Carr. WH Y SEW by hand when a his grade, bath bearing and easy running Machine can be purchased for 20. I carry several of the best mak, a at greatly reduced prices. No. "66" is the machine hat ex- lls them all. It m the late im- proved ROTARy S1NOER. Come and see it. All kind of machine needles :T sale here. Ulm " / i, ,)[!1 :- " Notice. All persons are requested to refra,n from passing through the Meadow ground located east of town. Con.i.*- able damage is done by 0Ltldren s- log same for playground nd pa. eni are therefot, e reueeied tnse ,tla,t their children remaln:a, way from fhe meadow. . :E. :LOU DEN.