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July 28, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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July 28, 1905

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._ , i i i i i i ii | ii m i ii T " -- 1 NEWSY NOTES. I other pastures. The report that the h Tt.ntnn K.n , --Yellow fever has made its up-' healer went away, carrying with her llp e lim, llI.Vli WllO ! pearanee at New Orlesns amt thel large sums of money entrusted to her --  city has been quarantined in order i care by members of her flock, brings Friday, July 28 1905. "- " to prevent the spread of the disease. I silence or noneommltal comments ] from people who whorship at her tern- -Justice of the peace l)anu of ]SSUED EVERY FRIDAY ....... pie at Thirty-seventh street and Ind _ _ _ _ u'Falton wuo with a party of friends IllITIIV utr[.I H was attending the races at Broese ianaavenue. Chicago. It t$ known ZLa,.ZJL xfL.a x  Sunday was stricken with paralysis that she possessed realestate and F:atlor marl ruHsner .................. : "  anti died several hours later. The stock holdings and caretaker over the property of people in her congregat,- ntared at the Postoffiee at Trenton, body was removed to O'Fallon where I11. s second-class mail matter, the funeral took iace ion to the amount of $300,000. iLg.$oF.Ui0,ttt'ZzoN. Richard Wareham, the oldest mere The states attorney's office is in- tavana)ly m:hdvauce. _ ber of the Knights of Pythias, died vesttgating the death of Roland One War .......... It.c0 [ Four blontha ....... 4co gMouths ....... 501Two Me,lb, ....... Se ofheart faIlure at his homea Rock- Dordan, an8yearold boywho lived Stnzle Copies 5 coati. Island Friday. He was 70 years ohI with his family at Crugar, a small mapit ,/oNes Fission application. T ELEPHO,NE ,N'C. 2.3. IF S]N%,TOt I)EPEW Call ee his patli,)ticduty clear, he will resign fx] tile U.S. Senate. and wa the last surviving charter member of the original lodge organ- ized at Washington D. C., in 1862. Wareham was an enginser In the navy during the civil war. The Sandoval coal Co has been pay In,., $10 a car toget the coal takenirom the mine to ble smelter works, about a quarter of a mile distant. The coal company chamad the charges were exeessnve anti shouhl be the regula- tion switch charges. $2.00 a ear. The station. The family physician said he had appendicitis and recommend- eel he be taken to a Peoria hospital for traatment. lnstead he was taken to the home" of relatives near and treated by Dr. A. Henry, who claims to be a mawr netic healer. It is alleged his treat ment altgravated the case and pert- testis causeddeath. I)oetor Henry, who was recently fined for praccing without a certificate, was unable to make out a burial certificate and the B. & O. S-'w, R.R. Time Table at Trenton, I11 The following thne table went into effect 8unday,Msy 25th,I905. WEST BOUND. NO 21 Acom ex Sunday ...... 6;50 a m No 7 Accom ex Sunday ....... 5:27 p m No 23 Aceom Sunday only .... 9:0 a m No'29 Aeeom Sunday only,...8,11 p m No. 5 Flyer dily ......... 11.59 p m AST BOUND. No 8 Acorn ex Sunday ....... 9:06 a m No 22 Accom daily ex Sun7.:10.. pm. No 28 Accomm Suu(lay only..9.01 a m No. 2t A sum Sunday only..8.? p.m. Fez detailed nxormauo regarding ratu Umeon eonnectlngilnes,sleeping and parlo ears. etc.. addren J.P. DISSER.. Ticket Ageut, B. O. S-W Ry.. Trenton,It Or OoP. McCARTY, General Passenler Agent, Cincinnatl,O _PItOFESIO N AL. ,I D R. A. W. CARTEl(, tt .... Physician and .Surgeon.. Office and Residence on Main Street one block North of Broadway. 5?eYE5 are Caokers, Bakers, and happy home makers. If you want to have peace ,and TH ood die young,--Seuators De pew, Mitchell Burton and Dietriek are pretty far along in years. DIRECTORS of some of the insurance ak)mpantes of New York have diseov- red a way to beat tim insurance con]- lauies without going through tire o- dal of lying. KV.t twu birds with one stone-- Dump the Latter Day Saintsof Utah and the Iatier Day Patriots of the L:uitcd States Senate iut:o the Great .ah; Lake. AI;M" and navy officers when accused of anything that may bring discletiton their names demada eaurtmartial t once. Senatorsof ti.e C.S have no such eerie of honor. matter was taken to th state board of Ra!lroad Committe and they ruled that the switch charge is the only one the B &O. could collect. --A farm hand who had worked for W. E. Miles near Greenville for two days, induced the only son 16 years old to run away from home. Together they took a valuable horse and bug- gy and $48 iq cash,one day last week. The horse was found near German- town on the farm of Fred Heimann where it was returned to Mr. Miles Sunday. Nothing has been heard of the man or boy up to this time. --Two dogs Bryne and Queen be- longing to W. J." Kennedy, engineer- at tle llome Trade Coal mines at Ed- wardsville prevented B. J. ODonnel from committing suicide Sunday. O'Dounel made several attempts to climb ever the gateand throw him- Fast of the matters is that so many self down the shaft but was pulled employ such questionable methods in back by the dogs until their owner gaini:l their seats that tipsy have attracted by their barking came to na honor worth defending, the rescue. The man's mind seems to THE cridit,)rs of the Peoples United tate Bankhave had another nar- row escapeof being swindled out cf the funds deposited iu the above nam cdinsiuion. Judge Selden P. Spen- cer the ousted receiver claims $121(0 i)r his fee and expeases of ten day's administration. Between Spencer and Lewis as get-rich-quick schemers the former outpoints tim later 2 to l, THE Mr. Vernon News offers the fi)llowing as a suggestion or probably sa warning to the lady teachers of that vicinity: A Minnesota paper tells of a teacher who to prevent tard- mess, ()tiered to kis the first arrival zf school, each moruing. The next morniu at 5o'clock a numbal' of '(,,ln" lll.en were seen roosting" OIl the fence and at b.30 all the small bo)s and two directors had put in an ap- pearance. The teacher is 1(] and beau- tfful, as all of them are. "Who would no roost ou the uclmol house fence all night. NINE A MYSTICAL NUMBER. any Superstitions Connected Wlth Three Times Three. Nine is a mystical number. A eat is aid to have nine lives; there are nine crowns in heraldry; possessien is "uie points of the law," and the whip for punishing evildcers has nine {ails. the superstition being that a tgging by a trinity ot trinities would be sacred and more efficacious. In or der to see the fairies, mortals are di- rePted: o put nie stair, s of wheat ov  ftr-leaf clover: The hydra had nine leads, and leases are frequently granted for 99 er 999 years. Milton h "Paradise Lost." says: "The gates f heIl are thrice threefold thre {olds adamartine, three folds iron an ihree foid adamantine rock. They ave nine folds, nine plates and sin., nings. When the ange)s were eas:. out of heaven nine days they fell." The nine of diamonds was constd ered the curse of Sc)tland. and m se  magpies in the lad of eYs i: sldered as bad as to see the de'i. Ida. ane sl'. IRIS" IDEA OF A GENTLEMAN. zzrdinal Newman's Estimate le Weli Worthy the Attention of All. ardinal Newman's definition of Keaxtlbmar has pi-obably never beel urlpased. Here it is: lt Is almost the definition of a gen an to say he is one who never in. li.t palm He has his eyes on all laf. sea,amy;: he is tender toward h( lmafuL gantte toward the distant anc marcfful toward the absurd; he can llect tn whom he is speaking; h( guard against nn seasonable allusions mtlic$ ,which may Irritate; he i: 2dmprominent in conversation an(' zzove earisome, H males Ught of favors while h [ig them and seems to be reeeivin tzz he is conferring. He neve firak. of. himself except when corn leRd;.zever defends himself by ere retort; hehas no eare for slan or gossip, is, scrupulous in lml=ut . mtives to. those who interfere it him and interprets everythin the best. He Is never mean or lit in his disputes, never takes unfal rantage, never mistakes personae or harp sayings for argumentt a sfnuates. evil which he dare not out." coroner was called in. Warrants charging assaul t and bat tory were issued against ,five men in Justice Wangelin's court Saturday morning tor the assaull committed upon Mike Dominick a miner of Shi- loh Ill.,who was sailed to his front door of his residence last Wednesday night and severely beaten. A deputy sher,ff from Belleville took those who are charged with the offense into custody shortly aer- ward. Timy are Peter anti Oliver Punter. Waiter Meyer, Georgo Hat- zenbeuler and Christ Newchurch. I)ominiek and the men who are chared with assaulting him worked together iu a mloe t is alleg0d. Domleick is an Indefatiguable work- or it is claimed, a-d wiles the boss of the shaft remonstrated with the other men for shouldering tasks on Domiuick, it is alleged they became angry aud are said to have taken means to be avenged upon him. be affected W.T. Hancock, president of the Pl.w Uompany of Alton was killed in anautomobile accident at Los Anles Cal., Thursday night. Mr. Hancock and family were driving at a high rate of speed when the automobi e collided with a milk wagon driven by J. Saul. All persons in the accident were more or less injured. Mr. Han- cock was rated as a millionare and had been fined before on different oecassions ibr fast and reckless driv- ing" Missonri produces 80 percent of all tl)e zinc and 90 percent of all the nickel mined in the United States while the percentage of lead taken fl'omits miues is nearly as great. The demand for all these metals is increasing rapidly and new districts are bei,g developed every year. It may not be an idle boast that Miss- ours will ultimately i)roduca as mucl treasure in these base metals as Cal- ifornia has produced .of gold and sil- ver. Napoleon Goalby, a shot firer at flunk Bros. mine No. 3. at Troy, was killed by a permature explosion of a shot in the mine at 5 o'clock Wedues. day afternoon. He was 35 years of age and the sole support of his wid- owed mother. His brother John Goalby ,is connected with the Herr- ing mine in St. Clair county, and was at one time a member of the state board of mdne inspectors. I)eputy Corner Marks held an inquest over the rema us Thursday morning. --The secretary of the Breese Driv- ing and fair association was named as a defendant in the information filed against them in the e,unty court for allowing betting ou horse racing at the race meet held at Breese,Sunday. Judge Allen imposed a fine of $10 and eosl s. Ben Bentler, a saloon keeper, who was fined previously for keeping his saloon open dnring church hours two Sundays ago, brought another charge against the Secretary of the Associa- tion for selling beer without a license at the driving park A plea of guil- ty was entered and the party was fined $20 and cost. Bloomington's most historical buil- ding, the first house built there and the cldest court house in the state i,urne(! at day break this morning. The fire was probably due to fJllowers of a street carnival there last week who had been sleeping in the buil- ding. The structure was erected in 1831 by James Allen' and served as a c>urt house for ten years or more" IAncoln, Sweet, Davis and many of he most famous lawyers of the pio- neer era practiced there and the strut ture wa rich in historical associa- tions. It had been deserted for the last fifteen years and the suhjent cf )reserving it as a memorial and mu- seum in Miller park had been agitat- ed of late. Mrs. Mabel A. Jackmau, She Shep- herdess of Paradise, with her hus- band and $50,000 in cash belonging to the church of Scientific Christianity of wlflch she was high prlcstes wad divine healer has betaktn herself to A smooth krtlcles When you find it necessary to use sat co use DeW itt's Wnteh Hazel Salve It is the pulest, and best for Sores. Burns  Boils, Eozema Bllmt, Bleed ing, Itchh.g or Protrudinz Piles. Get theenuine I)eWitt's Witc Hazel Salve. Sold by W T Cart, Druggist. --Read THe. TRENTON SE. TI2TO M.tZ;ZT! CORRECTED EVERY THURSDAY. Wheat, per bushel ............  .8 Corn, per bushel ............... 50 Oats, per bushel ............... 32 Flour, per cwt ................. 2.90 Corn Meal, per bushel ......... 70 Potatoes, per bushel new ...... 40, Onions. per bushel ............. 50 Eggs per dozen .............. 13, Breakfast Bacon,perlb..1.5 azc$ .17 Country Ird, per lb .......... .07 Hams, per lb., sugar cured ..... 16 Hams aorry cured,per lb .... ]2 Country tcon, per lb .......... tT; Shoulders, per lb ............... 1 8 Butter,country,per lb ...... 15 d, tO Butter. creamery, per;lb .. , .30 Chickens Ins .................. P9 ] Chickens,Choice Spring, per lT .1.1v Old Rues e[, per lb ..... , ..... 47 Staggy Yang Roosters per lb., .05 lurkeys, per lb ................ 10 Geese spring per lb ............ D8 Ducks,per lb young ............ 00 Salt, pc,- barrel ............... 1.15 Pigeon per dozen ............... 75 Timothy hay, per ton .......... 10.00 Clover l-y, per ton ............ [800 Coal_' p,*" F,,,hel a mine ......... * Calls l)roml)tl attended to Day orNight. I" comfort in your kitchen you will D R T' (}A00TNER, .... I see us for aBuck's Cook Stove. PHrsI(T,Jx an. Ll ......... l| Ofltee and Residence on BroadWay,|. Tinshop Work a $peciaty. three blocks wesi of Main Street. i CIls Promptly Attended to Day or NIgL t ii i i I" J.O.Vogt,M.D. I PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE AT RESIDENCE--BROADWAY, EAST OF IAIN STRHET. TRENTON, - ILLINOIS. DENTISTI.0000 PI00OW00 PL@W00 ": OFF . Broadway, one Block I "*/. ICE,-- East el Main Street. i ( T_Ij[,ITO.z,  I.LT,. , i  That have been tried for many ),ears and have stood .. ilJ the test. JOHN DEERE and ROCK ISLAND Gang .. 1-  , i i Plows, Sulky Plows, Walking Plows. Madeof the A. H. STIFFENS, M, D., O, 0i cst material and Guaranteed to give satisfaction. .. DENTI00TRy.I'IIA00'ICELI00d[1TEDI' ! Flexi00 ble Steel Harrows ' Office in Leonhard Block, " " Adiust themselves to the coudition of the ground, TRENTON, - - ILLINOIS. pulverizing and preparing the soil properly for seed. ..t ing. .. FRANK TRUTTMANN, ,,, BUGGIES. I/eleflnaflao " :"  We hsndle the JOE W. MOON and JOHN DEIilRE /.. 1 Buggies and Surreys. High Grade and Strictly first . . Trenton, Illinois. ili cass as to Material, Painting and Finish. They are i n,,ted for comfort and easy riding. . ', , esidence .............. f2  .- 0000i0000,t00edtoDay0000ig00t i,# THE CELEBRATED L[6HT RUHHiNG MOLiHE WA6ON, --WE ttAVE THEM.-- /" John B. H eet, i# , Bfigtl00le[ n P[0gler00[' 0000ReasonableUS:fr First-claSSprices. Goods at .." ii Chas. P.Junk00r, w.s. LOUDEN wi,euyou wants pleasant laXa" Notary h00iic 00,td Comyancer ATTORNEY-A'I'-LA W, tive thatto act, ,,,sis ea,y't,,ci, amberlaln,stake andstomacbeeraia Attend to Pvnsin Matters OFFtCZLCORNRR bl,%lt ilI{OAI}AY and Liver tablets. For sale bY T,ZZTt Z, z.nO "f R !. N'! 0. ! LI.. v. 1'. Carr, Druggist GRADUAL DECLINE This is the fate of sufferers from Kidney trouble, asthe disease is so insiduous that often people have serious Kidney trouble without knowing the real cause of their illness, as disease d kidneys allow th impurities to stay in the system and attack the other organs. This accounts for the many d'erent symptoms of Kidney Disease. You begin to feel bettex at once when taking FOLEY'S KIDHEY CURE h 4 as it stimulates the earl, increases the circulation and invigorates the whole system. It strengthens the urinary organs and gives you new life and vigor. TWO SIZES 50o and $1;00 Chlgo BuslneN Igam CuPod Fole & Co., Chicago, Gentlemen:--About a year ago my heath begsp Io fail, I lost flesh and never felt well. The doctor thought I had stomscn and liver trouble, bat I bcame convinced that my kidneys were th cause of my ill bcalth and commenced taking FOLEY S KIDNEY CURE. It in cressed my appetite and made me/eel stronger, and the annoying symptoml dissppesred. Ia now sound and well.-- I. K. Horn, 1354 Dheraey IMvd. CMcago, June 11, 1902. 0Ul'l Hill Wifll E. C. WatLns, sexton of the Methodist Chuech, Springfield, Pa,, write: II My wife has been very'bad with kidney trouble snd tried evera! doctml without benelt. After taking nne bottle of FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE wl much better, and was completeb/cured after taking four btle$." " One Bottlo Cmd Him A. H. avh, Mt. Sterling, Is., writes: "I was troubl with kldlJE complaint/or about two years, hn 1 one-dollar boe  QLI'. FDN][ CURE eeoted n permanent cm." " , , LW, T, CARR, Drugfigit, Trenton, IllinOis,