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July 28, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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July 28, 1905

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.00nton Sun I The writer who has bee,I around some( mostly ar,mml home) has Friday, July 2, 1905 observed that when a stranger come4 .=__ &apos;,:: .... , , . . .. to town, provided he wears good clothes, flashy neck lies, has his JUST A MINUTE. Lord, Lord. how this world is giv en to lying.--Silakespeare. Who dares toiuk one th.i:ug and an- other tell, My heart detests him as the gates of I i 00,0 0LA"Z"0000s i Call and examine my large stock of i=i.Jl00Nl'Pi,00l0000." _= i And get prices. The nicest and best line ewr ,-hewn i,D thi eby . as I am exclusive agent forsome - of the best and cheapest firms. I cansave you item | 15 to 20 per cent on | _ the dollar. _ - j.u00V00mKI006. | In this work I am dssisted by ' my son, J. "V. Olanzner, who is" a Licensed Embalmer of Missouri and  Illmoia, and 8 ' guarantee all work in thts  line. The only Licensed Em- balmer in the city "IIIII IIIII .,flu. 4t EX0 ISITE I Wall Paper '-'- trousers turned up at the bottom hell.--Pope T YOUR  about four inches, there i a certain hnTs evil manners live ill brass:- 3 class of girls, or young la,ile as they . . '  their virtues wo write ll| w.*et'. ll I-I gTir' , prefer to e:.ll themselves, ,vh. are | ||.a,,  first to make the acqa,,tauce of said Good the moe ..... t' ....... , s (! slranger, never iving the matter a Communicated, more abundant grows > Taken and llnlsne sceoro (4 thought as to who the s*rnger is, --Milton. ' in to tile I,stett lmuroveu : , g " . " d where no came from, or where he Is Defer n t till t  morrow to ba wise [, Methods at the i i going. Iu a great many instances "re-morrow's sue ioryot my never '> ,-! rv-O  however, they oon learn where he rle.--Congreve.  . [ D/Ik9 ILJel le   " . r/ __ ; gue---tojil. A sheriff comes aloug 'lheg,ea'esthomage we can pay ll_ u e elunl:l00 pibksup ttte fellow WhO has been  to truth is t,, nse it._lt W Fmersoa.: {) I 1t Ib 01iULIIO  sueh a nice fellow with the girls t',kes t ^r-,. ,tD.,,,, - , .IViI . , , ......................... :, _ .... /21 him tosome neighboring town and  " TNTON. t LL.  ........  | FrauSchmidt he,rs some one at t( __,t / paleeS nlnl In Jall [o answer .onle  ...... --=--'-'"-J / charge or other; in most eases that the do,,r late at night, and s.upp,,s,ng . , It Is t ttasband, ope s tim tt or autl =--=---- : .... = ....... ' ] of wife abandon,,tent or embezzlement b. ' lllll qblb,qb1b4bt Illltlt'l } * EXQUISITE If you intend doing any Paper- I . ing see my complete'line of I Samples of All Grades and Prices. THEe. HUBER, Trenton, Ilinols. i ii NOW IS THE TIME to place your order for a FARM HARNES'L You will need them. You cannot aflbrd to loose 'time on an old harness when'work begins. ,'e can furnish you Hilmless that can stand the strain of hard usage, Only first class material used in our Team Harness. Save Your Horses by using our Collars,which are c:arcfufly fitted. It is inhuman to compel an animal to work n ill-fitting Collar. with a . , Have your REPAIRIN( done now. "First-class work done on short notice. TRY US. D. Be BEROER KURZ BUILDING, TRENION, I]2L NOIS.I dol00n Megulr' e,. DRUGS AND- MEI)IOINES . School Booas, Pahlts, Oils, Per- fumerv and Toilet Articles. IIETO', - ILLl.Of$ DARIUS KINGSBURY ATTORNEY-AT-LAW and NOTARY PUBLIC. Real Ftate bought and sold. Collec- tions Promptly Attended To. Office--East Side Court House Square 6ARLYLE* ILLINOIS. - , ' , ::,,  i[L_i ii il li(i I AUOHLAN C ........ , U00os., REAL EgTATE, RENT COLLECTED. Rm No. O, EAST ST. LOUIS, Arcade Building. ILLINOIS, ii li I II i I l lllli .:  . " - i TR[NTOlt IS[WiRY BASSLER BREWING CO., Props, Customers Constantly Supplied with our First-Clans TRENTON LAOER BEER admmiters a severe Leafing to him. "H)ave:ls[ ' she says at last, you are no' my .'husban,l!..You are tie In :llgeatlon Cured 'l'hate i uo eas of ltithoqllm Doa.sia or S,on, )h "Pr,)ubl'e Iha: will not yield to the diresttve all(| stre.gthenhlg Influene  Kodol Dys pepsiaCuro. 'rht:rem-dytak the ,era n (,ffthe stomach br df'eVnz W)tal YOU ea, t and allowing It to rat, until it grows tronR agaiq. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure alfr,ts quick a,.I per manacle relief from Indigestion and all stom,wh trouble% builds Ihe astemand opurifles that diseass san tack am! gain afootiag as wheo m a weaRenod ei}nd[tiol, 'l'to e,.m tv " o" tantl, tnersin, use of Iodoi Dys- pep,'a Cure by physieiat|s.%t 'hospim I ami eneraI pl'actico ol Itself tells hoa" thlSmost wonderful modern discov- cry uas proven to be the grant dl'es- taut for the alleviation of a sufi'o,ing humanity. Its Inall" Otllt*ef bOh children anti adnlt, grows larger nay by day. ohi by W.T C r ' .______-  The Fair at Bellevitle, October3d to 7 Preparations for th, coming ohl fashioned County' Fair are being pusll edfoxwartl with Vigor. Over 2,00 premium list will be rcaUy for dis- tribution ahout the 27th oi this lnonth and will gladly 1) forwarJed to any person making applications for the same. "- The old settlers, both men anti we- moll, who are saveuty years ohi and upwards, are requested to send their names and postofltoe adreses to the secretary to receive tram hhn a com- plhnentary ticket to the fair; alm''- ing taom fre on Taesday Oct. 3d. to listen to the address el the uoted Geor- gia preacher, Sam Jones, to tile old folks on that date. To hear this ad- dress alone will be worth a] days time and travel. The secretary is dily rac0iving in- quirie from all over th country,con- cerning premiums offered a,d attrac- t'otis to b given at the fair. This mornings comm lnic'ttioa was re- ceive(I from a Chicao firm which proposes to give ao exhibition :elttitl- ed, '"i'he Bombardnt2nt of Port Ar- thur', Blowing; up of Russian Ships" etc. It is said that 250 people are en- gaged to give this product[0n." Ia older to make the comiug fair a success, the management is deter- mined to secure novel and interesting attractions regardless of expense. Fxeellent displays of agriculture pro- ducts and farmi implements will be a stroug feature. Co3siderable space has been taken for exhibits. The exhibition halls, a well as the atals for live stock, are now beiug remoddled, renovated and put in first class order, that all intending exhibitors may bsable t) secare sat- isfactory accomdatious for the prop- er arrangemcnt of th ui r displays. Cholera Infaotum. Chihi Not Expbeted to Live trom One Hour to Another bat Cored by Cbamberlains Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Ruth. thellttle daughter of E. N Dewey of Agneville, Va., was sol loudly ill of cholera infantum last summer. ' We Rave ho, r up attd did not expect her to live from one honr toattother, q he says. "[ happened to tbink of Chmnberlain's Colic, Chol. era awl Dlarlhooa Remedy and Rot a bottle of it from the store. Zit five I,)rs I sawn change fqr the better. We Rept on giving it ,tud before abe had'akeu thehalf ofone small bet, tie she was well." this remedy la for -ale bY W T Carr V Moistened Air for Car Caol|ng. Tests are being made by the Lake Shore era car cooling device invented by one of the employes, an enginer. The devise is built on theprlnetple of a huge atomizer. It is s )constructed that at different periods it will ex- hale gusts of moist, cold air. Al- though the air comes directly from a freezing plant, It can be also regulat- e! that the atmosphere can be fixed at any temperture. The moistening of the air is also another lmportan feature. Thls dampness collects all the pari|eles of dust that gather in the cars. (=ood for 8tornaoh Trouble and Constll=atl n ,"Chamberlaln's Stomacit and Llve 'Iablets have done me a qreat deal i ,md, says (i. [owns of Rat PortaR Ontario Canada. "Being a mlhl phy- sit: the alter effects are not uupleasant and I Can teoommtd them to all whd softer from stomaoa disorder." For aal b W. T. Lrr. te.a. ou the thirl fl,,orF' "O, deffr!" s tys the unfortunate vie- ,turn, " now I've', got to take aNothcr lickig!"--Fligende Blaetter. W}lling To Assent. 'if_" "Miss, l Iho'Jght I hard a cry for llelp? | "Y, sit', thi young man was try- ing to kiss me! - "Who called fr holp, you or the young m:la?'--ltouiu Post. . ,. No Drugs Needed Mrs. Eb:ly--Litle Caesar's jaws are leaked fast. Mr. Darktow.i--Am they locked shot or open? 'i:':--' .:They is locked opu, dotah._ ' "Da's easy cared, l'ut er piece er roilod chicken betwcn 'e:n, an' ef not work try watermilli,m."--N.Y. Weekly. , W.lea l)avy (c',)k'tt sa in the us- lured legidatur a a representati ,of th sa,l'Tax he :had in:uy clashes with mn of mor education, but l,ss Wl than himself. It is told of him that one day while standing in fron of his hatei o,I Pennylvauta av. a drove ofm ties trotte3 by un'ler the custody t)f au over3eer from one of the stock farln in Virgiuia. A coatless- man f,'om B stn who wa standing near by, attracted Crokett atentioo to the unusai sight saying: "i-lelio there, Crockett;her0s a lot of your cnxtttans oil paz't:le. The eelebrated hunter leaked at the anhn 1 with a (l,liz,Aeal gLaue'" au,ltheltrd,lgto tie o!ier said quietly I)a wih e nph,tsis. "Th' aregJintoBgOltotsch s'h)ol." A,, ex:;h u,ve thus bid fare,veil:to of push. He played marbles, for kee)s when a b:)y, a,ui cheated all his pl',n tLe o l of their eye. swa )p, I a I}1 t IDlers k die. sin':it un- seen, for a fourblader, s)hl that for flghtycltt, bou%hapo:tndof su'- ard tnrla btrL'el of Icm): which h. s/,I oil) cirou day fo He startet in business add sohi tad meat far choice cut and made a for- tuue. When he got a the.mend he organized with $5,(D0 capital, mostly watered andsohl the stock at p-tr. Whu tile eompuy based it wts fi)uud that he old out some tin]: be- fore. When he dioJ he w,s a [nill- ionare and left it all here. It is warm where h is now." i Ofle DoIlarSaved d,,arnts Ton Dollars Earned. The average m ,t dos nr}t save to exoeed tett poreo,;t of his earuins. lIelnustspoud uiuedollarsin liiiix expeuses |or every dollar stY8 I. Tuat beiu, tli, etsa its Dell|lOt De tOO arelul abot lltillOos.ry expeuses. Very often a fw cents properly In- vested, like bnyiug seeds tor his gar- deu, will save svvel'al dollars outlay laterou. [tis the sa|nin buying Chamberlains Colic, Choler, and Diarrhoea lmedv. It costa buts few Cut. aut t t) ;ttte of It iu the IIOUS ofe|t s,tvea a dieter's bill of several dollars, For sale oy V T :rr MARRIA6E LICENSES. RJMI, ]lalnaa.oL Lterman L,tmmers, ;14 ...... Bal'teiso Lizzie Pelteos, 2a ........... " " WHAT HE WOULD DO. 8oldler'a Course in Event f His Be. ing Suddenly Awoke. Of Col. John C. Hayes. who served with distinction under Gem Winfield c'ott in the Mexican war. an amusing story is told by T. E. Farish in his "Gold Hunters of California." Hayes wit his command, had been out scenting. On his return he made no report to Gem Scott. who sent for him. Gen. Scot was a veritable mar- tinet fn enforcing military discipline. After Hayes waa aeated in the com- mander's headquarters, Scott said: "Col. Hayes, I have received no report of your expedition against the padre." "I did not think it worth while." said Hayes. "Every officer of the army is requlred to make a full report of cveryfhtng to his superior officer. Please make your report verbally." Hayes began by saying that he struck the padre's trall on a certain day, followed it for t.wo days and on the thir{I day, while his command was resting at noon and taking their siesta, the old-padre came down on them. The "boys" gathered them- elves together and whipped the Mexicans off, killing quite a number of the padre's command. His own loss was insignificant, one killed and three wounded. "Surlrised you, eh?" queried Scott. "Yes; we were not ex. J.H. LEUTWILER, 1 PRAC:rlCAL MACHINIST and PLUMBER, ! TRE2TON, IZ1NOIG. Installs Hot andCold Watsr S)stemg with bath room i onnections,in new or old buildings. Stem or Hot Water Heatinl00 Plants heroical None other giw as good satin. fsction. Plans aud Eati ares given and work gurauteed. GET YOUR WORK I)ONE NOV, 80 THAT YOU ARE PREPA RED  %VHEN ('OLD WEATHER SETS IN. 1NSVtE Y()V1L BUIL,DINGS IN THE )1 00,Ii t0o00inKlm 00n00nfii00 Nutug Fire k00uan. Ik > Has been doing business for 9 years and during that titae: has levied ' lifO 00:P00-0ZAL ASSi00.SI00M0000-NT.  All h .s s were PAiD PROMPTLY direct out of t beTreury. Eeo- pecting him." "Where were your [> uonliealiy lnanaged, con,equel|l]y Low Rate of/nurance. [ picket? .... Did nt have any." ( , )] "What!" shouted Gem Scott,. "A t! ETIMIffE; RTiS AItD IEBIB CItEERF[1LLt GIYE. .01onel in the regular army of the }  '  /4 United States go into camp in the  CHAS. HAIPS]I, ITE, Sc. WM. F. P00, Pre. I (-.4 .ff -'---J'--- J  sg'-..-----_ ;..  .heart of he enemy's country and liever place a picket om guard? Whai ould you do if sur.lsed when -- ,111 -- ........................ ..................................... I asIeep? .... Shoot the fit'l" man that I II II ]l I I I " II w, ked me up." was the cool reply., |' .,,\\; \\;j/{,/,, ' ' ' Over I2 So,d| Cl,,Tman arid of VainFin.EndeavrTurke to Get  ! in 5 years in Trenton A popular minister in Fifeshire, in the good old tlme, used at Christma i  " P  and vicinity. to be tn/mdated with hami.ers ILlled i with good khings, ayo Tit-Bits. On one occasion an enormbus turkey was sent to him by the thoughtful S01d For [lash or Credit, kildness of a member of his congre- gation, a neighboring farmer, but, a, i  i Given on Trial. the minister's family had already pro- vided fr the Christmas dinner' the i 1 J  B a hird was sent to the market and sold .  t "l A passer-by, seeing .this fine apeei- , refeld Hardw re ister's Christmas dinner!" To the l I -- II i'l I ; II II I I I minister it was again sent. The provident wife sent it off again -"' I-- I -I- -I I ..................... Jl--I .... .......... I II-j .............. to the market, where it was ones more disposed of for a handsome sum. Another friend, similarly sruck with the splendid proportions of the turkey, purchased it and sent it to the minister. The good woman, not wish- ing to fly Jn the face of providence. aid at last:. "It is clear that this turkey wa meant for us," and with the approba- tion of the family it formed par of the Christmas dtnner. The Measure of Love. Thou plaguest me and I'll confes. I could not love thee more--or ]es, Not more. sines all my heart is filled With thee; not less, since all unwilled ly love goes Out to thee; uo IIU 'Tis more obedient to my will Or I have more heart, sweet Iess. I could not love thee mort, or less. Though more of love ! might" profe,, Though 1 might seek to love. thee_ hs, The one were quite imDos.xlbl: Slev el| my heart of thee in full. And till my heart, b4ike ny hands Ohedtcnt to my commands Vill do my will. I do confess Not ever could I lOVe thee less. So he content to know no stress Of efforls let me love thee les. Nor can my bursting heal ( l-an how To /o'e thine more thnn I do now. 'ow much I love thee? Io content Tlmt all nl3r hoi)cs lt thee are blent, And since thou plaguest, I']1 confess: [ could not love thee more--or less. New York Time. Death to Unmuzzled Cattle. Close to the frontier of Nepal ts the mountatn of Sandook-Phu, which means in the Thibetan language, "The hill of the Poison l)laut," or aconite. This plant is so abundant, and so deally In its effects, that. all sheep and attie passing over the mountain are uzzled by their drivers. Curiously enough only those cattle that are newly imported from the plains are fatally affected. The natives believe that the sheep of the district learn to shun the youngest leaves, which are the most virulent. A more likely explanation is that they grow habituated to the drug by taking it in small quantitios.Stray Stories. Worq00 Trenlon 60llliK When you come to think of It, most of us do have a harff time keeping ourselves hi order. Temper, nerves. Rem')ved to Buihiiu', {formerly k|town as the thicken tatehsry) in s mtheatern, part of Trenton, illinois. -:. =:. M&N UFACq'URERS OF First-Glass Sodas, (linger Ale, Phosphates and other Soft Drinks ORDERS PRGIPTLY FILLED. CALL UP BY fELIPI-tO NF selfishness, and Iongtngs, ambitions and desires, all insiting to have a hearing, and down steps wisdom and orders control. Of course there are the cool-headed, intellectual people to whom self-sacrifice means nothing, and little they know of the fight of the other passionate half. Ill health and discontent are the fruits of the battle. Keep serene, any "I a,hall con- trol myself and be a cheerful phil- Osopher" and all will go well.New York Post. Cheerfulness in the Home. The gospel of happiness is one that every woman should lay to heart. What It means to a man to come home at night to a cheerful wife no E. H.rHURMAN, .,lOITllO?Oll All] ELI}I00,, TRENTON', ILLINOIS. Jobbing A Specialty. Estimates Furnished. ALL WORK OUARANTEED, FELTON FEUTZ, l'lanager, Manufacturer anti Dealer in- - 00000um00nts Xeadst0nes, Tablets, Eto,, Of Foreign and American i'larble and Oranite. SA TISI,'A CTION G U.4 BANTI: D. Work. N. W. Cur. Highland, Ill. Pub!io 4quare. [ 'JOSEPH/tlOFFATT, AOENT, TRENTON, ILLINOIS. I lr I I I I . I  (II V EAR, NOSE AND THROAT DISEASES, Nilnl:lll I r [ P PERMANENTLY AND PAINLESSLY OllEImI! I II Iii CROSS-EYES StralgMe.d Without KNIFE or PAIH. CATARRH anl DEAFHES$ CSh]. ! / CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION FREE. WRIT] FOR BOOKLT. 1 STAR BU][LDING M. M. RRter, M. D. und Olive Sty. _St" Loum00j ADOLPH J. BLUME ! Contractor and Carpenter. TRENTON, ILLINOIS. JoD , ork a Specialty. All: Work Guaranteed. aS'l ibiATE5 FURNISHED 00TJFTJ8 PRAZZ00.R, I ..Wagon Maker.. Eamilt0. [Jil I || All Kinds 'of Repairing Done ,01., IU on ort Notioe. -:- 0Wga' atttl= I also handle Pick ltan, dtes 81 which I will Due it Jls All Work at Reasonable Prices. GIVE ME A TRIAL. Sht located at Otto Webers Black- *" smith Shop. Lou,s Hube, HOUSE AND SION .Painter. Our small payment plan maea Piano Buying Easy. 100TO]00 'ralRtng Mach h The Best Machines Made. S1-% tO $O.OO. and Paper Hanger. Takes Contracts tot that class of work AL WORK GUARANTEED. 00000 Oinzel Mercantile one bt he who has had to fight the 00att,o ot llfe knows. If he t. '-- r<' rICE. I, Company._ _ prosperous It iS an added JoYi but tt Is in mlsforttme that' it shines like a I ani now in a position t ) furn]si , _ , star in the darkness. A oomplainlnE ,'ushed T,.I ,, Chart to parties[ TRENTOn" ILLINOIS wife ca ktll the last bit of hope aa4 wishiu o t," u Concrete Fou|;-| --------=. -"----=:--------------- ooura UI a orely troubled heath I,,a, to,t Ce-; Cellars or Pave-| Kedol Dysl00lmim while a ,erl one v new /me,tt,. 1 m to besin the ht over  | 0-1-5. E. PETEItSON. eat, Ihange. .