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July 28, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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July 28, 1905

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ii [ ! i i ii i i i ii i |1 i i | AN OLD MAN'S TRIBUTE. An Ohio Fruit Raiser, '78 Yar Old, Cured of a Terrlb!e Cla after Ten " Years of Suffng. Sidney Justus, fruit dealer, of Men- tor, Ohio. says: b, "I was cured by Dean's Kidney ., "i,.,._#. Pills of a severe case of 00idnoy trouble, of elgh, fA.-' or ten years' I'// II, lg' fered the most :' ,t l' evere 'backache I00iT00V1""l'" "rid o,00er pains i in the region of " .::; smzv uszs the k i d n e y s. :ese were es:)ecially severe when ping to lift anythln and often I :,.uld hardly straighten my Iack. The aching was bad in the day time, but Just as bad at night, and I was always lame in the morning. I was bothered wlth rbeumatie pains and dropsical swelling of the feet. The urinary passages were painful and th secre- tions were discolored and .free that often I had ta rise at ni;'.; I .felt tired all day. Half a'box e1'ed to re- lieve me, and three boxes effected a permanent cure." Foster-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo, N.-Y, For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Lots of women are up to date in everything, except their birthdays. 15 YEARS OF TORTURE. Itching and Painful Sores Covered Head and Bedy---GuCed in Week By Cuticura, "For fifteen years my scalp and forehead was one mass of scabs, and my body was covered with sores. Words cannot express how I suffered from the itching and pain. 1 hgd giv- en up hope when a friend told 'me to get Cuticura. After bathing with h-tieura Soap and  applying Chrtt- aura Ointment for :hree daY m.y head was as clear as ever/and fo any surprise and Joy, one cake of soap .nd one bo of-nt'tnnt made a cnlsete ure week. (signed) H. B. Franklin, '/17 Washington t., Alle- gheny, Pa," .. A white,washed character wants a fresh coat aFeer each stlower. ': Hem I Relief for Women, Mother Gray, a nurse in New York, iscovered a pleasant herb remedy for women's ills, called AUSTRALIAN- L'EAF. Cures female weaknesses. Back- ache, Kidney, Bladder and Urinary. troubles. At all Druggists or by mall 60c. Sample mailed FREE. AddresS, The Mother Gray Co., LeRpy, N. Y. Some me, want o mke hay ewn when it is raining. FOR bo. and Beak |nflen = Pm." li4S R. PU(TON GOMPANV OSTON. M=;e.  i1 ltllOV I/V Vtl/lO deetroye o.l| the flle rid g Ula/rL/alLLgn aorsmtort to eery e-I, slee,ing, room,nd placeS where flle ate :trouble- ome. ( will non,SOl| or ll Jur e -tythlg. Tr ' once, y,aever b without them. If no kept by deal- ere, cent prepaid f O r  0 C. Har14 smee 14S DKalb Xe., Sro0kla.N Y, Good Work Done by Invalids. If a complete list of the fine exam- ples of 1eroism of authors were com- piled it would reach well out into the thousands and include a large number of illustrious names. In fact, it is said that few authors have dbne really great work except under adverse er- cumstanees. Literature, as well as science, art and history, Is indebted to pain and worry and suffering for some of its choicest gems. English Tavern Signs. A tavern sign seen in vrious parrot of England is "The Doff's Head in Pot," accompanying the painting of dog eating out of a three-legged pot, which may seem to mean that the host is kind and his viands good. Another significant sign is "Five Miles from Anywhere. No Hurry," seen In Hamp shire, a pleasant reminder that it is an agreable place to linger. Nourishment In gkim Milk. In s kimmtng milk the cream rt moved lessens the fat percentage, and for older people or fat children the skim milk Is equally dirabls, in some cases better. In eating apples the skin, too, should be eaten. Pared apples are not so nutritious, as the ash contents of the apple skin are valuable to the human system. Rewards Moue for Alarm. Edgar Wallace of London, set s ;trap in his room for a mouse. Afte| be had gone to sleep the trap snapp and he awoke to find the room rapid. lye filling with gas from a burner thai had left half turned on. He turned off the gas and then opened the tra ad released the mousea life for s life. Commit Sport by Proxy. "Vandal," a well known writer on sports, said in a recent issue of the London Express: "The sports of this country are absolutely rottenun- sound to the core. This thon Is no longer a nation of sportsmen. If'is a nation of odds-taking people who'om- nit.avert by roxy." :. Dogs on the Battlefield. 'i It is not onreasonable to hope thai In time wealthy .dg owners and militia ambulance companie nay take up the training of dogs to'search for and carry aid to the wounded ea the battlefield.--In Scribner's Mass zinc. ]rery aouseReeper should ko.W, hat if they will buy Defiance Cold Water Starch for laundry use they will save not only time, because It never sticks to the iron, but ,becuN each package contains 16 ez. -:-Lone full pound--while all other COld Water Starches are put np In -pound pack- ages, and the price is the same, 10 seats. Then again because Defiance Starch la free from a/l injurious chem- Icals. If your grocer tiles to sell you a l$-oz, package it is becule he halt a stock on hand which he wishes dispose Of before he puts in Deanc He KnoWs that Defiance Starch has printed on every package in large let- ters and figures "16 oza." Demand De- fiance and save much time and money and the annoyance of the iron sticks InS. Defiance never sticks. Irltlsh Railroads Well Manned. American railroads have six em- ployes for every mile of track an the Brltish.roads h.,tve twenty-eight. Important to Mothers, Xxam|ne carefully every bottle of a Mte and sure remedy for infants and ckUdm, see that It Bears the qlgnsture of In U lor Over 30 Years. Kind You Have AIwa Dmht= It is better to have too little con- fidence in yourself than too much in others. , FOR Hot Weather Dangers CONSTIPATION "::" _ eowm, TnO00e :"  one l Grape Tonicis employed. As a Stomach : with regu- I Tonic it is unequalled. .... r ;, ]:b,_ea | BUFFERtD At.l. HiS LIFf.o and healthy stomae can -ontr&ct dis- | The endorsement of E. B. McCurdyof ease. A prsoawith.Cst'iAand  Troy, Ohio, proves that the .mVmlf Stomach Troub 4s lways te fil- to I forms of Constipation are promplycured succumb to Sun Stroke, Hat, Debility. ] ,by Man's Grape Tonic--He says'. , . and Prostration: 'Clidlera,' iff nd j f'l fare your Tniejt thorough fdkL It slhe Diarrhea are more fatal in Hot Weather | r remedy that will cureoRfltlo. I do because vitality is lowerthegae the not believe anyone suffered more themm. For days my bowels would nat act and the orb'  rt y. oni,..  U h than l, aa, had .n keyed *.l, , ...,. mistake to suadenzy check oiarrnea, t  &tbo use of strong cathartics ttwer lt raisin my health. My Stomach and Livarwet danger is Blood Poison. A physic is also dangerous as it eakens the.ltient and reduce ,vhal/ty:  at th"muse :with Mull's Grape onic. Constiati0n and its attending illsh d bng or dying bowels and iutesi/nesMall's Grpe Toai lmS and tteqte Bbwels "s0'tKt e" are enab'ed"t'oact drawed and I snffer with inward piles, the ,pains of which would at times raise me 9mY Smm ater I sta.dMt Orav r owels began to move tgnlarly--the peia left e and my senm'ul hnlth built up rapidly. "l heartily recommend it a= an abtolute cr AIDS NATURE'S WORK EFFECT OF ACETYLENE RAYS ON GROWTH OF PLANTS. Grow to Twice Actual Weight of Those Exposed to Sunlight Only Latest Victory for This New and Beautiful Illuminant. The experiments recently made at Cornell University prove that the beautifl rays from the gas, acetylene, are as effective as sunlight on the growth of plants, and this may soon become a subject for serious consider- ation by all progressive cultivators of the soil. .The results of the experiments are astonishing, inasmuch as they show conciusiyely the great increase of growth, attalned hy supplementlng "The Light of Nature" with "The Light of Acetylene" during the hours in which thplants would otherwise L, In darkness. For instance, a certain number of radish plants subjected to acetylene light during the night, grew to twice the actual weight of the same number of radishes given daylight only, all other conditions being equal, and peas had blossomed and partially matured pods with the help of acety- lene light, while without the added light not even buds were apparent. Acetylene Is already taking Its place as an illuminant for towns from a central plant, for lighting houses, churches, schools and isoIated build- Ings of all kinds, and it ts being used subcessfully for many other purposes. - A striking and mportant feature of acetylene is he ease and small ex. lense with which it can be made available compared with the great ad- vantages derived from its use. The machine in which the gas is gener- ated is easily installed Edible Seaweed. It is not a little astonishing to find what a number of seaweeds are really edible and nourishing, says The Los- coL. Perhaps the best-known example .n this country Is laver, which Is a klnd of stew made from a weed, an alga. The laver made on the Devon- shire coast and to be found in some London shops Is excellent. Splittin Headache Can be often relieved by a nerve seda- tive, but the scientific way of treat- ;ingra headache Is to go right down to the 'real cause, or root of the trouble, and ctre it with Dr. Caldwell's Syrup -Pepsin. It is the only perfect cure for headache, dizziness, constipation, and is free from the dangerous after- effects, which so frequently follow the use of headache powders. Try it. Sold by all druggists at 50c and $1.00. Money back ff it fails, Black Rot in Cabbage. Soaking the seed for fifteen ain- u,s In a 1:1000 corrosive sublimate solution or In a 0.4 per cent formalin solution Just before planting Is sug- gested as a cheap and effective means of destroying the germs upon the seed. You never hear any one complain about "Defiance Search." There le none to equa! it in quality and quantity, 16 ounces, l0 cents. Try it now and s&ve our moneY. . . - To Harden Birthday candies. The little candies used on birthday cakes are seldom hard enough to stand upright until they have burned a satisfactory time. It Is said that the candles borden wonderfully if laid on ice for a few hours before using. Lewis, "Single Binder." The richest quality cigar ou the market at straight 5c. Always reliable... You lY 10 for cigars not so good. Lewis' Factory, Peoria Ill. Firemen Btart a Blaze. When the volunteer fire department of Tunbridge Wells, England. was on parade a spark from one of the n- gines set fire to a haystack, and the fire burned itself out, for the volun- teers proved unable to extinguish it. 1, Wlnlow' Soothlnff gyrnp, liar children teething, ofteul the gms, reduel tton, alia| t pain. anl= Wad cottu.  a boka Highest Chimney of Concrete. -A concrete chimney that has been completed recently for a Tacoma smelter Is 307 feet in height, and is mild to be the highest in the world of .its kind. X do not believe Piso's Cure far Consmptioe has an equal for coughs and colds.Jo F. BoYaa. rintty Springs, Ind.. Feb. 15, 190U. Pills Cause Peritonitis. Death from peritonitis, due to ex- .coast,sO taking of pills,'was stated tO be the cause of a woman's death at a Brlstoi (England) inquest. q0. ]0vt enn vo 1Temee red my wife of t-lble dem, wtn plu L Im0lfr to tU larvelou= eey." J,Swest, Alby, N. Y. World's Largest Island. The largest island in the world Is New Guinea, 306,000 square mll; Great Britain is 83,826. DOff'T ORG leT. "5 oeat. The US CompanY, oua ena. The fellow who marries for money metlmes buys a gold brick. mokers  find Lewis' "Single Blnder' Origin of Term "Graft." Municipal corruption of various kinds is now generally indicated by the word "graft." The origin of this term" is obscure, but it is believed to have arisen from dishonesty in low- lier spheres. Ilartlett's "Dictionary of Americanisms" de,nee "grafting" as pocket-picking, Hotten's "Slang Dic- tionary" suggested that the slang use of "graft" might be a corruption of "craft," or a generalization from the special work of gardening. Treatment .-, Frayed Cuffs. 'There is a better way to make one's frays4 cuffs presentable than to pare tkem with the scissors. Says a wrlter: "With the first touch of steel the cuff is ruined. Light s match and pass tt round the .frayed edge (do not burn your wrist). The cleansing fire will remove the dross and leave intact tha pure gloss of the cuff. A cuff treated with fire will last laundry g,neratlns longer than the cuff treat- ed with steel." Ibblt Fur Rivals Wool. If the industry now betg carried on by a Frenchman at Lens le Sau- nter tn the Jura district proves pro- fitable on a large scale rabbit fur may bems a rival to sheep's wool In the making of clothes generally. The breed utiIised is the Angora or "silk rabbit," which molts four times a year. The fur, Just before it falls off naturally, can be stripped easily by aklll hads. Peculiar Order to Trainmen. The llowing notice was observed l)oted in the englne dispatcher's office st the roundhouss in a neighboring town on one of the railroad lines run- abe.out of Albany: "Trainmen on ager trains must not go through t cosmhas with overalls on, without first ink.lug them off."--Albany Jour- Insist on Getting It. - Some ffrocers ay they don't keep 'Defiance Starch. This Is because the have a tock on hand of other branda containing only 12 oz in a package, which they won't be able to sell first. because Defiance contains 16 oz. for the same. money. Do you want 18 oz. instead of 12 oz. for same money? Then buy Defiance trch. Re ulres no . The man who wakes up to flnd him- self famous, usually hasn't been very ound sleep. Ask Your Dealer/or Allen's Foot.Ease. A powder. It rests the feet. Cures wol- ten, Sore,' Hot,CalloiiS,Acling, S wearing Feet &ni Ingrowing Nail. At all Drug- gists and hoe stores, 25cota Acoept no substltute. Sample In{tiled FREE, Addre, A S. Olmsted,' LeRoy, N. Y. W'hen people are too good they aren't interesting. Defiance Starch is guaranteed biggest and best or money Pefunded. " ':I cancel 10 cents. Try It now, An overworked conscience is apt to lose its voice. USH THW. IeAMOUa Red Cross Bll Blue. Large 2-.. package 5 at$. The Russ @ompauy. South Bend. I1. A stitch In time has mended marly a man's ways. flAMES BFST DQCTOR MR, BAYSSON PUBLIS]IrES RESULT8 0P VALUABLE EXPERIENOE. a ]Former Pronounced I)yspeptl rfo ]Vow ]ReJole,n in ]Perfect ]Freedom from Miseries of Indigestion. Thousands of sufferers know that the reason why they are irritable and de- pressed and nervous and sleepless is be- cause their food does not digest, but how to gt rid of the dieSeulty is the pnzzling question. Good digestion calls for strong diges- tire organs, and strength comes front a supply of good rich blocL For this reason Mr. Bayssou took Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for the cue of/ndigestion. "They have been my best doctor," he says. "I was suffering from dyspepsia. The lins in my stomach after meals were almost unbearable. My sleep was very irregular and my complexion was sallow. As the result of using eight boxes of Dr. Williams Pink Pills, about the merits of which I learned from friends in France, I have escaped all these troubles, and am able again to take pleasure in eating." A very simple story, but if i had not )een for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills it might have been a tragic one. *Vhet dis- comfort begins with eating, fills up the intervals between meIs with p02n, and prevent sleep at night, there certainly cannot be much pleasure in living. A final general breaking down must be merely a question of tim. Mr. Joseph Bayson is a mtive of Aix-les.Bains, France, hut now resides t No. 2439 Larkin street, San Francisco, Cal. He f one of a great number who Can testify to the remarkable efficacy of Dr.Williams' Pink Pills iu the treatment of obstinate disorders of the stomach. If r would et rid of auseapain or burning jthe' $mach, vertigo, nor- vousness, i%6lita, or any of the other miseries of  a, dyspeptic, get .id of tho Weakness ofthe digestive organs by the use of Dr ,illianm' Pik Pills. They are sol& oy*druggists everhere. . KIDNEY TROUBLES Increasing Among Women, Bet Sufferers Nd Not Despair TNE BEST ADVICE IS FREE Of all the diseases known, with which the female organism is afflicted, kidney disease is the most fatal, and statistics show that this disease is on the increase among women. Unless ely anal softest treatment is applied the patient seldom survives ;hen once the disease is f atened upon Compoun is the most ctent treat- 'ent for kidney troubles of women, and is th only medtne especially repared for this pu,   or weight in loins, backache, requent, linfu 1 or lling urination, swelling of limbs or feet, swelling nder the iyes, an, uny, tired ,feelirg in the Lust sediment iu the urine, she should Cuticura iegton of%he kidneys or notiee a brick- ' ":' Ointment, ose no time in commencing treatment vith Lydi E. Pi-ham's Vegetable ompond, an it mj be the means of aving her lifo. For proof, read what Lydia E. Pink. am's Vegetable Compound did for Mrs: l.wver. I cannot expre the terriblb suffering l axl to endure. A derangement of the fema/e organs developed nervous prostration and a seriotm kidney troble: The dr @tended me for a yr, but/kept lgettif, g WO,, uti| I was unable o do anyhmg, and I diode up my mind I could not live, I finally decided to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- pound U a last re6rt, and I nt to-day aWU woman. I cannotpraiss ittoohtghly, and tell very suffering woman about my cas MrsrEmma Sawyer, Conyers, Ca. Mxs. Pinkham gives free advice t) women ; address in confidence, Lynn, Mass. * UOLUMBIA NORMAL the skin, crusts tim':form irritations as well i all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. IHVEST= For Younl Men and Women. " entrance to the or m On h. payments guaranteed;, .letltte. bake byabnd- h-  capital and men of reputation. Eoeuton ; ep]eadJd traJnJng for teachers. Find OUt Write or cll for pm'ticn]ar more by wrlUag to ]Presldmt. ,. -Waa' Oamb m  l.,lBl  .Arcgdo Buildtnl. East St. Loule. IlL : Ld Common Sense Decide : Do believe, thatcoffee sold loose (in honestly bulk), oxpo.secl you to dust, fferms and insects, .passing through many hands (some of over-clean), "blended,'* now how or by. whom, for ybur use ? Of course you don:t. But LION COFFEE Is arnotlhm, Jr stoz-. The Oen berries, selected by keen Judges at the plantaUol are skllllully roasted at our fae- aeries, where precauUons you would not drem ol are taken to secure peeet cleanliest, flavor, strength and unllmlty. From the time the coffee leaves the.foztor?/ o hand touches it ti it is opened in your kitchen. TI lure made LION COFFEE the LEADER OP ALL PACKAGE COFFEL Millions of American Homes welcome LION COFFEE daily. There is nc stronger proof of meri thou continued and increas- ing popularity. "Quality survives all opposition." ' (Sold onlyin I lb. packages. Li0n-head on every lkage.) LSave your Lion.heads for vahlable prom!urea) SOLD BY GROCERS EVERYWIIERE WOOLSON SPICE CO., Toledo, Ohio. Sh0r00 00osoms, ollOars Ouffs laundered with e00llane S00arch never crae nor brltt3e. They last twie as long as those latm- lered with other staxches an& give the wearer muoh better satisfaction. If you want your husband, brother or son to look dressy, to feel comfort- able and to be thorougb2y happy use DEFIANC1 'o .... ,ter It war "- ^ a= .... , Constipation. Let us mnl yeS1 a " ]' bufld'd dm "ked//m aa]':'*re ttle free to-day to she y u .that ;t 1,11.ght 5o ar better quality than most in the laundry. I ........  -:f've- -- l':-'-'=::tis : ,will do all we claim " '] |'10 brands. :Dswts' Factory, PeoriK, ill. sol by aL goes grocers a Io, uo ' p ......... . V u,pu "l I" are nhko i amili 'rs G forin$Ch|ldzasadNmiqlllmm !1 ........ 1tl "REE BOTTLE aS.UPON,, :, | llfflfl'i Ggalfehie, Sfmseh Tonte hlpati, a Cure and Blood unhr, w m . n_. x lll enee. 11 TONIO O0 , lab Third &vs., Rock IslnqA, 11. 1 fult addrem and wrlte pUy. za ez. I1 | i i bttte canteens nearly three time= t2. se At dru stores. The genuine has date an|l.|,, I | Proper diet is, of course, a great aid in No man can be thoroughly honest" 'f0r'WXring recovetonce bdgun, and a 10e a package---l ounee, without eetant prs;ctice, little 0k, "What t0" tt and How to Inferior n-ohes sell at the , i   ..... , .:..:: _ .......... I "--' I Eat, may be obtamed by my one who E'RE E BOTT L ]- :,,lJlU 'e  ",| ': ore l*xlble,and Lastlng,  makes & request for ,it "by wntLpg'to the : i l, . ys  %a,!rsm taa y0 rueels nan0, e a  me  | wo Shak, U or brow. tunt;, by. uslng|,. Wi.lliam s Medical Co., chent.d. y, : llfffl'i Gralr#ie, Smh Tome; h#lpatien Cure &ud ]ieed ]Puner,  mLL B R I,.  | I De nane.e uta ren you opa I t)etter .re.y. This valtmble diet book continue TONIO O0 . 18 Thtr4 Ave., Reck IslnqA, Jl, Olb lt luidrem a wrte py, 2" al,@ | eulr.s tftU ,lOtlDte .w*zn any Dtnegl an tm-,,rtsnt cha-ter on thG sime bottle canteens nearly three time= th4, se. At dt'u at0res. Che genuine au date ana'i' Pbrand a4 on-thlru more for .I:  .. ":- --..'-z.. a**" number ,tamlmd en the label--take no 0tef 't,   | [ moneY.  ---7|  ZO' O'00 00DI0 "   t ] d etsi t o c " *' ' , .... , , .... I I A wlse sociey a yg nr u ed] A tobacco heart and a hob-nailed *: ..... _ -- o I   - "   / .i , I I L]o her cblldren once a month'.'. [liver are nt a Iraw to. 'L:Ol -', : '/,. '- ' .... 80LUMSlA DU$1NESS OOLLERE, Seventbyearpudor eameprlnclpal. Locatednmt  ,i/- ':'t'- i--'."/T :  -"r the ,ate Uutver.lty. Tin,rough and up.u-1Lt ,. ,.y ....... ...,uo  ! . ursee in Greg Shorthand, 'l'olch "rypewrittng, . . : , - -| Ikeeplm:, (' ,elal Law, Baat(fng, t'ean- " "i M. etc. , .ifIbr y.g wreblS /  r o  ,      : '    I same price per package but contain only 12 oune Note the differ- Ask your grocer for DEFIANC] STARCH. Insist on getting it and yo will never use any other brand. goo00l pair to Deflane $00arch Company, Omaha, ! =...  : _ Y_. ed by your meronant, so wny not try it 1 Prloe 50o. :'