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September 9, 2009     The Sun Newspaper
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September 9, 2009

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Trenton Sun Page 5 - Opinion St. Joseph's Hospital in Breese ranks second in state on Consumer Reports The honors just keep cret in the Metro East," said pain was always/usually stacking up for St. Joseph's Lowell Jones, hospital presi- well controlled; and Hospital in Breese. dent and Chief Executive 94 percent said the area Consumer Reports re- Officer. around their room was al- cently launched an on-line "Ourstaffandmanypeople ways/usually quiet at night. rating system for more than in the community know we Five-Star designations are 3,400 hospitals nationwide, have a great facility but hav- given annually to healthcare St. Joseph's in Breese was ing that opinion confirmedfacilities that score in the top ranked second of the 140 by Consumer Reports, PRC 10 percent of PRC's national plus Illinois hospitals for and HealthGrades is even client database for the prior Overall Patient Rating and better," he commented, calendar year. For the raw was one of five of the 45 St. The Consumer Reports data, PRC contacts, via tele- Louis area facilities to re- ratings are based on survey phone calls throughout the ceive an "Above Average" responses covering commu- year, a random sampling of rating, nication, cleanliness, dis- patients who have used that Earlier, Professional Re- charge instructions, atten- particular service--the ER, search Consultants or PRC, tiveness of staff, pain control for example--and ancillary the hospital'spatientsurvey and quietness from more services plus registration, team, awarded St. Joseph's than 1 million patients, billing, overall safety and in Breese 5-Star awards for At St. Joseph's in Breese:privacy issues. Inpatient Care, the acute 99 percent of patients This is the seventh consec- care area 1South, the Wom- said doctors always/usually utive year that the ED has en and Infants Center and communicated well; received PRC's 5-Star honor the Emergency Department. 97 percent said nurses and the first year Inpatient The Illinois Department of always/usually communi- Care has been so recog- Public Health further rec- cated well; nized--although last year ognized the ER as an Emer- 94 percent said rooms this area merited a 4-Star gency DepartmentApproved and bathrooms were always/rating. This is also the first for Pediatrics. usually clean; year 1South and WIC have The Breese facility also 86 percent said they garnered 5-Star recognition. received an "Outstanding were given information "We are proud to receive Patient Experience Award" about what to expect afterthe PRC award for our ER from the independent discharge; seven consecutive years and healthcare ratings company 92 percent said they al-to be honored with the ad- HealthGrades, an honoronly ways/usually received helpditional 5-Star awards for given to the top 15 percent as soon as they needed Inpatient Care, WIC and of hospitals nationwide. 85 percent said staff al- 1South," Jones said. "These are wonderful vali- ways/usually explained new"Achieving this high level dations that St. Joseph's in medications of patient satisfaction from Breese is the best kept se- 96 percent said their PRC as well as Consumer Reports and HealthGrades represents the efforts of ev- eryone-physicians, nurs- ing staff, supporting staff from many areas including Cardiopulmonary, Labora- tory, Medical Imaging, Pas- toral Care, Housekeeping, Maintenance and related departments as well as our volunteers," he said. The HealthGrades' recog- nition was based on patient satisfaction data for 3,711 hospitals nationwide, said Jan Robert, hospital Quality Management director. St. Joseph-Breese was the only facility in the area--the next closest was Alton and most were in Central and Northern Illinois--to re- ceive the HealthGrades hon- or, was one of eight Illinois hospitals to be so recognized for 2009 and only one of a dozen to receive the award for 2009/2010. Of those 12, only four, including St. Jo- seph-Breese, were consecu- tive recipients. "We're very pleased with the recognition," Jones said. "Over 70 million visitors a year come to the Health- Grades website and to be in- cluded is an honor." $21 per $40 per PHONE (618) 224-9422 FAX (618) 224-2646 ernail: mike Michael L. Conley. Editor 5 Publisher THE TRENTON SUN is published weekly by Michael L. and L. Sybil Conley 15 West Broadway. Trenton. IL 62293 Subscriptions paid in advance: year. $35 per year outside Clinton County year outside the U.S. Newsstand copies 50 ESTABLISHED IN 1880 ENTERED AT THE TRENTON, JL POST OFFICE AS A PERIODICAL (USPS 638-200) Postmaster: Send address changes to The Trenton Sun, P.O. Box 118, Tren[on, /L 62293 -2009 LLJ Emmm ~Assoc,AT~ON .~moKr~ "---'~ "-~' .... M e M s u = 2009 i t Most of the improvements to our 'phys- flooring, the works. I ical plant' here at the Sun have come as thought, "this should the result of considerable badgering by work just the way it my wife/partner Sybil. "We spend mostis." of our lives there," she says. "Why can't The way I saw it, we at least have reasonably pleasant shelter was all we surroundings?" needed. If it were left.up to me, we'd probably As time went on, we be operating out a cave.., with electricity, gradually improved A newspaper and printing office is not things a bit. We got a going to be an attractive property under deal on some commer- any circumstances. There's so much ink cial carpet, so we re- and paper, so much unsightly equipment placed the green shag and so many unwieldy wires that it's in the front part of our impossible to shield all of it from view. office. Later, we ripped When we first moved into the build- up the rest of the shag ing as renters, the decSr could best be in the back to reveal the : described as late-seventies porn. We slightly less-worn tile had tone-on-tone green shag carpetingflooring beneath it. Addi- with gaping seams and holes worn every tion by subtraction. few feet. The walls were striped in lime When the plaster green and orange and purple. All thatbegan to fail on the west wall, was missing was a fireplace, a bearskin rug, and a couple of mustachioed adult film stars. For a normal person, the first instinct probably would have been to gut the whole place, repaint everything, new ....... ji Mike Conley we were The problem corner, that featured dark brown paneling, a hole for a ceiling, a stained industrial sink, and grimy green- and-yellow floral print flooring. The floor was coated with photo- graphic developing chemicals repeatedly sloshed on it back in the days when we used a darkroom. I'd describe it as slightly better than the average outdoor gas station rest- room accessed via a key with a monkey wrench attached. So upgrading the rest- room was a must. that has circled around forced to build a new interior wall from again and again over the 20 years or so sheetrock. We bought a few gallons of we've inhabited the building has been gray paint and some wallpaper, and the large front windows. When we first brightened up the place a bit. moved in, the glass was literally hanging We remodeled the restroom, which in the frames, the glazing either crum- was truly abysmal. It's a small little bled or crumbling. A few years later, we hired a guy to construct some crude frames around them, to at least hold them in place. That worked for quite a while, but ultimately a water problem decayed the frames and the glass had to be rese- cured. Through it all, I kept thinking that we were going to replace those windows one day, when we could afford it. Earlier this year, when it became evi- dent our roof needed replacing, I figured I should replace the windows and repair the leaky front overhang that may as well not even be there, for all the good it does. The new windows were installed over the '~veekend, and we're very pleased with the way they turned out. But here's the kicker. The day we could afford them never came, due mostly to my poor decisions and ham-handed approach to financial matters. Even though we don't have any money, we are fortunate to have something that's even better.., credit. Everyone makes mistakes; perately what to teach my kids. propriate with his reactions, by both kids and adults. What dif- We no longer have a zero toler- this I mean his reaction doesn't ferentiates us is how we react, ance policy in New Baden sports, fit the situation. He can become A sincere apology, which accepts we have a moderate-tolerance- intensely fixated on something responsibility, is often all it takes on-a-case-by-case-basis and often speaks without his to mend a mistake. No apology from the aggres- "verbal filter". He doesn't al- Some adults may have trou- sor, no responsibility taken, no ways realize it's impolite to call a ble accepting responsibility. In suspension, no removal from the spade a spade. But when the day their world, someone else is al- team, nothing. Why? Because weis done, he needs a friend. ways the cause of the problem are afraid ofhurtingthe feelings, Was this what set the other and they intern can become the making a stir & bruising the self kid off and made him snap? Pos- victim. My guess is that they confidence of kids that made the sibly and most likely. Does this learned to be a martyr as a child mistake. Who are we doing jus-justify allowing our children to of a parent that was never forced tice to? Is no one worried about be physical when they are frus' to accept the consequences of my son's self confidence? He was trated or angry? NO --Especially their actions. As kids, we grow beat up in front of his friends, when they have been in school up with disappointments, hard and then became the butt of the together for years. The point of times, broken hearts, trials & joke at school, allowing our child to play sports tribulation. While I recall these Thank GOD, the other kid is to teach them sportsmanship, times being the hardest of my harmed himself more that my fellowship, friendly competi- childhood, I learned character son. While some may think thistion and character. I am sad to and integrity for myself and for- is redemption, I was willing to say that in New Baden, we have giveness for those that cause you forgive with a simple apology failed 12 kids that play on a soc- pain. As a parent, I now see that that never came. No one wants cer team by not showing them those times were just as rough to see their kids hurt. It's harder that hitting a teammate is not for my parents to live through as when the pain arises from mak-acceptable and will not be toler- they were for me. ing them correct or apologize for ated: We brushed this under the My son was beat up on the their mistakes, but I believe it carpet to not short the team by soccer field last week. He was is a necessary part of growingmissing a game. But I'm sorry, thrown to the groun(], kicked and up. You don't let them run from we've already shorted them... punched for telling a teammate what's hard, you hold their hand I'm going to sleep tonight with to "shut up". While this is hard through it. forgiveness in my heart. I know for me to deal with as a parent, I'd love to continue this letter that a mistake was made. I know I'm the first to admit that all kids outlining all my pain, anger, re- that there was a misunderstand- make mistakes and forgiveness if sentment, or embarrassment foring between two kids. I know that required. My son didn't want me my son, but I'd rather use it pro- everything will continue tomor- to say anything because then "it ductively and offer information row as it should. But if you're a will happen again". But I called in order to give myself the peace parent, spend an extra moment the appropriate people anyway, I need to move on. My son as atoday helping your child find for- for his safety, in case someone high functioning form of Autism giveness of whatever it is that is else wanted to try it too. My son called Asperger's. This is a social happening their life. No one is was accused of being a bully. My disorder. He has a lot of trouble perfect and everyone is having a son is Autistic. understanding social ques and hard time, and we should all be a What truly saddens me is the norms and almost can't make little more kind to each other and result, or lack thereof. It is a slap friends. He is very literal and say we're sorry if we've wronged in the face of the honesty, integ- blunt in conversation which can someone in our path. rity and character that I so des- offend people, and is often inap- Cortnie (Hodges) Stone The other day a woman I know well said, "I thought you were a Christian." As it happened, I was criticizing our president, Barack Obama. I guess you can't criticize this president or you are some kind of reprobate. On the other hand, I could not be a Christian and vote for this president. He approves the killing of children. He associates himself with black racists (I could neither vote for a white racist or a black racist), known criminals and cor- rupt Chicago officials, a corrupt po- litical organization (ACORN), and avowed Communists. His appoint- ments to Czar positions (unconsti- tutional) has reflected the latter -- radical leftists. His governance is terrible. He appointed a racist supreme court justice. The health care takeover is cloaked in the phrase: Public Op- tion. My rear end! Provisions in this health care reform contains fright- ening, un-American provisions. His foreign policy is a disaster; he runs all around the world apologizing for everything imaginable. His pros- ecution of the War on Terror, our present World War IV, is horrid. He is causing many unnecessary mili- tary deaths with his "political cor- rectness" run amok in his rules of engagement in Afghanistan. My prediction is that he stands a good chance of losing control of the House of Representatives and ma- jor losses in the Senate. My second prediction: Sarah Palin will be the republican Presidential Candidate and will be our first woman presi- dent! Cordially, Ray Sigler, Trenton iiiiiiiiii One in an ongoing series of essays written by Rachel Sterrett, d former New Baden resident who is living and teaching in China. After all the fun and (relative- ly) cool weather of Inner Mon- golia and Heilongjiang, I settled down in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province, for the month of Au- gust. Being located in southern China, right along the seacoast, it was as hot, humid, and gen- erally sauna-like as you could probably imagine. I managed to have a great time with the new teachers, though. We only had six Young Adult Volunteers and three new Amity Teachers, but they were an entertaining group. For one Saturday morning, we explored the major tourist site in Yang- zhou, the Slender West Lake. Of course, the shouts of "lao wai" (foreigner) followed us all around, despite darting down small wooded paths, climbing trees and rocky paths up to se- cluded pavilions, and running across bridges there. Despite all the fun I had with the new teachers, our time to- gether did not really draw to a satisfactory conculsion, since I developed a cough, fever and splitting headache the Friday before we left. I managed to get through a banquet dinner with the Yangzhou school who hosted --see Postcard, page 6