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October 26, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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October 26, 1894

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llotlcea to pu bliMi wUl con- th|i mper by in,nutting their to Mk Ptiioation in The Trenton Sun. htw no attorney or oiflebd can diro- I&apos;Pgt.rd llC]l  I'(,qtl(BI "r i 14: 17. : ', ........ ............. ........... HE FORMERLY TRENTON GAZETTETRENTON t{E00*LD. |r yo|! vrnn| tb, |octAl P.II(| e, OU]l 3 |'ea SI3BS,d{IBE FOR TIIE S}::X! The F, ews*esL FaFc ii .li,L0 Ce,,3. ...................................................... L2__-'._--_2_; -J_\\;._ -:LL_7 Y-.__'-2 Z_L2?YL_;72;;-2LZ;S 2 =_--2-LTY--7-: __TL-/Z; ": 72_.2.:; '7 .:7. ::-_=; 72 -2 -.=: TRENTO)L ILLINt91S, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1894. EIGIIT I'AGE,,' LOO&t, ff0TItL ied Up With {he Pencil There, bee-_'! summer. turkey shoots. is dr'awing near, :Persimmons are ripening. Here and Conlngs and Goings el People Here ud" Elsewhere. 3h's. J. It-rake spent Friday in St. Louis. --l)an Ilagen spent Saturday ,,in(1 Sunday in Carlyle. Joe Ketterer went to Belleviiie for K few hlys ,aturd,ty. Mrs. ltarry ]-Iellon rdtm'ned Senator fllom l(hh essea tim A tldience on the, , It of the Day. Pvotecti?}f, of Our Indtlb- tries the lVatchwovd. next Wednesday. Base Bhll season is about nuts are scarce this Qr. woo(s have donned their sits. not rid| to have your name the registration list. 'slcians have been recently. ideralfle typhoi' malaria southern part of th county. erak of the festt'e sports- is heMM tbrough field and 3d. StMlard, ofSL Lonis, is week with his parents ! new brick sidewalk has laid in front of T. d. Kasper's and barber shop. Glee Club was at Centra- where they sang for Mason meeting, 3Ieguire is having his ice property further ira- by a new tin roof. number of burglaries are reported flora neighboring Be Oil the lookout! Koch, Retjublican eandi- for t.ounty l reasurer, wa in a short whi] llonday. Glanzne has improved .looks of hm property by a neat fence along the south side. Elizabeth Schuster has her residence property ted, and other improvements Hanke has replaced the porch posts in trOltt st his store neat new ones. and had the of his store painted. having relatives or neai- living in distant states witl easier and cheaper te Tab: 8I/N than to write Ors and p,y postage. Allen and son Joe manufacturing broom building. This is muing of, another industl. itown.,Ve welcome it, md til@,will be accorded a ILb- atronage. -We would,cdl attention to in another cohlmn of Virginia, ires seedling, hite wine, ider. aud 'hegr )h Hanke. These are na- and made, and hll be in quantities to sui pur- Board of Education has i tim preliminary steps to sink ;r well on the 'renton nchool wemises, as tim present one sufficient, nor the water it migbt be. We they will ucceed in s.triking supply. will bc seen from un item the Railroad Rum])]ings the and Atlantic RJlway Co. incorporated, They propose a road through St. Clair, Clinton a(l Marion between the IL & O. S. W. lalia. It wouM be likely i few mile I to the north of .; ot'e We investigate, tl sbelieve a calming factory ;c an exllent thing for out ty,. and icinity, !,Did you .thik al)out or figure' Out benefit such an i+stitutiori Set abou it ,hat you would to do to help further 0000{Vose. !Bard of Registration , ng precinct wil Turner Hall, from the hot/r four Allnot attend to the matter at that the only chance. to vote must from St. Louis Friday evenifig. --Otto Mack and Miss Walida E.J. Milrp]ly Also SpeakS; Stocker: of St. lom,., sliidayed bJre. --Win. Edler and fanlily slient Sunday in Breese with relativbs. :--lohn Zi|lm|ercr, of St. Louis. is visiting his pareii[s here tilts week. .... Mrs. Sarah Cain rtimed from n ae'eral days' stay ii St. Loui Friday. : --Miss ' " Sarah Cam and Ida Giuzel ,:'pent a few (htys st the'past week in St. Louis. Jol, Kreuchi, jr., of Salina, Kansas, spent Sullay with rela- tives here. --Mrs. ,.C.Croellner' ' '" and daugh- ter were dsiting at Mr. and Mrs. J. B. ta]lard s. --Mr and Mrs. Sarn. Norman, of Wim:ttlitqd, were the guests of Mrs. IL Ely yesterday. - --3lis, Louisa Rutz and l,uhl Vollet. of St. l,ouis, spent Sunday with relatives here. Z --Mrs. M. (,In,el attended the funeral of Mrs. Mary Blanck at Lebanon last Friday. --Fred. Barrel, of Belleville. was in town yesterday, visiting bis brother, l)i-: F. L. Barrel. Miss Ai|nie Stout Aook the train fi)r St, .louis Motda) where Silo will renihU for some time. --Mrs. Ida l,ehmann, who spent several weeks .here, returned to her home at lialst(:ad, Kan., Friday. --Mrs. F. Leonhard and little daughter Ins spent a few days with St. Louis Mends this week. Chas. Jennings, of St. Louis, tms out Saturday on a visit to Trenton and Sugar Creek friends. .3Irs 3Iaggia Montgonaery re- turned to St. I,ouis Tuesday noon, ai':te spending a week wit'h rela- tives. _ . ' ! -Our old friend Charles Meyer, of no.aF St. Jacob, had business here e Saturday mad made us a welconle call. --George chelnel, Democratic anhdate for LolmtV rreasurer, h mkcd after Iris interests here Sat- 'H':-Miss Bessie Hammond re- |ui'e'd to her home at Bloomington, .af.r . month's iAeasant visit with 3Iis Clara llottow. I,, ;l)r. Close, of the St. Louis Col- lege 'of Physicians and Surgeons, waaout for consultation in a critical surgi:eal case Friday evening. =:Mr. and 31ft. J. Groves, of St. --=John j%, Koentz, a former tsfdent of'l renton, now of Chicago. arid wife rebn a visit with l-its m6tl!er. 'nd:piher relatives here. -.M,s. Clem Mocre, of Effin. tat,-'wbo has been on a several Weeks' visit with her sister Mrs. J. Hi) Leutwiller left for Highland, la.t week. .tC. H. Nleolay, Republican candle]ate for County Clerk, was lie} Wednes&ty, fi)rming the ae quili,ance ol stir citizens, tie also retaiiled over for the mass meet. ihg Ttiursday. -===George Becker, the 1)opuht young Justice of the Peace, of Bai,. telso, and 3li,s Hoeckelber, 'of Aviston, took a drive o " ' ver llire and spent a few pleasaat hours with friends Sunday evening,, : Capt J M Das R ,: _" :  , epublia candidtte for Sheriff, came hi, re Wednesday and c!rculated among ot ffoplo. 1'he Captain of course wduRliCt miss the mass-meeting hti/sday, and o xemained over. -3fr. Lorehz Vinkter s week in St. Louis re, tier dn Martin Winkler who was injured a few ,qabash train l,ast Thursday was a windy, threat= en!ng day, Dial did not seem very enconraging tbr the success of the Rel)ublican ihass-meetinff. Besid'6, fidse and exaggerated reports about the prevalen(!b of dil)htheria here had been circulated in neighlmring towns, which no (Ioul{t kei)t some away. Senator ('ulimn. Hen. E..1. Murphy, accompanied by Several other l,romi- nent gentlemen, arrik'ed oll the noon train from tim Vost, and were received at the (leper by a reception committee and several bands. They, headed hy several nihrshals, ecorted the distinguished guest to the resi- dence of Hen. A. Eisenmayer, where an informal recel)tion was held. and where a number of citizens called on him. Owing tO the threatenin.. weather the meeting was hehl at the Turner llall instead of at; the stan,I erected hack of ]tammel & l,ouden's store, to which place the speakers were escorted by the bands and citizens. The hall was soon filled. On the platform sat several veteran Republi- can citizens and guests. At', the opening ong: "We Come with Jr: GI;eet)'dd! We a]' 4;lad You :re Here ,ro-d.4',,, g- tii;,'X,,ton (;tee (:lul', l{on..i.. Nisentnzter in v neat and appropriate litth apeech intrxtuced Senato: (:ullom ti:.the audience. As the Senafr stgil"od forward, he was greete(l.,;f,th enthusiastic applause. Thougli,very hoarse from speaking ahnost every day, he s,,,m easily made himself heard in every l)qrt ,ff tile hall. lfe started by saying he was here to discuss polihes a little widle, and that the subject of l)olitics was nportant, beeallSO every man twenty-one yors of age had a voice in pubUe aflhirs, and that worn on also had a.,oiee in part of public affairs. He said that this was decidedly a pocket, ink campaign; that is, the issues of this esmpaign affected the pocketbooks of ]1. He then showed that from tim adoption of the Conati- tuticm to this day :History proves that a protective tariff brings prosperity and good times, and a low tariff dis, tress and had times. lie discussed the question and eou- clusiv(fly showed how it benefited the farmer, the laboring man, the miner and factory workman. Tlmt while the Republicans controlled the Senate they prevented tinkering with the tariff. That It was essential to again make the Senate Republican. He also paid a trihue to Hen. E. J. Murphy, Republican candidate for Representative from this district. lie furthermore sta.ted that he was in fitvor of protecting AMEIIICAN and not ENOIISH industries. Then all laborers will find employment and their ehil(lren imve bread. He wound up by Raying his respeets to Senator Wilson for the utterances of the latter tn England " duriug his recent visit there. The Glee Club Lien sang "Marching Through (te6rgia," tim audience join- O'" "1" ln, In the egrus. The Hon;, J. MurptD" was repeat- e(lly called or, and responded with a neat little s4eech. He started by say- ing he w not an orator or politician, but a pn common, every-day busi- ness tnaih As such he knew the wants o}. the pebpte, and what they were et'tled to. He surprised every- body, by  the ease and graee with wh.ieh hb spohe and the logic he dis- played in handling, the burning questions briefly: -He incidentally remarked that hb had been critiolsbd for making, house-to-hesse e[m)aigm in the klustria| aud agtieultural districts. t'Why," said he, "should I not d@iso? (od forbid tha ' should ev.r':fet V,hamd to elap a hti shake thttand of'roW humble, h,Jibst miner work- man, or farmer." ,, e ' t, !" t'was announced jtst as w.'went to press that Hens, "J;as. A. Bse, of Gale(mda; W.A. Roduberg," of East " St; IJou4e, and others.  ere to address the evening meeting. NOTES. i' Tko deeorations wore arttaie and eauaed nmn y glat teringeoanments; The singing was'weIl'reeeived, and fle from any obJectiormble features bands Quite :L ]n.lnl; el' of the visitors called at 'l'n k''N ofli('e, Thanks.'ladies and gentlomelj eail do'aim M, J. O'Harnet and T. B..oodlos. eamlhhtes for.Rel)resontatives.on th0 .llepu[!ti(,an ti#;ket, were presmt and circulated tregly m9ng lhe. eroy t The : I)ecorati0n {mmdti, oe bo.t ladies ,and gentlemett, wu'kl itard, and di} themselves pxoud in they i(I themselves and 1,revoked others to (Is. A pltsin feature after ti:o after- imon qmeting was the eonsolldation of the lhree I ands. making 40 plece. in MI. They nlar('hed to the S(luare , where they pl:tyed: "MarcIHng Through Georgia," "The Stnr Sl,.m- gled Banner" alHl et}ler nati(mnt airs. DIIATr*. ('t.:I EI,I . KOENTZ I)id htst 3h)i)dqv morning, aged 7 ve'trs, l nloiflh '21 days ,)t  i|iph- thet'ia. She wqs among ihti first to take the disease , very lMht chih| naturallv,-md t hottglt i()t' a strtmg /lfild l)'hvsic.allv,shc bittled br:tvtd 3 until elled t.way t6 Him who hath said: "Suffer the little cliihh'en to ('()lt]e llll|O hie, for Slleh is the Kingdonl of Heaven.  .It)llN St'HILIA,;II Died las! Mmdav,aed 34 years,10 moiths and 25 'davs, affer havin /)een a ilil:g witll" l0ii t'ohbie I he de('eas(,d came to l hls cmmtrv ' l from (term:my about the h;Al(:r part st' the si.ti'e, ll:e 'was: br:.)ught u l) on t|l.(i, fa:l;,.i,an,l [fl)l- lowed the gatme (v'etW,'ion. W}lCn he bc;g,n,),,tt:if'i lcr  t4imsel(. ' I It J,hrmlta l%c:mr A few ,'ears ago tie tiad a sevc'e spell 61 th grip, since which: time lie riever was as healthy :l before, lle was a' quiet, "in:iush'ious man. good to his !'smile,- ,'rod well thought of by Iris nci'ghl)ors. The funeral took place Tuesday to the Trenhm celnetery. Roy. \\;Vm .St, eft'(.,.] otticiatibg. May he rest in peace. JOHN LODE Ified abont twelve o'ch)ck Sunday nght, after (n{ly a short illness caused by rupture, aged a little over 54 years. He canle here from deft:]any about ttle year IST() and worked for a whileas a f'arm hand in this vicinity, lfe married his now surviving widow abont 1872. They had one ehihl, who married 1)amian Vitt and who 1)OW resides ax Salisbury, Me. The subject o:f this sketch farmed fi)r awhile, after wllich tie bought a house south ot the Catholic church, where he resided Until his deatll. Since Ms residence here he worked in tile coal mine, and als did other work. He was a l)lain, quiet man who aimed to do his duty. He was a member of the Sl. Joseph's society, who es- corted his renmins from his resi- dence to the Trenton Catholic church, from which they were buried at the Catholic cemetery about i o'clock Tuesday morning. R.I.P. JOHN KREUCtII, Who was a citizen of Trenton, be. tween 1875 and 18,%), was rul over and instantly killed the fore part of last week at Salina, Kan., where he has resided tbranumbe st years, He was chief car inspector there for the Union Pacific R. R., and while standing ou tbe side track examining a hot box, he did no notice, a freigllt trai w&ich was backing up. He wds cau'ght and draggei about thl'eehundred feet, belble bein diseovo:xl by the train rew. Ite wae. terribly mangled, and life extiae wlien found He was very Fopu]ar wlth thbtiaii men and, can tearfully said: "i don'l bel%xe any one about thd :depot w,better  liked then he.;' His ,x,mains were brought tV Highlandl,lll., the city of his frth' and iterred there Friday ,fternoou( .file leaves a wife and fb.ur 'children to mourn his loss. : Hevas,a menlber of tbe K. of P. an4 Select l,hfights of the A, O. U. W. -----2-"7 -'. -2.:'t Robert Sctlmidt has leaed Monken'Ipark and saloon at New Baden, iihd will celebrate the event with a hmch on Thursday evening, NoLl,to which every one is invited. --Mrs. It. Mondt, a,nff the Misse V. Feldman and Kate 8ch0bof, of Aviston, called on friend iere. Thursday. ']'ll]lllg of ] I11 A(]jltcelll C(illl tie.% --ll. N. I{nmsay is opelfing a ' ) bank at (_t lumbia. 1.11. --There are lilaDv cases of measles at N,qshville. Ill. --The I]iall]nd embroidery works are ruimilg full tine. --Centralia ..... Iutners are l)liilding a large addition to their hall 3Irs. Mary ]lauek died at Leb. tmn l'st week, aged 84 years. -Five Mt. Venmn citizens have been granted a franchise to estab- lisl gas works. -- Mrs. Eliza Mcrri(;k, eged 77, was burned to death at (tawville, l,'riday el last week. Tlle rennion of the NihHa lll. Regiment will be hehi at Mascott] Novcinber 15 and 1t;. --The artesian well at the Mas. eouta.l Shtr ntills has reached a depth dt'about 2,700 feet, and the work of boring deeper is lleing ou- tinned d'a.y and night. --This ,i the tinle ot the yvar when every honse owner should see to ttiat verv ltne and chimney is in gmd order, a, it is imperative t]lat su'ch is the Case h) guard aga!,, aeeideniM .fires,this dry weather, and during the coming nlOllths. ,A youvanat.from: Centrali bOll abi%-,cla from  stranger filr $lS, and. *r }   ,t,)i& a:st/in to 3It. Yernam,, ,0bn,a ,]mlemmu examine(l,hi, wheel ari@ onicated it as bavi been stoPe at ;ast St. l,.qis, Bby youb, bicv6te of rep. utab!'l !ocal deale!'s. " it': .[ 1 A CMhonn ,f(tuty lflu was riding on a load ,f straw, snlok;ng a pipe one day last week, when a spark from the pipe drotlped hto the straw. The nlan had to move lively to kee l) himself and horses from being burnt. Abount all that remained of the wagon was the ron part. 7 .... --Tbe I,ebanon ,]ourr, al truth- fully says: What is needed m this country next. to good graveled roads is broad tiros on wheels. S , neh tres do not cut the road bed. but act as rollers and packs and snmoths the t'oad lf Nrmers would adopt t!ie b'0ad tire wheels, so made as to contain strength,, lightiess aml eftieiency, the roads'i would be in nmch better condition in the spring and fall, and heavy h)ads couht be hauled at ahnost any time of the year. . --Vine months ago tlte first dirt was turned in the construction of the Chicago, Paducah &. Memphis railroad and it is now completed and regular trains runnilg between Mt. Vernon and Marion, forty-five miles south, where it onmects with the Cairo Short Line for Paducah. The northern division a. far as Salem will be in running order by the tirst of November, and by th'e: ol)ening oi the new year the line will be completed to its north'ern terminus, givin a direct line Chicago. . mSeveral Slbyvillo 'citirens i)vested in' lotein Terrc Hiaut6 and e/ged t pay something less t'han $2[X} foffthem, on the instalhflcnt plan,. The Deadcr says that all.ihe: pai;inents have been tne in full t)y'/immber, but as yet, no'deed has been'received by any (me, on the contrary, there s a raiipant sus- pickm in the minds of some that they have got the grand, hoodoo, They were to get warranty deeds, now they are told that there is a mortgage on every one of the lots that has to be lifted before deeds can be secure(l. [Commtm icad.] 9"o lhe lget>ubllca I'ote},s qf Clblto Co v.nty : : .: rim County Clerk of Cli''ton countY, John C. Lam]en, has, in Viedatiou "of Section 10 Of the Australian ballot law, placed my name on th IffI- PEN1)HNT I{EelTnL1CA N TICKET. The toll0wing is th part ot Cite ection referred to: '+ SeCrxo 10. *'Th ertificate of nom}y'.- liort and nom|nion pttpet' beillg so flled'nd beillg ill appti:ent conlbrndty with the pro-i *ions of this act, ,hail be deemed to be 'alid unles objection thtreto are duly mmte in writing ' No objection to tbe petition h been filed, but the tieket sent to tha remonstraa over 100 legal placed on the ticket," nd heen pointed out the law, mitted to :tious l:s l , n,me would gO Bnsines00 Xoticcs. t'ltllt, ]JO," .al e, I,ost, ]----(,Itll(l. ]Or r,e]II.  1 ]"OI N^Lr:,I--A new l{hnt)all ()] !:':m hl(luire al this olltce. I., F()I'N1",A i)reasll)[n , WjliCh ('x];,J cttn ha it.hy provin prope'ty a t 'i'r; F ir office." ],nST--. hmtbet+/. "st, eooiainiv/;, um of m,,ney  Thd.. finder, by +,- l, tl I'lli fig, Will g'+, ;-L {tO 1 e..Vb I'd Joe Motiatl. :7= i- : ( ':tlifort,h ,evn 1.)rated Ap ric<)ts, 15c a lb.,at lee I,roa(I wt, y Slnre. -- 1.t Frosh oysters, et 1 ltf ]HELL ]?klICKER', . Fresh graiih a.t ths I,roa<lu tLv loro, i i l,adie' ChmtLs fro}n I.00 t,) St .0 at the Bro,,du, as" Store, * California eva,)ra[ed Pe:trs, 10,'. t It).. at the Broadway TStore. --- . I am prelmrod Ib db all kiwL- of hauling at re.*mable lal '. 16 20. ,lolilN PL VqOLr'E. LOST:--A phdn gold Land rica" wI[h ]t()3 engraved nslde, ttltder I,l,';,s letve at TIlE L' olives, l.'Af White Oak lledroom ait. fort s:|ic at |(t..=)l| at ,](tEPI[ (;LANZNF.I{;S 12If Furnitnre  to,-+ Frech Dysters at 1511 ALVIN FII : CI-7 E F,'S Tile Imperial Tea Co. el St, Louia, and Bellefilh*. deliver coffees n,q |,ellN ill "]el)l'o|l, t'viee It DOlltl. Try tlreir ),i)ds. ;.1 t l. 5q(qn|,ly IIm|tr,st b!ti'l't,], for ;[[ at th Broady tore, 60c, each. .... ]4 ....... j ..... A monthly sclm61 ticket to Bcllaville costs 6J,!6, t)ay i*sloll el the lb, itt,- ,17 - elite (zomnerial and Shorthand College begiu:s ept, 3rd. \\;rite l,w eatalogue. (I-17 MtLlta0r. A complete sto(;k of Fall and "Yi:lA 1 hat. notion% ec,, etc., a .qtf ,Ilss'S. BAUIR, Main bt. iaaca aaa rua I 4.1-1y G.S. CAUG]LAN. Tile cel,ebraCed Aviston 5l;l flour wilt be oanstaltlv kept m hand at A{vin lrlcker's store .,,;, bakery, and sold cheap, 1 .{ :;I vould rat,h, et trust ttl.?medieie thai,lly doetqr I kuow of, ' [qays 5h', Hattie Masonof ('hilton, ('rtur, i('.. Mo., :in speaMltt of Cibelli:F- Coll, ( 'helots and DlarPhea Itemed v. For 'sale oy W. T. Carr, Druggist. Public Opinion, pub]isl;',t at,,yf,.th. ington, I). ('., Is a Weekly jgurnM d, voted Io lilerCproduetton-in. L eo densed form, of, careffl]ly l+el,ete;: magazue artie[eand ofeditorial'eom meut from timrepresent:tive daily and weckly,IoreS' of all l)olitical p,,;'- Lie. and from all parts of the counlry Th readers'of I'l)lte Opinion get al:| sixles of every qUesil,m. It is jast t!w pap*r that the far'met an,t village nell fi)r general reading: It. keeps it readers fully abreast of the tmles and u.lppl!es them wlh the best thongii of tht day in tile fields of American AffMtS,  Fdreign Affair% Socolog'y Connner6e, Fhmuce, Reltgion, eienee, Edueatilm, Artand NeW BooklL Pub.: lic OpiniOn and lihe rtlrgl wee ly su p-. -plemait 0e"h k)ihtr, adm;rahly. To. getbdr t:h" giv tll farmer or vi,lag r and hti family lnor o| Cnrrent new, editorial )mlnet t te w ature titan eau way for five times thir eosL. ot Public Ol)iuiou has beeu from $3.00 to $2.50 pr year. We lmve just tlnpleted ar]'agenlonts 1,3 whlcl We cau offer l ublie Optubt and I ttl q[ RENTON SUN tot $33)0 (a[ A Chand*:e'r and Taylor 3Iuh; Sawmill, int, goed, cond'tiorl, ('a 'sa,', 4 it tt;ici} tog with it, with l0 :horsef)ower engine. Address, ' JOHN :OI.TKA M P, , Brcc,e, ill FO! SAL00t G et u,i n, e .E t'i