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October 26, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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October 26, 1894

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{i .. I" ,,T T n v 1., i l U 11 &apos; 7iA", i',;) I'5+E;p2 FI:DA'I. " 7 , F,i/, a,l A rl 1.::iP l}uh :wl  :,c>+,, r <  i * the l'i>st,,P,!{e it Tr(n;on '(I1., a h .>n,1 {-;l;;., 51a'iI Ms(It+l" July 1, l:t l 'rI':ID[ + ,iS sr B.c it! PT:OX It) v;p.b2y id Advhtle " [.L;'+ . 7o "l5 - lIil/l il ," ,) LDUAL ADYEIITIN1N8 IIAI'ES. ___ [ l.q '.Ire (rIITS pL*F IiiF RL/dltIIuB ot , [ ,'t'2{7 fr)lzl Led =,'. or ol]!er .'-o- * _u- u.:++ delhi( {)bitM/rh3s lree. but I i :: '+'+ 2" " ; L} ._ ,,,:. P:)ctPv !'o]h}whl . I ",)il 't+ t\\;,O Rli+l ;t !lfl]" (lllg p(r /hlP, L,.: +:" w:',l li ]q'P4211..% ['ff/) ilBl} : ]1111['{'o11|'.; :('! , bLfli.;,s fr re'i&i<+4 tm+l cluria;,Ic ,,i'  +-ps :l'/?e P J, et'fi..,il;  l'.lP8 lllai!e kit,Belt 111 spill(Pal(oil v b(.tter :situated than thdr friend+ in ];Li 'c the cities and t,'r<ls. Of lie (arm- ing ta:nilie:3 ,if the country J'5 l),. t' i " it{at, own their o',vn homes, an,.. ,.), this number truly 2"3 per cent have in('uinbracc:+ ,m thuil farms white 7 per ccitt, i'de frtc iroll Jll(:ttiil. [fl-al 1 (c , An'cl: all that has been said and, done about marking 3"our ticket ,t the {o:ning elet4ion, the matter shmners itself do,xi, l:o tl)is sili]pl," t sdutiot,: 'i'o vote "the s{rai;ht Ik-2 tml,lieai ticket m'u'k a ,'ros x) in tLe , 2,:' i,4 %the h;Bl u[ ihe l,/+l}(tl,+ 'i.', +" .... . .+ ,  " llcan ht'ket. It voti ,xrn tO seradJJl d<l't touch tite circle but n)ark a {:t'{}ss x)in the square in front of o.  " the names of every candidate you desire to vo,t' fur. That's all thpre is to i. '"[.n,: I-,qmblic'ans must hot put t,.}o liuch reliance up, on the tidal wav,. They will meet with leavy o(lds, and they must light !'<" vie- ](" " 0  tory. SentimenB and imaginatlo:]  must give place. t? ene.rgv and l{trtI .i i '  ,,*ork. 'rhe ires! is in tl, eir favor, but the necessity tbr work is none, +g >t hard work if,is +'ear .s i,, should be fought for until tlm last ++X " le+ ' 'c ---" ............ ,++,,.,,., ,,,o o+, d00:y o+.,'o,'0m. -2,22.__ ___/+\\;+._.++++ "i I bet next, wih be the election. IReg. list.ration wiLL be re{tuired , and the _. +, I00,o ++oo lJoard will.hohi tbr re!zistratiun at p,, 'V - - ' . r. ,  the respective voting L)luees three ,,, llilb,l(aal (011lily lleliOltweetis before tii election, or on Fur ({utll? i 5 ,I:l+!ff['. Fur (kUl:tfV Tlt41gllreF. lt)lIN )'HN) I(OGtI. '.}l + +(P,IIIy ; u'l].i, ,. ti. "2I( i)l,,', Y. PuP ," n tdr. ,t. ,i. t)A\\;'LS. fH" t'o!ll!i)" II]'d llth II It,el of ('ho(}ls, AI'd'II!;i i )II!LEII,, .9 ..... A (} ! ,k L "rEKET. ]t+r 1'O['21/[1 +lt|,'t. 4211d J)islriet ' J. (}'II.,lNt.l l, of Carlyle. T. 1;.., t ..... )l+I++ , d" Nas]}vil!e. ++. '),' d..i+,_,IONA L TICKET. i"ol ih3li'es<ttati;'e .hi CoilS'tess, 2it Dist 1,2..1. IUII'IiY, of East St+. Louis. KI'ATE TICKET. ]+Of Tl'caglrer. tt t,;NtlY W t" l,F F,of (Yook Cuu:..y. i'7,r Lallpelillt{qulellt d" SchooJ.L < 5[. l N G ,,Lv, ,1" a a(.kson Uuuntv. I; ;.r q', ,, :;':et':, O[ Slate U hhersitv, )-;+ { } :+...l', ..z.I, dd). u[ Simgamon Co AI,I':(. 3[_:LEA, 5!d)unough Co. 511'S. J. 5!. FLOWi{!{, Cook ('o. .!, 11 O.d,iL. IIox. E J. 3I:ItP:li', the poop]e'8 tholes for co]gressn]an, is daily is(sing s'mmgth and gaining new :peruits as his merits become kaowr) ,, +Ie voters. Tm: (}kawville Ti,,+t,.+ is agitating +!o+lmi;ding of a bridge over the (},;..a',, c,mneeting Washington aPd .,,:Iinton counties. This is a good +ove a.d would benetiB both court. !es. Let the good work go on. Id.:.t':Ns show that tbrdgn is, ++,.rlations are grealty increasing. A; in the case of most of them ev- ;ry doL..r could have been pro- doted in America. it fallows that 'hit dollar is taken out of the ,,outh t)f an American work- +\\; Lu,'<a: number of Clinton t<+ounty voters believe, and justly +o,+ that in county aft:firs where the ,flieer to be elected has to take no .,.a+t ill Ie,;islaion. iites and co.m- +ee,,., ahoatd be the only things ,;unsidred, and the po }(ties.1 aft(lif- ts.ions are }f minor importance. _2 " L ................ toy. }h'KrsLrx put8 the ease plainly md fordbLv whm he says +hat "notEing is &cap t:) the Amer. iea:i peoi)le which comes from tbrea 1 ,if it enforees idleness amoug +u+,: u,:a wrkingmen," and no sort ,t" [):+:>;crafts sophistry can prevent I;? average ,,oter fj:om seeing it the .Nashville Tuesday the 1/t/] inst. (}no week I),%re the lection, or on the 3(tth inst., the board will nreet 1}i' revis. iig the list, when all wh,) are en- titled revere, atl(l have bee(is(nil- t+'d iiiay lilake the proper correction. \\;Lt{rswill relneml}er these dates 'iud see that they are ])ropt,rly r{,g- i+t.erett. ' Go'v. Md(ix.;Y in his sl)eeeh at l,'id)n]on{t a'd that "there, :',re two ways of checking the in]porl, atMs of tbreign goods. One is to impose a full tariff upon all importations, at+d tl:e other way 13y Lowering the wli,,+es t,f the worki,g liMll. [ D.ref{,r tu make it harder to bring go{}ds into this country than to m+ke it iardm' fo r tim vorkiigmat to live. ,\\;Ve :ms. have a thrift to make n t} lhc @It)tense. if Be tit: I1U impose ;+ tariff the t'nitc'd Sta>s laburii];- mall 11i1.1 stand the difference, TLe tlepublean party is in favor of such general la}tectbn." THi,: Chieag,, later Ocat,. says that AttoLrnev General 5Ialonev has given out an ,pinion regarding xoinen voing f' 'Prustees of.the t'niversitv oflUinois at the eomi;g ehetion. 1is says, "County c]Fks lravo nothing to do with ba]lc; for wolneit to w)te for sc!oL o!rs. Ttloy vote h a diflhc4 k:ll%box, with old-i'a ioie4.balivts, t n In:in(- ins ballots.ander, thc Autrahan law eot,r, ty..lerks, wilt proqeed, .s far as the distribution of ballots is concerned, a if the ae entitling women to vote had never been paused." Proof sl)eets of the official ballot to be voted at the next gen- eral deetion are+now being sent out bv Secretary itinrichs.en to the county clerks th',oughouh the State. The ballot is a a small newspaper, and|contaimten tickets as tollows: ])empcratie, Ipublican, Prohibition, People's, Iadel)endent t!arty, 1ndepBndent lepublicmis, leople's Silver, Pol}ulist, Inde- pendent Democrat, and Indepen- dent People's. There will also be a proposed amendment to the coa- stitntion tor the control of contracts between corporations and em- ployes. I TmN,: the fide is in fitvor of the l{epubhcau party. The cu/rent is t, unning our way and the wind eems to be bh)wing in the anie direction. AI over the North and East the people hav been taught a lesson. This lessol has been learned by looking at idle factories, at chimneys dthout snoke, at fur- naces without fire, at menwilhout workand at men without food. The Democratic experiment, Ires been partially tried, a blo; has been struck at 'the independence and of the country, The :attic; pa;ty detonated NEW In+ +" ?".+" 7" '+" 7 dudes (if th(00 Latest Style00 i00lii)st l,'ashmn,tbh. Goods fq: !'il]i'. aud Slllll!l!eP wear, with su('J00 an ex-} ! tens(re variety to choose from that you cannot fail ' {}f nmkin00, a Satisfaeto'. r) ,' ") . depart- ,+_le(,tt{ n in any 00/ola Tz merit" ...... Our 1}riee00 area!- ,.  &, Lower --- Tha00 Others! . . = ..... ......................... ' ............. 7 - . , - ...... J abont free lradt and(he markets ot el(lee in Clinton  oveJ. twen the wt}rhl, America is the bet market f,3r what Americans can it aull[;ieturo, and wc .t;.:lllllOr lfl;)l'd 10 ([ese|' ollr nml'ke ur wh'l! they eall the niarlets c)i i .e w{)rl,!r 1 tl,ink we've iea,'ng a h,sl. I thin} the tal>t)ring.' :)ka;n has found out 1;I h(' ca.P:{'!} ml"lre hs. em- I ploT er without h ta',iig lihnsel', -uid the t}eopl{ t}t' tiffs eottn;Py are going to retrace thdr steps and are going back to p,'otet tim) md prosperity, to reasoaand lepublicanisn,. 'tnd in mY jndgment the e>:t emgress will bu llel,ul,lican l IJfi/dl Neu Yo]'l will l'dlo the exanple ui Verintmt and of 31sine "uid that in all ]>r()bability tle Republicans will earrv the State hv I{/;).00{}.--/L (?. J. ./4',sdt. OL: @.?gIOB OF P.R2T =I"tLTY Thc subject of party fealty is oft times a very interestmg one. The years. Now why. t)ray'.., Y{}q will not d ny.t!t t tL. tep%bhcans p<, taxes are good dizcns, neigh+ b<2, friends, 'c. A; heart w,u do 2t, (or a nion]eiT, dpubt ti;tt any oi.the th, t)ublican caiditl:tes :ot+{1 make good, capable, (+on- seientiou8 county ol]iccrs. Well, (betel.why not vote for them all, or aleastaportion, of them? Shonld they ie elected and no; do their duty, then vote them t)ll again at the very next chance. They will bc rendy to stad or fail by the record they (hake. u:k!n's rnio Ihlv0. The bot alv(} it] t.lm worhl/'or ('ut b lh'ui,;es, 8ores, Salt, t.ilttmm, Fevei' I Sote,, Ttter, Ulmpped ltatMs, CN:- bhdns, Corn8 and all 8kin Eruptiuns, anti 1}o.iiveiv etu'es l}ils, or n{} pay re(ttlird '. ltlsgual'anlecdtoglvoper- feet .,'tisfaetbn, or nancy refunded. ]}lice 2b CetllS i}er I}}X. For ale by W. T. Cam Drttisla. The Y. vv to Prosterity i.-. ('unsttin Adel'ti4+ i! !:1 I'IIE SUN great politi'call}arties in this day and age dc }end. s,}ldy ulpm wha't r e II ltX' term N'hieildes u'r issties. ,,t()ll e ] mr()." advocates a sc')aratoia set it:,,[ l}rin{tples to the other. As i,:,g)n as.tlaq p;+rtles become a unit 'l}on an el:# subieet so SUOI! doe8 that issue bgcome relegated to the roar. At1, 4ational ,tucstions in ;their leeuliarities demand that 'party t'Saltv be upheld. Nearly all state issues demand the salllO. The ehiet reamt for this is that leg- islati,m n]ust take plaee, Then, Legislation is the trne criterion of party feaBv. That being the case the snbjeels of fealty dues not no- eessarilv enter into the subject of tle election of county oil(eels. \\;Vl]at does it matter to one whetlier a 1)eniocratic judge administers up- on your estateor a Republican one? In wliat partieular would the all- ministration ot the superintendent of schools, the sherifl the county clerk or the county treasurer suttir it the ollieer be a Democrat ,lra Re. publican? if capal}ilities were equal there would be no difi'erenee in the vari. ous ad;nmisration, titncs_ and I competency, should then be the only issues at stake in the chuice of &r couuty otlieers. In fct it is a duty as sped citizens'we owe our  felt,Bme } sd;et cleaq, able men for office Ttum)Ss Jett'eron aid, and he is soa,d l)emueratic au- %ority, all officers hould 1){' lit. cnpetcn an&tlonest. These' are tl<0 only necessary qualillcation8 needt;d. Nearly all are agreed that party fealtv is hardly demanded in the doe(ion of a county ticket this NLI. TLleru is to be ]to new legislation affected I] these men, but they are chosen of the simple iurt}ose of dis- charging tbeir rcq)eetive duties. The akovc front the (reenville S++a shaw',-.' very etearlv and logic- ally I]lat party lincs should not be too strictly drawn in euunty mid local afiairs. If we,member right nO Republican. bgt, bid a county Meat lffarket! ' I JOIIJ" I+.II,.YZ I I Gcrle's Ohl Stt:;d -- TIIENTON, ILL. t ! The BtM .u {'It cal.te.t Place itt [ lh IHI N 1o ]/.y 3h.aL ........................... ASK FOR Edlel"S "'-" ','' Cb;al's. NIanulhetured 1 B" ?Pnorl, 11!. LOUIS SINWLD, MANt'I;'A('T Ult 1.;II OF Wire Picket Fence. :1 II |"t'llC(' . ............. 17, (.'(Itt. p{,r t:,)d Sh{.k Fell,R*. ........ 55 Chic kctl It's;It's ........ 65 IltWil] of all k]lll] dOilt, tO OI der Picl,'ets fop sale. Summerfleld, Illinois, T. CtRII, GrIldu;ltu ih Ph ll'lllaey. IR, A Il,;i IX /)rs .,IltdieDtes. Bool,'. Sht- 1+o:/)/, lXe. 800al Estatn 8+ Imran000 A+t, LOAh'S NEGOTIATEI}. Z, T, IlEIIICK, J. {3, EISEN3IAYEn Trenton Elevator Co, Pays Spot Gash --for It f tEAT 6+ORX ," OAT,g: AL.q) I)EAI, EtlS 1N Iour Corn Iel, ,Nh|st.fl l Bran. WILL (IIIIND AND ('RA{'I( ( OliN. AND I'2X('IIANG MI':AI FOI C(}IIN.AYD FI.UUR FUll L ItEAT. ....... ' 22 ....... i .......... W+M, WKLRABNTEIN, Oignr Factory 123, Call For and Sn (}ke Ills If You Vfa::? to gu.>ke the T00ENTOI 00REIV00IT, ?,ul tlal: P0pri0t0z,, 17, E+ l (.a, 1LL. Ct'STOMEL,S C )NI,\\;NTIY SUI'I'I, IISD \\;Vt:rLI 31 Y FIRST-CLASS TRNOH LAGI0000 BEEB, 00BIICK. Tlil LEADING ---AND Subscribe fur 'I'H,: SuN ! " 7"  q J A LLO  3 cli .IlF, YTS. Orleans, Pianos, SEW00G MAGHINES, GHT BIY PRICES ]IEFORE PLtC1.N" YOUR O]DEIIS, '" IIIGIILdA'D ..... ILL. 00URNITUR00 +.. Have ju.t received at my Store a A LABGE & GOMPLETE STOGK of Furnit.,u'a of all kinds, embracing Lab(net are, Undertaker s Goods. Washing Machines. Wringers, Sew- ing Maiflnes, Needles, Repairs etc. Hgve also Mattresses, Bed Springs and a splendid Lt of Seekers. Most Pf lhese Imods were purchased in New York City. Come and see them JACOB KUHN, SP-,. is stamped in the best watch cases made. It is the trade mark of the Kej,s/o Nlakh Case Company, of Philaddphia, the oldest, largest and best- known factory m the world-- 5oo employees, capacity :,ooo cases daily. Its products are sold by all jewelers. It makes the celebrated as. Bass Filled g"alot Cases, now fitted with the only bow (ring) which can- ot be pulled off tile case--the 2S'il'?llI--'6"e +tr. auth t" zed l(} t {}un(,o (lib illtl)i12 ' if'd' ?, , I{ilc.mith. olCariYt( ' I IIll In0e;}edent Cundidatc tot' S.eritt of ('lin. 1Oil ('t)llllly, ill; the ellgilillg e;e{'tiol], o1( SoY h. TBEHTON MEAT MNET, SAUSAGE. Fresh meats (t" all kinds daily. Fresh Fish every Friday. MP& JACOB SEE. LOUIS L&TTNV-I%, Real t',state & 1,0an 00gt. Intending t}urchasers wi% please catl attd get figures for tat}roved and unimproved city lots. 1. B. A ll%l}ll}Br Of Illle farnl8 fct sale. Io- catt, Fln Peeos Valh y, Ne@ ,Iexieo. Full infl}rnmt;n win eheerlull" 1,,I gi'en of this glorious oasis, ,tuated within t[,: limits of wimt Was formgrly knOWll aS the Gl'tit 3nleri- { , i)eselt, with its beautiful, il(?inparable elimtR', wher6 crops aud choicest' fruits are manufaelurt d to onler (if I m y so ;11 it), by meam of irrigation Htghlanel - WOlll,(|, El}. FF, UTZ. Pr0Fle.+ HIRHLAND, . IIR[uINOIS + Manufacturer of and Dealer Ja 00m0m, 0I" l.'orei/ dg" Amerioan J[A It BLI'7 SItTISFACTION GUARANTEED W/tl} I/I OR1 IIWET CORREB ILlnllk-- PI]ItLI? SUARE. 'dO M[I}[[IT, "irmabn, ILl. TI2V2E C. B. 6 O. S. W. R'Y. CA RI,'fI,F Al('O3I 3tel }AI'ION. .IT"D+I'S II'OEI hT I/IIIS ........... 11:5q a 1)t:}'.PIS for t l.{'Iti,, 12:50 p G O'll X t+S |.. ViIICC;IIII4" ..{'i2Liirllo{allon ..... 7 '[h5 p, l+oeal Fl,dl.'ill. ........................ 1 :l t i ! 31all "tnl}S HID{IIysl ..... l:,Tt p+ ['hrollgh +gCOllllltOdttl,i{ltl .... %::'t II '! Goi us.East rhroagh Aecommodatiml ..... 8:5 a. di! (Stq,s 8u',:davs.) ............. .}:(4i a LoeB1 Frei,zht ..................... .1:-15 a Viii}{': llt'. Ae{:OlhlBO{]{]Oli ....... 7 28 D Ad' ,h.lhnlahl A' BREESE. (. OJ fig "west. 5J 8 i ] ................................ 4 tl p i ccommod:tion ..................... 512 p. VJlK'ellll('s Ae(;eHlrtlo(iP.tiOll ...... ; It: a Local Fr(,i;hic .................... 1'. lo p. t4,,>i n g East ,lail ............................. : 16 a .tBeonlltl|:(la|ion .................... 8 IS 11. ViLt(CllII A('COlliIII(}(lNiOII ....... 7 31) It. Locat Fr(:isit ...................... 1o:5o : ,I T Middlclun. LUUIV1LLE. EvA.:.x ll.I,l  Sl ],uris lUl'. NE\\;V B3. DI,;N. Goil;g "Vt*8 L. NO :{ Passen 'er . ............ {;:0 NO 1 Passt!llger ................. 5:50 No 75 l,+)cal Fr'ghI(earri,,sl}a'g } iI ;2a l ). Guing East .No 2. r ............ 9 ::;9 a Nt).[ Pl|SSpllgt, P. ................. I+;40p No7{; I,ocal l'r'ght(ea]r';('Sl}as'g) 11:25a. .NO'N 3 ahd I Lq pOtt )2'Itg AIJ olht'r rPdll(l' Sh}p .| %'. Born .tl_q| IL A. Uallltdleli (I. P A. Pi()FESSIOX/tL. ll. 5[. D. Tibbett 141wici( all(1 8(lr lIigY.aml, II1. 1{ A. G. Blq']l'r(}l,l), lq bq(,i 1 Illld SII! L {JerlllllllluWll. ]11. ';tlb prulll]}[ly (.(l 1. IL ,V G BI'2CIITOI+D, l'hwicitu alld eOIL I)l]lce e r | |'SOIII'(T'S Sh}l{. ,-it c 1.1ttheral| ('hllr(ql l'ro fe.-@|}l(:ll pro]nltly +tR.ndcd h thLv or I|lght. !rcce, ENTIST--P F. ItI';I.LSII'TII, M 1).  ''r/,l]lull et'rY T lesd t'," OI'FI('E: -& W. {'m t'lU] and dtix c S l:;utranc 21, N 14iil St St. Luui. IL 11 F Ar,P, EPS. I'hvlqcit(n a|,l S|lh j witl |lttc||d calls pt',,ll|pUy, d|lt" or |itch|. .\\;vl It '[' {LIFI"NI"R. Physi,'itln alld |(]' UIll(c itl YesI i}lrtof {ity u|" TrelltOti pl'elllptly ilLWlhled to. D I_L F. 12,. 13 A I l T E L, Ih+oadway Store Blck, "I ILESI{}N. lg } th!l 1flail  i}O Ill2 ll. "1 A. XV. CARTER M. Will rcsp(*nd {o an (!all dnv or night. Office at lleshienee--Broadway, east )lain Ph'ee. T|'c||t(n/ ...... W'. . AT)'ORNEY-AT-bA w, )I,'FI.C O0.RNF;I{ MAIN & r ) " p p i'Igf+ TO3, ILL. MIS.'; .}F,,%!F, F. SI-I()UI'E, TEA( ifEt (}F PIANO & ORGAN. } ,5'/I:'CLIL ..ltt(,+ti+i girc} 1}q/i, g e,'.. aII/ Treliton ew, r.v l:riduy t|l(l Satllrday. 'rEPJIS.50 t.'FNTS PI+'R LESSON LOUIS I;I.A'I'TNF+R, '.I.I'CIt MAKER & J1EVgI,II.ER T{ } II atches, Clocks & ware, t+itabte .for llreddlm.j "}try prca',+ts eft bolt{:m 1,|'i('c,. Repairing promptly and satisfaetor All goods :.I|larlu|tecd t,o be as ropres relltUil. , - IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF Cloth i'. U, Boots, 8hoes, Rubber Goods, lffats Caps, ,l Gents Puruts An,l wish to buy goods--ltEL tt BOTTt}SI PRICES. call ml BROCKIIAN & The only {'ASiI STORE in Trenton. nl , '(}l[ ('fill get 100 eel|iS worih of goods tot ar, ill preference' to getl, lng 5|) to +;,',+ ibr $1 tg that vO pay the credit merchant. has to cilal+ge yell these prices ie order to his loas(,s by tha credit system The east te]llena.blPs I1S tO l|naersell, for we do nol to charge yell from ?d} to 5{Kh extra in order eo\\;er bad eredil.ors' debts. As reards ROCK BOTTOI PglCEg right here thtt we have made n STI BI,()W to the (,redit system, for they are it a all, for we umlersell a||y of them, Call and be Convincedl P.S.--Eggs and i'oultry in exchange. L. C. RLEMANI,', JACOB KUHN, PItEalDENT. "(,rICE Palalb I (Leorported 5Iareh 1st 189. , RIF00ANN, KUHN 8+ ( +IJCCESOR TO ]llEMANN & KIT]|N, }. --ILIld-- LUMBER- ConsLantly on hand a eomifleie abck of ]I: hte k ellou _Pine, and Coar Shingles; 00uh, 000:rt, Blintsi Lira0,- Pt00am',- aml. w PAl%TIE IN NEED OF h?TIIIIO IR I.INEg, WILL FIND TEIET TO IIyL