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October 26, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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October 26, 1894

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RENTON SUN. OCTOBEll 26, 18!)4. tl lleparlment IIE.\\;DI,\(; 3IETII()!)S. BY lli'l..":.kl{l) QUINN. | is n,) recitation in th:; lh.qt uee(ls more "It- than that of reading. For lies the secretof aPUlil,s in his olher studieo. nol lhat a pul)il should be a good el.cutionist, but thai lnav acquire the knacl: ,/" midershmding what Ilow often does a per- ,'see solneihing like this: John [James are ot tile sanle age, ill sanle classes and have had the advantages in attentlin but give them an article to orally altd to .ju(lg( from the ltion.{rv expression of their Jolin is far the lwtter reader. put theni both at , (litticuI1 ill ari|tunetic and .Janle ahea',l o! John. Wily? lie- ella l'O'J,([, l)v V()i(2t all(] tilt: r l'e'/(ls bv thought, that is. just st: lilly reads wlfile the reads and thhlks, l,ettheni the sam( problem orally and will road it throuM/ easily so that |lie ]ist tner thoroli,h!v understand tile litions of'tle tn'obleni, but ytt ill be very hard tot" llim (.JcAnl) it. while James ill stun> along trom word to word in n/am:er that the listener l!l be able to understand ely anything shout it at all et. Jame has the power of u ifh,mI expression. John , t expression without ght. atention on tile part of )Ulfil dnring recitation is one best helps to make ago,.] mid n, have strict attellti(m reading class the teadwr ltO always alh)w the pul)ils ill regular ordtr from first. third verse, or l,ara.graph end of the lesson, nor frolu ,ec(,,t. thiM pul)i] down t() (d the ('lass. Neither is it abh: t, have the PUl)il btgill Mwavs a the same clld ul benth. seems to beavery hard nlat- get 1 greal majtuiity of pupils ttidy a reading lessan as it to I,e studied, and it is also k:lown fact that. where are alhnved to follow the or, lcr of reading, one verse ,h after another, lirt, ai,.I thh'd pupil,that.they t study, certain parts of the ao will n',ke it. a poit to get ),)sitiun iu'the cht* lfiat tidal 1 f' 1 h'ssuq, them Ill the. clas.s tl'wy httvt )eetal(m of reading ally but u]iith they studied, con- they will pay no at- to tile rea(,ing of others, allen (luesti(ms are asked ,m will know very little what they read aud nothiug dout the bahmce of tile I. l have followed this plan very good success. After to read let the pupil through the verse or jh then call on the next l'ad letting him tinish the or paragraph and go on trite ext, then call on the next to and so on down to the foot e class, always having the ing PUlfil commence at some ;flat ion mark. In this way :e class will have to follow !ader. Then sometimes, they , t rote the habit of only pay- ltention to the one next to i if so call oil pupils by name from diflbrent parts of the bench. Never. allow knew just when th, ey will upon toread. Into doing found that the most care. tile lesson at their and will soon learn to pay at th0.recitatiom Now neeessar, to lmtice this I day. l do it soamtimes I day, sonletines once4 week, ] once in two we'k. [t ] ho),, quickly, lttpils I the lmbit of at9)t:ion] careful dgH of this, .knd. butter foi; those ill ,first, :land third readers tc.w, rite lessons on their sink%a; it great dtal more *,,Jq0 to than it ,loes to. vend it Then they. will:hve to go nta,r.e s,lovly which them a.b#t,t: chance to it will abrd them era- when otherwise they beconle ini4cifitvous. fourth, fifth and sixth ,p!lt41S do not have so much write occasionally, and at It)n ave them, change slates re'aling. Ihls s beneficta ways, tirst, it gives m copying, seconac to read the writing slowl have to be more deliberate and will not run one word into another. It require:+ more entrgy to lead script than it does print and more tinteis needed for the pupil to know just what the uord is and when he does know lie thinks tie is losing time and will pronounce ]lhe word more quic.kl3; aud will ntt prolong tile last sylla!Ae as is tile case wilh those who read in ,1] manner. Anotiler m)od [ help to break u 1, sing-song readingl ist.o hay(, tile class read ill ten-{ eert some good selections. I,et tile te'teher read the selection through iirl so that file clas cad form an idea of how it shouhl be read. then all read together, the reseller leading. After reading a lille or tw,, he in.ty let his voice gradually drop, then stop and let tile class read by thenlselves. Solnetimes have one of the pUl)ils lead in readig and tile cla%' for lo',v, atwavs calling on ih' btst in tilt: el:lss t() lead. ! iaa",i"had a ehlss with some v.:r'v }'oor i'ea,ter in it. read in con&l't s'o that ,)n;; couhl not tell but'that tile3" were all good readers. The teaeht, r shouhl l)e free ill asking ,tii'estions. If there be no questions given with the lesson, in- Veldt everal good OlleS eorlcerning the lesson, aud have tht l,ul)il,, do ttle .alne. Talk about the lesson with them. Read a sentente a,d call on sonle one to give tile mean- ing of the ,entence ill oilier lan- gu'tge. Whoever can do this tm- derstands what he reads. Ask for tile gl:almnalieal e,nstruction of certain words. If there be any geograpllieal nanle in the lessolt have the pupils look them up in thtir geographtes. Mneh more eouhl be easily said on the subject of reading, but let the yomlg teacher read, reflect an(l try. ........................... & Qttr 00ngaxF 0st. For a q ilarter of a'eentur y Dr. King's New l)iseovery llas been tested, and hemiIlions who have received bene- fit fronl its use testify to its wonderful elll':ltive t,owers in Ml diseases of Th veal, ('host aud Lullgs. A rem(dy that has stood the test so hmg and chat has given no universal satis- fitction is no experiment. Eaoh hot- tie is positively guarante-d to give relief, ortiwmoney willbe refanded, It i:, adnti Lted to l)o the ln,:st reliable fin' Couffh, and Cold. 'l'rial 1)ott, h s free at XV. T. ('ur's l)rug" ,';toit. Large Mza, .-)0c. and $1, !! "Please, sir, will you make a little room for me?" ""Oh, of course, miss. Just wait a nlomon g." "Many thanks, sir,'.'-- Fltegende Blatter. --Request your attarney to ha,ve your legal notices published in ThE Stm. 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John Meguire, Drus and )Iedieines. chool Books, P.i,it,, Oi(s, PeU'lC.t. 1 ozle A ,' ides. e'r]] and r, ... ,. 1870 ,: ,,L. -r,,,,,""'a"": .... 1894 C. L. 3IAE(,HLILI, ) ) t'l f()T()(;I\\;AI H l!I4, ,HI(;ttlANI), ILLS. May-l.' 91 ACCIDENT POLICIES Fl()M I TO 60 I)AY, - ___ _ - -- = _ _ - _ _ | WEBSTRR'S INTRRNA TIONAL .,.....-,..r... ICTIONAR Y Th a s*wetssor oft h e "UnbridSM.  Teu years were Spent re-ising, 100 editors employed, and over 100,000 exl)ended before the fllt, COpy "TtS printed. Everybody ehould own this Dictionary. It an- swers quickly and correctly the quay. tton so eomtmtly arising concerning the history, spelllng pronunciation, aud moaning of words. A l, ibrar in ItselF. It also giv in a form convenient for ready referenee the fact ofteu wanted concerning eminent person, ancient aud modern; noted ficti- tious peron aucl places; the countries, cits, towns and natural feature8 of thn gl03i ; traus)attou of fordigu iotatlou, words, phrase, wnd proverbs ; etc.'etc., e. 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