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October 26, 1894     The Sun Newspaper
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October 26, 1894

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il&apos;' SUN the role of brides: We re glad 16 leani that Ml P..OA 'XL'N'. R E N T 0 N ,.,,, last Monda).. IAllan Ford, who was reported seriZ __ I ()us ill, is improving rapidly and will aught and S|de-Tracked for the lnspec-] Jno. ,. Ackermann visited his take a trip throiigh tlie South soon. tie, of,,The Sun" Readers - _ - - parents iu Santa Fe Bottom last at- " ' " ' ' 94 urday, He says he was surprised 16 l he little Esqiitmolady will lecture  " FRIDAY, oCrOBIR 26, 18 . see the ripest corn where sonic years in tim M. E. eliurch Monda., even-, The pay car 1)asse(l through agq.theie were, lakes containing froll ing, Oct. 2)th: tier is My hl in tile this section Saturd:, , three to flI0et of water. And this far NortI; theibliarges are m,;lerate. 1 -5 :00,' 0lb0,{0,0e._ Net, he sa.y; lsnot thei%sult 0fdrain:: All are invited. . I --Wte Vandali hne are gravel- age but of the dry Weather of lust Tire Okaw VMley Non-Au,*t(mratic] ]in(r their ,A vh o,m; .......... 'IWSY NOTES BY CI, EVER REPORT- stllitner. V.Se|'d" "H." ('lub,(urtm., . metlasttlt \\;,therednesdayremden(eeven-f ! are worKln .... g nlgnl; aim' oay. " ER leR()l[ DI]FFERNT POR- TION8 OF THE COUNTY. DTwatfleld. pring again. Farmers are 1)earning tohusk cdrn; e voral are sick in our vicinity: James Grab" and best girl dbve over to Hue3' Saturday, < Nice rain we had Sun(lay night-- something we needed badly. ,, Miss Annie Kreuzer gave a qflilting party last Veethlesday night. Had quite a nice time. Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Jtffiray, near Blue Mound, spent a da at Norman Gray's last week. 7--7- ; Xew Memp,d i7. , ,, ( qlarles Poos is hauling.,,, : sand, .wih Hm fissistanee of his nei(hSors, fo be useH in buildingd new house. : ; (h_o. Schemel. Democratic candiditte lbl treasnrer o( Clinton county, m dde a roliticat call 11i ,mr town Sunday: Win. Rinesmith, i)del)endent ciln- didaie for shei'iff of Clinton county, was in town last Ihurs/ay, lookin,,z after his political interests. The New Memphis "Allnex" and the New Baden "lqnafores" cross0d bats at New Baden. Sunday. Score: Annex '2., Pinafore. 10. Jae. Schopp and fiuflily went to lascoutah Saturday evening on a dis- patch received from thetre that John l,ampater. Mr. Schopp's father-in-law, is very ill. Frogtouqt. Mrs. S. Crane. of Trenton, spent last I hur day with relatives here. L. Boehm and family, of St, Rose. spent Sunday with Frogtown friends. Otis Bhtekwelt, of Carlyle tbent last Saturday nd Sunday with Robert McCulloutl; Alex lohnson and sisters, LUtfl and 5laude, attended a Imrty at Bxton lust Friday evening, aud a plelisant time was had, Arthur OeMer, our candidatgfi)r Co. Supt. of S'hooi was tmre last 2ucsday. Hc s meeting,walt& mucil .ti(.cessbut no lnore tl4t,tl .deserves. l[e is oh,.of,>tko\>most conse, ietious men in the(/ottflty,:aml vdUl() )ake a good sulxrintend/hg,, ).., ! ,, Amos F. Watts, Repnbliimn candi- datobr Judge, was here last Wed- ]ms(lay.greeting old frilnds and term- ing new ones, Mr, "gaits departed lbt' XVheatfleld Thursday morninx accompanied by S. L. Johnson. He is a refined gentleman and we wish him success. Ilaey. Holh, GHtett moved back to town ii8 week. J. W. C.. Schnell, of Carlyle) had business here on Tuesday. Otto Koch, eamlidato for County Treasurer was here Tuesday. John M; l)avls llepul)liean candi- date for sheriff, was here \\;Vdn es day. Aug. Steimnan and tamily, bf St. ('lmrles Me, are Visiting his fither, L. H. Steim]|an. [ R. E. C, hard and Mrs. H. Turner, of] t, 1,oul, crime out on Tl|esday to ate[ tend,tit,e funeral of their sister Mrs.] John (ta'rison of Bnmkslde, [ ., During tlrathunder storm on SunF day evening ,the, llouse of FranK] Ackerntan,: 2 1-2 miles enst was trucl} by iilValing a|iti badly dam- aged. None of tll family were In- jured. :4' Married at i l;, residence of the hrt&e)s motber (n the lSth, Mr. GIFoert Stdde]l and 5|ss Molhe FAde:/, the Rev S. Walker ociatin.. ' .They left on the 5 P. M. tra!n for a iisit at Columbus, Ohio. -T- :f, Irishtown. . ,, '. H. ft',t is Improving his farm with ,a new barn. tlan y .lackn and fatnqy Sunda. ed with L'man Wade. Supervisor Norman had business in Carlyle, last Saturday. Itss (;ertie Kesner. wlm has been dangerously ill w|th typhoid fever, is recovering slowly. John ('()leman and Rufus Ports have :'one to Missouri, where th,-y will re- .main two weeks, viewing tile country. J. V I)uComh, one of Irihtown's sports, has sold his favorite coon do: "Logan" to Billie Wienker, of Frog- fowil for lit'teen dollars. DuCemb bids farev'oll to the hunting ring. ArthurOehler, of irenton, ourean- )ltdare tbr t'ounty Superlntendenot Sehoats was here la.t Wed ||e(iay al(l 'rhurdg eM., achier, is meetiug With gco( Sucee')*s bUgffo more thao he e.,orveg; he is a pel tee getil,ma.n nd would make a good culerlnten- en t. Call again, Mr. Oeh ler ! . ,. A great game of bail was played -t. thelrishidwn h'dl i,ark last St|u(lay between Keyesport and WI,eatflehl. Weattleld was not ill it a auy tage f he game. eore 1 l to 2;] in fi, vor of l(eyel>or. ]Bil lie Meneese oftie [riul- lows ?leds t,osed the leather, while Ed Wheirt received the balls. w aden. 5[is Imcx Ori.:ttu|n mae a trip ) St..l,otlis last ;R. RolI'{ Schmidt ,ms rented John B. ionk*.n:S sah)ov. ,}i(l will start t)usi- Uess Nov. 1.  .... 1 Johlg:VotI|nq and` :iii. ef ,James- o,in;vre h5 guest of win. Veil- met lst Week. ,,i Mr. arid Mrs. Fre! Jonas. of St. louis.','ere visiting: 'x'elave and friendn New lader last week. Aviston. George Otke had busines. in Cal'- lyle Saturday. Hy. Twiss is laid up with a se-ere case of siekrlss. Mrs. Janle Coyle, oi BreOse, visited relatives here last Saturday. There will be 200 vete?s, in this voting district the coming election. Julius Hoffnlann. fronl Lebanon, called on his many friends here Mon- day .... tiy..J, tIoltkamp ook a i0ad of produce by wagon to St. Loiiis last Sam. Bair!, 1Mdge foreman,fqished up Sugar Creek railroad bride on TlleSdsx:. :  ,, ,MI:S.,J{. J. l, ager, with ehiM}en, is nltkiiig" an extended visit with her folks ill t. Lodis. Leo Metzger aud Henry Mondt re- turned from St. Thomas. Me.. Tues- day, haying visited Frank Otke. Candidates have been scarce here in,-,', and will meet at tile residence of B. tl. Nmhofl next Tuesday even- ing. A "Blind ,klllOS ' htt(l a nlaclltl on exhibitiou ill Truesdail store bulling hi,t week by whicll he was a hole orcitestra in himself--playing call, net, first and seeond, violin aml l)ase #tel, tile last two I)eing iingured by ma- chines worked with his feet. '['he adnlittance lee .;was ,'only ten eents aUi| the erowd, s that thronged the building, showe.d tile appreciation tit' the blind man and his W0nderlh] math iue. Janwstoum. Sheriff Junker was in town Wednes- day of last week. John McAllister. of Beaver Crbek was on our streets Saturday last,. 31. W. A. Lodge, No. 2153, held an intt)ortant meeting last Friday nlgtit. Maxshal Rineslntth talked shrie'- alty to some of our eitizena Tuesday J.C. IIaggerty, chief train dis- pateher, a.nd H. C. Barlmrtl, train master, stopped off a short time on thffir way through, Friday. The shops of the Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis are so crowdetl with reFair work that the company has sent 500 cars to the Mr. Vernon Car Works to be re- built. The receivers are making good rise of the money allowed them for the various much-needed improvements. Iocomotive No. 14l, of the Vandalia gailroad Company, of whMi H. Alvers is engineer, was burglarized on Monday uight. A LAST sUNDAY'S CAME. [( 'omnmnicated. ] --The "Players Tl|a Never Played Ball Before" and the "Pro. fdsionals" played a game of ball last Sunday at the East Side Park, in wifich tile ioriuer very unexl)ect- edly came out victorious, lhe feature of the game was tile s'cien- tific (?) pitchlttg of H. J. Bohrman. manager for tlie "P.'s," anti l)r. F. L. Bartel. manager fl)r tile "P.T. N.P.B.B.'s," il tile first inning. After this, there was a lull in the game until the sixth inning, when Charlie Steinlnetz signalized his al>l)earance on the diamond by lucking a home run on four called balls! On the whole, the game was very interesting--for the players, tte score being 24 to l S, "|nd it is hol)ed the above managenent will soon arrange tor another game between these two teams. TIMM RM&N::BE-OKER. TRENTON CORRE('TFD EVERY TIII'IISI)AV. JECT TO MARKET FI,U(JTUATIONI Wheat, per bushel ........................ $ Corn, per hushel .......................... Oats, per bushel .......................... lIay, timothy, per ton (delivered) ........ 13 hogs l)er ewt ......................... $ '. Hour. per ewt .......................... 1 (!hiekens. per pound, live ........... 5 to l)lleks, per polllld .................. Eggs, l)er dozelt ...................... New Potatoes. per bushel ........ Butter. best grade, per it(laud .......... Lard. per pomnl ...................... Ihuns, phi" pound .................. l0 tO i, F;, and A. M.. TRF.NTON 1.OI)(;E. NO, Jte Illeets t.rt and third I,'ri,lay of at Iliemau' s liall. I, O. O. F.. ('LINTON LODGE.No. 555, every "J'l|es,hty eVellltlg) al la r oflI-. AETNA LOI)GE. No 15::0, ll, the llrut.nnd tllird M(,ndttv of tim nt Hieman's haU 2I1. O. (; F., SI[ILLER I,OD(IE lilt,t.(8 Ule seeol)(1 IIIId last tlle|mmth qt Ilelna|t's haU. A O U W., TRENT()N L('DGE. No lllel21s the seCOlld Rnd follrth for the last two weeks. It is about trine for them to show themselves, in order to arouse the voters lot the approaching election. Messrs. Paul Bassler and Fritz Bau('hens) of Trenton. were over here one (lay last week. having inspected the new iron bridge over Sugar ()reek, near Reeky Ford. and whidli last. East St. Louis, which has never I[y. l/ensing, of ('arlyle Prairie killed any 1)a.scngers since enter. made a short stay in town last Men- ing the city, but she cannot escape (lay. the robbers that infest the east. Sam. Senn deems himself a mighty side of the river. "The woods ix hunter since he spors  tmmd-new fnll of them." E(t.4 St. Lo,i, gun. Abraham Fricker in boafitifying his Truth. place by giving iris bast a coat of TII certificate of incorpora- A large congregation was present to witness the interesting eere- nlony. Promptly at eight o'ch)ck tile groom and bride entered the church with Mr. tIerman Tinlmer- man as gr,mlnsman and Miss Mary Becket as bridesmail. Ttlcy were united according:to the impressive aehtml holINl', ttllt| third Sl|B.lay at ('atholh, sehoot hollSe. I.-, K ofILI,,gT,JOIIN R.I"r[STBRA No . nwels the fom'th Stll/day mol, lh at(he Ca(Italic school hollSC. .uT]'. o T n. 'f.ilENT()I LODGF.. Xo ]II,els lhe lirst atltl lhif,1 VedlleS(Id the illOllth ill Lfllldee' hall. I W. A., CORAt ('AMP. N} V2"2; secolld MoudSy of tht' ltlOllt.b nt R|ell is now ready fi)r travel. The rock work on that bridge wag done by Hy. S(;hmuck, of this plaee, in a substan' tial manner. It is calculated to last at least a quarter of a century, if not lougor. Miss Lizzie Lipsmeier) one of our fashionable milliners, who has jtist returned from tte ity, xvhere sire spent some time working at tile whol(male nfillinery tlouse of llosou- helm, Lewis & Co., thereby obtaining now ideas of the Fall and Winter styles. She has put in a complete stock of ladies' and children's lmts, I)onnets, ribbons, plumes, "etc. Miss [Azzie is the suceess6 of tier t, ster Miss Anna IApsmeier; who (m.rrid on the trade 10r manly  3rearu .) Tcrcon - vince yourself,0Ltte raxe aud eMly artiati( taste of Mi 'Lizzie, one must t ud tako: a,.,took, at the beautiful s )n the thre aud show wiudow. - Ge,mantown. Otto Koch. Republiean candidate for Treasurer, called on iris friends Tuesday. Miss Annie Bender. of Trenton, is spending a week with Mr. and Mrs, Hy. H. Schl.'rmann. Hy. Kueter, of I)amiansville, moved through town Wednesday to take possession of his saloon a Bartolso. Many relatives and friends of town attended the wedding of Miss Emma Be('kor () Mr. Win. Timmermaun at Bartetso last Tues(ia y. Arthur Oehler, Rel)ulfliean eandi- date for County Suporintonderlt of Sehools, passed a fcw i)leasant hours with friends in Gormantown. (hnder hauling for our elevated road has been given out Wednesday, October 24, 1894. l,et he good work i}e started. Future days will reward cud repay the present troubles and toils. John Lemming, I)emocratic candi- date for Sheriff, .accompanied hy onrV I)OUUO, Of Breese, Dassed through town and made for Bartels ) to see the merry friends at the wed- ding there. Don t be afraid, Johnnie. Your friends will riot fi)rsake you ! August l)oeml+r having sohl his sah)on at Bartelso to tty, Kuetor, of l)amlansville, moved back to German- town Welhlesday, whore he is the owner ot a nice far|n in the neighlmr- hood of school bi I)istrtet N( I. Wel- come Mr. Domker. We are glad to see yOU with its agal)h The 251h 'anni#efgary of the marriage of l{erman Koch and Mary Wietbr on the "/tli'day of (h'tober, A. I). 1019, gave rise to a pleasant SilV0'V V(hting .':it his llmsent )resNletee |telafl'es, ueighbors and frret,ff,, as aNir the tat, or has (JOll  of which Mr. loelt is a ohl thithful and .reliable meud)er, feasted o|1 tim rich, w.ell-prepared meals al). bever- ages. 'inging, merry talk:an laugh- ter wldled away the time Nuiekty, and, having congratulated the hapl)y pair during theday, they added the wish on their departure: "May God spare tl)eir lives and Mess their (lays with the best of imalth until the golden sun will rise on the|r Gohlen Veeddhg (lab'. Three cheers : Hip Hip! Hurrah !" Carlyle. B. I[. Niehoffspent Thursday eve ning in.St, Louis. Wllter l)eremiah, of l'osey, visited the Ca'rlyle schools Monday after- tloon. ,Mrs: Prof. Parkiuson, nee White, of Edwa?flsvilld: is visiting relatives an(l fl'iends here. Hen. t(uf}( N. Ramsay, o(,,Spring- field, speff[ 4u.nday aud M(flday t his lmlne ill th|s city. , ' Capt. John Nichols, of Wasltin}ttou D.C. sl)ett a iw d:iys with trliiitds in thi: citer this we. 'U 3IlsM'rtle Mogbr roturn(,tP* heine Saturdhy: after spe$ling a low (tab' with Mis Flora Se(Je. "' ", F. It; lahlert hs improv0d 1| jeweh'3 store by. building an a(htitto 'to the'east entl'oi ti building..:. KohlhauBros. t'o the suceCP0rs to Clcm l(oit-h:auff tn,,the barber ,hop in Ramsay'  buihlin" on the )ti'th paint. Ed. Essenpreiss, fl'om nar Aviston, was in our vicinity last Saturday aml Sunday. IIenry Fehl and wife, of ('hanute. K'ms., visited our schoolmaster last Monday. John Jenny is creating 11a'oc among the squirrels iu the woods. Causc-a new gUno Some miseroant stole the rope -it- lecher1 to the flag-polo reared near tile sore. Neighbor' Jos. Hit*kman .was made . benedict thin week Thursday. We congratulate. l ' , ", GrandI)a Hetzel mk.i John :Hetzol, Jr.;,spont Sunday with Fritz Foeh- no,Is ant1 family. Mrs. Jos. ankle was very sick last woelc. Vo could UOI; acortain the uatUl,'e of tho illness. Our hand boys furnished the music at tile hop given a Clii'ist, Bauman?s ,.atul(la3 hist. Au all-around enjoy- able allhir. Arthur Oohlor, llepubtiean .candi- date fi)r ('dungy Superintendent of Schools, was in our vicinity last Week -Wednesday. H. Nosla, tt. of Gree))villo, arrived I)e)'e Sun(ia3; last v;ith !Qs .hhla ready to lfl'y his trade--brii6ring. Sueeess to hi'n. A. P. iSlll se(M/lS,<to;an ellbrt to ol)'min.a footil.lK ill t)llr vicinity. A me(,tin 'as hel(l "it Sebast'q)ol last. eek,in @l|ich exprossious of roligiou iutoleralwe were onl.y t() n.ulner0Llg; Can not the history eta simihu'ly fills- guided 1)al'y of tide past teach thi*se people a valuable lesson ? The euphonious title "Owl Club" has been given to a cluh ovgani,ed last week,. Wednesday. Its purpose in l;o (ti_l)el the I)Ol)ular dehlsiou r)f i)erltmbulating glmsts i)et, weeu 12 ahd 1 o'ch)ck A. ,t. .h)hn Hartliel)..l.J. ttolfmalh, tly. I,'oelnter and George 1,ell are charter lneulbers, A steam whistle has it legitinmte use, no doul)t, I)ut the in(liscl;iminato use of SttlUe on ally aud every occasion i an intolerable nuisauco. One of these exists in our vicinity. S6ine one suggested that this was due 16 a delicien( y of gray matter in the (lethe 'of intelligence. Vee give this sugges- tion gratuitously. ia emotam of Selas!e,,, Wacs. [ ('.omm u nicat6il. ] Life with its j()vs and dis- pairs, is often an unfathomable mvsttry of which w are again ii)'cibly reminded by the s,O,l suicide of Sebasti'm Widest, a quiet laboi'ingman, aged, about thirty t.'o yett% (('he had been working n(ai" St..lorgan lot" some tlne t)ast, an\\;t w he l)ccaine des 1)on(lellt on accotttlt of an,:incurable aihne!tt and COnl- tnittei suicide in an ou:thohse of ttle Trenton House hoste!r)',. 'I he re- mains were tt(ken to t!!; C, ity Hall where the eolroncr's jury, ,t)f which Win. S'chaeflr was fi)reman, held the inquest, and rendered the fol- h)wing verdict: In the nlaer of the inquisition on the bod?,of Sob. R  ue&. deseased, held at Trenton Clinton Co. on the twelfth oI Oct. A. l). 18%1. we, the jury, swornto nntuire of the death of Sebnstiatt Wuest, on oath do tind that he eaule to his death by eotnmittil)g suicide by shooting h"imself iu the right temple with a 32 caliber re- wflver." Ite left a letter, in wBieh he shtiwed that he hint eouteinplated tills step h)r some tinle. He also willed his life insurance to his two brothers, one of whom resides near Sum nerficld, and "tl% other in New York. tits remains were t0fi in charge b y his brother,and Suimilertlehl -Lodge A. (). U. W.. )f !,'lieh he was a ii|ember, anti ntc'}red at the Sumnlrfield cen|e- tion of the St. Louis and Atlantic Railway Co. was tiled for record Wednesday. The cal)ital stock is placed at $3.000,000 and t)le incor- lortti are Messrs. T. L. Fek.e, " W . (.. Rho,ds, . E. Bcekwith, and 3[. D. l}iker. The company propose to build a raihvay, run. liing east fmu East 'St. Louis. eventy miles, through the coun- ties ot St. Clair, Madison, CitationS: and Marion. with a branch Line from Bellcville to Edwtrdsville. It,gives Its p, leasur to, call the attention of on.r readers to the fine lithographic view of tll city .of Highland, published bly, J. S Ioerner, proprietor of the High- land UMo. The same is tak0n from the north of tbe town. ritual of the Catholic chuleh, by Rev. J. Keim. The Cecelian choir of Batelso, under the teadershi}) of P.t'. Goeltz,sang Sweizer's 5Ia in a masterly manner. The bride looked charnling in an elegant reddish brt)wn silk dress, high corsagc, trimmed with white silk lace, wearing a wreath of orange blossoms and long bridal veil.while the groom, afine, manly nlan, wns httired in the conventional black. The bridal party then entered a carriage and they and a large num= her of wedding guests drove to tt|e hospitable farm residence of Mr. and Mrs. tty. Becker, three miles north of Bartelso,where a reeeptior was held and an excellent dinner served. Guests were there trom Breese, Getmantown, Carlyle and St. Louis. Among them were John A Lemming, candidate for Sheriff. hall. There is uo mdicine o often n ed in every ho}e ann so admirabl dapted to tim purposes for whicit inle))ded, as Chamberhdn's Balm. Ha;(lly a weeR passes some menlber of tile family hns of it. A oohache or he'((lache be cured I)y it. A touch of l'he tism or neuralgia quieted. severe pain eta burn or scald ly relieved nnd the soru healed uluch less titno than when medi( ham to /)e sent for. A sp,'ain promptly treated before inflamma sets is, wifich insures acute in at one-third of the time quired. Cut and bruises should eeive innnediate treatment boil)re parts be;ome swollen, which can t)e done when Pain Palm is h'uld. A sore throat may be et belbre t, becomes series.% A rt)t About the middle of tlloorelofind - and Arthur ()ehler, candidate for some corn nlay be removed by is Gissler's fine suburban priperty County Sul)erintendent of Schools. ing it twieea day for a week or and tim neat passenger;[depot of who assisted in adding to the the Vandalic line. To,tie south enioymeni of the occasion bv lead- A la.ite back may be cured and " = eral (lays of vahmble time saved on the opposite side oB sees the ing in tl|e singing of a number of pat|) ill ttlesidoorchest relieved lovely, shaded IAndmdale Park b )th lmthetic and humorous songs, out navinz adocto: bill. Procur0 ave|me, while in the background lhie h were much appreciated, cost'bottle at once and you will |u r,gret it. For sale by W. '[. the elevatiou known as the "Jtira" Social chat, dancing "rod nlerrv- Druggist. rises above the surroundihg hind. scape. Orchards, vineyartls aud making made the hours fly fast. In due time the gnests lett with Honle-,leekera' IlatesTo3Ilehl waving tields of grain dot the hill- the best of wishes for the future of TheBaltimore & Ohio sides and iill the vall%'s. The majority of business houses and residences can he easily recognized. It is a b,autiful souvenir ()f ltighland, and one that would be gazed upon with pleasure. It is sent prepMd by mail fi)r $2.10. Address the l)ublis her at Itighhmd. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Sept 21. 9.I--A (! noughery to Frink I)eKolb. Lot 7. bl I, 1lucy% Ad. to ('lement. W. D ................  I.r 00 Sept 21. 9t--Sol)hia Sodders el nl" (o Eliz. West. EI-2a1-2 of h)t I of n wl-(. SeclS, TI R2. Q -(' I) ..... I O0 Sept 21.94--Eliz West el al to Sophia So(lderlt. 14 ac'. W side s 1-2 '," 1:'4 ne!-4Sec Is. TI R2. (.-C. D. 1 ) Sept 21.9t--Eliz West et al to Alice C,)l)e W l 2 s 1-2 lot 1 of IO, v I-4 See 18. T 1 R '2. t -C I) ................. 1 0t) F. W PIasllhlt'. by Adlll'r. to Will. Lo- hoff ',V 1-2 SW 14 n(! 14: 2t ace side e I-'i IIW 1"4 See '2*2 T 1 It `2 inld 3 tie off w 1-2 nw ]-4 ne i.4 SeC 2"2, T ] R 2 A. l) ................................ 400 ( Sept. 15. 91--Wm.ttusmanll to F.Mobhl- mamL Lots:7, S. ll and 1'2) blk B. toWtl of os)lal)rl|ek V I) ...... 200 0(I Sept '2"2. 94--Mary Genies. 1by M'r Ch'y, Io (;eorgine lml)l)e, 16,15 ao pt gxv 1-4 ne 1-t,ec IL T 2 R 4 M. I) ........ 410 On LETTER LIST. Letters reu,ainiug at the Trenton postofllco, which will be sent  the dead letter office Nov, l; 1891 Miss .h)sie Taylor Clara .Iohttson E Nichols Mr \\;V M Brown Mr A Marsh Mr Pat (;llloiy Harry N Jontz Mrs Benj Bradley Persons calli|)g fi)r these letters will ,| ), please say advertisefl. WM. ('iIEFFER, P. . Mr, Fred Miler. of Irving, Ill.. writes that he bad a Severe Kidney trouble for |nany, with severe pain in his back and alo that his bladder was affected. He tried many so called Kidney .ures but without any good result. :About a year ago he began use of Electric Bitters and fimnd relict at one6. ]'Hectrie Bitlers is epeeially adapted to cure of all Kidney ant Liver tr6ubles and often gives almost instant*relief. One trial wi|l provetmr stat.t,int. Price only 50o. for large bottle. At W. T, Cart's Drug Store, ............. and brtde. Tile groom is a prominent mer- chant of Bartetso; while the bride is the @oa, d yonngest daughter of Henry Beeher, Esq., north of town. The ew]'),.-inarried couple will go to housekeeping at once at Bar- telso. ;]'H,l SeN tender them its best wislm: iora long and happy life tgether. A new ),:i b('mg iutrodueed from Toronto. It J claimed robe extremely valnable, no,onJy on aocomt of the superior quality of the fruit, but be- TIlE DEMIEY PFR. cause of the.xtxemo of the te. As ]-aribed in The Rural Nev Yorker, it :is produced from a seed of the Bartliq fertiliz-d with Duchesse d'Angoule,. Tree an upright good grower. Fo liago large, glossy dark green, rem- bling botli Frnit larg obtuse pyriforn irregular in outline. Skh) smooth, green, ohanging to yellow as it ripens with a slight brow. tinge whore cxpoxt to the sum Stem about Railway will. on October 17th November 14th, sel! tickets to pdluts hi Miehignn at fare for the round tri twenty (lays. For imrtlcU a|s a to nearest ag-nt B.& O. S. W. R J. M. (}HESBROUOH. O. P. A.. St. Louis Low lgates o Texas The altimore a,l C ern Raih'oad wiIl, on October 23d November 6th, sell tickets t,(nr point, on its tines to points in ouri. Kal)sa. Arkansas, oisianna at|d New Mexico, at fare for the |'ound trip, plus two lars. The Dallas Exposition Texas State Fair will i)e in full o tio)l disl)h)yiug the wealth ot T wsourco. Ticket will be twenly days from (lares of liberal stop-over l)rivileges. l>articub(rs, apply to any ILSO.S.W. R y , or a(l(l|ess J: B. 8co'rT, Ju., V illCll IIO ) li tt t,=':Sr:E K ISRS' EXCURSIONS The Baltimore & C Railway i now sgliiug tickets for honle-s ekers to in Virginia. North Carolina, ('aroiin,,Georgia. Florida. Tennessee, Alab n)a. M ssissippi Louisia|la at one tkir for trip. The (lates of the excursions as fl)lldws: Noven|ber 6th, r comber 4th. Iickes will for twenty days. Home,seekers' tickets are aIo soRI to points West and dates ot s-tie bein Septentber and Oct. gth; good retnruing twenty clays. IAberal stop=eVe legesWill be grantcd on all 'or rtttes anti further intbrmati( ply Io agont B. , O. '. V. tu[(lreg W. P. Towusend, Tray Agt. .I.M. 13-19 Geueral Passenger ThoTenne::0e "Wrblers alil/oqed three nights before the people 6f,b?Is city, and gave th9 citizeus three 'ni'hts of good singing. The box of silver, fi)rks aud spoon raffled off l)v F. H. lahlert, the jeweler, was w'on by Marshal Conwoll on number 68. 5Ioes Parker. of Vpper Carlyle, l)urehaseda bu,gy built by King- man &, Co., of st; Louis, when he at- ten'tied the Exl)o, it'on. ties. 1. aa Inch long, stout and t slightly to 00aibl0 & ae side. Calyx shallow. Flesh white, fine grained, tmder,, buttery, almost M[RI]HANT ]i melting, with  rich, sweet, delicious tl , , " tav0r. As a d'esrt or market pear it ' -- is eli the highest merit. It will staud Stta Made to O de h (tranSportation to the most distant mar- [ Oo,o00.ul00'ovo,a00r I. Ii)/TEST STYLES. Tt, l[y Frlend and Neigh bors:Tlte I reryd Tire(l of tile. tbe slender Jread has been f(wcilflyttudered, " and a soul gofit fortli t meet its Whereas, partie iii:0 trespassing ii.4de:ttial It:sumue Company [lave Maker, Wile alofie is llHge 0f all. Ul)OU my farm east of town for the this day td m $12,o0, tnsured by purpose of hUutl||g) I.ilerewilh give their policy upon, the life of my niece. Every mother should noW that notice, and eutiml every one, that Th amount dUe kas paid in full very croup can be prevented q l e flrslwhosever is ouni huutiug uponsaid promptly and wttht)ut putting me to symptom of trtle croup is hoarseness, p)emises'wlll beproseented to the full any trt)ttble. ][ recommend the l'ru- This is followed/by a peculiar rough!extent of the law. The fine Is from dentiai to all persons needing life If!hamberlain's ('ough'lRetn- i two to two hnndrd doli,xs, with Ira- :lyon freely as s(mn as the l prisoument to liquidate fine, whexe insurance, tlespectfally, hoarse or even afte, no propey i touud. A word to the ................. Mtts EMIL SCIIAEFFER, be work ALSO RECEIVISD A FULL LINE /HIUtt WE VILI, SELL AT Reasonable r-- Please Give Married at eigt|t o'clock A..t. ,,| the month al Itteman's hall, coat and vet an(1 silver watch arc at the St. Cecelia Catholic ehnrch. missing. The "Van" may boast at Bartclso, Ill., Mr. Win. Tiln- (; AtheR,SaturdaylL,Nf)AI.l,ou orPOSTbcforeN'full:";'% of betflg the only railroad entering merman and Miss lamina Beeker. m,.m,,,sl,n C. K -f A .. s'r. (;EO}](tF.'S BRANt'it.. me,,Is Iirsl SUlldlll*" Itt Tr'|lrOll Be(lOll ................................... LODGe' DIR