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December 1, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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December 1, 1905

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THE REN N W-IT- t'el. 25. No'ST. " III| IIII I I It l lilt lilt It it I nil I I li I I I TRENTON, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY' _ I ii I i|, ml DE(EMIiER 1, 1905. ,WHOLE NUMBER It|23 I IIII I Immllil i illlllt II I  IIII II III I I ITIll I LOCAL JOTTINGS. --Mamle$. Koentz left Saturday GOODS. L We ant z;y Man,Womaa and . basement between now and 0.Jzrlst- E mas. I I i ii i I , f}r an extended visit with relatives In Alton and Jersoyvllle. --Oysters raw, Stewed, Frie, d: akail We'll ltm ready times ready  serve.  AI. :He, haTs. aUfl'.to --The Trenton Orchestra tttrni,id tile music at a dance aivetbythe C. show  L. &, S.tub at Carlyle VCedmmdsy evening. The St. Uharle Rughy ttm 05 dree Eleven at the latter's.grtmnde ou Thanksglviugs Day. --Good tussle, Vocal and,Instru- mental, at the Sorento Benefit, Tur- ier'sHall, Dec. 4. Reserved Seat rickets for ,ale at Leonhard Store. H000eg +w+ w.++ + chine is the fee,eat geared machine hide. On 10 days trial. Blefeld :Hdw. Co. Come, even it you have only timbre i look through. You can't help but enjoy the endless show- ing of he Everyt nng A U S The teachers of Clint,m County will hohl a meeting at CarLYle Friday. Owlpg to this meeting there w|ll be no school in tlke public school in this city. PuL Krumrey, while t z30ng t o hal- ter a horse running loosein the lot ,was kicked in the face by the animal gild severely though not dangerous ly injured, Sunday. T, ho merchants oftitis city are mak- in a Lieplay of their 'Holiday g96ds. ,'/'he cast ,mers making titelr pur- ehaseaearly will ima tho largest as- .sorment to elect from. Humorous hnpersonali,ms, Dram- tio Se|ectons anti Poems in Panic, mine by Mrs. Brubaker at [l:urners .Hall, Mouday evening, Dec. 4. Re- merved Seats at Leonhard Merc Co. --2nd. Hand Heatintr stove, $2.50 nd tlp; ue, w cues $6.fiOand up. BrefehI Hdw.tCo. .Geo. Nlckles bought 160 acres of land, between :Halatead anti Mt. Ridge, atmS, for 8,00o. te will be a near .lleighbrtoCltria Auerrlheimer. Mr. lekles.lld family intend to .remove to Kanaa abou Mrch I. --Ed,Hendrlcks of tbis ,.ity ,and Misslancile-Seiter of St. oul were murrled .at 4t. Jd,uts Wednesday even,rig. .The young couple will aake,their h,,raeiu .this city lavmg taken,rooms at the Le,mhard Build- ln. Brnb erAtssjsted by loc,J tale,at,w, illgive an et,ertalnment at the 'fiuxuer tall.for,the benefit of the Sorrel,be cy, c[one Sufferers. M,s. Bru- baker's j)erurtnaces xeceive favor- able emrments.from the leading pa- pers tlughout time,rate and leading edu,mrse anlmous ill their com- mea,iation. I$ineo tbe xeceipt are for a gaod urpoe .it ts ,to be hoped that aa many as posai,bte xvitl attend Made tile performause Monday eve,,lng Die. 4. at, Tr,kex HaU. lf yon have arhv.furnace, tin work or routing reoaemLex Jefeld ]td w. Co. L ARM IN ARM COME -- --| THE THOU(HT OF" Santa Claus and Presents I - - 1[ I / [ I| 1[ I I i I 1 I I u i ii THE If, WEST BBT the 4051' lPPilOPt{lff PRKSEXI'S for YOUX6 & OD A I=lW BUGQBB'PIONB IPIOM OU. I,A t?OCK Or t W.a.tohas, OZook,$ew'?, Stlwwraz, Out 01, FLue aZdam. Lea,er oo:s. ==. [ SLL Umbrella, F0unte ln, mokez tt, lmving II, Ooll and ff $0zs, Gold and Silver Plated Mirrors and Photo F rained, Gohl lilid llver Pelt,ells, Thimbles, ! Tooth Picks, Pocket.Nail Files, Cigar Cutters, Mat('li Cses, Ege., Etc. We claim for our Holiday Display General Excellence in Quality, Best Variety and Very Reasona- ble Prices, mak_ ing it beyond doubt the Right Place to get the Right Omds at the Right Pric3.% Remmber wt 6.rantee Ev;ry ir;ic!e to give Eqtire Satish:tio.. =.=.,+m..... C..00,o00oH ES E K E = and OPTICIAN. | I TRENTON, ILL.  i , i J ,11,1 . .I p ........ _ ................. iiii IRSONAL.. --Mrs. Z. T. Remick Slent Tues- day al tt. Louis. --Miss Ameli, F.isenmeyer spent Friday at t. Lotti.. --Iorn to Mr. an(i Mrs. C. G. Feeh- ner Tuesaay, a b ,y. --Chas. Dallas and family moved to this city Tuesday. i ___. j r__ . nL = Ute Paroid go" fin-,, see B|efeld Hdw. ('o. --C. G. l*chner made a business trip to St. Louis, Saturday. J. J. Schuster snd wife visited friends at E. St. Louis, Sunday. Miss Emma Gaffuer visited her parents at Beaver Praille, Sunday. Icecream every Faturday and 5hoe F : s or Cold XNeather! : Now is the time to buy your Warm-lined Shoes. We have them in all sizes, for Men, Women and Ch!ldren. $ also a full line of Rubber Boots,Fet Boots,Over, Sutd.' AL Hvehu'. shoe Wodenshoes and Rubbers for Y Y Mrs, J, C 11 enme)er' pet,t -- " -o. t'rai Jr, of fit. Lonls was ever bed . Tues lay at St Louis " ' , visiting frlend, lu tbls city, Monday. andAllgiveds;  tthat will wear --A. J. Peliudy lna io a l,O,it es , .......... t $,,,$,,C,.0rl. '--}PO 8Al: 'lhreelpriub'rlm. trip to St. L,,uls, Monday. '" " = ..... o B'I --Ar,,old L-ntller ol St. Louis vis- ,7 " ............. 't H. GIESLKE ......... --It Goiter &n4 t Htn were at lteo home IOlK$.Olltlay. r'a-'- " (" " ;a ot l a" '-- " I lq.)'t atilxl y t eg t uusmesa l --y _..o++o,,...,+ .... ,.o, 'i .* at FreeburgSaturday at,dSunday. " -- ......  ........ W "" ,.,,t,o.o.t. ,,,,...,. { RENTON, ILL. [ i --J. P. Diser visit, i his d,ughter R. : ,, at St. L:mi-, Saturd,y and So,day, Mitre Mamie Augerge of St Loui looooeeloOlOOeoO@@@ `-  o n --County upt. Johumm vl-ied the v Mted with Mamie d. Koentz,'l'hur- Public Schools in thlseitb Tuesday. --Mr-. Frank Cop' ot St Lou' visi- ted wih h rmtll, rMrs Guyot, Fri- ,day. Mrs Chs.Schuyder visited with friends atBellevillea tew dayslast week. --Miss .losl. Raith is visiting rela- tives and friends at llighland stare Friday" -JJ]'s. H. Kallmeye and son Theo- do,e visited willt t. Lmia relatives Su,day.  I Stei her gout an(]. leman friet(l of Alton is Vis,tind her patents thi, week. In --A few girls Let ,lit , Ire home of t --Misses Grtrude and Mi!dred Me t t Mis Annie Cannoa otto last Tovland weok ,,nd afterwa,ds ,weLtt Io the GiuneaofAItott visited with Ober- home of Mss Barim', attd on ding;s tV meeting Iler at the d(ot told heir they --Mrs. ['lack of Lebanon was visit- He e lied come io hel l) celebratte her I{th iu her daughter Mrs. Cart" several Is r * r)itthday ,nidvetsary. Light i,efiesh- days this wek. meuts were served Slid a .eXV tlour$ I " . . i --(Thas. Kun'zman and fatlyof ere spent so .iably. Those presen$ i Bel]eville visited their parents, and were Misses Ma,tha Gaul: Anui.e other relati'es, Sundy. ' . O Cannon,R,hr,Ella Meinkoth, Ferrol I-I, oite, t  J D your At,,t,e Miutlie Ma.lta,. 'i,l. -,,o+s .e,,r, a, d Lo,,,s me Lee, Annie Kribs and Amelit L4ries- m',lu of St. Lo;t:s visftt d witli baum. Miss Kin,lerneeompaDled her Ginzel aud family, uiadax-. " ' Christmas ,u st, tmme and upon leaving them --Jam sHobbs and filmily ,,f'ear each withed her man)' happy relnrn St. 31orgat;, x'tslled relatives "hi St. of the d,,y. I L,uis Several days tills week" tithonnin --Safeblowersentered ti, s generalt W. L. Killan, of Treaton. Ill store olD. R. Habbegger itt Jame has been visiting hex brother, H.F. town some time last Friday night and Melo:lal, i._Greenviii e Sun 1 NOW. after robbing the safe ,,,f about $1000  G.llnmqLle" a n d v frieml,.Mr, / made their escape, rhc sale is a tev- i largeone attd the robbery was eel-I ens, of St. Louis, ,penis few days of / dently tle work of professiouals, last week with Math. Wanger. 1 Enough nitroglycerine was used to. --{;*o. Lentz and wife were at Mas- eoutah Monday wltcro tipsy attended the funerM of Mr. Lentz s lather, i --Miss ilaltie McDotndd, of Tren- to- Ill., teturmd home talay attar a slt3rt visit with relatives and number Is a mater of co0jecture, as frielltls in this city.--G, eenvllle Sun. "--Harry McDonald who has bell seriously ill at Ureeuville for several weeks, is aain aide to be around and is now visiting his parettts and other relatives in this city. --J. P, Fischer and family who have been visithg their |)arents ssv. erat we-ks l'eft for their /i,}me at 81d- neyeb. Monday. .Miss Ida Kuutz m tt, n t, ccompanted them as far as St. }.o ti,. blow the huge door from its hinges, but no one was aroused by the nots% and the robbery was not discovered until Saturday morning when a clerk went to open the store. There is no clew to the robbers, and even their no suspicious strangers were seeu about the place. A shotgun belong- lug to Mr. Habbegger and fifteen shells were raised ftorn the store, lit addition to the mouey. Mr. Habbeg- ge% who wa in St. Loui%lmmediate. ly notified and return0d to James- t0 '. n, -Anohar big lot of raulte ware 9q or ,109 gB nter. r.efeld ildw, Co. Don't wait Until thc Last Week. --- . --- day. FOB SALE: cheap h,t, ni .ely Io- cate,i lt}r resdeuee purposes, lnuirqe at John H. Heel, Trenton Ill. Fresh Oysters by the i,la'e,glass, can or bulk, Stewed or Raw, nt Friekel's C,mfeetion y. | .1. P. Fl,,hr and family Miss hi, I Kuntzm'ton, Mrs. R. Audrews a,d ! sea Walter visited their brothe, Clmrles at 13ell,.ville [ Th.urday. t ICE ('REAM, FOUNT.kIN SOD.k AND i'IIOSPIIATES .',EBVED I]AIL., T. E. Chipron's Baker) TRENTON, iLL., FRE,H BREAD EVERY DAY. The United Stat.,s Lif En,low- , ' ........................ InMt Co..wtll tako ere of you f falal-  '- '  .... .... Lli .... ...... ,,..lisa,tied for life and wl,I .rovi,lo H  YO ' BO  for your fami,y w,,en y,,u .r,,oa,, OW ABOUT UR YS Albert Schm'aek, agen,. " &rid your Girls, too 9 Are you teaching theu] t,h importance of sav- ll-St li lug money--not t,)be ,,iserly, but to be thrNy. You eal open an - : II aount for the]. in this Bank vith ONF, DOI,LA}{ as a starts,'. Add I 111 to it from time to tinte and be pleasantly surprised to see how it The Farmers Bank of Trenton, ii {11 -TRENTON, ILL[()IS. , I!] Pt esident, Vice- PreMdent. Cashtcr. ! SFTY DPO$iT BOXES FOR NT E ....... gHSISltA00 00IFI8 +++ +++ i do.,s .,rid Windows BOW. ish hem nttd ilave toil from rtme to tinte and l)e pleasantly surprised to see how it grows. THREE PElt CENT Interest Paid on Savings Accounts. Bank of Trenton, UN:3ER TATE SUPERVISION. --TRENTON, ILL[3;()IS. LEWIS W. THOIIPSON, A. M LEONHARD, Vice- PreMdent. Cashier 8F;TY DPO$1T BOXES fOR RNT -+ ....... ..._) ....... ] ...... i i ........... - , ...... ....... for ,creen ] Will fin- IMllhemduin the winter months them tea y for dClvery nex Spr ng. 'i here is notl, lng better stlitet| ] Ad. B'ume. for a nice Chriatma iitt than a I ttH 0PEIIED  FIRBT-(;LSS Confectionery -- ND-- [nice piece of furniturg. Wa have a larg eelection f fancy roekero, , Reed Kot:k,ls,Morri chair= Ctlina Cloade,Book Cases and Center, Ts. blea, and a number of otlter  ltt able gifta to,, llumerus to tnel|tigtt Come nd examine our "J'oye Illld nledi etc. for ihe children. Come early hile yell hrve a cowplete creek to select fom w FOUND IN TRENTON .o te moaey, l)ser |vqqire at Tr,q]- t-, Bank attd identiy hi- p operty,or itqutre o Iv. M. L, Cole, pa,tor M. 1 E. eI,Urch. For Sate. Tre.tou Hand LaUndry alo 5 room- i ed I+ous '+, till out baildingm attd 2 lots + el,her together or seperate. Geure I,epper, OYSTER PARLOR Opposite Trenton Turner Hall, , Y0ur Patr0na. S01icitc. , ALBERT IIOEH t _++ +_ 7+++.-_7+ NOTICE l{tlllttlg or "l'respasiag on the | will save tire g ods you pick till Trenton, Ill. Imea,w vast of tnlvtl vr on any of Christmas. t !imY tottn,lsis trictly forbidden. --We sell quartet -f 1 and 2)'ears Pei's,)ns disregardipg title notice {0 0 FECHNEP,, ohl I,eDersat6and7I-2 CtS. V+'eea,,'u, il + by pro+eented totho ful ex. I'T:o also sell quarter ft,am o der beefs as low =tS5 1-:2 Celit,S. tent Of Ihe |a,v. nton, Illinois. Tschu +y Bro . Bt n I.ou,|el/,