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December 1, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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December 1, 1905

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J i l I II I I II I iii i I I I II I J I , III I U{ I ..... J L L, CONVICTS KILL GUARD Jail Delivery at Jefferson City Results in Death of Officer Clay. Jefferson City, Me.: Five armed con- :vlcts in the State Penitentiary killed Officer Charley Clay, fatally wounded Ofllcer Barhey Ellis, shot and slightly wounded .Ddputy Warder-See, dyna- -mited ,the front gate of the prison and escaped: At the polnt of pistols they cptured .ahorse and heavy wagon and drove for ithe country, pursued by the prison guards-and local police. They used the idf!ver of the wagon as a shield ainst .Lthe bullets that whizzed after them. i &apos;" Harry Vattghan, sent from St Louis t i i n'/904 for 35 Fears for complicity in the. killlng'of three detectives in St. B, Was the ringleader in the riot at-the prison Friday afternoon. He lwa8 shot and captured and will barely drvlVe his llues. !- ll! gtegler,: a Missouri Pacific brake- [man, sent to tlle -Penitentiary from iJohnson Codnty for tliree years for rob- train t:e2el)fwthas e aVoTtoSb;: Ingleaders. He was wouuded d cap- ,tared. , ,::-: " , " James Ryan.,The Ice ox '' man of ,KalSa Cit'Y,:lother Ot the  ,fiVe "WhO n1de,'the:btway He wits also iqaptttred: were also cap. tured, % k.ed t- the g G'ae," as the wagon entrance to )Ee prison ls called. He resisted the 4nvicts and was shot dead..- , Officer E.. Allison was shot in the an. itpr.  t O the prison oflb,e. Hei bad- lly<Wtded and,lies 'in a dying con(i-: lO t-St. Mary s Hostdt. " , " " ' Quick as a flash, after shootPng Clay, Yaghan ran to the b steel gate at tl entrance of the wan way" and lced a char or dramite under t. e explosion blew a hole in it big nugWtoHve a-'csrt th:4- flatcers rallied to the gate;btt it'was too e. Vaughan and five others had got- ea through' and were gone, with VauKhan still le_ding t.hem, i The conVicts  south fvo the prts. on entrance: K-block away they met an empty freIiht wagon. This they captured an, "Using the 'dHvf-." as a shield, dashel'thr'dh'gh the city. Soon officers from Jr'he X and |members of t'be city 9olce,-orce and number of armed eitlzen were in ursulh ." ,' ." A mile t hI sped was more than the heavy team :lve',by theonvicts could stand and the pursuit ;gained. Near the Moeschel Brewery, in the outhern part of, ,tha ty, a well-direct- led shot drOpped "one o the' convicts the wagon, " : " : A running fight followed and all the convics were soon captured, all but bne injured. "A little later another was nd :ear,,tbe M :Padflc depot aud shot and captured  Vaughan's coat, ad how they were in poses.sion of dynamite can only be conjectured. DIXIE TUTTLE FINED" $403. Mexico, Me., Girl Pleads Guilty to Federal Offense. St. Louls: Miss Dixie Tuttis, Pretty !7-year-old .farmer's, daughter of Mexico, Me., charged, with sending objectionable letters through the ;mails to. Miss Eighty-one Turley and to qthers conqerning.Mlss rley,. leaded gui.lty ,Ein the, United ttes district court Monday,, and,wa fined $400 and cpsts. ., The Iettdrs were written oft account Of Imth girls:,- He was the recipient of some of the letters. -- guilty. In her behalf, she burst into . tears. Mlss Tuttle came tO SL Louis Mon. " day morning aeconpaa. 'ly %, fa- ther, Thomas Tattle, and W)aefl her case was et her fatheryas sit- ting by her ide in the 'ddu'tlm, : She wore a large white hat, a white alst, a brown skirt and a,an coat.  YD8' .COACH. ANtTION ED, ( New York, ,o,,', ' -din .the presence of a score of'--h n. and Nohien s slaty friends, whon 'he had entertaid- ed.l it:tmes. Hzen Hyde's celebrat- ed tourihg coach, "Libdrty, which cost $,000, was su]d today.0r $750 at the auctn "male .of 'Mr. -de s $200,00{) coach' stable The mail,,.ccch, COlum- bia, brought $1,000. Tlfere were 334 lo*, including LexlngWn. Mr. Hye favorite saddle, horse," vhi.ct cost .6,- 000. ..  .... section and C. J. Hover- m, were struck by an east bound fast train and killed' near here, The stepped Prom the track upon .Whicti they were wbrkhg to allow a freight td V,att'tlldnOt: e othdftrain approshYmg.'. BOth -mbn IdCve large hurt, are recovering. VOTES WITTE SUPPORT.  Congress at Moscow Agrees to Stand By Government. Moscow: At the end of four days' debate the Ex.ectttive Committee of the Zemstvo C-,ngress brought in the fol- lowing resblution in favor of support ing the Government, the reading and adoption of which was greeted with tremendous applause.  "Considering that the Imperial mani- festo satisfies all the demands voiced since the Zemstvo Congress of a year ago and that the liberties accorded by the manifesto are indispensable to the tranquillzatlon of.the country, the con- gress declares itself In complete soll- darity with this constitutional basis. The responsibility for the realiztlon of the program rests on the cabinet. "The congress is convinced that the cabinet can count on the support of the great majority of the zemstvos and municipalities so long as it follows the path for the accomplishment o the liberties promised by the anifesto, but every deviation will encounter de- cisive opposition. 'The congress blieves" that the sole means of guaranteeing the authority of the government the pacification of the country,., and the support of. the pepple s representattves are the lmme- dlate:':rutgation of universal : suf- frage' i. elec/lons: to th douma, the transfoFmation of'the first doum into a'cnsYuent asseably for th 9 elab0ra- tn,'.@lth the approbation of the Em- Ptor, qf a constitution for the Russian' Ernpired the or!zation of terri- torial reform. ---, "Measures for the realization of the liberties granted by the manifesto are regarded as immedlately imperative.'* COSSACKS BEING MOBILIZED. GOvernment Counts -Them, Sole Reli. %, -' ,an in rlsls. : " St. Petersbtlrg: Th&t the mltbreak at Sevastopol i,'m)-drnnkiiIbIic: as was the case at Cronstadt,. Is. ear from the- 'n of an dflCi statement dclaring that the |lora,"a1d several units of troops were acting under the  direct influence of.he4alltleJ aganda. The statement "fNo/s : m "The events at Cronstadt have found echo in the Black sea fleet. Vice Adniiral Chouknin repbrts that sailors, under t..he influence of the so- cialistic propaanda, have oanized at Sevast0pol a series of demonstra- tions. The movement has spread to several organizations of: te army. Vice Admiral Plsarevski .was seriously wounded while trying '.. prevent a meeting )eing' held. The'situation iS serious." The formidable revolt, in which, sail- ors of the fleet, Sliore elulpp,bes and infantry garrisons are part',=.pating, appears at the .presenV be beyond the power of/.Vice Adniral Chouknin, commander of the Bla,c.k sea fleet, to control, as the dlspatcls say nothing of counter measures being .taken or the attitude of the othbr regiments of the regu!ar garrison. The spirit of mutln is also strong- ly Suapqcted of existence among even the St;PetecsbUrg ga0*lson: ;T, he rev- oluionaCy feimet: in  spie hi'the ef- forts of the ffi'cers, is known to have affected ," a portion "-of 'the - enllsted strength of many reglments..and the Sevastopol mutiny may be"tEe spark that le ecessarY " '" to .et,i flame a wldespl-ead revolt. HAAKON TAKES oATH. King Say Hie Motto "A41 foe. Nor- " way, . .,  , Christiania: Kln Haak0n,'Vbfore the Norwegian lianrent at, noon Mond.  took" the oath to"s'u*ll:t the constjt|o: .... The king efitdred with the queen on his left arm an, Surrounded ly thelr suite and bfilg ;to Prient Berner, the king uild queen a%cs&ed the tribune, and the former seated himself on the 'the'one, th q:uen seat. lug herself on a chair beside the king. -... ,.., " President Berber, pprotching king,, delivered a" brief address. Then In a loud voice the king Ibronounced the prescribed oath. In a subsequent speech,his maty ttd his motto was "All for NorwayJ' He hoped the Whole nation would Ctlqrtte .,i lI/efforts to benefit the ,councry, and said" :he would govern accordlg to the con- titution'd. th '. OtS will as rep- resented by parliament. CZaR FEARS A REVOLT Armed Mutineers Terrorize Fleeing In- hab)nt of Sevalrtopol. London: The Daily Mail's corre- spondent at St. Petersburg telegraphs: 'A terrible panic pre'alls amdng the Inhabitants of Sevast0pol. Phey are fleeing the city as fast as they can, but there are few ships in the harborand the mutineers threaten to fire on any which attempt to run f2Jt. "Armed mutineers have occupied the railway station, whicli .ted on the land side, to prevefft the 'arrival of reinforcements, and they threaten to slnk any vessel brlngln reinfOrce- ,.. ments bY sea. "Trustworthy information states that the spirit of mutiny pervades the half million troops in. Manchr!a ad at Vladivostok. The MJchlian army declares that it Hm'p bk to Russia if it, can find r.pth2r W=, TOOZ.00c.000000iiS00loN, " ..... New York Life Policies aggregate - $310,000.. New York: George 'W. Perkins. Ice:presfdent of the , :bf6w,.-0r L!fe? insurance company and mmb:(6f J, P.Mgan & Co,," S th first wit. ness caled before the le'glshRl;e llfe insurance InveIgating. :bOmmitee Monday. He testified that ,l he" .. ae insured In the New York 'I.-e l the agent. In explaining the testimony of last Friday, when the statement ,was made b; a Wltnes' that $'56,720 waspaid to Andrew." Hallt0n:.>thb ''Tglbltlve tn- turance  geierallsimo,';  J. P: 'MOP" gan& Co., George W: Perklns testi- fied that in 1901'J: i Vogn 'o. paid $56720 to the Central ,Natlonal Bank and the Ndw York Securlty & Trust ,Co. " . ' ,. Thls payment was made, he said, 'ofth'ew York Life,"Yo take up dreW" Hainilton, "which those inst}tu- tions had mkde at the reques of resident McCall. " HUNTERS ATTACK FARMER. CrleHy Beat Kbn{cky Man on His Own Land. ' Ashland, Ky.: Stout Clayton, a well- to-do farmer, who resider/near this city, was assaulted by two hunters who were trespassing on his farm. He approached the men and asked 1hem to leave his land, saylng,it was ,poted. Mr. ClaYton is a cribple, having .lost a hand while at work in a, key actory mad when one t" th@'fen ' I/bd a 61o at him '.v'i,h's;'gun, .,he"'1"ew up bis crippled arm, th W s,ruck a heavy b,' and bl-ofieh 3e1. Idte e bow. Tl.'snd map,,truck MX, Clayton oval: t'he hcaff, making, a .bad wound, and Wh'et he id..,to. run one of the men fired a Shotgun, filling his baCkfdl.o" . ' Clayton is seriously injured. He recognized one .-.,,is asmtllaats, and ,,. f_. enes of Her or, and,...Hero sm In : " Collision :Ne'/r ;{n. ': Lindo|n, Mss.:- Ful|e?" ddtaXk,of the disastrous rear-end collision of th Bbs[gp & Maind.railread at Baker Bridge Sation Sunday night show -that l:ersons were killed 'or burned to death w.hfle $ were erttsly and many slightly injured. Th6 work of clearing away.,.the debris has Just been finished, b..' all of the bodies have not .,be.:.'dhU' .,., Te list of dead follows: Judg e F{fltelburg read'the Indict- ment and asRel' Mls/,!Tutt 'at ple..she wanted t,. mke e'did not ,V|se'., bt#. :,liar.: atb, .,t:ege Robinson of Mexico, arose.'ad said that, plea of llty WoId be en- tered." He then made a plea for len fancy," "- THE SUITCASE TRAG'EDY. Crewford and Howard Admit Bsing Accessories, Boston: Louis W. Crawford ad ., William E. Howard, alias Hunt, Tr o ' e ep ff s Poets Abolished. |'p! ae .''Mowlay O argea of St.'!Petersburg:. An Imperial ukase ibe ing' or t..faet t0 the Just published announces that, the I deatli 9f "tsa'e:y-the victim" posts of governor genbrl. Of i "St  ff thytdlrc'kpftcaSe tragedy. T   Petersburg, assistant minister of theJ' hey ll be sentenced lter. interior and chief of'ollbe have been abolished. These positions were held by Gem Trpoff' prior to his resigna. tion. Drother Is Co-Respondent. Greenwich, Conn.:. .' Asrtlng that his own brother won from him the at- tentions of his brte ofthre6 week% Herbert.Hoyt of Wilton, a small town nr he . led pap% , for divorce, The young people are both under 20 Wilmington, 14 yea'r otd, 6f Phlladel which resulted In Miss Oeary's deatli; -tse Wt .being an acces- sory to the concealment of the crime. t is. @owing 0slip, aS oyielfling to (h6  American contentid//s ifi" several long-drawt, matters, negotiation, especlall recognition tlie right 'of tturallzed Adterican the in his ctizen$lnTrkey. ..... ... back ' : " b.,J , ..... ,., .., , urb of this cH:y'); d; esldences own-| ' Te.: :: While W'alking ed and'occiipied, by. lugere J. Beekf.| and ,..T,McClarren toKetJler lththe| Salomunek was struck by the eontenf', vere "om1ely deVs{xyed I eng i'e 0fvs 'fIghY  tlIYbwn into fire. The loss is estimated at 0,- Itb,@ water below and fatally Injured. AT:rACK AMEIICANL SECRETARY. Robert 4oods Blise NaPgwly Es- capes Death in AIt. St. Pe(e.rsburg.::21t,t Woods Bliss, seond secertary of :he Ameri- can emb{tssy, who has Just returned here after three months' tcatiou in Paris, was the victim of  outrage by rowdies in (me of the most fash- ionable s tree of the capital Monday night and, only escaped being beaten to death :through the timely arrival of the plice. Second Secretary RobeIt Woods Bliss of the American embajsy at St. ptersburg comes" from ew York and<was formerly Arica:consul at vI, . :' Charge d'AJTalres ddy has report- ed. the affttr to the authorities at Watgen, but ashe Inclelt was 'a - .e of rowdyism, ihe pro: gb}F<Wlll not make Oflicial represent: ithe foreign office aere un- tR "lStruced to do SO. "Mr. Blls was ret'21tng to the em- "bamy. on foot from the yacht club, where' he  had beaning. On the :[;!or Guard bo, oploslte th bar of the C6nier 6ard, the Wts sudde]x .set on by two apt'mug out ':Irf the darkness down seized who by the the: and Bliss' hOW- to stand was ba41y. Cut :.t,.thc seoealy injured. Later a police the embassy and the at- :tack. p - but he warned the members of theembassy. that :the streets were very unsafe, especli the evard, whiCh is the r nddzvous of rbWdies end soldiers and sailors In ivllttt c0tls. The "-vi emer. of the embassy to'o armed in future and act teventure.ln, the streets Kt night All were washed out and tels along the sea fronts were flooded. In some ca,houses The provinces by the gale. Telegraph down and. telephou .l communication is interrupted. *. ," ,- The Red,Star llne steamer Kroon- land an, 'ti,/American line steamer bound for New their passengers at after which voyage inter- to 8ave Mrs, Rogers, state uthorities, and, if in the mean- time etther tl,governbr ' or the static alrts tale etUmt ,,Jt- Mt. Rog- ers' behalf, her execution must take place on me 'dY se 'Whlch 'Is Dec. 8, next. = ':: " ' "  " The court hel," in effdct, that it" wa" without Jurisdiction in all the Imllts raised. TRUCK DRIVER STRIKIL "  Unlon:,q['eamter Quit WOrk In" - Neon York, New York: A general strike o truck dri<rs 'W bebn in New York" City Monday, 320 uuion qu|tting,work ef0re Is against the Team tlon, which . employes several snd drlversand does cst of tim eaVY truektng in whole.ale districts and about the steamship piers. It "resulted from a decision of Fne Teamkters union eaMng a, enal "strike until the Team Owners' asso. ctation forced their non-union din: ployes to |sin the union. Policemen. were placed on many wagons with xton-un[on$ ,' Monday Marshal Pleld Jr. WoHe. "" ChicagO: The 0ndRiop ,,or:Mar shal "Field Jr. who ,ws "a6id*entallY BALKAN STATES WARNED Sultan'a .Course Said to be Dictated by 8ecret 8oiety, Athens: The international squad- lon left the Piraeus Sunday under sealed orders. The British and Feneh {oped0 boa{s remained at the Piraeus to keep up communication with the squad)n: "- Indon: Itformation from Con- stanttnople and other Islam sources indicates that the time has at last ar- riVed when the Moslem world is pre- Pared to resist with aii its resources the encroachments of civilized na- tions, the Moslem public opinion is a fact.or, whfLh '-the sultan of Turkey hmsetf,, as the head of all Islam, does not, dare. to inore. Intelligent Mus- selmansdeepl resent the attitude of urope at this Juncture, They de- duce fro .Europe's policy that the lretendsd,, motives of J'orm are shams, otherwise similar tact:ca would have been adopted toward Russia, The present movement is, In their opihton, simply a disguised plan to drive out Turkish rule from Europe. That. is-the issue they are prepared to meet; .in-, accordance with their re- peated declaration% by the desperate resistance of the whole Moslem world. "',' GOMPERS RE-ELECT2D. Again Chosen as Preaident of Amerl- can FederatiOn. Pittsburg, Pa, Samuel Gompers 'was re-elected president of the Ameri- can federation of labor by pra.ctically a unanlnous vote. Frank. Morrlson, of Washington, D. C., @as elected secretary, and John B. Lennon" of Bloomington, "IIL, treasurer. Thomas.A..Rickert of New Yrk was elected toi,Presen t the feeratimt the Canac]lan trades congress. Minne- apolis, Mipn., was elected as the 1906 :convnton, ciy. -, : ' :Only two votes were east against Mr. Gompers. Delegate Barnes of Chicago made an attempt to present aU rsolution declaring Mr: Gompers nfair. He was loudly, hissed. The halr refused to accent the resolution  and ruled flint delegates objecting to the re-electlon of, officers should pre- sent their obectlons in w to the s@cretary. ..  The cenvention closed after what l said to hays been the most /mlmant ,and successful meetln ever held by the federation. Italians Mob Wrecl< Crew. Arkansas City, Kan.: Whilo- a freight wreck on the Santa Fe near Arkansas Cit  was being cleared late Saturday flight, ,a car was acidental- Iy overturned and strhck an talian laborer, breaking one of his legs. Fifty other .Italians set upon four Amerl- cans superintending the work and threatened to kill them. The foreign-  -Were armed with knives and ube, .while the Americans were unarmed. The Americans "sueeded In getting tO a locomotive am sought safety in flight. The Italians came here look- ing for them, but were driven out of town. Elopes Under Difficulties, Elizbethtow, Ind.: Mrs. Charles Spry attemDted to prevent the elope- ment of her son,. Everett, and Clara Pander. Miss Pander, Who is only 1.3 '! yars old, had been at the Spry home Everett fell in love wit her and an el.opement was 'lanned. Mrs, Spry went to the train and, imploring the aid of Squire Cohee and bystanders, attempted to keep the' couple' from boarding the train. Her escorts; how- Over. were too stow. She te}ephoned the clerk of Madison not to.lsde'a license. The girl believe, wen sne reaches her home in Madison, that her father.wilt censent to the marriage. OUbane Fear Amertcan Attael. Havana:  Th newsPaPer Mundos received a dapatch fro . Batabana which atys that the Cuban Jnboat Arana has arrived there fra the Jsle of Pines. Her eatatu reports that the native eitizeps of--Neuv- Oerons, Lsle of Pine, re reatiy alarmed because of a fear that the Americana will. at- tacK the to@n nd take forcible pea- s, essIon' Of the governmetoffices, It tS understood thtt te cap'in  th% Arana has sppeaqed to he Cuban gee- ],0sed for the n{ght it is impossible to verify this, ' " : "'Iv of Pive Caves In, "' Sioux City, Io,: Owing to  im- mense crod t  the cemetery: at the fuueral otle' wife it'nd five chtldreit ofJ. H. grave in Wlh al interred together caved in, yet abandoned hope, but: admitted that the condition of the patient was regarding the extremely critical. Mcedonta. Frel Press e TURKRtr ,I'REMBLING,. = Fleet of Powers Reachea Mltylene for DemonetPation, Constantinople:' Uneasiness is fel with the arrival of the fleet of the al. lied powers at the Island" of M1tylene, 1.e firmness :01[ th( mbassador makes the situation appear sdrlous. Tewflk Pasha, minlster of foreign af- fairs, visited the ambassadors Sun- day in order to sound them as to "whether a compromlse was possible in Turkey's dmpute with the powers re- garding the'i|lnancial control Of Ma;2e donla; ,The ambassadors atrietly re, fused to disclss the subject, saying that as the Powers had been forced to employ coercive measures, no compro- mise was possible Baron Marschall yon Biebersteln, the Germ ambassador, added that the threat of a masmtere of Christians, con. tained in TuPk's note in reply to the demand of the powers, prevented the latter from hoWing a considerate disposition, A sign of yielding of the Turkish is the visit of Minister Pasha to the Brit- ish ambassador, Sir M/chael R. O'Con- nor, and th Austro-Hungarian amba sadOr, Baron yon Chalice. with the ob- ject of proposinga modification of the reform scheme. The proposition was that the delegates of the ,powers to take flnpncial charge of Macedonia be appointed by the porte and des'natel as Ottoman financial councilors. It la Impossible that the powers will accept this modification. BURGLARS BLOW SAFE. Bank Robbers COver Pursuers Wlth Pistols and Escape. Chapman, ,Nelk: Burglars dyna- mited he vaults of the States,bank of'Chapman, and after secun all b'ut 12 cents of the cash, eeca&ed in the darkness, waded'the treacherous quioksands of the Platte river, forded the current of the stream aztd got away completely. The sheril mad a posse are pursuing the robbers, but with small chances of overtakin them. Bloodhounds have ben sent'rom Lincoln to take up the rall on ths south side of the river.  - '" Ther wer $5,000 tn the vt ,on Saturday e,entng and the robbers e. cured all but 12 cents. Monday morning at  o'clocR hree separate explosions of dynamite oc- cUffed; and the whole t0Wn" was awakened. Citizens lasened te the bank in time to see the robbers es- cape. Not a shot was fired by the people, and the robbers covered the crowd with their pistols as ,.hey backed away towards the Platte river had taken desperate chances, crosed on a quicksand bar, which thresened to engulf fleni ateach step. The'- : channel of ts' rivet, is three feet deep only; and 'tha rob-  bars waded this, escapin to_ tire south side where they sdIn"sed the quick,ands. There isno bridge 'at Chapman and  hounds can YoUow the eoenL.there owhe the BOSTON "AN" CLOE$. ' [ 'Dteectees Shut Up AnHcan Nat4oaal. Cspltai- I000, ade to liquidate the bank, but alar- ently wtthut ccess.  lt-, petted thtt any O the bak will lcee Nation Bank ] FATHER OF Arkans Indian, Lets Hear ....... o"Hl, V,m.y. Japanne 8temer lsSun,i. with the sure; not far day, iightl struck amtdshlp, e Most of those on Eleven are mislng. len where the customs