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December 1, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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December 1, 1905

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The Trenton Sun. Friday, Dec. 1, 1905, ISSUED EVERY FRIDAY. :,litoe d l'.bloNher. Entm-ed at th 1,cute{nee at Trenton. ! It1. s second-class mail matter. 'it e.ttg q[M" ll[Iltl4Ot4tlriO -1 . Iovsab[y in'kdvauce. Otq TpILr ..... B/O I Font Mauthq ....... 40" 81g Moqth ....  | Two Mouth ...... 25c 8lllJl (?ip|.N , 'etlt. 8amph. Joplan Fte:n apldleatlou. TELEPHO./V E ,N'C. 2,8. .... A crime com',i,te ! to (ly, t,, a cer- tain class of people sx ,,ontLs hence it hag the al,i,,.aranve of a laudahl,, act JosP Kt-, a, i,,veerte user of Whiskey and tobacco died at South Pittsbu g, Tenn.,aed 109 years, ha- ocher exampteof what whiskey and obacco w011 do. Had he refrained from the ue,)f them he mlgl|t le the i x, ing slill. A erowd,,f women in Mass, chu- aett have organized au insurance company on nw ti||es. It is fr we- me, atni they pay $50 to ebu0on the btrtli of each calld. The amount pard is based on the age of be moth- or. The older si,e is he more be.e- fit she is entitled o. THoid saying, " dog that will hrln a looe bone t- your h,,e will daughters were out I,k|ng for suita- ble quarters In which to lle in Wash ington. They flml!y found a deira- able locatio and asked th rental They were told the annual rent 1 would be $4,875. Uncle Joe as-used i a studious counte,anee, when Abe landlord asked him wba, he was tudyingahouL. Um'laJoe immedi ately replied: "I am worrying about how 1 shall spend the olher $1"25 That's all;' His salary, it must be membered, is xaclly 5,000 a year.- Lincoln Herald. Tie greatest of all newspapers is the DAILY GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, ,1 St, Louis. I I,as no equal ,.r riv.l n all the west and ougllt to he i,, tie hand of every reader of any Daffy paper, It c,sts by mail postage p,e- p,red DAII.Y INI;LUDING SUN- DAY, one ye r, $6.00; 6 m..nth,  00 3 m.mths' $1.50; DAII.Y WITHOUT SUNDAY, one year; $4.00; 6 mouths. $2.00; 3m ,nths, $1 00. SUNDAY EDI- TlO--a I,ig .ewspaper and n,aga- zinc c/imbine,!, 48 to 76 pages every Sundy, one year, $2.00; 6 months $1 00 A for tha Gr OBF-I)EM-! OCRAT, at thes i,rices, is the b-st possible news,aper iuwstment en,I your ordor TOpAY or write lor free SAMPLE COPY to Globe Printbg Company. St. Lout% Me. See adver- tisement of the "Twice-a-Week" m- sue of the GLOBE-DEMOCRAT else- where in this paper. u , , un ,ul "My dear little angel," said a Tam- many stage#man when Mr. Jerome first appeale! to the voters direct, "you my nnderstand J,,urnallsm, but if you think a man running alone in Nw Y,,rk e,n go, m,,re th,m a cor- poral's gu.,rd of vote% what you don't know of practical l)litics is infinite." I'he spearer wa a Tammany man muc|| above ,he average In ,.haracter and l|,tehirence, but on-laved by the tlSo daffy one away, ' shows prelty ohir. ver m.e for ma(.h,0,es We I,ere conel0lvely that lh author of the by reply to our lmlttical trle,d that ahoveadage a a profound student of human nature. When a person comes to your house, spins yu a t.Me about the,ot comings of o, hers you just sit still an d play deaf and dumb that is unless you prefer to boot th,. itter off the premises--for rest a- anted you will come in for your share of abuse the n,'xt time your neighbor calls on his or her next door neigh- bor. -Ex. n MEDICAL auth,,rit says that Lo),, |3 to 16 years old need nine to tent liours sleep, and when this is not had, mind and body cannot develop prop- erly. An E.gllsh medical journal says that lack of sleep fails must heavily on the bright h,,ys who are rapidly advanced at school and thus do act get the n eessa: rest. I think this ins measure m&y explain th frequent dlsappolntlngtnafler life ol boys who tVe promise at seh,ml. E[ereafter considerate parents, when their boys persist in lying abed in the morning wilt, perhaps, reflect that said bt.ys need I he sleep ...... K MxeaOUR! eoatemparary rises 1,, rmitwrk: 'Omae I  young, but now I am old, and [ have never seen a girl Ihat as unfaithful to her mother that el'creams .to be worth a one)'ed Is--glen to her husband. It Is tha law of God; It ion't exactly in he Bible, but it is writteu large and awful in the miserable lives af many unfit homes. I'm speaking fox the boys this IAmi. If one ef you shape comes rosq  lrl thai with a face full o! /z, ays to you as she comes to the doe, q[ can't go for 80 mtnute,fiw the . dishes ar aot wash4 yet,' yon wait Xor that gilq. YO*I sit right down and wait ec tr, cuse some other fel- |ow mty oms along and cart he off. at right there you lose an a.gel. 'WLtfor that girl and stick to bet like a burr to a woolly d o-=Katllsae fity Journal, Wsknow a certain man who on a rainy day. will take a three dollar gun; walk fifteen mlti and shoot 15 cents worth of amunitlon to get a two peat b,rd. while his ga tea at home .a DO halites, his .fenc are dowo and his stok have ho shelter. He Wilt walk a halls mile and stop a neighbor from work to tell him to do eert&in things ou the farm while ilia crop is tn the grass amd weeds and just before leaving he will remark that the ouhtry is going to the dogs. E[e will quit hls erop during the busy nassau to come to town tobuy tobceo and tell what kind of legislation it re. quires to bring prosperity. He will oontd timtit is too costly to raise has lemn.qt at least th:,t o,aclical pliticsar not t,e poer, llkedivine rifat, he thought they were. Wth a d ,cent ballot tbrm she lesson would trove been pounded in- to him and other orshipers at local despotism more ttloroaghly than it was, a where one mane voted for Jet- -me at le st two wished his elt.0t,o, and would hve v ted for i,lm on a Massac,m-etts form ofbaUw. Gover ument of by atd for the bosses is not eter,,al. The day when a faithfuland efficient srva: I tJ ba kept oat o{ office merely beaue he is faithful and efficient is drawl,,g tea close. The time approaches when the doors el a penitentiary wiLl act open or close to a man t,ecause of his plitic&l be- llf, as they may now through our ,uethod of chotming Judges and pros- ecuti,g Gift .era. T,,e were the fun- damenlal pri,,ciNe of wbichJerome ra,t and the strength'with which he 'an Is a harhbtger oi' the new era about to dawn. A Rltnd Man Never Smokes. "Why iq it that a bil.d man never smokes?" aakd Smi, h the other day ors Philadelphia Record ,eporter. "Beenee be wouhl not know wheth- er he wa Imlllnf n a lighted cigar or an nnlighted one." replied Jones "Ira m'*n shuts his eyes he can't tll whether h s smokin or not, unless he inhales his smoke. The inhaler lseneMlyahle to feel it passing through the doubl fines of his chim- ney noe. But I have ?seen the ex- periment made of blind loldlnga smoker who doesn't inhale, and th en p;aelt,8 a liehted attd unlighted cigar In his month alter*mealy, He was never sole to say when .mokhng He was aLmolutlv u.eonscIuus of th oh)rid of bla vapor that was blown from lil mouth when he had the ,tghted Havana between his teeth. A man has to see it in order to enjoy a smoke. Provisions For Future TIn Requirements. Several hundred thousand trees haw been planted hy the Pennsyl. ranis Railroad thi year on plofs of ground aoug its rght-of-way and elsewhere, with toe object of preImo Ins for future needs of lumber for ties. In four years, up to Oetober 1st, the company, planted7.5 trees at var- Ious points, chiefly on the Philadel- phia and Middle divisions. From J nuary I to October 1 of this year therewero I06.T66 trees planted. It t deoirod t, Increase this number to 600,000 before next spring. The com- pany requires 8,810,000 ties a year. hos, aml then feed six dogs the year Ip QlluklV kn@oknd Otot# ound and buy baeou thin enough to ,,.om* weeks ago during tag severe make suspenders .ut of attd pay )2 wh, ter weather both my wife mud my ,ell eontraet-d severe acids whleh atd 15 cent per pound. =pdlly devel ,p**d Into the worst k'lndof Is grippe with all it mlsrw Ex-GovlrtloB YAI's lsdoig pret hie emt tOmS," Sa)'t Mr. J. 8. - to, el Mapl,' Laud|n. I-wa. ' Knees ly well financially since leaving the and Joints st hlus, ,nuncio. sot., hd governor's ofll,'e. He Is rep-rted to .toDm, duv. eve and nose running, have received a fee of $80,000 In the w|th al" ttr''te spells of cNils and te- wr. We begat u.lng Cbamberlalns Cleb powerscase iu Kentucky, attd :..,,e,l, 17metlv ai :ins the ease with also draws a ai-ry of$,0(K) ayear as a dose of'tmmherlmln's Stomach atttt attorney for the Illinois Central r(ail- hirer Tsblet, nd by its lilt'rat use row! companY. That is hotter tha soon completely kuoeaed out the alrip going to the United States senate,] Tbes'Tsultts prttnt)ta st heslthyae- (ion Of Ihe trowels, liver and khiueys where it would cost blm all of Ida sal- I which Is alway, beneflml when ,ha ary and more to live in Washington.] .ystm is emrd by a ,Id or ate- Uncle Joe Cannon cn give him pint.  tack of the grip. For sale by KS along th:s line. Uncle Joe and hlsl WT iarr, Druggist.  I I Ill I '' .... II Ill I I I [ I I I I II I I I Ill II ! You can depend on a od THANKSGIVING DINNER kiL ... It bakes rtthtius, it i.  rht ami d t dht material-.. Plhmb _ki,mdkml NmL ...... " ..... IIIIIT  =1 I " III III I IIII I T-I " III I I I I I(]111111 I II I III lil/I III I II II II Ill II I ,  , , III II _ .... III II II IIII IIIIII Ill I ill iii i ii i i GEe. F. BODEN, EXPERT PIANO TLI, EE. WILL VISIT TREIITON Ill IElliR. -. Pho,e 0rders to?levi Mew,. CO Adjustment ;ettce. OTICE Is hereby giv-n that rlva mdleqmtgned exeutorl r,f he Vtlal ( PItd;lll MIu, De,a,rd. will pp-tr before Iltff()tlllty COIITI M |l|oh COtlllty, s|tltllg sAr p,,l{e billDl$e ON MeND Y, JA,U'AqM li. lor the ptlrpose af ett|,g ,d: w|}ff04h, ff all iterlli IgeJlllll PItI| eltml-, wit:earn.,| tgl,e m]] perl(puiqi,t|eltt*ted tve tu,,lt,y nO|),J I0 II. fdnd All persons*t twlmld', ettle re II . I I | II I ,, I I !/ ,. 1B.00 O. R.F00. ............ Ilme Table at Trenton, l|i D x. A. W. CARTER.. I)i Th, tallowing, tk table went lnt , areet lnda,y,.r, lh,1905. ....Physician and urges. L ']Ik" BROWNE,. TO ltA:om e Ltmttsy ...... 6.fi0ltn Office and Residence on Maixtre o T Aeom e Slmy ...... 5:7 p m  one block orth of Broadway:. o : Aecom Suna.y on|y .... 9:06a m Cdtlit I}romptly stranded to Day or.llgk * dl,Aoeom, Sunday onty,...811 1  zi m i u iii i I D R T. OAFFNER P/I F'31C/.dr mm. Office and Residence on =Brc& I.53Dlllmr  .......... 11.5 .. o 8 Acom, ex luud&y ....... 9:06 a m , 0 22 Acoom dad0' ....... 7.:10. pm,, No 8 Aomm UaKtay only..9.06 a m to, 4stalls4 tnDnlllOn rOIrsrdln r&tel ash ifli@, addrll J.P. DItL I lfreby m,tlfled to lank. .me(t4e.p.t,lmeltt tO TRIVTON,, l/dl;/24Ols e,.mwmpr*.*,,, s abe u.dr.lglm,l. - ' t Dl|t lhli :ld day OP O1bq,./ D'. 14}0S. M)IR3NI', -- , ' .u [ ,. ll|bI, P MNN, JU. 4i|atPa.tmlttiTAttdmdl DFoMIISA -- ' "- Oursmallay,:tplao mak..  Adjustment N.ive. IJ.(i Vog.t0000D00l00 I| 00l,.o00ny.g y. t " 1 "ffRWMf ... k probate  II hAST eli M&I 2gMilg. )r k MO}tT.$NUART.II4L  YRILTON. -. ]AJLQ]b|: Tim Lacst Steak In Trenton, /1 ik ' at whtehtlmiHq .,a.**eam |; atl Vicinity, onsiinil ,of .... 1 / .n4d ketat im tlted 'n rqe'"t t'rtwt li - = |:  ..... ./w--q ! n to, mS purpooe e lkt.m t'b.  1I4 II ........ 1 lmLTI Carriages, leGGiest, Tonics, qi urn n AIper.Ouskmlirobter*r* pl- M I_ iliil  /! -- .. . ....... / f Ill tudtoltnk|epymeslt m* -[ SlS mh,.amm s 1, / N)ressers, Des-s, usel.Joers,, , --- ---- -.-, l 11-17-05. , i ' ............ ._.__.. ' ,  ..... Boadwd', oU,,]MII I Roller Chaitlm,.,V.agola&, .... The Best Maehln s Made . ; Atlnlaelt; lgie.  ,raw,'O lJ/, I! " * ' I P " j Ii  ..a..  v..,.. .... HAud other Toys l$ue to,mer.  o. 1 AJ[RIEir&.T Lt' prices Call add Inspk I stt ok Onnzel Mercantile | [ . , Uill ilil . iile**e*r.*.m*, * **i* " t111 . " P Y ,..,..--,,,,-- ,,,, ----tome--.-Coj-l...J JU[Jll ULa K' t rRgNTON. - [LhINOIS ..-=-.-==-- =--- - -* c.,,w,.*, - [Main S.t Trent;an. i11, ! / MAN, TRENTON. ILL.   ....... / UR zxchbEsaogo ,. ....... thaVtaorSn?arel,taintt:il?mnptyly; :Mjustmertt Noti00e. l.00.ittittm: t NOW IS " , *" ] ' " r I to be fulh b'ut we haves Weakn f 4L'adat tNmy,.Itttnglm" protmd n[  atl44$1 II ........ --" -" " u alton oil UaSO/IY.'4flIUA RY 211. I1, | _ _ LI ran-measure.' o r . contains the M iva] and?l eight pint ,; the usual *'gallon" is see- tl .il .htvln, t plw y ennr a FARM an. Stylish Hataof, klt, ale0 ]tlARNES. X'ett will neon them; Y tllot *affol to We'll think It over again: Iml ww like at full can, How mneh ahmt would you like i barrel? vegad loua would be abe prop,rUon. 8he, measure suggests that the shortage Is probably not In the laoaF 2 est ngredient. Guess we'll stick to four qtmda toa gallon and fifty gallons a Imrtei. The name to go by is Doves lea d- and-zinc. Yeasts trn|y F. W. lvoe & Co. New York tad ,'bioago iS. W.T. Cart sellsour Imlat For lilinuInlll nnl link _Hlld- she* 00aflveF00ll Te Orlno [atzatlve Fruit Syrnp [t weetens the shmaCkt, ,,ida d|ge- tl,,It and sets as a gentle stimulent on stpt'O bl rstm'Ing tha Ihe flyer and boels without irrita- . tint these orsn0. Orluo Imxatlvw natural, aetionoftheatom- Fruit lyrup enros billousnes and Im- bltual aonslIpatl.,n. Doe, not nau,a, ach, Uvr and bowels. al or gripe and Is mild and pleasant I . to take. Remember th unn Orion | attt Ittrt0 aml rofue to accept any aubstitute.[ W. T. Car:. .. / 8OLO IT W T O&RIII. t loose .tlml o st o,d harness when |wbglaa. We can furnish yot H that csn stand tkt of har ssge, Only ,  materia! use in our  HdHmeu. 5am Your Hor.,es by  our Collars,which.tree caatl]y fitted. It is lnhut.u to eol._ an animal to ffx whtl an ill-fitting,Collar. II your REPAIRIIKq done ow. First-class work, lne on short notice. TRY U& D. B. BEliER :' KURZ BU I L.D/NG, TRENTON, ILLIIOIS; III I   I IIII1|  I .J J[ ....... I [11 Will Ouro Oonnumlon. A.A. Herren of Finch Ark., wrbte FoleysHoiy and Tar Is the htst preparation lot Collhi, colds, and lan tlble. [ kxW that it Itar. ,1 eonaut?tlot L the av, t staxel, W 1 ; T CsI !