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December 1, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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December 1, 1905

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SUPPLEMENT TO THE TRENTON SUN. r # t n NEWSY NOTES. Fred Morris of Colllnsvllle ws arrested Thursday ot last veek' and taken to Springfield charged with selling oleolx argarme for butter He purchased it In bulk. and moulded in- to puund lots, iabMlng it "C'FalItL Creamery"--Mari,e Telegram --The members or Victory Camp M. W. A,' will give a placticaleson in charity a.d neighborly lov next Friday. Neighbor Jessie MeAlaLn is sicg and unable to look after\\;his corn crop, a,d his brotuers lnhe camp will ass-mole FJlday an4d- tins work for hie. Six teams witltbe used, with three men to taeh wagon. --Greenville 1tern. --The run which began yesterday on the 8tats Ceotral Savings Bank of Keokuk In., stopped thl mornl:,g almost entirely after arrival of four wagonload, of ilver ddllars from Chicago and St. Louis. l'he wao,s backed up to the door of the bank. A half-million doll ,re were carried m to the bank and piled up |u sight of the people. The run was probably caused by the report that t,,e health ot the president of the bank was fail-" ing. the report blng pread among the depomtore. --Judge Matt O'Dougherty of the Common Pleas Court Louisville, Ky. decided thatlt is n,t omy inhuman and unkind to d,,ck a'e tail, but that it is agaiutt the law. The ease in quention was against a well known" firm of veterinary surgeons,and their defense was that the doetdn was done scientifically and could iot iurt the animal. The suit was mr dam- agesto a fine horse. T.e court said it was not a questmn of scientific work, but one of cruelly to animals. The tail of a horeels Ida only proteC- tion gainst flies and the Judge ruled that the "animal Is entitled to that protection." "Fad," he said *is He excuse for cruelty,"' " --As the result of the ace, ldenta! discharge eta 22-calibre rifle i, the hands ofhle brother Ben Rltter, aged 8years, of St. Libory, sustained a rery serious although not considered dangerous wound in the head on Fri- day afternot,n. Be,i halt just fl.ished cleaning the rille and had placed a cartridge into t he chamber when the rifle was discharged. The bullet struck Joseph, who was stanllng ira- medially in front of Ben In the right temple, taking'a downward course towards theeye. The younger broth- ergave one terrifying scream and iell to the ground. BIIeA)IlSCiOUS. BeLl, the older boy, called loudly for help'and other member of the family carried the unconscious lad Into the house. The conditions of the wounded lad Is such that there is every indication for recovery. The father of the boys Is a prominent merchant at St. Libory. Physigxl Ills of Temper. Would you be well? Then control your temper. Do you not now that fltx of pauion, this giving way to the worst that is in you, does you not only moral and mental, but actual physical harm? Temper invariably interferes with the process of d4gestion; it carves ugly lines on your faces; it we&re upon the tissues, and leaves us phylflcally and mentally exhausted, well as morally weaker after each la- Louis Post-Dlssatelt. TRENTON, Sun. nterfteld, John Owold Is building a new res- ld once. WILL. Hnury, the merchant is on the sick list. Fre Klepps opened up a shooting gallety near White,Ides saloon. The concrete walR around the Ger- man Ev. Ci,urcii leading to the par- sonaR'e is LIOW comvleted. About 25 people from here attended tile dedication services oZ the German EV. Church at O'Fallo., Sunday. " Joe Monken, f,tL,rly living south of this villttge nL,vt to the Pfeler tarm about t we mlle tttJi tit ot here" Mrs. Gee. Luettluger au,I chihireu attended the d-tlieatloll exercises at OFallon S,,ntlay attd alt*o visited relatives returlllng home 'l',emlay evening. Louis Gernesold hie land known as the Bat]lea place In tile eastern part el the village o Jno Be,tier at,d moved Into the building lor,uerl$ owt,ed b his latlter. Bell Boer was at 81. Louis several days tn!s week visltl,,g hie wie anti daughter who are at a hospi:al. An operat.on was permrmed on the little girl atnmt two weeks ago. At las re- port she was ;retting along as w ell as call  epeCed. Vew Btdett. The vacattt h,Lusos are all occupied again aLId everytid,g ts ou thb t),g9 o. Mr. and Mr,. George Lieblg of Mat,- ooutaloalled on Mr. anti Mrs, Griee- btum, Mrs. Strudel anti Mrs. ]:Iealz ef "t. Louis are visiting Vith Mr. anti Mr-, tlermau Blllhartz ,t pr ee:t, M,s. Strudel taking sick was ordered to re- turn to 81. I,oui WheL'e site will re- eeive medical treatment. "lhanksgttl|l Day Exercise were held in Room No. 2 el Whmh Hy. (4resbaum ts teacher. The Pogram consisted of Declamation., '3/,neet recitation and SOILffS. A numb*r el parents came to &trend the exerelse. On Monday evening a lar te cr*wd of relatives gathered at the tie, tie of Mr. and Mrs. Henry 4rlesbaum a'td congratulated hhu upo I his gth birth lay aunlvertary. TILeOrchestra member- being preent tile atLdLenoe were cute, lained by several selections The three m,mths infant child of Mr. and Mrs, Adolph Kaiser died on Thursday of the dreaded disease known a whooping cough. The fu- neral servlcps were oonduutl h Rev Koter on Friday alhlch toe b,,dy was laid to "rest at ew Baden Cemetery. English Tax on Newspaperl On June 15. 1855. Englaud'sewx- paper stamp dutas abolished and the reign of the dheap dally began. This "tax on knowledge" we first im- posed In 1712 and was made most se- vere by the not'of 1820. which fixed It at 4 pence (8 cents) a sheet, with $ shillings 6 pence (87 cent) duty on each advertisement. The whigs re- duced the dnty to a penny 11 1836. but when the Crimean war broke oMt and everyone wanted the news even a penny duty wts found to be intoler- able. Its repeal Is called the Magna Charta of the British press. , FRIDxY, DEC. 1, 1905. I Uncle Letter Reuben's I Dear friends: Some dernfool w rit- ler into a magazine heads a artiekle [ "Does Free Education Pay?" an' then [goes on to throw the hooks into our public schools. I got an idee he is workin' for some one horse college that kicks agin a feller getttn' a de- cent education m a school that every- body helps to pay for. He'd like fo have us send our boys off sum'era to have their livers kicked out by a lot uv lo,g haired oot-ballrs, er tied on a railroad track by some other crazy lnjuns an' let a train r,,n over 'm so they'd be qualifed toenter the fiat. Yer uncle Is opposed to it. Why, gents, I'd never got no educa- tion il it hadn't been free never 1, arnt how t, spell,.ner nothiu'. The little oht school house, witit good looking school ma'am into it. is good enough fer me. I went clear througa frum a b to the sixth reader, an' ciphered through Ray's Pracgtical Arithme- tic four times without turuin' a hair an' ttLey WUZ a hu.dred sums into the back part uv that boor that would stump a professor. But I got them b'gosh, They net to send ler ,:e t,, help out, tile teachers around ill th other deestricts. I wuz cert,inlya cahmpion on ,pellin' an' aritlLmede Bat 'long about Christmas time is whe. a feller thinks uv die go,,d tinges he USt to have, when he wuz goiu' to ache.l--how we used to lock the teacher out, an' keep him out tll he'd promise t,, treatthem wuz the days worth hvin.' Wedon't have no slt, gobd times .o more, It 'pears to me. People itave ot to pesky selfish to enjoy the,rselves. They Wuz neighbors then--heist, burs as wuz n ighborT,-they went along wittz an' wnga part ,V tits era,kin'good free ,cho.,ls we had out in tile country-- an' now that galoot wants em abolish ed! After Igor chief, an' wuz one of the citizens, I wuz elected school di- rector,, They wuz three uv us, but I kind uv went ahead an' took the lead an' the other twosort uv l.oked to me to hire the teaciLers. They would go there first, mebby, alL'they'd say, "Well haveyou een Reuben yet, an' ifhehadn't they'd say, "You had better see Reub, an' shatever its say will suit us." When they'd come to my house I'd put*em throutfh a c, mrse uv sprouts they won't lokin' fer. I'd ask "era all orts uv leadia' questions on school government, an' about the his- tory uv the U. 8. an' so forth, an' if they mis,ed any big ones, they wuz not eteeted. I've allus been strong ou good pelitn'. It makes us tired to have some smart alec .rlr knockh,' on tur public schools." Yours indlgnatlo,ly Reuben Hardscrabble. E.flg-Neg, A temperance egg-nog is sometimes lcceptablefor those who must take nourishment as well as refreshment with their beverages. Beat the whites and the yolks of the eggs separately and very thoroughly, and add sugar n the proportion of two tablespoon- fIs of this and llf a cupful of iced' water to each egg. k Beat all together wRh a wire egg-heater, whip in the frotbed whites, a tablespoonful of lemon Juice and a very little of the grated rind.. Turn into glasses, and heap whlpe cream on top of each nan's Home Companion. T , w r --Program of the Clinton County [ Teachers Association to be held at the Carlyle High School building Fridxy Dec. 1, 1905. 10:00 Music by the Association. 10:15. Roll call. 10:20 How teach the History of Ill- nois--Herman Reusing. 11:00. Assignment, preparation, ren- dition and etc., of A reading Lesson Class ExerciseMiss Morale Vol- mer of the Carlyle 8-heel. Noon Intermission. 1:30. Music by the Association. !:40. Language--Prof. J. A. Freeman 2:30 Fourth Months work in Agri- culture-John E. Rogan. 8:10 Report of Treasurer. 3;:0. Election of Officers for the en suelng year. Adjournment. It is desired that every teacher in the county be present. SET OF NEW WALL CHARTS ABSOLUTLY WITHOUT COST. The Publishers of THE REPUB. I.IC, ett. i,ouis. Me. offer a msgnifl- ,'e,t set of Revised NEA" HOME LI- ILARY WAt, L CHARTS up,m such ,bsolutely liberal terms that no'school ,r homeln the country can afford to be wlthotit them. This beautllul set containing NINE COMPLETE MAP8 and a Cyclopedia of lndlspensible Information will be lven, FREE el all charges to every person wile send One Dollar to pay for a year, subscription to the TWICE-A-WEEK REPUBLIC of 8t I,OUlS, and FARM PROGRIS, the reat Agricultural Home Monthly Magazine published by the Republic andackuowledged everywhere x to be ,he BETJournal of its klnd publish- ed anywhere trowing are the maps in t, hm eel (I) The Vorld; () The United States .(8) Typographie m-p of the Russia Japaneae War with facts and figures of the contest brought down to date; (4) Alaska; ()Hawaii; (6) Porto Rico iT) The Phtllipines;(8) Panama; and (6) Y-u circles of a large map of ANY CK'qE of the following etghleen states and Territorleo:.Mietourl, Illin- ois, Arkansu. Texas, Oaklohoma, In- dian Territory, Indlatm 'Kentucky, Wyoming, 'lenne*ee, Mieslssippi Io- wa, ebraska, Kansas, Arizona, ew Mexico. Colorado and Louisian. 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