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December 1, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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December 1, 1905

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jl ii i ii i i iml ill iii iii illlll iiii I I ii iml illlll i illl ii i -- III i i J I ii i I ii i ............ r ................ , , ....... III I III IIII III III I III II &apos;111 ' IIIII IIIII I IIII ....... [] ...... " J ' l .............. II I I I I .... II IIIII III ............................. COLE'S ORIOIN0000,L HOT B LA.ST=THE CLEAN DUST PROOF 8MOKE PROOF Cole's Origlul Hot Blast is the lea.est stove ever placed on the market. Our method of removing ashes shown by cut No. 1, is per- fectly clean and overcomes the many objections to the ash pan used iu other stoves. The elbow draft casting with its upward slant allows the empty coalhod to be set under the draft so that no ashes or coals can be spilled on the floor. Our patented dustless ash cova shown by illustration is furnished free with Nos. 122, 152, 182 and 19(} stoves. It keeps down every particle of dust in removing ashes, a feature that will be ap- preciated by every tidy housekeeper. The ash pans used in other stoves are too small to hold a full 24 hours' accumulation of ashes. They are usually over-filled when removed, and the ashes in the bottom of the stove are dragged out GO lethe carpel as shown by cut ]No. 2. You are all tam- iliar with the ashpan method, and have. no doubt, gone through the process many times of spreading a newspaper or cloth under your stove every time the over-filled pan is removed. The ash pan is not only dirty, but is a great evil iu stove construction. It adds a door and joints which can be made only temporarily air-tight by the use of stove putty. These joints open after a few weeks' use, rendering ash pan stoves worthless as fire keepers. It makes them fuel-eaters rather than fuel-savers. The ash pan and the silield for guiding ashes into the pan, also prevent base heat. Our method is the only clean way. The whisk broom, turkey wing And dust cloth are dispensed with. There are no joints to leak air. base heat is not retarded and Cole's Hot Blast is the cleanest stove, the best floor heater and the only stove in the world which can be guaranteed to remain always air-tight. The feed door on this stove is guaranteed smoke proof and does away with the escape of smoke, soot and gas into the house. Side feed doors used on other stoves discharge a cloud of gas and soot-lad- ened smoke into the house and scatter soot and ashes over the carpet when opened. Another point: In feeding coal into a side feed door it has to be thrown into the stove, which usually results in scattering much of it over the floor. With our cleanly smoke proof feed door the coal is poured into the stove even to the dust in the bottom of the hod without a particle being spilled on the floor This clean and economical stove burns the gases which often escape into the rooms with other stoves. The annoyance and dirt from kindling new fires is dispensed with, as the rooms are heat- ed up for two or three hours each morning with the fuel pat in the night before and the Fire l$ Never Out. COLE'S ORIGINAL HOT BLAST is the cleanest stove made and will more than save its cost in fuel each winter t He. t hows how Dustless Ash Cover is used--the modern method. (Patented) STOVE GaS No, 2 Shows the dirty ash pan method. BI00E;I='E;LD HAI00DWAI00E; "l'renton, Illinois. II I II I I I III I IIII I I I III II I I I IIIIII II II I II I I IIIIIII IIIIII I II I'l III II II I I III I IIII I II Illll IIIII II J I II IIII I I IIII II II I / qbqlbklbdblbdblblblbdblbbblbdblb/qbdbVqVqbqtAbbdb@t I PROmATE GOURTPROOEEDINQ8 i J'''KUHN "'J KOCH' i E,tate of August H:,e,,e, d,,d" '-KUHN 8 KOCH' Petition for Probate of =Will filed'ud ; TRENTON, ILLINOIS. . eauseset for hoar/sg on Monday . ; UNDERTAKERS and LICENSED E}[BAL}IERS ;  lath. 1905. Estate of Julius 'tV. Saut,r dec'd A nice Assortment of Caskets, Shrouds Wreaths and Flowers / Lena Sauter appointed Adml.i,tra- constantly on hand. Both Black and White Hearses. Calls at- trlx, bond $'2000. filed and approved a} tended to Day er Night. Cue Door East of City Hall. i Edw. Genes, Adolph I.eonlard and Jacob Leonhard and Jacob Ficher 4,@ b,,.,,,,-'. are,ppointed appraisers. Ad,ninis-  [--  ----' -- ......  ........ ' .......... -- '---- --  ' --  .........  .... ' ........... r --[-- { ratrix ordered to ell Personal Pro- -L-.- --..- .........  ........ .J-- - .  perty at Private or Public 8ale --- i" li]g 1" i'N lr T FIII 1E][T lr ]r lrN llllk r/ Estat, e ot Henry Berry;Henry Gros  * .e .LjI.." V JrAEL 9 / appointed Administrator de bmis 1 g, non bond $100. filed and ,pproved. PRACTICAL MACHINIST and PLUMBER, Ii E.tateoiAnna Ge,trude Feldmann dec'd; Petition for Prob:de of writing t TRENTON, ILL1NO18. ? as the Will ofsaid Deceased denied i Installs Hot and Cold Water systems with bath room t? Appeal prayed by Legatees appeal  Gonnections,;in ne or old bu|ldings, t .lJowed upo. filing I)nd for $I0. In earn or H01 Water Healin anls ..,-.,,.0.,0 At this season of c,,uhs and colds The only Safe, Clean, Durable, Healthy and Most Eco.  ,t Is well ,o t,,,w t,mt Fole)' Honey nomical Plants None other giv," as good anti0-  :and tar is the greatest throat anti , frevenls serious results Ires a cold. faction. Plans and Estitx ate, given and work gurattteed, tf lu,g remedy. It cures quickly arid , GEl' YOUR WORK DONE NOW, SO THAT YOU AREPREPARED  W T Cart. WHEN COLD WEATHER SETS IN. , MARRIAQE LICENSES. I( ams m alDal 2 L I IIII I II I sill II I I I Nil I III II IIIII I II I _ 1 i0 TO WOnT ABOUT %-MA| 00l00|lT| 00Al! ! , I] , HI ,, ,,,,, . , I I , ,I]. I s,,, 1 Just Buy the Fascinating New Card Game that is all the rage--OUR FLAGS It will be a delightful present for the whole family and all your friends, for | it appeals to young and old. It is full of patriotism, instruction and science. | When the flag of '" Pruce" is waved, therein temporary peace its this mimic ] war. Then Miss Columbia asserts her rights and appropriates all the flag, I in the field. You will want to ive three,etheers when you see all the nations !] salute the U. S flag and when'ncle Samptures the enemy' fort. 1 GZT A GAME OF"OUR LA?S" ] and entertain your friends with one of the many delightful patriotic enter- ] talnments this popular game suggests. Price 50 cents at dealers, or "Our [ lags" Gsn,e Co., Olney, 111. Branch office--1709 Oregon Avenue, St. Louis. OOO D PROFITS TO AGENTS. 1" ...... .... .... NOTICE TO .................... HUNTERS. IIEnA. NN__, KUHN__.& C 0 /eeczuoas o =tsaxa zux=3) Trenton, Ill., Nov 14, 1906. YBBNYO. -I- Ibl.iN@l Notice is hereby given that ltuntin Is strictly forbidden on the premises bfthe u.dersigned members of the 1' PleaaUt Valley Hunters protectve Henry John Amstedt Association Fred Mike L. FL Mueller Seger Rehg Pierr Seger Bros.: * EmiIFouth Peter Henry HlllLouis Dressel Bros.Henss Bros.Haury Germaln' ' Jacob Schaefer D, lb. Sehlck C. A. Gibbs, 24 ........... Litchfleld Mary Alemla Llfritz, 19 Keys#port Orley Curler Jm, tle, 36 ...... Carlyle Martha L. Krost, 25 ......... Ferren Fred R. W=ekersham, 22.. Fairma, Mary A. Reynolds, i9...East Fork Wm. Irene Woods, 27 ......... Irlshtown C. Biggs, 24 ........ ,, New Style of Money Orders. The goverttment has issued new blanks for money orders which differ very materially and wlilch are a great improvemeut over the old form. Tltebeut feature of the now form is that the,ameoftie remitter isgiv n oa eacl) order, In tuatty cases en- ders of po-tai order, forgot, or don't think it n,.c,.ssary to enclose a letter etatl,g whom the order is from end as a result a lmsiness loan is often put to a great deal of trouble ascert,in. ink the name of the sender. The new form will remedy this difficulty A Thoulmnd Dollars worth of GOOd A. H. Thurnes, a well know, coal operator of JSuffalo, O. writes. *.l v  been affietd will, Kidney s;d bl& trouble Ior years, pss,mg ggavet n. stones with exruclatin pain. I gotno selief from medicine until I began raking Yoleys Kidney Cure, II|en the result wM. snrprlsi.g A few d,),ee started th= brick dut like fine stones sled now [ have no |in aoros my aidtteys and I feel ltkes new man. It has done me $1000 worth of good." W T Carr 4"lOW Mike Nearly Won HIs Bet. Pat made a bet with bilks that h could carry s hod fu of bricks up three ladders toti,e top of the build- in, with Mike sitting, on the hod. The ladders were on the outside of the building. On the thirst ladder Pat made a tsstep, but caught himseFf in time .JLe.'alti:.; forty feet to the atot, Arriving at the top Pat Henr- Zinschlag, 24 ...... Breese said "Begorra, I've wan the bet." SophtaBecker, 19 . ";l"rn 'tgts, re,lied Mike, "but when yo j" Satuet Dunbar, 26 ....... Brookd, slipped, I thought I had yr." t Ftta A" Copple, "21111. '"? "- Notice An Emergeno v Medloln$. 1 Chats or crushed Macadam is the For sprains, br,iee% burns, scvhle ithing for concreting celbtrs, laving =.,t--,...t-.t..t...,__.=____-:7....,::t.===.r.,.ur:. =.  ttotlL!t,g I sidewalks or foundations. F,,t as'Is at it s,mttta, the w,mn,t m,d t,,ttt;n?; [ C. E Peteron. gtv.s Installs relief from pal., t't [ :  , [ '[i .... cauees the parts to heal In about one third the time requtred by the usual treatment, hold by W 1 Cbr lleeee4k Ire4lnh** Mr. Wstt|---"De 7o omen ImY eaF sttmtlon to parllsmet|wT in tbst club you've S4Y" Mrs. "hZ should wet We 4,hl' intO, the rule=." Notice of Final ttleme.t E$TATE OF JACOB WAO,ER, DECEASED I i I i II I [ [ I ( II ( I II II lull ]l Ill Illl IU Ill Illl 00UIT THAT ] 00our premier offermg of this | season00not only fits, but has all,[ the snap and style that can pos-. sfbly be put into Clothing. [ It's Guv00ed, 00.nd its ' I Union I, del, to0. Oter=00, h00ogs And Top Costs. Prices from $10 TO 815. ',Hermantile Guaranteed lolhing'" will suit you and fitt you in price and quality both. 00llmej/er Steinmetz Building. TRENTON, ILL. TRENTON /'IILLINfi CO. ' John Oermsin George. J B.hg Notleel8 herebr given thst the undmfgned q }on|tautly on hand a complete stock PhilipHen,s John Hohrein gxecutora of the estate of Jacob Wagner De- ff White and Yellow Ptue, Oak David Murphy J.W. Dugger e.t, Wtl| tppear tore the CountJt rt of UHnto. County. llitnul, slttt=s got/'re- Mike Krump Chas Krost "-re b--" , =1, m.n s,o. MANUFACTURERS OF .--and Cedar Shlngles. John 8enn Fred tdclmeider |ash, Doors and Blinds, Richard Rouse A. Krumr.y r tp,ur ot=sk!., s tit., *,tt*=.nt 4 BRANDS PUREIGII GRADE t)t u^..a .... or |mlO estate, wlen snts where all m Henrylix .,.. .... "P""" .. .... ,, ,.--,*.-,-..,o....r'" t WINTER WHEAT FLOUR CAPACITY ] Lime, Cement, Plaster and Hair. Geo Clemens . .... =.,...,.,v vu th/. t dsv o , . o, N v.... Angel Food, " Henry Nte Miss Lizzie  eber UlKK Pt.KTC!I, , --AND-- ] 500 Barrels [ " i:i Philip Rider HURRY BE,GKR. ] 1-05 Exeeutcce. Trenton Star, White Corn Meal a.d nts. above picture of the ,q,wm'mm,-,wv:wmv * man and fish is the trade- i :::,, : , ; : _ .... _ , o00scott'00Em00|.00o00 nary to invest  fbrtne in a poultry hous UN for strength and purity. It is sold , thereof anne ida the genuine  . in almost el| the civilized coun tri of the globe. PAR01D ROOFING ,, the cod fish becsme extinetlt .............. ....... it wou|dbev;world,wide calam-  We,handle the JOE W. MOONandJOHN DEERE ity, because the oil that comes  Buggie0 and Surreys. High Grade attd Strictly first from its liver surpasses all other It t will last longer end west better tlum say other ready roofing, Imetu I " " elas ss to Material, Painting snd Finish. They are ta better o,le, tgh--.better stck, be tr satumtfon, better  /. ti Thst sWhy itd* ly the U.B'*e'mOt and by Imdla& in nourishing and life-giving 1  noted for comfort and espy riding, tl railway systems and manufacturers. Its weather.rcof, west.proof..< [2" Anyone can lay it in any kind of westher and it "trays put." It contains Thirty years ago ,o corr. ,or s00ot00s THE GRBI00TEII LISlIT RUHIII6 MOLIHE WA6H, you'll be sn to fast on Ptrotd--the root that IMts---e=4 not take a way of preparing i .. ehe hnitstion. A complete mofl.g kit lU every toll. eod liver oil sothat everyone can -.--WE HA VE THEM, Send Telay For Free Sample ta ke it and get the full value of j/ .. a book on "Bulldtng Economy." It tells how to construct blll- the oil without the objectionable  .. KS at low cost. It will tve you money. V.U n zgzT. .te. Scott's Emulsion is the  See us for First-clau Goods at Brefeid Hardware Co. timt thing in the wor|d for weak, Reasonable Prices. backward children, thin, delicate  .. -'. people, and all conditions of   l LO N "" "" wasting and lost streng h. m m  .. .... "" " "'"" I "-- r00nton, 1111110111, ,m.m :w . .,=,= .m., =, .,.=. i I ' "