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December 1, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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December 1, 1905

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r j i i i i i i J I A man once called me a terrible ame. And uttered a fearful curse; .And I cannot say it, for very shame TO blacken therewtth my verse. "&apos;(  ,, Th curse-it stung life a withering flame. - - ): But the sharf( of the name was worse! on the. fire of my rage ltkc a wind it blew. .:t . As only a* foul.q$' can; " 'Andxay,smoldering hatred lived anew 'As"'ttB2t at his' throat I ran-- And may nobody 'eer do to you Wh I dk toLthat wretched man! " - - "  l still for peab:I may vainly call. But . As the souls i'torment do. For tbe blight remains, and a bitter as gall . Is;,; thd thought that pierces rae " [A.h'Qgh--  " . " . .. - " ".e is dead and for goo00 a., I t l i But the' name. that he named--was true."" : --Cleveland Leader. (Copyright 1905 by Daily Story Pub. Co.) "Are you sure you don't want one bf, the folds of her kimona. She must noL a to stay with ou Gwen?" asked ,]btiy Marsh," anxiously: "i'm lmr ! should be frightened stiff at the iea ofstaylhg here alone-all night." "Nonsense!" declared Gwen, "why f-mother Was ver me w ahch? ven'Iooked into"the range ovens'in the ardor of her search for a possible man. I'm a thousand times obllged; nd now go. home--all of you; and sleep the sleep, of tlie nght after.the hall. We had a lovely time at Mrs. '! " ' e ely. echoed th high voices of eel 'up ior. :tile open*d night. " The house seemed very still when e gay voices were shut out. lif ay up the broad stairv/ay Gwen stop- iped o the lmadihg and neelinglff the leep window seat watche d the group of men and girls separatinginto twos as theY,;crossed the lawn, and seat- red 'heward, All but Graa she noted--he started straight down the hill alone. The clock In the hall struck two; ance had kept up later than among the con. servative Gwen. yawned leepily and .,up th'e second flight, but stopped sudde'nly to sk her- self whether the front Yes, s all bolted wasn't fraid too: ] there alone, it 'lmust Gra. :[ham had  looking ut for it apparent. 4ren ounced. Her own ome-llke riders, and that though ,hould' llowing town at .was the and the ?t afraid, she beguiled into to go into if the occasion of. the parlor maid and mother knew," she ac- But presently ;the thought of Graham drove every- thing else from her mind. He had eemed worrled,a4d preoccupied all the e,',$hb ough4 :d he had aepelled hr  efforts to penetrate 'and shar e his trouble. If he Bad a fault, it w ,the edviction that she must be -SlinKed ,!l'pti.. It W.aSt.&,e.neTous rand him, bat she must make hlm <] "Nonaengel" declared Gwsh; "why ould any one be afrald' " =.mgted. "Dear Graham,dearfhoy!" ;e murmured, and fil';tffoat, g before her dreaming eyes. she fell '*asleep. She woke With a shuddering start; there was someone in the room. In e grey light that faintly wMtened e windows, she saw a man over ve cri XRlt i:e :His halads were full of Jewels that leamed v)nl glistened as he maced, , ut when ne met hebYJie Iei em' all scattering to the ground, and cov- ering his face, he groaned be frightened with Graham there, she told herself. But how did he get in? And why hahe gathered up her Jew- els? Would''e never speak.  "Gra- hami" she faltered,- "Graham, hat.:is it?" "Don't ask me," he broke out sud-" denly, throwing himself into a chair and turning hls face tway. "Can't you see for y0utelf? I thought you'd sleep .'through :R; you' never stlrred when I came in." He spoke almost with resentment, and as she only star- ed. silent, leaning forward, he went on. "'Non saw what I had in my hands?" "Yes:" sloe whispered,  "hut wny? why ?" : "Why?" he repeated hoarsely. He made a sudden mo,ement and his foot ' rlaSlllng ot t i; : "GOd kmowsl'm not fltl" accursed things?" he went on, recoil- ing, "Because they mean money-- money that one hasto.have--or die!" She drew back, her eyes dropped and her cheeks flamed scarlet. "You mean?" she whispered piteously. "Yes. I suppose I could lie to you, but I won;t, '' he went on doggedly. "I've been almost wild lately--Fve wondered sometimes you didh,'t see it debts, big debts, debts I, couldn't hope to pay. And men harrying me week in. week out." Add last night when we came in here and I saw those diamonds and that string of pearls ly 'Jngthereenough,to: pay ll my debt ,wlee oye- seeing in flsh hbv: edsy it would 5e for me t take them I left a" window unfastem ed; I went straight home and cam back o Jt wheel. I tho.flht I Shoul$ get avy wlth0ut.waking you and buglaY' would'be tle natural expla atlon of the theft. That's all, It's prett tale, isn't it? Now what shal l cloY' lie. a{ldel "atl, hytIy,-la, o go?'.'  'Oh, Gxaham!, Grahaml-" she moan- ed I WOuld in,,to Y01 You know i 6U.' ". ..... " 0U botddbt he said, St.bbornl, a and I couldnyFhave taken them if you had. Shall i go now?" he repeated, rising ne.v,usly. ,lick them up!" the girl command- ed in a grave whisper, pointing to the cattered Jewels. He gathered' the 'up' silently and laid them in her oti stretched palms. "Did you get them all?" she ques- tioned; eannlng the glittering heap_; There ,was a:r.fiby clasp in the ho" "I think I, was thorough," he a swaered grimly, "If it's worth anything It's .fhtre." "  .... : ".QIL ,Orham I,. Oh,? my ILO..b, oy  ': she alled. But In a moment "0ntroll- herself, She lifted her hands:With stretched te you are right," couldn't have lven she said gently, "I " ' them to you before--but I can w, Take them!" she pleaded, be:idng nearer, "I'm so glad I've got thex!' ; "No, Gwen, I can't," he said, draw- ing back, "I can't." ."And yet,ou.are going to take me!" sh whispered, mustering a pale smile to her aid. - v I ", ,t ,t  ,, No, GWen, no. cant. I ca . he spied, hoarsely, sinking to his es besd&hetbed and hiding his face: "1 can't take you! God knows I'm not fit! I'll go away Perhaps after I've cleaned off my score--perhaps(od- bye! God-bye!" He pressed his lips to the hem of the ,filmy spread that ,was wet with his tegs and dghed from the'r;  " ..... :'::: ' : oly a hurrylna:step on. the terrace n@'the whir 0f)'a bicycle speedlg Ilmt mhe t up. drawlng around h: [ labeled P ercv.changg... - _.. / THE AUTO THAT WAS LONELY, Sought arid Feund May Comrades I Misfortune. A automobile that had: broken down was standing disconsolate by th wayside shedding grea gasoline tears t its own forlorn state, when another automobile came up, and. seeing the condition of its brother, asked if it could .(1"o anything. "Yes," replied the miserable one "please tow me home." So the other put out a rope and pulled and pulled, But the strain was too great, and in a short time the friendly auto had also broken down and was unable to proceed. Pretty soon a third auto came along. It was immediately hailed by the two' unfortunates "Oh, brother, tow us .homel" So the' third auto put out a rope. But alas! In a few moments h/{oo, had broken down, and there was =npth- lng to do but lament his lot with the mat. .-. Other. automobiles continued to come up. and as they dld, each one shaie,he fate of the rst. Finally there' Were so many of .them stalled that no one could pass. and the first auto. the one that had caused ll the trouble, having been promptly repaired. by a man from a garage who had been sent for. had to go back the way:it came, saying blithely as it went off: "Farewell,: ,.brothers sorry to have Stories Picked Up. 's easy to say words like these; " Excuse m% ppothe.r " "If you please," "I'beg your prddn." "Certainly"-- O, they are. easy as can be: 'There's Just one word I eaqnot say, Although. I. try the hardestWay;' It's "sorry" and I do not see Vhy such a small word troubles me. At home they say it's cause I won't: O, they don't know. they truly don't! How I feel 'orry round my.heart, How my.thrataches and my eyes start. I just can't make the words come through ! If yon'Were,me, what would you do? --Harper's Magazine "ToY Made by the Czar. We think of the Czar only as a ruler 3f a greaJion, yet he is a papa ef four" dau ers and one baby boy, and ! detained you, bntI .was lonesome" "" ")he amuses these little ones Just as MORAL. .,, "ayffr father plays with you. He even It's a ill smell that blows nobody 'livented a"toy for the baby, like this any goo,New York Life. ,ylbture. NEW,tDEA "OF JULIUS CAESAR. How the Young Mind Views HimAn Awful. Tragedy. The following: re.markable apprecta- tionof Jtllips. ,aesar is pieced t qtgether "w}tlb'Ijt chan'ge 'of phrase or @.liing fron several *Zrnination papers fat's- lY present'ed hn academy in" Penn- slvania, hCco'rin'g to thd" Atlanti:' Caesar is :aragedy-)f blood. 'Te' piece about Shylock was almost bloody but the knife ddn't y.each. tle.breat.of him, Caesar wanted to be a tyrant, rbut fie "4id not want afly:qrWns on hls .head .so he refused" theln .]u., od dayltglt,," He grelw-sp b//h't' he  could'straddle .the world'.*which "stred ,lnded, his men who Were his enemies, r' They 5adae togeth offe"fiight  when ll0s Were t*ted down"without chains In Z'tle 's[re.tS' of Italy, ad when fd lightenlngs "were runnSng this,ay td that. Thq?w.ere all there but Brutus who was-she honorablest of all the men when Caesar lived those days. CasMum and CascadR. ere much in , . ,, the things, Then they t'lr'ew through the windOWs Of Brutuses' orchard hand- ing characters Which made the'heart of ,Brutus burg fierce over,the .dark state of the peopl,e's rights among, the citizens of Rome. ,. f I pities Brutus then as he read with tears falling about how he was noble ad'about how "Caesar was hard on the pdor. Then he called his wife"and shgrpene'd, up 'his blade "and: told' her not.'to eat any firethat day as h'e could no fail .to .win the, fight. Bt she ate the., fire after ,Jagging herselJ The BIchop and the Waffles. It would indeed be a queer bishop who could not 'tell"t good story on himself . The" .late-.Bshop Dudley. of .Kentucky was won. o rehtie . with mue relish an interesting experlenc which he.oce had in connection with waffles. At a fine old VIrginla hoest'd here he was a frequent guest the waifies were always remarkably go. as brakfttst drew tidy" l til]nen-coat - who serve'd at. 'table ap- and asked in a low 'n'er war- Bishop, "I . said the For the raven tresses And he fire of youth, _  Children's soft caresses ,/' Fair exchange i' soothl. For ambiti(m's pleasure, In the days of dearth Wisdom oes to mesure Wha ambition's worth! For the hasty learning. : " And ill .tempered zeal Tolerance discerning Time wltI u reveal! .... For the sole f:ellnee, , Bruited loud abroad. On the strength of science. Comes .the thought of God! For the shining morning Of the pleasan day, Eve, with its adorning, Vhite and pearl and gray; ,C - For the rays of sunshine At tie morning's bars, Come (how move than one shined Nt.h: unnumbered stars! Orleans Time-Democrat. PlaUSible Theory. The great detectivehad moned to the plumber's office." 'q:"cn't understand it," -plnber. "The young 1 .my employ for the las. and I have a,lways found him hones and trustworthy. But I sent :im to collect a bill urbs. 'nd he has failed to show l since. NW, .what, do .you thlnk,. that ?" ,, )h, rplied the g. d., "I tLqnk y0ff DoR't'fm'get that the man wltl the ':Ie was proba['.y paid. in small ::e: q$, ,Wtl/am is more ud is still counting the mdney, t( -[ke'-to'wrlte  cecis >h/th the oe make sure that the amount is cor- rect." It looks like an awful serpent, yet It wpa!dnt hurt!e, as it is made of small jints of wood. This,Rllgator- snake'!s ainted blaci(,. Wi.ti" spots., of "ed"d whfe all over"tL The toy is 'ffoEll "dt:'rtive  anl practic'aL i; the 'l2dcs 'iang the bodP are hinged together sct'ttmt'the serpent c wrig- gle, and,:th paint used was specially mad.:r,tl.,Czr, the "won't wash off" kinlwqh, should be used on all children S ty.s. : . . YO( w.l)"rg'handy `with your tools I tryto e ue for yourbaby stster,  "afld'l'et:'us h, how you s'ucceed. ':'"'UHOUS CustOm. m In Ja.]nt.Whe,e'.the otrses are made ,,tkclpal!y of bamboo, light wood ahd paper, there are many bad fires, espe- cially in the larger towns and cities. Where dwel)mgs, r ,close together b..ole dl.[r'ca ar 'oftep burned, and '0'hi'g', r,ai of, the frail little ,uses,,hen:a fire, sweeps, over them. Bepre. the cities had as,good fire pro- tectton.a'they do now avcurious cus- tom was practiced in Toklb: When fire broke out and a- district was threat@a#5,a group of men. who were detailed for this special work, used to-go,im house to house, sftyfng: "There Is danger from ,fire. Give us -the. qhiTep)': =And then the little ckildrn of t.he hoBsehold were passed .ont, to these men. who formed them |nt lines, witha man at the end of .e,r.v fputh or "fifth floe, and together they. marchecl down the str,ets their '{iaber increasing as they went. uuti l all the children.of the threatened dis. t were in the .company, when they duld arch on to. a. place of saSety, tel th'e children would sing as they marched, for although they were afraid of the fires, the singing kept their spriti;"ad nai he fel less .t:a.;,7 " " ": . , :," 'DO' Y, W0der whether'any of the :nikreh:,? one .wouId thinl there might bg t:r 9f it, but ,tq:gAeyent all acct- dts:,gf tilts 10cd' make sure "tibet each family received back its own children and not those of a neighbdr, each child wore a sort of tablet upon which its am.  lsa was wrlttefi:"oetJes therewould be -ertl*hind lhldre' in "this ,odd 'leiii6h,'.. "lt:, :e:" always lept In a order. ... Hair Indicates 'RantS.: " -,.:-he, way the.-:hair and  eard are . ?zorn.,lrdicates r,la or social standing autng the Chinese. The face of Our yellow friends is generally clean- shawen as well ,as the forehead, mus- being ,Permltted,,o. ly For,Instance 'inllate '.{hat fl;.,...,rer and eaeh.ther'style has Its ,0wn sgla!ficanceqThis pecu- liar stJe of.,head[.ms,.b,e .Chl- ,nebarb'r w }nan. of conside im- portarce '[.d '.is'.'sfrange mtlods, are interesting, writes a Hongkong cor- of the San Francisco Bulls. tderable -TThe shavln To. wlflle travelln hei  the neck. I II I ten's body was free inside the roomy bag, and the bright eyes could see the friendly faces about, with all chance of sudden fllghtwas prevented. A loop of broad tape served as a strap handle, which the young owner slung over her shoulder on leaving the car, and car- ried her pet with ease and satisfac- tion.--Golden Days. Acting Proverbs. Each player may take a part, or, if thought preferable, th company may divide themselves into actors and spectatqs. The actors then each fix, upon a proverb which is to be repre- sented by each of them individually. There ]s to be no connection between them in any way. Each in turn, has simply to act before the rest of the company the proverb he has selected. The first player might, for instance. come" into the room holding a cup in his hand, but being prevented each time by the cup slipping out of his hand. Thus, in dumb show/illustrat- ing the proverb "There's many slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.') If rally good acting be thrown into the 'gabJ it may be made exceedingly interest- ing. A DoWs Boa. Qirl's don't you think it Is about time t consider' your doll damghter', winter wardrobe? If you do not-Iook out. frost will get them to shivering in their thin summer gowns. A good thing,to have ready for the first cold days is a boa: They are to be all the rage this year, and dolly will be quite unfashionable without one, We will tell you how to make a lovely boa. It is so simple that even the every little doll mothers'can do it. Take a flat piece of wood, about ten inches long, three wide and two or three thick. Two. inches from eael k , . r / < '" end put in two Iong nails, the longest you can buy, wih the points up. This frame, when it*is to-be used. can be fastened on a table by clamps, such aa are used for mea, chopperst r. you can have your father make,you a lit- end of the yarn,:l$oselytobne .of the hails, Then-wrap It ar0und the nails !eight times in the shape of the figure 8. Cr0s the ends of the, ri,b,0n over the top of the yarn apd te single tight knots. Wrap the yarn eight times ag befog, tie with ribbon. and continue till the nails are full Remove the work from the nails and put last loops over pins for a new start, eontlnuin. unt!I boa is the de- sired length. Shake thorouglly, trim off the ends of ribbon and you have a very cun- alng boa for.your doll These can be made in any color, the light blues and pinks being especlalIy pretty. " LJttte S@ng Birds. The, plnsion is a Frehh .song bird, i and the petites couturieres of Paris are: universall 'called zfi'iii ApinscnS (little song birc]s)becaUs f the ha - it they have of always sln at thel worth. Crowded. lund'rds" em.' in ffl-llged." bally- ventilated, reat ateliers, during the busy season, they stitch and sing from 7 o'clock in the morning until long after midniht, :afitl  they earnthe east majority of :themflfty cents a day. With this amount they must not only board. lodge and "plothe:.themselves, but;the must also make provisions for the morte samson--four months, from th mlddle of June till the mtddle of Sei tethber, ,when. ttie  gay' wb'd of Paris being a Ia campagne, no orders fo work are given, workshops are closed s. the' mimi pinsp earn not pus --Haler s Bazr.:: i .. Game of Msteriou GueSt. "Peopi' assemll'e in one roo:. srar apl)'e/s at tlie "door. He ! dressed to represent some character II history, po%tyo: song. The purpo of the game' i to recognize who tlli guest is. He may be Sinbad the S or, .M.a Washington, Santa Claus tJa Do-peep, r. a hogt of oth frlends ofts 11., A the gues say," "It .s 'soa so,".'If .their gd 'be'wr()ng th "aeribt% gi'est' shdl hf head sadly;, If the guess be rill h6 clapS his lktds, :bow's: plad ad disappears, d'.':.. A lot of fun ta'n Sb'hd '-at a dren's gathering "whe." the 'ebaraet chosen are all popular" wih ,the: e dren's tev..--Rochester ' P!" press, tle hook out of stout wire, aa in the than it does now, but there would picture. The former will be' more no very marked difference. simple ......... , ...... The ocean Is prevented from fr Nbw ak- wo yards of whitebaby log not so much by its salt as bY ribbon ounce o soft vhite slze and *by its' commotion, On / wool floss Wind the yarn In a ball. c0ntof its sie, ]argImrtlons,::' Place the frame on,.the table. Exact- xtnd into warm climates at all # ly between the nails lay the ribbon sons and by reason Of itsgreat de across the wooden strlp,so <that..the ft-'is a vast storehouse 'oeat. 1 'enIs of the ril)bon on .each side are currents dlstribte much Warn'W ef exactly equal length.- Fasten the among the cold.St. Nicholas. ..,.,! I i ty it .... : Ir" ,,,v la  ,0 Da n B of Parlor 00!agac /i / " i i i .....  1 q long, slen- like" ]aarpened they shave the rnassP ge and of le eyelid. All for magic tricks, which never fails to capture an audience and which, at the same time, is so simple that any one can do it: '" " You need mix or the done with a razor holding a lighted match to the bottom home, except'that ttf each of the candles antl thn, when handle, and being it has softened ever so lightly, setting Tou words becomes a case,of the candle firmly in a,. saucer  ,The' before the This 0peratidn'ts a-or tallow wiil har']en in ia tub= moisture or lather meht;"hoding the Cdade erect in; its a] the" irritating., place.: .... " ' S 'n Make a hole: to. on std'e, of each the Air, of to be the only from the food from th w, ick is severed." Thee holes nhst very short ying. " first a' be at various distances from the feed different In aeh candle, ,:. ,; .,. .as Now, if you shouldlight e'of these beetles are . . "th  flte g6t d6' t'tb ole; h a te cut4n the wick ould you begin little girl an lighted six ;e She he use. al ,ef ( D( the hole O times, daces. This., iS where to the the Of you In.this way the kit- tabl, with the holes away from, your the effect will e very Of 1 nqu t host t, Char I edy diss( vel Indi lty q tan lavi ears" ness and rang and, thou ever: ! '3"