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December 1, 1905     The Sun Newspaper
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December 1, 1905

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I I --,,, i THE DIS00:;OVERER Happiness Is always" Uc0nsclous (watch children and puppies at play imd you will be convinced'Cffthe" fact), Of Lydia E. Plnkhains Vegetable Compounds the but amusements: as a r(ite, render Great Woman's Remedy for Woman's Ills. ' No other female medicine in the world has received such widespread and unqualified endorse.ment. No other medione has such a record of cures of female troubles or |uch hosts of grateful friends as has Lydiai,i. P|nkham's Vegetable Compound. t t will entirely cure the worst forms of Female Complaints. all Ovarian Troubles. Inflammation and Ulceration. Falling and Displacement of the Womb, and consequent Spinal Weakness, and is peculiarly adapted to the Change of Life. it has cured more cases of Backache and Leucorrha than any other rem- edy the worId has ever known. It is almost infallible in such cases. It dissolves and expels tumors from the Uterus in an early stage of de- velopment. rrregular, Suppressed or Painful Menstruation, Weakness of the Stomach, ]ndigestlon, Bloating, Floodingl Nervous Prostration. lteadache, General Debil- ity quickly yield to it. Womb troubles, causing pain, weight and backache, in- stantly relieved and permanently cured by its use. Under allcircumstances it invigorates the female system, and is as harmless as water. It quickly removes that Bearing-down Feeling, extreme lassitude. "don't care" and " want-to-be-left-alone" feeling, excitability, irritability, nervous- ness. Dizziness. Faintness. sleeplessness, flatulency, melancholy or the " blues" and headache. -These are sure indications of Female Weakness, or some de- rangement of the Uterus. which this medicine always cures. Kidney Complaints and Backache. of either sex. the Vegetable Compound always cures Those women who refuse to accept anything else are rewarded a hundred thousand times, for they get what they want--a cure. Sold by Druggists everywhere. Refuse all substitutes. their  participaffts even more' Irri- table and self-consc'loUs:Lady Vie- let Greville in the Graphic. ATTRACTIVE YOUNG L A D Y agents wanted in every Town and Ctty.--Complete outfit furnished free. We guarantee 'that you can make from $1.00 to $4.00 per day. Address P. O. Drawer No. 999, Buffalo, N. Y. Free Baths and Doctors. The Alsatian city of Malhausen not only provides free baths for its school children, but free medical Inspection and dental treatment., Lewis Single Binder straight 5c. ot] pay 10e for eiars not so good. Your` aeam Dr Lewis' Factory Peoria, ILL A - Self Condemnation a Mistake. There is nothing that wastes and curtails one's powers of accomplish- ment like self condemnation.--Ex- ch an go. you never hear any ne complain "Defiance Starch." There is none to equal it In quality and quantity, 18 ounces. I0 cents. Try it now and live your money. Go Barefoot In Brazil. A large percentage of the people in Brazil go barefoot except on Sun- days and holidays. DON'T FORGET A larre 2-oz. package Red Cross Ball Blue, onl $ cents. Tilde Russ Company, South Bond. Inca Important French Industry. The grape culture tn France gives employment to over two million peo- )le. Every housekeeper should know that if they will buy Defiance Cold Water Starch for laundry use they will save not only time, because it never sticks to the iron, but because each package contains 16 oz.---one full )ound while all other Cold Water Starches. are put up in -pound pack- Rges. and the prleo is the same, :[0 cents. Then again because Defiace Starch Is free from all injurious chem- icals. If your grocer tries to sellSyou a 12-oz. package It is because hethas a stock on hand which he wlshes to IIspose of before he puts in Defiance He knows that Defiance Starch has printed on every package in large let ters and figures "16 ozs." Demand Defiance and save much time and money and the annoyance of the iron sticking. Defiance never sticks. Peculiar Chinese .Medicines, A Chinese medicine hook, dating back to the Wing dynasty (1668-1644) contains no less than 28,739 receipts. Materials of the Materia Medics SI- nensis consists of vegetables, minerals - ........, and articles belonging to the animal P :l iTm Blli kingdom, such, for instance, as drw_ 00u[R/ruR|r|RI00 gon's teeth, centlpedes, scorpion% Spanish files, roaches, beetles, tad- | t-ll" Zllalt ]:*|: its GUAIN.AIITID TO CURE etc .... IMI00 emP, BAD COLD, HEADAONE AND NEURALRIA. A,a,, Vanisb,.g Ms., , ii---= -.-..  === wlm ll-pwj I won't ll Ameli-GIpdlmn to a dealsr._whowon't uarmnl@ Man. llke the BooJum. Is softly, "if =i. ,. cl or yo.r -oH "*.X  L  o, yi=. silently, fading away..One host- --_ ....  o ]RF. em, It. 1)., Manttmrer.a.  W. L. DOUCLAS One Dollar & SHOES W. L. Dougidd$4.00 (=lit Edge Line annot be qua/led at any price.  -= !  " , AL, JUY OTHER MAMUFAOTURE [ $10,000 ,w,. to sny0n who .s " mprovs this =mment. W. L. Douglas $3.50 shoes have by their ex- cellent style, easy fitting', mud superior wearhlg qualltlor, achieved the larlt sale of any 13 .0 shoe in the worM. They areiust as food all those that coat yU $& to $7.-- the ly difference Is the price. If ! could ticks you into my factory st Brockton, Mass., the tersest In the world under (me roof s fine shoes, and show yo the cawith wbk:h every It|r of Dougl shoes is made, you would realize why W. L: Douzhts $3.80 =lion are ribs best lhoes produced In the world. Ifl,fi could show you the dlNerenae between the shoes made in my factory and those o4 other makes, you would underetaed why Dough &3.80 shoes cost more to make, why they he] I r shape, fit better, wear , sad are , r Irreater IntHnslc value than any othor $3.! ) shoe ca the market to-day. Men, @BO. SR.O OAUTlON.--Inslst upon having W.L.Doug- IM shoes. Take o substitute. :None genuine without his name and price stamped on bottom. ANTED. A shoe dealer tn every town where W. L. Douglas Shoes are not sold. Full line of |ampl sent free for inspection upon request. Fnet Color Evelsts used; theg will no wear brassv 'rt for Illustrated Catalog of Fall Style& W. L. DOUGLAS, ]Brockton, mm. for a Postal Card This company will jve one dollar for the first reliable information of an opportunity to sell a steam engine or boiler of our Standard types within our range of sizes. This does not include vertical, traction or gas en- gines. If you know of anybody in. tending to buy an engine or boiler tell us. A Postal will do. ENGINES AND BOILERS have or years been the sttedard for all steam plants. Best o material sad workmanship. Our bls output enables us to sell on small prof- Its. An Alias, ths best in the world, Costs no more than the olher kind. Write tody for or Nial offer, ATLAS ENGINE WORKS SIUns asenc/ in all Itil INDIANAPOLIS ovlimnghz nltsl,dg WatorTelmBollors Four Valve Snglne Compoenl Engines Tubular Boiler= Automatic K,in Thro.lin ExCises Posblo Illenl At llt.vl In rvl II,000,000 H, p, AtlM Soilars in servic 4,0I0.000 H P. #t woA.t Ifi "  // tl ntm TOWflt on tl Imtt=. ,d/i ff-]/ w ,,w .,..,.s/,-7-- 7 T." The II0vernment 0. Oanada G i v e s r absolutely FRE to every nettler one hun- dred and sixty acres of land in Western Canada. Laud adjoining' thl can be purchased from railway and ;land' companies at from FOR WOMEN e, Itlb1l with ills pecllachto.s' $6 to $I0 per acre. their . used aS a sea t : On this land this year has been produced sshtl. norougblyl.eaPe,killsdie.-rms| upwardsof twenty*five bushelsofwheat to ItopS di0ezrge8, seats lnflaJJtlOn   bile acre. " rareness. It is also the best of grazing land and for paxdaeiu powderl.ozm b. di..lYedj  mixed lrming it has no superior on the at', and t far more Cleansing, nesting, ,g econorakal than liqui0,antiseptics for al continent. tales to say that he may one day be as extinct as the dodo, butat all events we are told that he will be literally nowhere as compared with the woman of the future.London Lady's Pictorial. One Mart P'ayS for Canal. Toulouse. Fran'e. has a canal which was built entirely at the expense of one man. Its name is the Canal du MldI; it was built in 1666-1681, and cost M. Paul Rlquet 680.00.000 francs. CONVINCING EVIOENCE That Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Wilt re Rheumatdsm. "People can ore themselvesof a good many cerumen ailments at a very small cost if they go about it the right way," said Mr. Hoar, recently. "For instance, I have just cured myself of a very pain- ful disease. I might have begun to treat it sooner, that's all the mistake I made in the matter. But I found the root of the difficulty and I picked out the right remedy withoat the aid of a doctor. "It was really all in my blood. I first felt a twinge in my left foot and ankle in the middle of last January, following exposure to cold. I realized I had rheu- matism and I knew that really comes bad blood. Cold simply develops it. Then my hands and feet were cold and elmumy even in hot weather, a:hd numb "k great part of the time. I con, eluded that my blood was thin and poor sluggish. "After a time my feet ahd mkles swelled so badlyhat I could only tie my shoes half way up. Mylegs swelled terribly and I could walk only a short distance before giving out completely. "When I read of the cures of all kinds of blood diseases, that had been affected by Dr.Williams' Pink Pills, I was con- vinced that they were just the remedy for my case, and so it proved. I could see that they were benefiting me before I had quite used up the first box. The improvement was decidedly marked af- ter I had taken two boxes. Three more boxes restored my hands and feet p/)d legs to natural size and feeling ad then I stopped taking medicine and lVe" since been perfectly well." C Mr. F. Le Roy Hoar lives at No;132 Constitution street, Bristol. R.I. Any one can get convincing evidence that Dr. Williams' Pik Pills have cured cummin, rheumatism, erysipelas and other serious diseases of the blood by simply writin .t .the Dr. Williat Medicine Co., l|lady, N,Y, Russia Hat2/000,000 Horses. There are nearly-23,000,000 horses in European Russia. No other coun- TO|LBT *ND WOMBN'OceIAboL t! Splendid" climate, low taxes, railways . For saleat dig8 isis, ce t a . convenient, schools and churches close at try in the world has so many horses Trial Box and lek of |mttructleno Prm. hand. ts Russia. Write for "Twentieth Century Canada" and low railway rates to Superintendent of Mother GraF'S Sweet Powders for Chlldre Immigration, Ottawa, Canada; or to Successfully used by Mother Gy, nurse authorized Canadian Government in the Children's Homo in New York, cure J. S. Crawford, lqo. 1 W. N'inth Kansas City, Missourl;or C. J. Broughton, Constipation, Feverishness, Bad Stomach, Room 430, Quincy Building, Chicago, Teething Disorders, move cud regulate the Uhnois.  Bowels and Destroy Worms.Over 80,000 ts- timonials. At all Druggists, 5e. Sample FREE. Address A. S. 01mated, eRoy,N. . Has Lots of Leisure Now, Cupid used to be overworked until he invented the marriage ceremony, Life. I I m ii I L I  " |1 r " - ooo.0.,o00oo,. IARE YOUR KIDNEYS WEAK? Should an American, an English- man, a 'Frenchman," an Austrian, a German, an Italian and a Russian sit down to a table together md order Th;usands of Men and Women Have Kidney Trouble and Never Suspect it. To Prove Vhat the Great" Kidney Remedy, Swamp-Root Wil drinks in a quantity that would show the relative consumption of these bev- erages by their respective pedples, some would get enough for a bath, while others would obtain only a few outhfu]s. Natural Lightning Conductors, The L.ombardy poplar tree, It is said, forms a splendid natural lightning conductor, its great height and 'lack of spreading branches enabling it to conduct a lightning stroke straight downwards. No house near which one of these trees has bden reared has as yet been known to suffer tn the severest storm. Samples of. 'Enthusiasm, Michael Angelo Was so filled with enthusiasm in his art. so afraid that money might taint'his brush, that he refused to accept any pay whatever for his masterpieces In the Vatican and St. Peter's. Napoleon's enthu- slasm ban!shedthe word "impossible" from his dictionary. Tennyson's Porter. Tennyson was a lover of porter. When a peerag was offered 'him didn't he put off deciding whether to accept It or not until he had debated the question with himself over a bot- tle of what Goldsmith called "par- son's black champagne?" O1 Rents In Britain, The Eg)tshell3gh, t In odd r.ents, but the otdest is a tenancy at Brook- house, In Yorkshire. where the rent- al is one snowball in June and a red rose in December. The rose is easily arrangld. fid?the snowball is uow made of shaved ice. Smoking by Women. The London Truth quotes the fol- lowing reasons against smoking by women: "The first is that smoking develops the mustache, and the sec- ond, that smoking produces, at any rate in women. 'weak-rimmed eye- lids.'  No Tide on the Great Lakes. There is no appreciable tide on the great lakes. Of course there is bound to be some slight rise and fall as there is in the ocean, but it is so small that It is of no practical importance, Idaho Joins. Fraser, Idaho, Nov. 27th (Speclal)- Mrs. Martha J. Lee has given for pub- lication the following statement, con- cerning Dodd's Kidney Pills: "l was down with Rheumatism three times." she says, "and each time Dodd's Kidney Pills helped me. The last time they cured me, and now I am able to get around and do all my work, though I am fifty-eight, and I I can walk to Sunday School every Sunday. Before I took Dodd's Kidney Pills I was so bad 1 could use neither band nor foot. I shall keep Dodd's Pills on hand aH the time." Rheumatism is caused by Uric Acid crystallizing in the muscles. Healthy kidneys remove all Uric Acid from the blood. Diseased Kidneys cannot remove this Acid which collects in the blood and poisons every vein and artery. Dodd's Kidney Pills ' cure Rheumatism by curing the Kidneys; by healing and strengthening them. so that they can rid the blood of all Impurities. The Better Part of Valor. The courage of one's convictions Is an excellent thing, but It should never be allowed to become unyoked from the discretion of one's reason. Puck. Ask Your Druggist for Allen's Foot-Ease. "I tried ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE recent- ly and have just bought another supply. It has cured my corns, and the hot, burning and itching sensation in my feet which was almost unbearable, and I would not be with- out it uow."--Mrs. W. J. Walker, Camda N.J." Sold by all Druggists,'25 Alcohol Is Brain Poison. In their annual report, an exhaustive document, the Brdsh lunacy commis- sioners say, as a result of their re- searches into the relation of drink and Insanity: "It cannot be denied that al- cohol is a brain poison." More Flexible and Lasting, won't shake out or blow out; by using Defiance Starch you obtain better re- sults than possible with any other brand and one-third more for same IOIM Family 350 Years on Farm. Benjamin Slade of Thorpe farm, As- ton Upthorpe, Berkshire. England, whose will was j)roved lately, was a member of a family which has occu- pied thatfarm lu unbroken succession since 1553. Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of SweetGum and Mullah is Nature's great remey-4.:ure Coughs, Colds,. Crop and Consumption and all throat and lung troubles. At drug &data, 25c.. 50c. cud $1.00 er bottle. Salt Water Is Tonic, One of the best features of a sea bath. says the "Family Doctor," is the salt water inadvertently swallowed by bathers, which is a wonderful tonic fr the liver, stomach sad kidneys. 81 THB FAMOUS Red Cros Ball Blue. Large 2-oz. nnckasre 5 cents. The Russ Company, South Bend, Ind. GIOtll from Pound of Wool. One pound of washed wool produces on an average a yard of cloth 36 in. wide. Do for OU, Every Reder of This Paper May Have  Sampi'- Bottle Sent Absolutely Free by Mail. It used to be considered that only urinary and bladder troubles were to be traced to he kid- neys, but now modern science proves that, nearly all diseases have their beginning in the isoder of these most important organs. Therefore, when your kidneys a oak or out. of o'der, you.can nnderstand how quickly your entire body is affected, and ho every :gan seems to fail to do.its duty. : If-you arc sick'or "feel badly" begin taking 'the gret kidney, remeey, ., lilmer's Swamp- Root, because as soon as y0ur kidneys begin to get better they will help all the other organs to health. A trial will convince anyoue. I was out of health aral run down generally; had no appetite, was dizzy and suffered with healaohe most of the time. "I did not know that mT ktdeBys 'ere the cause of my trouble, but somehow felt that their Dllht 'be, and I began taking Swamp-Root. There is SUCh a peasant taste toSwamp-Root, audit ioes rtght to the spot and drives disease out of the system. It has'cured me. makin me stronger and better in every way. and I cheerfully recom- mond it to all sufferers. Gratefully yours. MI. A. . WALKa. 331 :East Linden St.. Atlanta. G- eak and unhcalthy kidneys are responsible for -any kiuds of diseases, and if permitted to continue much suffering' and fata euts are sur to folow. Kidney trouble irritates the nerwes, makes you dizzy, restless, sleepless and irritable. Makes you pass water offlen during the 'day and obligesyou to get up many times durlng the night. Unhealthy kidneys cayuse rheumatism, gravel, catarrh of the bladder, pain  or dull ache in the back. joints and'muscles; make your head ache and back ache, cause indi- gestion, stomach and liver trouble, you get a sallow, yellow complexion, make you feel as though you had heart trouble; you may have plenty of ambition, but no strength; get weak and waste away. The cure for these troubles is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root. the world-famous kidney remedy. In taking Swamp-Root you afford natural help to Nature, for Swamp-Root is the most perfect healer and gentle aid to the kidneys that is known to medical scmnce. How to Find Out . If'tlvere is say, doubt in your mlnd as to your condition, take from your nrine on rising about four ounces, place it n a glass or bottle ud let it stand twenty-four hours. If on examihation it is milky or cloudy, if there is a brick-dust set- tling, or if small particles float around in it, your kidneys are in need of immediate attention. Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is used |n the leading hospitals, recommended by phy- sicians in their private practie, and is taken by doctors themselves who have kidney ailments, because they recognize in it the greatest and most successful remedy for kidney, liver and bladder troubles. EDITORIAL NOT.--So successful is Swamp-Root in promptly curing even the most distressing cases of kidney, liver or bladder troubles, that to prays its wonderful merits you may have a sample bottle and a book of valuable information, both sent absolutely free by mail. The book contains mauy of the thousands upon thousands of testi- monial letters received from men and women cured. The value and success of Swamp-Root Is so well known that our readers are advised to send for a sample bottle. In sending your address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamtou, N. Y., be sure to say you read this goner- / (SwamtRoot is pleat to take.) If you are already conviuce that Swamp-Root is what yo need, you can purchase th regular fifty-cent and one dollar size bottles at the drul stores everywhere. Donk make any mistale, but reme her the name, SwamlR?o Dr. Kilmcr's Swamp-Root, an the address, Binghamton, No Y., on every bottle. ous offer in this paper. The proprieto of this paper guarantee the genuine- hess of this oer, COUPON Please write or .fill in thl coupon with FOUnt name and address and Dr. Kilmer & Co.. wil send you a Free mple Bottle of Swmap-R the (hut Kiddy Rmy. Name ............................................. St. amd No ...................................... . City or Town. ,.. ............................... .. Stats ..................................... ..**,. " \\;'Mention this paper.) "It Has CuredMore Cases Than All Others Put Together" & WILSON DRUG CO. "' have ngvet n onto an arttck that met with tla ucccss o Mulls Gral Tonic. It has cured more cases Of onstlpAtion and stomach trouble to our rta knowledge, tha al other .me that we ever old put tolreth. 'MulFs Grape Ton must poe  1 pecullar quall W that no other constipa- tion and stoma& remedy has. All who ..,. tt say that it a:l& tO t ,lltrength an, get.a| . health and makes them feel bette tn every | way, We all know that ordry physics and q catharhcs have exactIy the opposR effect--t have S weakenTmg tendency. They leave the dgestlv yztem :tm  IhaI to  the - tmable than it was before. "MuIFs Grape Tonic is a pluumt, nat- rag harml ffete remedy that docl the work and do it WeII. and the people have it OUt. n WOLFF & WILSON DRUG CO. Sixth and Washington Av St. Lot M These aee e eog wm.dV ooUn  1 pollsdb dl n. Osm 3 et tmkm llp gl thl IImd med m tmlml P Why suffer or take needless ehance with or .a,_ troblm when thero Is &   ura, VS  wttmn your reach  Constipation and Stomach Trouble '0 blOOd poison, skin dieeaee Sick headall bfllOSnOSS, typho fevar, appendiottis, piles &rid every klna of fOaalO troume as .we)t ae many others. Your own physician will tell ,OU t4 all this lJ t4ra But don t drug o phTsiu yourself. Ue MULL'S GRAPE TONIO f our digestive o arts nd puts your WOle system tn  e u con- t to overeom0 arl at. It is very pleasant to take. ae chtld e tt and It do them srea gOOd. 5ent, fi0eentand|l.C0botleeatalld.rsglste, The $!.00 bottle eontlMnsablt M tBmee as much ae the 5 cent bottle ano about three times at much s the 0 -ttJ There is a sreat svl ng I n buying the $1.00 also. Upon el t of yOur address, your drust's name an to y / nd will also send you a oerrtuor, te gOeG ZO . J, Ig tOz tlz purenaaa OZ  .Dto |  your druggist, _ i 1 " / w. N. u., ST. LOUIS, No__, 1905. il Aam ,= I' u" t --= | When Answering Advertisements | .... wl ttlebata, wrmb M ntl . sbotN6rthmY neWfaettemethOd D.Btreet fl" A DAMJ,0mab.M. [ Kindly on This Paper. J aO THE EXTERNAL USE OF St. Jacobs., Oil euralgia is the shc;rt, sure,   ...i.&  . o cay cure ior UIIIG[J[Iil ariel I] It renetrates to the sat of torture.andrelif promptly fc]Iews, Pce,, nd$0, '